Has Your Local News Reported On Cloth Diapers?

July 30, 2008

Why Choose Cloth Diapers

Across the country dozens of news channels every year present special segments on the comeback of cloth diapers. The exposure that a news story can bring to cloth diapers is outstanding. Millions of viewers tune in nightly to watch their local news channel.

In this video, North Carolina news channel WXII12, goes inside the organic baby boutique Oh Baby Organics. I love that not just name brand diapers were shown but also cloth diapers made from recycled tshirts and soakers made from wool sweaters. This expands the viewers knowledge even further from the thinking that to cloth diaper means to use pins, prefolds and rubber pants.

I particularly enjoyed this segment because it addressed the financial as well as the environmental benefits to cloth diapering. I appreciated that their estimate of $800 spent on cloth diapering included washing and depreciation of machines. Often times only the amount spent on the actual diapers is referenced. This is a frugal estimate for sure, but when choosing to cloth diaper most families are devoted to cloth diapering as inexpensively as possible.

I encourage all of you to send an email to your local news channels requesting a special segment on cloth diapers. I recommend including a link to this post with the video so they have a better understanding of what you are requesting. They only report on what they feel is relevant to their audience. Let them know what it is that matters to you.


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  1. Leigh Says:

    Yes Pinstripes and Polka Dots was featured on a segment as was Little Ants. I wish the local papers would cover it a little more.


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