Have You Seen Cotton Babies New Cloth Diapers?

Okay, I’ve always been honest with y’all so I won’t hold back.  When I first started cloth diapering I strongly disliked all things made by Cotton Babies. I know, terrible, isn’t it?!

You want to know what’s worse? I had never even tried one of their products.  I completely made some crazy assumption that it was “big business” with no family behind it.  Um…I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Cotton Babies is family.  I shamefully must admit that I don’t know the whole story of how Jimmy and Jenn started out but I did learn a little from their latest press release.  Since most of you didn’t receive their release I am going to share it with you here.  I look forward to trying out one or both of these when they release!

Flip and Econobum Set to Change the Landscape of the Cloth Diaper Market – from the makers of bumGenius

Go cloth when you can – disposable when you must!

St. Louis, MO – September 13, 2009. Four years ago, Cotton Babies changed the landscape of the cloth diapering industry with the introduction of the bumGenius product line. This year, they are poised to rock the industry once more with the introduction of Flip and Econobum.

Flip is designed for the on-the-go consumer. This one-size cloth diapering system offers three different inserts, along with the comfy, butterfly closure system unique to diapers produced by Cotton Babies, Inc. The revolutionary side of the Flip system is the One-Size Disposable Insert. This insert eases the transition into using cloth diapers, makes vacations simple and helps families through times when life just demands something disposable. This system is fully supported with 100% reusable inserts as well. The One-Size Stay-Dry Insert is perfect for overnights or to keep little bums dry anytime. The One-Size Organic Insert is perfect for families who prefer the more natural things in life. The Flip diapering system is completely customizable for work, home and play.

Econobum meets the needs of any diapering budget. Considered the affordable choice, it is a prefold with a diaper cover-but not just your average prefold or diaper cover. The prefold and cover are both one-size-so they grow with your baby. Econobum is priced at only $9.95 making cloth diapering an easy choice for every home. Econobum has already been awarded the iParenting Media Award.

Flip and Econobum were created by Jimmy and Jenn Labit, owners of Cotton Babies.  The Labits started Cotton Babies with $100 and a milk crate on a shelf in their kitchen in 2002. In 2005, they launched the bumGenius product line. Since its launch, bumGenius, Cotton Babies and the Labits have been mentioned or featured in major publications such as Time Magazine, Consumer Reports and The Wall Street Journal. Today, bumGenius is recognized as the top-rated cloth diapering system on the market. Flip and Econobum are the Labit’s answer to a growing need for more flexible diapering systems.

Cotton Babies is committed to decreasing landfill waste and to providing cost saving, diapering alternatives to parents.  Each family who chooses cloth diapers will save nearly $2000 over the cost of using disposable diapers.  Those families, if they cloth diaper from birth through age two, will prevent as much as one ton of landfill waste. Cotton Babies is confident that many dollars will be saved and a very significant amount of landfill waste will be prevented in the next year with our products.

bumGenius, Flip and Econobum are available for purchase through Cotton Babies at www.cottonbabies.com and the Cotton Babies retail location in St. Louis, MO. They will also be sold internationally through Cotton Babies authorized retailers.


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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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13 Responses to “Have You Seen Cotton Babies New Cloth Diapers?”

  1. sarah Says:

    I had two econobums and one flip. I love them both :)


  2. Norma Mitchell Says:

    Hi there! I have a 6 month old son, Rhys, and have been considering cding for a while now. I just haven’t made the jump yet because I am so overwhelmed with the wealth of information! I have read through your blogs and have gotten even more motivated. SO I wanted to ask you some questions if you have time! I like what I have read about the Bum Genius 3.0, Flip, and Envibum and Mom4mom. I just don’t know how to choose from there! I’m on a budget, but not a strict one :) Can you please tell me what I should get to have a successful cding experience? I trust in your advice and would love to get going on this! BTW, Rhys is a chunky monkey with thunder thighs :) He is 27 inches and 21 lbs! I definitely want to make sure he is comfy! Thanks so much for your help and I can’t wait to get started!



  3. Becky Says:

    I just have to say it…..that baby on the ad for the flip dipes is sooooooooo cute! almost as cute as my little guy!!! lol ;)


  4. Corri Says:

    The thought behind the flip diapers is not to create a disposable CD. It is to help encourage people to use CD when doing things like traveling or other times that it is difficult. That is why the disposable liners do not come with the covers, you have to order them separately. You cannot flush them, however you can compost them. Even if you throw them in the garbage, they are still creating less waste then an entire disposable diaper would, as the inserts are far smaller. I think it sounds like a great system, and I ordered a couple of the flip diapers along with some extra reusable inserts. (I figure even if I end up not liking the diapers too much, I can use the inserts in my 3.0s) I hope this helps answer some questions, as I had to search high and low for the answers myself. :)


  5. Fmoogl Says:

    Flip and Econobum was really one of the best products of Cotton Babies because of the prefold and cover are both one-size-so they grow with your baby. You don’t have to worry about the size and just wear and cuddle your baby as easy as that. My baby always stay dry during over night, that comfy was truly give me a good morning smile to my baby every morning.


  6. Liz Says:

    I am totally shocked that you have never tried Bum Genius products, Autumn! I really like how Jenn started Cotton Babies and that (along with great reviews for the BG OS) is why Bum Genius makes up half of my stash! She was (and still is) one dedicated cloth diapering mama…if I remember right, she used prefolds with her first child and they lived in an apartment and had to wash at a laundrymat.

    I am excited to see the new products! I hope the econobum will be successful and easy to use, a real solution if mamas want to start cloth diapering on the cheap! And the Flip, oh my! I love AI2 systems and the fact that Cotton Babies is going to be making one…I am in heaven!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Liz, at the time I thought they were big business I hadn’t tried Bum Genius yet. BUT now they are the maker of my #1 cloth diaper! Bum Genius Organics make up my daytime stash. LOVE them!


  7. Yara Says:

    Okay… please enlighten me here. What is so great about a prefold & cover? (one size… great, but what makes it better than all the other one size diapers available?) And, is it going to last? Or will you be buying $10 diapers over and over?
    As for disposable… didn’t G-diapers come up with this great idea years ago? And, I think flushable or compostable is much better than disposable. How are they decreasing landfill waste with a DISPOSABLE product?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      As a wife to a husband that works from home I completely see the genius behind Bum Genius. For us constantly scanning the industry, noting what is popular and where holes are, then creating products to fill the needs and expand your business is what keeps the income flowing. Nothing is original, everything is a tweak on something already tried and proven.

      As far as the disposable question, I looked over the website and I wasn’t really clear on the disposable part :) It says “toss it into the diaper pail” but wouldn’t that mean you wash it? Something I’ll have to get an answer to ;)


  8. BoysMommy Says:

    I love BGs EXCEPT my 9 month old’s thighs are too big now! If there was more thigh room and the rise adjuster snaps were hidden so they didn’t rub his thighs when he crawling I’d stock up on BGs again. OS diapers with adjusters on the outside don’t work for us. I miss trim fitting, easy to use BGs.


  9. Brooke Says:

    I have to say, I LOVE bumgenius one-size diapers! At first, they were not my favorite. I lamented the lack of snaps on the non-organic (cheaper) versions, and the feedback from friends and others that the velcro definitely wouldn’t last two children, and the fact that the velcro tabs could be a bit bigger and easier to undo/use and the strip going across the middle rubbing against my daughter’s tummy when she sits up (LOVE the tabs and the whole velcro system on the grobaby diapers!) . However, after three plus months cloth diapering my 8 month old girl, I have come full circle! Our BG 3.0s are the only diapers that don’t leak! We have dry bees hybrid AIOs for day care and she leaks about 3-5 times per week – almost once per day – even with an extra stuffer! We also use grobaby at home which we do like, but the narrowness of the liner also ups the potential leak factor. The BGs even hold up super well at night – all we do is add a hemp doubler to the regular insert, and expand the rise to large (she is on medium during the day) and she NEVER leaks at night!

    Not sure I have much use for the two new diapers as I love the one-size 3.0s so much, but it’s so good to see they are expanding their product offering to meet the needs of other families that might not be cloth diapering if not for these options!!!


  10. sonja lange Says:

    Is the Flip going to be like the Gro Baby, only with more options?


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