Rockin Green Hard Rock Giveaway!

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For a lot of you Hard Rock is going to be the answer to many, many prayers. Only those who have hard water know the headache that comes with doing laundry.

The problem with hard water is the mineral content.  Those minerals bind to your clothing fibers and are not broken up by regular detergent.  Mineral buildup leads to many problems not just pertaining to cloth diapers.  Your clothing will look drab and colorless for one.  Your cloth diapers will leak, reek, and streak (okay I needed a rhyme there but what I mean is stain).

Many hard water families use Calgon or Borax to soften their water.  Personally, I’ve never used them because I don’t want to have to add something else to my laundry.

With permission from Kim, here is an excerpt from her website Rockin Green Soap:

When I started making Rockin’ Green cloth diaper detergent, I knew that there would be a hard rock version. It was the trilogy that I had in my head from day 1. There was Soft Rock, Classic Rock, and there had to be a Hard Rock.Unfortunately, seeing my vision come to life was more challenging than I ever dreamed.

You see in many ways, the “green” cleaning industry is still in it’s infancy. Many in the detergent world, are still mourning the loss of phosphate based ingredients, and as such there is little out there in the way of effective cleaners that don’t have a negative impact on our planet. I have spent months testing different ingredients, researching any and all options, to come up with something that would clean the way that I wanted it to clean for the most challenging of situations. I researched what was currently being done, and found that nothing really addressed the needs of the cloth diaper market.

As most of you know, when it comes to making a cloth diaper safe detergent it is a whole new ball game. Mainstream detergents like Seventh Generation, work fine for clothing but cleaning a t-shirt or a pair of jeans is much simpler than today’s modern cloth diapers. To effectively wash cloth diapers, you need something that:

  • disinfects
  • neutralizes ammonia and odors
  • rinses clean
  • brightens clothes, without optical brighteners
  • dissolves minerals (that can cause buildup and repelling)
  • gentle enough on the most sensitive of skin types (which means no enzymes)
  • and keeps working wash after wash

And we also  threw in economical and yummy smelling, because that was important to us as well.


I have spent months talking to chemical suppliers all over the country, looking for ways to address these problems. And it was not an easy road! (Especially, when you have a 4 year old asking you to play bubbles and a one year old who wants to nurse 24/7

I chased down patents, looking for companies that were creating new and safe ingredients to include in cleaning products. We have worked with companies who have research grants, helping them test their products in detergent formulas. I have even gone so far as to get ingredients milled specifically for Rockin’ Green formulations.

It’s a good thing I am hard headed, because anyone else would have thrown a few not-so-earth-friendly chemicals into the mix just to get the job done.

But as a mom of 2 little boys, and an avid cloth diaperer, I know that it is something worth fighting for. All of our amazing customers deserve the very best and I am really excited to bring it to you.

Hard rock is coming very soon to a store near you, and I am excited about the prospects. We will be the first eco-friendly detergent ever to incorporate some of these new ingredients (and you will find them in all our formulas soon), and I am proud of what it means for the industry as a whole. I hope that we will set the bar a little higher and prove that just because something is “green” doesn’t make it inferior. It just makes it better for everyone!

Hard Rock is tentatively set to release March 24, 2010 (tomorrow!).  Here are a list of retailers that will be carrying Hard Rock:

In case, you are in the stalking mood…here are the stores that will have it first (Some of the sites it took for forever to find Rockin Green listing. A couple I never found it because the site was not very searchable :( ). The only 2 stores at this time (pre-release) that have a Hard Rock listing are marked with an asterik and bolded.

Sweet Baby Bottoms
Diaper Daisy
The Cloth Diaper Shop CANADA
Fluff Envy
My Diaper Piper
*Banana Peels Diapers
for the monster
Top to Bottom Baby Boutique, LLC
Little Ants Inc
RG Natural Babies
So Green Baby – CANADA
A Tall Giraffe – CANADA
One Posh Baby CANADA
babe on U boutique– CANADA
*Kelly’s Closet Inc
*Wee Willie Winks
Little Squigglers
Mom’s Milk Boutique

And of course in the Rockin’ Green store.

Banana Peels Diapers has offered to give one of my readers a bag of Hard Rock!!

The contest will end on Friday March 26, 2010 @ noon..ish :)

To enter follow these rules:

  1. Name and what laundry detergent do you currently use.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway by copy/pasting this: Win @rockingreensoap HARD ROCK! Visit to enter. Thank you @clothdiapermom for the donation!
  3. Post a link to All About Cloth Diapers on any message board, forum or community. Hard Rock is for all laundry and everyone has laundry!
  4. Blog about this giveaway.
  5. Become a fan of All About Cloth Diapers and Banana Peels Diapers on Facebook and follow on Twitter (@autumnbeck @clothdiapermom)
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  1. Brittany Says:

    I “liked” on Facebook – Brittany Pore

    and follow on twitter @avidreadingmom

  2. Brittany Says:

    I currently use a locally made detergent, but I am super sad to say I don’t really like it for my dipes, and am looking to try something different (I liked Charlie’s, but am thinking I might need to try something for hard water…hence my interest in Hard Rock!)

    blpore at yahoo dot com

  3. Danielle Ambrose Says:

    I currently use Rockin Green Classic rock and would love to try Hard Rock!

  4. lynda Says:

    became a fan of all about cloth diapers on facebook.

  5. Lynda Says:

    lynda – haven’t settled on a detergent just yet, have tried charlie’s soap, country save, and bio-kleen. bought my first rockin green soap this week, so eager to try it out.

  6. Stefanie Says:

    Posted on my xanga too about this awesome giveaway and your website!

  7. Stefanie Says:

    Became a fan of All about Diapers on facebook — excited for the additional resources for my Cloth Diaper questions :)

  8. Stefanie Says:

    Became a fan of Banana Peels Diapers on facebook and shared this giveaway there :)

  9. Stefanie Says:

    I currently use the regular powder Tide detergent for my diapers and liquid Tide HE for our regular clothes.

  10. Cristina Says:

    I m not using any special kind of laundry soap just Dreft everything.

  11. Cristina Says:

    I’m a fan on fb

  12. Nicole Says:

    Currently use Planet

  13. Laura Bonser Says:

    I’m a fan of All About Cloth on FB.

  14. Laura Bonser Says:

    I’m currently using Bare Naked Cleaners.

  15. Allison Says:

    I currently use regular Tide detergent.

  16. Kristy Says:

    I’m a fan of both and follow on Twitter.

  17. Kristy Says:

    We use Nature Clean and find it works well for us after lots of trial and error.

  18. Jillian Says:

    We use Charlies Soap and love it!

    Hope to win, great contest!

  19. Courtney Says:

    Courtney Cardosa-I use Charlie’s, but have been wanting to try something new!

  20. Jodi Says:

    I follow both on Twitter (@jdeemarie)

  21. Jodi Says:

    We currently use Arm&Hammer detergent – and I just realized the hard water and my detergent are turning all my cloth diapers a nasty dirty, dingy color.

  22. Jess Says:

    We recently switched to Rockin’ Green Classic Rock, and we love it! We do have VERY hard water, so this sounds like the absolute perfect detergent!!

  23. Becky Says:

    I am a fan of All About Cloth and Banana Peels on Facebook.

  24. Becky Says:

    I currently use Rockin’ Green Classic Rock…battling the dreaded skunk and dingy-looking dipes and would really like to see if Hard Rock can clear it up!

  25. Lisa Says:

    I am a fan! I use crunchy clean for our dipes.

  26. Julie Says:

    I’m Julie and I use Charlies’s. Love it but never tried anything else & would love to see what else is out there.
    Our water is Very hard and full of rust. Does a number on my inserts :(

    I posted the link on my FB page & I’m a fan.

  27. Alissa Says:

    I’m a FB Fan of Banana Peels Diapers!

  28. Alissa Says:

    I’m a FB Fan of All About Cloth Diapers!

  29. Alissa Says:

    I currently use Purex Free & Clear….would love to try this as we have super hard water!

  30. erin Says:

    I am a facebook fan of Bananna Peel Diapers

  31. erin Says:

    I currently use Tide.

  32. Amber Says:

    I currently use Plant liquid detergent. I’d love to try Rockin’ Green.

  33. Liset Says:

    I am a fan and I follow on twitter.

  34. Liset Says:

    Liset – I use Planet

  35. shannon b Says:

    I am a FB fan of All About Cloth Diapers and Banana Peels Diapers. I also now follow @autumnbeck and @clothdiapermom on Twitter as Tinwomen.

  36. shannon b Says:

    I just recently switch to Rockin’ green from Tide free. No more smelly diapers Yay! I would love to win some Hard rock!!!

  37. Julie Says:

    Posted a link on FB.

  38. Julie Says:

    I’m also a fan of All About Cloth Diapers.

  39. Julie Says:

    I’m a FB fan on Banana Peels Diaper!

  40. Julie Says:

    Hi! I’m Julie. I currently use Allen’s detergent.

  41. Rebecca Says:

    I’m a fan on facebook too :)

  42. Rebecca Says:

    I currently make my own detergent but with my first little one on the way, I won’t have as much spare time, so I’m looking for a safe detergent for cloth diapers. I’d love to try this!

  43. Danelle Says:

    I’m a facebook fan!

    I currently use homemade detergent, but it doesn’t seem to be cutting it with my cloth dipes.

  44. Anna Says:

    I’m a fan of both All about Cloth Diapers and Banana Peel Diapers on facebook.

  45. Anna Says:

    I’m Anna and I’m currently using Charlie’s Soap

  46. Allison Says:

    currently use allens naturally

  47. Jennifer B Says:

    I am a fan of All About Cloth Diapers and Banana Peels Diapers on Facebook and follow on Twitter

  48. Jennifer B Says:

    I currently use the classic rock formula of Rockin Green. It’s better than anything else I’ve tried. But I still get occasional repelling from my pockets. Turns out, I have hard water. Doh!

  49. Stephanie Says:

    Linked this to several online forums! :)

  50. Stephanie Says:

    I’m a facebook fan!

  51. Stephanie Says:

    I currently use soapnuts. I have heard amazing things about Rockin’ Green, and if I were to try it, I’d go with the Hard Rock version due to our well water!

  52. Jae Says:

    I have also posted about the giveaway on my blog. Here’s the link:

  53. Jae Says:

    I also posted this giveaway on FB (here’s the link:!/profile.php?id=750089243&ref=mf)

  54. Jae Says:

    I am a fan on FB!! =)

  55. Jae Says:

    I use Planet detergent currently and haven’t had any problems but have heard TONS of rave review for Rockin Green and would love to try any of their products!! =)

  56. Molly Says:

    Right now we use Nellie’s washing soda. Man, I wanna win this one!

  57. Kirsten Says:

    My sister is pregnant of her first. I am following all of your reviews for her to see wich diapers are the best to use. I was allready looking around to see which detergent would be the best and Rockin’ Green looks very good. We would really like to try it!

  58. Racheal Says:

    I have been using All free and clear with Arm in Hammer and it works pretty well. I hang the diapers out side to dry and it keeps the smell down. But on days when it’s raining I have to put them in the dryer. I would love to try this and see if it gets rid of the smell on dyer use days.

  59. Heather Says:

    I use Maggie’s soap Nuts right now, but our hard water still reaks havok on the diapers. Dying to try some Hard Rock.

  60. Christa Hedberg Says:

    I am also a Facebook Fan

  61. Christa Hedberg Says:

    I use Lil Outlaws detergent.

  62. Kristen Says:

    We use Publix brand free and clear liquid, but I’m always up for something new!

  63. tami Says:

    i use tide powder right now, but my diapers are a bit stinky, so i would love to try this!

  64. Sarah Flukinger Says:

    I use Rockin Green Classic Rock and I love it, but I am looking forward to the Hard Rock because I live in TX and have very hard water!! I don’t tweet though. But I can do everything else!! Can I still be entered?

  65. Melissa Says:

    I am a fan of AACD on facebook!

  66. Rachel Says:

    I use tiny bubbles right now. I would love to try Hard Rock!

  67. Melissa Says:

    I use Rockin Green! I can’t wait to try Hard Rock!

  68. ALI Says:

    I am using Charlie’s soap

  69. Jenica Says:

    I currently use Allens and A LOT of Calgon. I’ve tried Country Save and Planet as well. We have super hard water so even with judicious use of detergent, I still have to do a RLR strip every 6-8 weeks. I’m hoping Hard Rock will simplify my life a little.

  70. sarah Says:

    following @clothdiapermom on twitter. @howipinchapenny

  71. sarah Says:

    fan of banana peel on fb

  72. sarah Says:

    fan of aacd on fb

  73. Julie Says:

    I am a facebook fan

  74. Dominique Says:

    I currently use Rockin’ Green cloth (sensitive) – it TOTALLY got rid of my stinkies/ ammonia problem (and I’d tried everything imaginable but it kept coming back before RG).

    I’d also like to add another store to your list of Canadian retailers: (based in Ottawa, Ontario). Suzie is wonderful to deal with, answered all my questions (so many questions – more than once) and started the first cloth diaper workshop in the area (which is awesome I might add and totally helped me wade through the different types of cloth diapers). They ship within Canada.

    I’d love to try Hard Rock!

    Dominique :)

  75. sarah Says:

    currently i make my own detergent

  76. Julie Says:

    I use soap nuts

  77. Kerri Says:

    I am a Banana Peels Facebook fan as well.

  78. Kerri Says:

    I am a facebook fan

  79. Teri Says:

    I am a facebook fan!

  80. Teri Says:

    We use tide free and clear high efficiency, but we have had such problems washing our diapers. I have tried a lot of things, but this soap sounds like what we need.

  81. Lori Says:

    I’m a fan!

  82. Lori Says:

    I have used Country Save for a little over a year. But just tried Rockin Green a few weeks ago. So far I LOVE it, but only time will tell over the long haul.

  83. Amanda Says:

    I use Rockin’ Green’s Classic Rock right now. We live in an area with very hard water (even the softener doesn’t do enough to make our water nice) – so I am really looking forward to trying Hard Rock.

  84. Mekayla Says:

    I posted a link to this giveaway and ll about cloth diapers Page on my facebook!

  85. Mekayla Says:

    I am a fan of both all about cloth diapers and banana peels!

  86. Mekayla Says:

    I curently am trying Crunchy Clean…but my friend swears by Rockin Green so I would love to give it a try!!!

  87. Emilee Says:

    We use Tide HE powder because it’s the only thing thus far that has worked. I’d love to try this and would love if it worked!

  88. Emilee Says:

    FB fan

  89. Wendy Says:

    I use Allen’s Naturally plus Borax currently – dislike :)

  90. Cristina Says:

    I can t wait to use this stuff!!

  91. Elisabeth Says:

    I use country save. I would LOVE to try this!

  92. Jen Says:

    I use Country Save but would love to try Hard Rock.

  93. Jessica Says:

    I use Rockin Green, cherry lemonade right now.

  94. Jillian Says:

    I am already a FB fan of Banana Peels diapers & All About Cloth Diapers! =)

  95. Jillian Says:

    I currently use Crunchy Clean regular & cloth diaper detergents.

  96. Kim Says:

    We’re using Crunchy Clean hard water formula, but it’s not working as well as I’d like it to… I seriously need to try this stuff.

  97. Jane Smith Says:

    I use Rockin Green Classic Rock but would like to try Hard Rock because I have a high level of dissolved solids (but, bizarrely, soft water). Curious to see if it makes a difference to my wash routine.

  98. Berta Says:

    I use a local (I live in Taiwan) “eco” detergent SeaPower. Although I found Country Save at my local Carrefour hypermarket so I’m going to try that next as I’ve had leaks and stinkies (unclear whether it’s my machine, washing routine, or the detergent!).

  99. Adriana Says:

    I use Arm and Hammer Free and Clear, with tons of variations (Bac Out, baking soda, vinegar and a million hot rinses, etc) , and am dying to try Rockin Green Hard Rock!

  100. Crys Says:

    charlie’s…but I’ve been waiting for this soap to come out!

  101. Amanda Says:

    I was a tester for Hard Rock and I’m so excited to get some tomorrow!!! yay!!!!

  102. Bambi Says:

    We use Rockin Green right now for all the cloth diapers. It’s been the Only thing that keeps them lean and fresh smelling

  103. Alissa Says:

    I’m a FB Fan of Banana Peels Diapers

  104. Alissa Says:

    I’m a FB Fan of All About Cloth Diapers

  105. Candace Says:

    I use Rockin Green Classic. I love it but still have a few stubborn stinks left and want to try this.

  106. Alissa Says:

    I currently use Purex Free & Clear for my cloth dipes. We have super hard water so I’d looove to try the Hard Rock!

  107. Angela V Says:

    I’m a FB fan of All About Cloth Diapers

  108. Angela V Says:

    I’m a FB fan of Banan Peels Diapers

  109. fancygrlnancy Says:

    fan of All About Cloth Diapers and Banana Peels Diapers on Facebook and follow on Twitter

  110. fancygrlnancy Says:

    I use rockin green soap, but would love to try the NEW Hard Rock

  111. Karen B Says:

    FB FAN: Karen Bridges
    Twitter Follower: SCMOMOF2BOYS

  112. deborah Says:

    i am a banana peels facebook fan!

  113. Angela V Says:

    We currently use the Walgreens equivalent of Purex Free & Clear. We add baking soda & vinegar to our diaper wash routine, too.

  114. Karen B Says:

    I have been using Purex Free and Clear Detergent and Bac Out by Bio Kleen.

  115. Jennifer R Says:

    I am finally down to the bottom of my huge box of Country Save…After hearing great things about Rockin’ Green, I just had to try some samples and loved it. I rocked the soak with my samples! I heard about this upcoming Hard Rock and because I have such awful hard mineral-y water, I decided to wait to buy some. I’d love to wind a free bag!

  116. deborah Says:

    we currently use planet liquid detergent. we have hard water and have had some trouble with stink issues in our pocket diapers, so i am eager to try this new detergent.

  117. Peyton Says:

    I am a fan of yours as well as Banana Peels diapers (love them!) on Facebook!

  118. Hannah Says:

    I currently use All Free and Clear but plan on using something different(perhaps RG!) when this container is empty.

  119. Peyton Says:

    I use Rockin’ Green or my homemade CD detergent. Would LOVE to try Hard Rock!!

  120. Kayley Says:

    I Became a fan of All About Cloth Diapers and Banana Peels Diapers on Facebook and am now following @autumnbeck and @clothdiapermom on Twitter.

  121. Kayley Says:

    I currently use crunchy clean detergent, but love trying new kinds :)

  122. Mary M. Says:

    fan on facebook and follow on twitter (simplymerrier) both

  123. Mary M. Says:

    I just started cloth diapering and am trying out Crunchy Clean, and sample packets of Rockin’ Green & Tiny Bubbles

  124. Becky Says:

    I use Charlies’s Soap, but can’t wait to try this!

  125. Nicole Says:


  126. Nicole Says:

    I currently use Charlie’s Soap in powder form for diapers.

  127. Caroline Says:

    I am a fan of both on Facebook.

  128. Caroline Says:

    Charlie’s is what I currently use, but I’m just starting and want to try a few different things to find what I like best.

  129. Charlene Says:

    I use Rockin Green…cherry almond right now, but like vanilla buttercream as well :)

  130. Jen D. Says:

    I am a fan.

  131. Jen D. Says:

    Jen D. and I currently use BioKleen. I would love to try the Rockin Green for HW though.

  132. Krysta Bauer Says:

    I use homemade Diva Detergent for the diapers, and a slight variation of the recipe for my regular laundry.

  133. Lonnie Says:

    Currently use Charlies Soap.

  134. Janet Says:

    I use Melalueca Scent Free.. We have hard water as well.

  135. Tasha H Says:

    I currently use Costco’s powdered detergent. It works fine with an extra rinse, but I would really like to try the New Hard Rock!!!

  136. Jessica Browning Says:

    Was using Tide Free and Clear then switched to Country Save. I’m very happy with the Country Save but jump at the chance to give Hard Rock a whirl!

  137. Jessica Says:

    Currently using Classic Rock. Like it more than others but I still have a stink issue and minor leakage….I would LOVE to try the Hard Rock!!

  138. Danielle Says:

    never mind…I just looked on the website and realized that there is an unscented version also.

  139. Nicole Says:

    Just became a bananapeel diaper fan on FB!

  140. Nicole Says:

    I used Charlie’s Soap, bum genius cloth diaper detergent and have moved on to Tide Free and Clear (all with Bac Out and once a week I use calogen)…I thought it was working, but the stinkies are back. I would love to give this a try!

  141. Danielle Says:

    Right now I use Purex Free & Clear…not perfect but it works as long as I don’t use too much. I’d like to try Rockin Green but I’m a little concerned about the fact that it’s scented…my daughter has had reactions to both detergents and wipes solutions, so I wonder if I’m better off with hypoallergenic than with “natural”… ?

  142. Jill Says:

    Banana peels facebook fan.

  143. Jill Says:

    Your facebook fan.

  144. Jill Says:

    We currently use planet liquid.

  145. Stacey Says:

    I currently use Melalueca detergent for diapers, but I have tried Rockin’ Green and will be switching over once the Melalueca runs out.

  146. Rachel Says:

    I use charlie’s soap ( bottom of the bag ! ) and rockin green ( samples)

  147. cleo Says:

    I use Allen’s Naturally

  148. Carey Rongitsch Says:

    I am currently using Crunchy Clean Hard Water formula, but only because Hard Rock isn’t out yet! I can’t wait to try this!

  149. Heidi Says:

    I use Soft Rock for our diaper laundry. And I LOVE it. If I won this Hard Rock bag, I would send it to my mom and dad, who have insanely hard water. The mineral build up on their clothes leaves it’s own distinct odor. I can’t imagine what diapers washed in it would smell like. P.U!!

  150. June Says:

    I’m both a twitter fan and FB fan of both.

  151. kristen Says:

    I use both soft and classic rock

  152. June Says:

    I use a homemade blend of OxyClean and Arm and Hammer soda wash. I would really love to win some Hard Rock to help combat my Hard water. :(

  153. Jess Says:

    I use Charlie’s but still struggle to get rid of “the stink.” Excited to try something new!

  154. Kimberley Patterson Says:

    Currently using Charlies. Have tried Classic Rock & think it was great, but would love to try several loads in a row to get a better idea. We have super hard water!!

  155. Emily Says:

    I became a fan on Facebook of All About Cloth Diapers! I thought I already was a fan on there…silly me. And I became a fan of Diaper Peels on Facebook. :) (But I don’t have a twitter acct nor will I be getting one anytime soon.)

  156. Angela Sim-Laramee Says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook of Banana Peels Diapers

  157. Angela Sim-Laramee Says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook of All Cloth Diapers

  158. Carrie Stoltzfus Says:

    I am using All Free and Clear

  159. Emily Says:

    I don’t know what I’m currently using because I’m going crazy with my diaper laundry routine!

    I had been using Ecos which worked okay and then the Kirkland brand environmentally friend one (which I didn’t care for) so now I’m using Dropps which is supposed to be good for diapers but, HOLY COW, I had to strip my diapers after the first load. I had to re-wash in just hot water about 10-12 times after the first use of Dropps just to stop having major suds still in the water…and after that I still had some suds but couldn’t imagine what I just did to my utility bill so I had to stop!

    So now I’m hoping to find something that will be clean rinsing so I won’t have to strip my dipes with every wash! Thanks to you, Autumn and to BananaPeels for doing this giveaway! :)

  160. Angela Sim-Laramee Says:

    I currently use Charlie’s Soap.

  161. Cristy Says:

    We currently use Allens powder… I would LOVE to try the RGHR! We have hard water.. Not fun.. I add Calgon….. it helps some.

  162. Amy Says:

    All Free & Clear

  163. Stephanie Says:

    I currently use Tide.

  164. Anastasia Says:

    Am currently looking for my OWN place & while I’m at Mom’s I can’t use certain things. I NEVER thought I’d be throwing a tantrum about a Laundry Soap before but Rockin Green in just THAT awesome for my family! I stocked up on Mint Chocolate During the holidays (She makes seasonal scents, how great is that)

  165. Emily D Says:

    I use soapnuts part time, but it doesn’t get stains out, sometimes Tide free. I had a sample of Classic Rock and really liked it, not enough to really get an idea though.
    Has anybody heard of Norwex detergent and if it would be good for diapers?

  166. Julia Says:

    Became a fan of banana peel diapers on facebook.

  167. Julia Says:

    Became a fan of all about cloth diapers on facebook.

  168. Julia Says:

    I currently use Country Save.

  169. Amy B. Says:

    I currently use Crunchy Clean but would love to try hard rock!

  170. Angela Aitken Says:

    I currently use Tide Free and Clear but have some Rockin’ Green Samples I’m using on my diapers only. Love it so far and sure made a big diff in the stink issues!

  171. kristine Says:

    I didnt know you were on face book too!! I am a fan of you now!

  172. kristine Says:

    I currently use classic rock (cherry almond scent) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!! wouldnt mind trying out hard rock!!!

  173. Stacy Says:

    I am currently using eco-nuts

  174. Debbie Says:

    I am currently using Charlie’s Soap.

  175. Stacy Says:

    Already a fan of All about cloth diapers and Banana Peels on FB!

  176. Hilary L Says:

    I want to rock my machine with Rockin Green !

  177. Elizabeth Says:

    I use my own homemade liquid soapnut mixture….12 soapnuts ,6cups water boiled(in muslin sac,keeps pieces together) I then add 1/4 c. borax.
    Boil on med for 15 min then let cool. Add more water to make up for evaporation. I then add a pinch of citric acid to preserve( so it doesn’t go bad and no need to store in fridge) then add a few drops lavender/tea tree oil. Store in empty dish soap bottles…usually fills two med bottles.
    Hey, it’s cheap and goes a long way!!!!LOL Frugal living!
    But if there is better out there….I’m interested!

  178. anjii Says:

    I’m using Country Save right now, and waiting on some EcoNuts to arrive, but I would LOVE to try this too for our hard water!!!

  179. Sarah Seefeldt Says:

    I use soft rock!

  180. Carol Says:

    I am currently using Tide with the addition of Borax – my water is so hard it will give you a concussion.

  181. Kimberly W Says:

    I’m using regular tide

  182. Kelly Says:

    I am a fan of AACD on Facebook

  183. Kelly Says:

    I currently use Charlie’s Soap.

  184. Melanie Says:

    I am currently using Tide Original but am going to order some Rockin Green next week. I am having stink issues and have heard sooooo many good things about Rockin Green in the last couple weeks.

  185. Katy Sullivan Says:

    Already a fan of All about cloth diapers on facebook.

  186. Jenn Bordis Says:

    Tide Free and Clear

  187. Katy Sullivan Says:

    I already use Rockin’ green on my diapers and love it! My favorite scent is lavender vanilla.

  188. Heather Says:

    We are still in search of the perfect detergent, but currently use Country Save. We want Hard Rock!

  189. Shannon Ropp Says:

    I just got a bag on Rockin green, classic. But we do have hard water and I would love to try this!!

  190. Cyndy Says:

    I currently use Classic Rock.

  191. Coral C. Says:

    Currently using Planet and searching for a better option that doesn’t break my LO out in a rash!

  192. Andrea Says:

    I use all free and clear

  193. Amanda Says:

    All Free & Clear – Military Version

  194. Asashia Says:

    I currently use Country Save

  195. Monica Barrientes Says:

    I am using Country save too, but I can’t wait for the hard rock! In central Texas, we have super hard water!

  196. Kristin Says:

    Charlies and All free and clear

  197. michelle collins Says:

    I am currently using the classic rock from Rockin green!

  198. Pamela O. Says:

    I currently am using Country Save.

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