Guess What Retailer Picked Gro-Via As Her Favorite Cloth Diaper?

December 1, 2011

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Do you ever wonder what your favorite retailers have in their cloth diaper stash?

They have all these cloth diapers at their fingertips!! How do you choose just one? (not that anyone actually does!)

Today we get to learn a little bit about one of my favorite retailers, Beth of Sweetbottoms Baby.

It has been a joy to work with Beth over the years.  Join me as she introduces us to her family and her business.

Tell us about your family.

I am the mother of 2 very precocious children Eva age 6 and Will age 3, and the wife to a wonderfully supportive husband- Rob! I am also lucky enough to work with my mother- she has just started to help us at the store and like we all know…there is no one like mom.

I’m jealous.  I want my mom near me!

So, when did you start using cloth diapers?

I began cloth diapering when my oldest- was 14 months old and fell in love with it. Once you start you never go back.

How did you go from cloth diaper parent to owning two retail stores?

I started Sweetbottoms so I could provide other families with a variety of natural products.

When I was new to cloth diapering I really wanted to have a store that I could go into and touch the products and ask questions. I wanted experienced CDing moms to help with my cloth diapering needs…as time went by and I became that experienced mom, I felt like I had something to offer other moms and our community. I started doing free cloth diapering seminars and then Sweetbottoms was born.

What makes Sweetbottoms unique?  Why should a buyer choose your store?

The most unique thing that we offer at Sweetbottoms is a large selection of products. We have many choices from larger brands and also WAHM products. We try to carry as many local WAHM products as possible.

Our large selection of cloth diapers and accessories plus the dozen local moms we employ that bring their beautiful and REAL children to work with them makes Sweetbottoms a very unique experience. (read Sweetbottoms “perks” page)

Now an easy question ;) What is your favorite product that you carry?

Hard question to answer FOR SURE! I would have to say if all my diapers were gone and I could only keep one it would be a Gro-Via, but I love fitteds and wool and various wipes solutions… Not to mention our awesome new toys – the list is endless!

Surprising!  I love finding out what a retailer’s go-to diaper is! 

What is your advice for parents new to cloth diapering?

Trust yourself and your instincts. You can find advice on any stage of development in a child’s life but no one can tell you what YOUR child needs better than your own heart… Do your best and let the rest of it go.  (Amen!)

Oh wait you mean in cloth diapering ;) …I would say- wash with plenty of water and make it hot! Stink is a common enemy for all cloth diaperers and an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure!

Where can we find you online?

We have a website at and we have 2 stores…one in Raleigh, NC and the other in Fayetteville, NC.

Our Blog is conveniently located on our website page and a newsletter signup is there also.

We have three pages on Facebook where you can find us:

Sweetbottoms Baby main site

Sweetbottoms Baby Raleigh

Sweetbottoms Baby Fayetteville

Follow us on twitter @sweetbottomsbb!

All About Cloth customers have been with us for a long time and for that reason I would love to offer 10% off one $35+ purchase (manufacturer exclusions apply) as a thank you!

The code is: AACThankYou and EXP is January 31, 2012!

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4 Responses to “Guess What Retailer Picked Gro-Via As Her Favorite Cloth Diaper?”

  1. Kristina Says:

    SBB should set up shop in FL!!!


  2. Laurie Says:

    Thanks for featuring Sweetbottoms! I wish I lived in NC so I could visit, but they are my favorite CD store to order from. Yay for free shipping — and orders packaged to look like gifts!


  3. Katie Says:

    I ADORE Sweetbottoms! They are so fast with free shipping, and I love getting the samples with each purchase. Plus, the variety of products makes shopping easy and convenient. Way to go!!


  4. Carolyn H Says:

    I love Sweetbottoms!!! My no. 1 go-to store for baby items, particularly cloth diapers! I can’t recommend Beth’s store enough! :-)


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