Happy Birthday, Paisley! Cloth Diaper Journey

I cannot believe my baby is 2 today!  It seems much more surreal with the 3rd than it did with the older 2.  Where did the time go?

Throughout these two years I have gone through many many changes in Paisley’s cloth diaper stash.  Some of them necessitated by allergies or lifestyle changes, others out of pure boredom.

Over these two years there have been some truly magnificent diapers that remain favorites of mine.

Fitteds: Goodmamas, Mutts (Muttaqin Baby), Little Caboose, Kissaluvs size 0.

Goodmamas are one-size diapers with bamboo inner.  They are super absorbent, especially when you add a Good-front doubler.  The prints are the best I’ve come across, so much so that many trends are set by the prints Suzanne chooses.

Mutts make my list for the newborn size.  The size range is larger than most newborn diapers allowing for more use.  They aren’t the most absorbent diaper but again the prints are cute and they are very trim.  Michelle and her husband make all the diapers and have paid attention to the smallest of details.  They’ve even recently lowered prices!

Little Caboose remains a favorite from the start because of one diaper that I have.  Do you have that diaper that you could never sell?  My sweet Little Caboose is that diaper for me.  The fit is just perfect on Paisley.  The diaper I have has a hemp snap-in insert with the absolute softest cotton knit outer print.  It makes my list for sentimental reasons I suppose.

And finally the Kissaluvs size 0. A great newborn diaper that I don’t mind if it gets stains.  A workhorse diaper.  Not known for great absorbency but makes a name for itself in containing messes!

Pockets: Blueberry side-snap, Green Acre Designs, Rumparooz One Size.

Blueberry and GADs are very similar in that they are uber trim, side-snapping and have microfleece inner.  GADs do offer a variety of inner and outer materials in a wide variety of colors.  Blueberry diapers offer a minky selection that ranks as my all time favorite diaper.  Both Blueberry and GADs also have a wide pocket allowing for many different insert possibilities and the ability to “double-stuf”.  Very similar (same company) to the Blueberry is Swaddlebees.  Swaddlebees makes a side-snap diaper with organic cotton velour touching baby’s skin.  Sounds perfect.

Rumparooz pockets are one-size, very cute materials and patterns, the best double gussets on the market, snap or aplix, stretchy tabs allowing for a good fit, and trim.

AIOs/AI2s:  Fanciful Fanny, Thirsties Pocket AIO, bumGenius Organics.  All of them are trim.

Fanciful Fanny is side snapping and very absorbent.

Thirsties are easy to use, stuffable, and great colors.

bumGenius Organics are one-size, strong aplix, absorbent for daytime use and organic ;)


Babyology longies are great for newborns/infants.  Easy to get, good price, and bulletproof.

Knit Blackberry Ridge or Cestari for the durability, softness, and thickness.  Never had a leak with these wools.  When I buy knitted wool I always shop diaperswappers.  I run a search for either of these wools.

For interlock, I am glad that there are a lot of WAHMs making longies and soakers because most of the interlock comes from the same place.  That means that if you like a pair that is hard to get you can find a little lesser known WAHM for the product.  Apple Dumpling Gear interlock longies stand out in my mind as the best fitting pair Paisley has worn.  Again, I buy interlock items off of diaperswappers therefore avoiding higher prices and stalking.

PUL covers: Thirsties and Prowraps.

Thirsties are simple, double gusseted and I love the bright colors.

Proraps are my favorite newborn cover.  Never had a leak or blowout problem with them and they fit well over all the fitteds I use.



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4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Paisley! Cloth Diaper Journey”

  1. Autumn Beck Says:

    Britt, there are so many products out there that I couldn’t possibly include them all. BSWW is a good product but didn’t work well for us. The leg elastic was a little tighter than Thirsties leaving red marks on Paisley’s thighs. I have heard that the Super brite has more issues with wicking than the BSWW.


  2. Deb Says:

    Happy Birthday, Paisley! My little turns 2 next week. You are right, where does the time go?!

    Enjoy every minute!


  3. Mese Says:

    HAPPY Birthday, Pais! Can’t believe it’s been 2 years!


  4. Britt Says:

    Have you tried Bummies whisper wraps? I think they are the BEST and was wondering why you didn’t include them?! I’m also interested in trying the Bummies Superbrights (love the colours!) but I hear they fit a little differently than the whisper wraps which are just absolutely perfect for my baby Kate.


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