Have You Seen the New Cloth Diaper Babe in Town

Review has been authored by my dear friend Grateful for Grace

A new diaper rolled off the sewing machine line this week and I am grateful to have had the chance to test it out in advance.  And test it out I did!  Seriously.

As soon as I opened the package containing one each of the all-in-one and all-in-two RagaBabe diapers, I knew these were well made.  Solid construction.  Strong stitching.  Quality fabrics.

My over two year old son not only looked stinkin’ adorable in these diapers (admittedly not all to the diaper’s credit ;-) ), but more importantly he stayed rash free and had no leaks!

Let me tell you about them.

The RagaBabe “Organic 2 Step Diaper” (an AI2 diaper) was a snap.  Literally.  Both inside and out.

Snaps to adjust sizing and a snap to hold the organic cotton sherpa liner in place.  The snap is at the back waist, so you do have to take the whole diaper off and unsnap it to put a new liner in (since it’s impossible to hold a baby’s bum up and unsnap it with one hand), versus just taking out a liner and putting it in the diaper.  The tuck in area for the front was a nice size so the insert never popped out.  This liner was thicker than others with its two layers of cotton sherpa and two layers of bamboo rayon, but it was not bulky.  It was a nice thickness and absorbed wonderfully.  It was super soft.  These liners do take longer to dry than my other diapers.

The fabric inner of the diaper is gentler on baby’s skin and wicks away moisture.  You do have to switch out covers  if your baby poops since it is not a PUL only liner.  One time my son got only a tad bit of poop on the diaper, so I ran it under the sink and left it to dry a bit, instead of throwing it in the wet bag.   Having more than one of these covers would be best in case poppies happen.  And we all know they do.

Since my son is twenty-nine months old, he wore the diaper extended to its largest snap setting on a size two.  The RagaBabe “Organic 2 Step” has a nice wide back elastic to prevent blow outs (I really liked the width), nice contoured elastic at the legs (my son has medium chunky legs and they fit great), and a wide range for waist adjustment with the Velcro.  My sweet precious boy still had plenty of space on the Velcro for waist increase, but was at full extension on the rise.

I, I mean my thirty pound darling, tested the diaper with just two liners for nighttime, no leaks.  Happy boy, happy mama. With one liner for nap time, no leaks.  Happy boy, very happy mama.  The only other AI2 system I tried (Flip) didn’t work nearly as well as this one.  There is no shifting on the liner in the RagaBabe “Organic 2 Step”.  Very nice.

You can pick from different colored snaps for this white diaper. It’s hip, yet simple.

The “Easy All-In-One” (a stuffable AIO, has a PUL flap in front) really is that- easy.  The sewn in liner is made of bamboo rayon.  I tested it with an extra liner (organic cotton sherpa) and without, both ways there was no leaking.  Wee Babe is sporting a size large in this AIO.  It too has a nice wide band at the back and contoured leg elastic.  The soft suede cloth lining drew the moisture away nicely.

Besides the stinkin’ cuteness (Tie-dyed!  Ragababe has some wonderful and unique prints that will have your baby be the talk of the changing table/floor/counter/whatever.)  this diaper worked well.   It is safely in our night time stash.  Also, funny enough it’s a diaper Wee Babe requests.  Seriously.

Oh, and I love the logo and the star.  I know, that’s not really a factor in how a diaper works, but still…  very anti-sugary sappy cuteness, more along the lines of ultra-cool and hip cuteness.

Joy Yoder has worked hard on this diaper and it shows.  She has a admirable business spirit.  I appreciate her desire to produce a great cloth diaper, to provide a wonderful option for babies with sensitive skin, and to give back to others.  Her involvement with Haiti and blessing others is a wonderful example to all, not just entrepreneurs.

Honestly, I was excited to test out this diaper for Joy, but was suspicious of being able to use it more than a couple of times, much less add it to our line up.  My son has very sensitive skin and many diapers can’t be tolerated.  RagaBabe was more than tolerated.  These diapers are happily in our rotation.

The only drawback on these diapers is the cost. The price is high, but when you factor in that they are sized, they are flat out expensive.  I liked the “Organic 2 Step” best, but that ranges from $28.95 to $31.95 per diaper and I think having two covers is the way to get the most out of the diaper.  The “Easy All in One” ranges from $23.95 to $27.95.  There is definitely a market for good quality diapers, but that’s a high price for a sized diaper.

Overall, I think RagaBabe is a quality diaper.  This wonderful, American made, WAHM designed, family business diaper is of top-notch quality.  I am proud to own one.

Join RagaBabe cloth diapers on Facebook for giveaways and interaction about the diapers. Also, as a Grand Opening bonus for every order over $99 placed before midnight on Sunday September 19th,  Joy is including a FREE bundle of 10 cloth wipes. If you go back and read my post on cloth wipes you’ll see that I edited it weeks ago to show that these are by far the best cloth wipes!

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19 Responses to “Have You Seen the New Cloth Diaper Babe in Town”

  1. Melissa Says:

    You said you used 2 liners at night in the AIO – does that mean the full size cotton & bamboo doublers or the smaller all cotton liners?


  2. Rebecca Says:

    Just FYI, I’ve noticed Ragabage has since dropped their diaper prices…$22.95 – 25.95 for AIO, $26.95 – 29.95 for the AI2.


  3. staci Says:

    For a new mom, starting with cloth diapering a newborn for the very first time, do you think Ragababe is a good way to start? These seem so easy and totally worth the investment. It seems like 12 Organic 2 Steps, 8 extra NB inserts, and 3 All in Ones is the way to go (but they don’t seem to have any newborn AIOs in stock right now) these diapers seem amazing…i see your recommendations for newborns…but i have a hunch that these diapers are really incredible…any drawbacks to them if i’m just getting the hang of this?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Drawbacks to my recommendations or the Ragababe? My recommendations are easy. I prefer fitted diapers because they seem to hold in nb poo the best. Also, if poo does get on the cover it’s simple to rinse/wipe off. The Ragababe Organic 2 step diapers are great. They’d be nice to have once the baby has lost the umbilical stump.


  4. Stephanie M Says:

    I REALLY <3 LOVE <3 the Ragababe AIO. I was a little leery because everyone says that there diaper is the best and I didn't know anyone who had personally tried on. BUT, I LOVE THIS DIAPER!!! We have been cloth diapering for 12 yrs, I've tried most of whats out there and I don't currently own more than 6 of any single diaper. But we are ordering 15 more and I hope to have 25 in the near future. I really put this diaper to the test and it hasnt leaked yet! Even my husband is on board with it ( even the replacing my stash part!) , so it must be good!


  5. Joy Says:

    Hi Raychel. Can you email your invoice # to info@ragababe.com? We haven’t seen an order come through that matches your description (Tie dye w/ doublers) and I don’t have a way to contact you. Thanks!


  6. Raychel Says:

    I just ordered the AIO in Tye-dye!! It is precious. I cannot wait for them to get here to try. I went ahead and sprange for the doublers too, I hope they are worth $7 a piece!


  7. jessica Says:

    Do they have any diapers under 18 dollars


  8. Ding Says:

    Great review with detailed analysis on little user! Very informative for those heavy wetters and with sensitive skins…
    As I surfed their website, I found that they have no international shipment at this point in time :-(
    Hope this wonderful product can eventually be marketed globally.


  9. Yanira Says:

    I need help with recommendations for night time diapers for a newborn. It seems that every time my newborn wakes up at night he is wet all over. All the diapers I have leak.



  10. Cassie Says:

    These look great! Definitely being added to my “next baby” wishlist. I’d love to see what the size 0 (and 1 even) looks like on a newborn/very young baby.


  11. Jessica Says:

    Thanks for reviewing these diapers! I love their Organic 2-Steps! They fit my daughter so well and they haven’t leaked once!!


  12. jessica Says:

    Ty ill have to try them when I get the money and yes. It can be frustrating but. L love cloth diapers lol my family just doesn’t understandlol ty


  13. Joy Says:

    Hi Jessica! I posted some info about the absorbency of RagaBabe diapers in a discussion on our facebook-http://bit.ly/cM7WuS. Your frustration (which was mine too) was the very reason RagaBabe was born! Feel free to take a look. Cloth diapering a heavy wetter can be a lot of work and a little miserable with the wrong diaper.


  14. Natalie Says:

    These do look cool… I love fun & unique prints!

    Too bad they’re not in snaps… and like you said, the price is pretty high. Maybe one day we’ll try it…


    • Stephanie M Says:

      The velcro is amazingly strong. It’s the only velcro diaper I have that doesnt attach to eveything in the laundry. The laundry tabs actually work and you really have to pull to release the velcro.. not like velcro found on BG products or Thirsties at all.


  15. jessica Says:

    Hi would they work well for a very heavy wetter my five month old can go through several all in ones a night I’ve tried liners and stuffing them with prefolds even during the day I have to double and triple everything if not I’m changing litteraly every five mins the only ones that seem better are the ones I make they last him longer with no leaks then the ones I buy


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