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March 23, 2010

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For a lot of you Hard Rock is going to be the answer to many, many prayers. Only those who have hard water know the headache that comes with doing laundry.

The problem with hard water is the mineral content.  Those minerals bind to your clothing fibers and are not broken up by regular detergent.  Mineral buildup leads to many problems not just pertaining to cloth diapers.  Your clothing will look drab and colorless for one.  Your cloth diapers will leak, reek, and streak (okay I needed a rhyme there but what I mean is stain).

Many hard water families use Calgon or Borax to soften their water.  Personally, I’ve never used them because I don’t want to have to add something else to my laundry.

With permission from Kim, here is an excerpt from her website Rockin Green Soap:

When I started making Rockin’ Green cloth diaper detergent, I knew that there would be a hard rock version. It was the trilogy that I had in my head from day 1. There was Soft Rock, Classic Rock, and there had to be a Hard Rock.Unfortunately, seeing my vision come to life was more challenging than I ever dreamed.

You see in many ways, the “green” cleaning industry is still in it’s infancy. Many in the detergent world, are still mourning the loss of phosphate based ingredients, and as such there is little out there in the way of effective cleaners that don’t have a negative impact on our planet. I have spent months testing different ingredients, researching any and all options, to come up with something that would clean the way that I wanted it to clean for the most challenging of situations. I researched what was currently being done, and found that nothing really addressed the needs of the cloth diaper market.

As most of you know, when it comes to making a cloth diaper safe detergent it is a whole new ball game. Mainstream detergents like Seventh Generation, work fine for clothing but cleaning a t-shirt or a pair of jeans is much simpler than today’s modern cloth diapers. To effectively wash cloth diapers, you need something that:

  • disinfects
  • neutralizes ammonia and odors
  • rinses clean
  • brightens clothes, without optical brighteners
  • dissolves minerals (that can cause buildup and repelling)
  • gentle enough on the most sensitive of skin types (which means no enzymes)
  • and keeps working wash after wash

And we also  threw in economical and yummy smelling, because that was important to us as well. :)

I have spent months talking to chemical suppliers all over the country, looking for ways to address these problems. And it was not an easy road! (Especially, when you have a 4 year old asking you to play bubbles and a one year old who wants to nurse 24/7 :) I chased down patents, looking for companies that were creating new and safe ingredients to include in cleaning products. We have worked with companies who have research grants, helping them test their products in detergent formulas. I have even gone so far as to get ingredients milled specifically for Rockin’ Green formulations.

It’s a good thing I am hard headed, because anyone else would have thrown a few not-so-earth-friendly chemicals into the mix just to get the job done.

But as a mom of 2 little boys, and an avid cloth diaperer, I know that it is something worth fighting for. All of our amazing customers deserve the very best and I am really excited to bring it to you.

Hard rock is coming very soon to a store near you, and I am excited about the prospects. We will be the first eco-friendly detergent ever to incorporate some of these new ingredients (and you will find them in all our formulas soon), and I am proud of what it means for the industry as a whole. I hope that we will set the bar a little higher and prove that just because something is “green” doesn’t make it inferior. It just makes it better for everyone!

Hard Rock is tentatively set to release March 24, 2010 (tomorrow!).  Here are a list of retailers that will be carrying Hard Rock:

In case, you are in the stalking mood…here are the stores that will have it first (Some of the sites it took for forever to find Rockin Green listing. A couple I never found it because the site was not very searchable :( ). The only 2 stores at this time (pre-release) that have a Hard Rock listing are marked with an asterik and bolded.

Sweet Baby Bottoms
Diaper Daisy
The Cloth Diaper Shop CANADA
Fluff Envy
My Diaper Piper
*Banana Peels Diapers
for the monster
Top to Bottom Baby Boutique, LLC
Little Ants Inc
RG Natural Babies
So Green Baby – CANADA
A Tall Giraffe – CANADA
One Posh Baby CANADA
babe on U boutique- CANADA
*Kelly’s Closet Inc
*Wee Willie Winks
Little Squigglers
Mom’s Milk Boutique

And of course in the Rockin’ Green store.

Banana Peels Diapers has offered to give one of my readers a bag of Hard Rock!!

The contest will end on Friday March 26, 2010 @ noon..ish :)

To enter follow these rules:

  1. Name and what laundry detergent do you currently use.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway by copy/pasting this: Win @rockingreensoap HARD ROCK! Visit to enter. Thank you @clothdiapermom for the donation!
  3. Post a link to All About Cloth Diapers on any message board, forum or community. Hard Rock is for all laundry and everyone has laundry!
  4. Blog about this giveaway.
  5. Become a fan of All About Cloth Diapers and Banana Peels Diapers on Facebook and follow on Twitter (@autumnbeck @clothdiapermom)

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    I “liked” on Facebook – Brittany Pore

    and follow on twitter @avidreadingmom

  2. Brittany Says:

    I currently use a locally made detergent, but I am super sad to say I don’t really like it for my dipes, and am looking to try something different (I liked Charlie’s, but am thinking I might need to try something for hard water…hence my interest in Hard Rock!)

    blpore at yahoo dot com

  3. Danielle Ambrose Says:

    I currently use Rockin Green Classic rock and would love to try Hard Rock!

  4. lynda Says:

    became a fan of all about cloth diapers on facebook.

  5. Lynda Says:

    lynda – haven’t settled on a detergent just yet, have tried charlie’s soap, country save, and bio-kleen. bought my first rockin green soap this week, so eager to try it out.

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    Posted on my xanga too about this awesome giveaway and your website!

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    Became a fan of All about Diapers on facebook — excited for the additional resources for my Cloth Diaper questions :)

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