Have You Tried Gro Baby Cloth Diapers?

**putting a bag over my head**  I haven’t tried them yet!  Appalling I know.

One of my followers on Twitter (my ID is clothdiapertips or you can click the twitter icon in the left column) sent me the link to a YouTube video reviewing the new Gro Baby cloth diaper system.

I had a pre-order with Leslie (Cloth Diaper Super Store) then cancelled it when I was feeling like I had reached stash nirvana.  After watching the video I went straight to Leslie and ordered a starter pack.

They look fantastic.  Check out the video and stay tuned for my upcoming review!


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11 Responses to “Have You Tried Gro Baby Cloth Diapers?”

  1. Laura Says:

    I am expecting for first baby later this year and have been researching the cloth diapers. I was so excited when I saw this one because everyone has had such wonderful things to say about them. I will have to find a way to register for these or just tell my family what we would like. I can’t wait to get these and show all the cloth diaper skeptics how much money I am saving compared to their disposables not to mention helping the planet and my baby be healthier. Can’t wait!


  2. Beth Says:

    How do Gro Baby and Softbums compair. Somethings I am considering. I currently use pockets. They worked great for my daughter but I have lots of leeks with my son.
    My son is 16lbs and 3 months old so his legs are super chuby.
    But I need a system that doesn’t take up much room and I need to be able to reuse the covers and use the covers over pre folds as well as the snap in insert. Because I will be taking them to Costa Rica. Also I am looking for something that will not get too hot.


  3. Kim Says:

    Hi Mamas!
    Great Blog Autumn!

    Gro Baby is a new product for us (just launched in March), but myself and of course most of our staff have been using Gro Baby for several months. WE LOVE THEM! Our tester feedback has been super and we’ll be launching a new color VANILLA in June as well as a SNAP version in VANILLA. We have several new Gro Baby products coming down the line that all compliment the original Gro Baby System. They have been our TOP selling diaper .EVER. in our brick and mortar store in Bozeman.

    Some of my favorite things about Gro Baby:
    1) Not bulky, yet super absorbent
    2) Easy to use
    3) Organic Cotton
    4) MOST IMPORTANTLY: TINY loads of diaper laundry that use less detergent and water. Now I can actually say to those who say washing a cloth diaper takes more resources that sposies….”NOT WITH GRO BABY!”

    Just like our tagline says: “One diaper. Big Change.”


  4. Rachel Says:

    Oh, forget something…if you are afraid that the velcro will stick to everything just do what I do…get some velcro at the store and cut into 2 x 2 pieces and stick one piece on each tab before throwing it into your pail. I leave the pieces on until I put the diaper on my baby and then I stick the pieces in a little container on my changing station…then when I take the soiled diaper off I stick the pieces back on. Easy peasy!


  5. Rachel Says:

    I really like these diapers. I little history…I started with pockets, then went to g diapers and now I am going gro baby! I really like these b/c they are simple to use and if the soaker is, well, soaked and you don’t want to touch it you don’t have to unsnap the insert to wash…just make sure you don’t put the shell in the dryer. I lay mine on top of the dryer and they are dry by the time the cycle is done. They are coming out with the snap version in June on the vanilla colored dipes and they can convert any of your velcro ones to snaps. They are also coming out with a stay dry insert and dispos. ones that you just toss…great for traveling! I would hightly recommend trying at least one. You can always sell it on diaperswappers if you don’t like it…but I would be surprised if you didn’t like it!! Wonderful system.


  6. Vee Says:

    Just wondering. Does anyone know the country of origin for these Gro baby diapers? I can’t seem to find the information just by googling. If you already received yours – Is it on your package?


  7. Dae Says:

    We got these with the pre-order. We are love, love, loving them! I ordered more and am selling off all these others that don’t ever fit my baby right. I get a perfect, no-leaks, fit everytime!


  8. Tiffany Says:

    These are my new favorites!!! Actually i cant think of one thing that i would like to change on this dipe. I love the fully adjustable top portion of the diaper…i never get a good fit with snaps so i typically prefer velcro, but this far exceeds velcro! The fit is superb…my son is 19 months, tall and thin and it fits him perfectly. Also it is Super trim. IMO…it doesnt get much better!


  9. Kelly Says:

    I have tried these. In theory they are awesome, in application I am still getting used to them. I have only ever used pocket diapers, so re-using the outer layer still seems strange to me, but I am getting over it! In some ways they are much trimmer, in others, not so much. Well, I guess I should say they are trimmer, definitely, but the absorbent layer seems like it gets kind of bunchy. But my daughter (1 yo) hasn’t complained. They definitely seem like they would be the trimmest one size diaper for a newborn. I have been rather impressed with their absorbency. Like I said, the only thing that has me is re-using the outer layer. But actually, I am starting to get down a routine with them and they are very functional.


  10. Kristin Says:

    I can not wait to read your review! Please, please, please try it on your newborn! It would make my day to know how it fits and contains a newborns mess. I am debating getting gro baby right away for my newborn or size 0 kiss to supplement my prefolds. I want something trim (but also budget friendly) and am afraid the gro baby will be to big but seems like a better budget option than getting the size 0 that will not last long!


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