Help Me Celebrate!

** Congratulations, Melanie!**
I pray that you enjoy your Flip Day Pack and Monkey Foot Designs wet bag!

On March 3, 2008, I launched All About Cloth Diapers.  Believe it or not, I would whine and complain for months to my husband that I didn’t see the point…Who was going to read my blog??

Michael encouraged me, often times having to force me to stick with it.  But, 2 years later he’s laughing at my doubts.

All About Cloth Diapers now has over 3,000 subscribers!  In the last 30 days it has received 22,725 visits, of which 13, 588 came from Google searches using cloth diaper keywords.  That is awesome!

Of course, none of this would be enjoyable without that interaction and friendships I have made with my readers.  I still get excited every time I approve comments (although my husband is a bit jealous that you guys talk way more than his readers).

I am so stinkin’ grateful for all that All About Cloth Diapers blesses me with.  I am always striving to make cloth diapering a better and easier experience for you and those you know.

As a token of my appreciation I want to giveaway some cloth diapers!  I’m not a fan of the traditional giveaway entry line-up so here’s how to enter:

*Please share how All About Cloth Diapers has blessed you*

That’s it. Nothing hard.  I’d also love it if you’d share a picture. Receiving pictures via email makes me so happy!!

Here is a recent picture from a reader.  Nicole gave birth to Addison Lane on April 10th (and 2 days later she won the Cutiepoops cloth diaper giveaway!).

Oh, and you probably want to know what you can win!?

How about this:

and this:

A Flip Stay-dry day pack in girl or boy colors and a 9×11 wet bag from Monkey Foot Designs on Etsy (they are amazing!).

I’ll choose a winner on Thursday morning before I head out of town…

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About Autumn Beck

Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at

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157 Responses to “Help Me Celebrate!”

  1. amanda Says:

    i just found your blog today, through a friend’s facebook page. i’m not sure if the giveaway is over yet. but it’s not that big of a deal. i look forward to finding out more information!!

  2. Jill Says:

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was pregnant and thinking about using cloth diapers. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful and insightful posts. I love that you respond to reader comments and questions, and you care about your responses. I’ve been so blessed to get to know you through twitter, too. Keep up the fabulous job!

  3. susan Says:

    I am a new first time Nana. My baby had her baby by emergency c-section on 2-11-10 at 26 weeks and two pounds. It has been a long ride but our boy is almost five pounds now and seems to be just fine all the way around. A miracle. My daughter wanted from day one to use cloth. All the time in the hospital and she is home now using Swaddles or disposable Pampers much to her distress. WE WANT CLOTH DIAPERS! I am new to your site but love it. Any help to find tiny, tiny, cloth diapers would be appreciated. We are not rich but I swear my social security will be dedicated to getting MY baby cloth diapers for HER baby. Thanks for any help out there.

    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Susan, Lil’ Joeys are tiny! On a “normal” sized baby they last b/w 2-3 months. On your little grandbaby you could probably get 5. That’s just based on some babies I know that were preemie ;)

  4. Courtney Cardosa Says:

    I think that your website is fab!. I found it after I had already started cloth diapering, but still find it highly valuable. I think it is great because you always give an honest review/opinion of something. I love that even if you decide months later that something isn’t as great as you originally thought, that you share that with your readers! Thanks for keeping the blog going and keepin it real :>

  5. Rachel Says:

    I have just recently got into cloth diapering. It has been invaluable to read about all the different systemsand brands by moms who have actually used them. I don’t have the time or money to buy 30 different diapers to see which ones work the best so I greatly appreciate your reviews and thought. You have a very user friendly page. It is so easy to find stuff and you have answered so many of my questions. Thanks a ton!

  6. Molly Says:

    It took 10 years and four babies before I could convince my husband we should cloth diaper. He finally agreed for the fifth baby, I was so upset when it really wasn’t going well. Rashes, stinky diapers and wasted money! I don’t know anyone who cloth diapers and felt totally lost. Your blog has been such a blessing for me! It’s nice to have a “friend” that can help me find my way! Thanks so much!

  7. Debbie Says:

    Hi, I’ve been blessed so richly by All about Cloth diapers because I’ve gained a knowledge of cloth diapers that’s easy to understand and fun. I’ve found the perfect cloth diaper through this site and made some friends. Thanks so much!

  8. Nicole Says:

    I found your website more than a year ago when I was pregnant and planning to start using cloth diaper with my newborn. You have so much great information – I always check your site and know I can find the answer or possible answers to my diaper dilemmas. I also love all the reviews that you do. There are so many different diapering options out there and I love that you get to try out so many of them and pass along your experiences. It helps me decide which direction I want to take my stash. :) THANKS and congratulations on your blog’s birthday!! Keep it up!!

  9. Trina Says:

    I wasn’t lucky enough to find you first….I had to search and search until I felt like my eyes were going to fall out. I had three boys who were all diapered with disposables…I thought I had it all figured out. Then my fourth son came along. A little too early and the poor little guy was allergic to EVERYTHING. Or so it seemed. He was even allergic to something in the diapers. My first thought was cloth diapers how I had seen it before… plastic pants and to my horror pins! Your site and other followers have helped me from sorting out the different sizing problems, to diapering on a budget, camping, and the dreaded visits to mother in laws, and finally to making my own fluff!….oh and since your site has been so helpful…I shared with my best friend on her new cloth diapering journey.

  10. Alissa Says:

    Three months ago I started cloth diapering. I got my initial information from a friend I had met when we were both pregnant with our sons in 2006. When I saw she was cloth diapering I thought, “IS SHE NUTS?” Needless to say, as a first time mom I was way too intimidated to even give it another thought. When our second son was born 7/2009 I decided to contact her and get more info about cloth dipes. She was a great help, but when I googled to get more info, “All About Cloth Diapers” was one of the first sites I came across. The information was spelled out so clearly for me I was no longer intimidated to start making purchases on my own and get my husband on board. Since beginning using cloth in 2/2010 I have also converted 2 friends to cloth as well! (Working on a 3rd!) I always give them your website because it’s full of information and isn’t too overwhelming.
    I truely appreciate all your hard work on this blog!! THANK YOU AUTUMN!! Happy Blogoversary!!

  11. Nicole P Says:

    I found your site many months ago when searching for converting hook and loop diapers to snaps. it’s been useful ever since and I am so happy you stuck it out!!! Congrats :)

  12. melissa mailly Says:

    Well this is a little bit different response from many others, but I thought I’d share anyway. I was already a full-fledged CD’er when I found this site. I’ve used it quite a bit since then when I’m looking for a good review on a particular product (thank you!), but what I primarily love about All About Cloth Diapers is this: many of my friends have come to me looking for advise about cloth diapering, feeling overwhelmed by all the information and choices out there. It’s almost too much for a newbie to take in! I always direct them right to this website. It’s the best AIO (pun intended!) site for someone needing information in a clear, concise, helpful format. Here it’s all laid out beautifully and making CD choices couldn’t be easier with AACD! Thanks for being “the place to go” for cloth diapering questions![img][/img]
    Here’s a picture of my youngest daughter wearing a recycled bum sweater.

  13. Jennifer Says:

    Your website was the first that I visited when I thought about cloth diapering. You made it sound so easy that you convinced me to go for it! I’m now a cloth diapering momma!

  14. Cortneigh Says:

    It’s great to receive periodic updates from you via email. I visit All About Cloth Diapers more often because of them. My son just recently started sleeping through the night and our nighttime diaper no longer did the trick. It was great to be able to read through your nighttime resources as a help in finding our new nighttime diaper. Thank you!

  15. Kimberly B Says:

    Congratualations on two years!! I wish you were around when my 3 year old daughter was a baby. I managed to muddle through (and loved CDing) with prefolds and fitteds and discovered Thirsties covers. But now I have a two month old baby boy and I found your blog (and truth be told yours is the first blog have have ever subscribed to!) It is so informative and I love your reviews. I watched the birth of Rumparooz video clip and cried (my daughter loves that video clip and asks to watch it). Right now I am in the process of deciding which diapers to add to my previous stash (even though my husband thinks it is unecessary) that is both economical and will suit his very different body type (he is very chunky!!) Definitely thinking of the Flips after you review and it being on your favorites. Thank you so much for what you do!![img]2008-02-24 023[/img]

  16. Judy Says:

    I was going back and forth on whether or not I even wanted to try cloth diapers and couldn’t make up my mind until I found this site. All of the information gave me the confidence I needed to give cloth diapers a try and I haven’t gone back! I love them. I’ve been making my own, but would love to try other diapers and am always looking at different options.
    Thank you!

  17. Mary Says:

    Autumn – I’m a first time Mommy and very new to the world of cloth diapers. I LOVE your blog, learning tips, tricks and products. But the most important have been cleaning and handling of the cloth. Next on the to-try list will be the Rockin’ Green soap! We’re still working through the kinks in our system, but I think that will always be ongoing.

  18. Christen Says:

    When I first started cloth diapering my twins I did it purely for the financial aspect. Diapering two children is expensive! As I got deeper into the cloth diapering world I realized how much I enjoy having cloth on their booties instead of paper! Your blog has helped me weed through the mountains of information that is out there on cloth diapering…thanks![img][/img]

  19. Christy H Says:

    I like AACD because you have reassured me that I’m not off my rocker and that it is do-able to CD :)

  20. CoCo Says:

    I have to co-sign with what everyone else has already said….the information you share with your readers is invaluable and greatly appreciated!

  21. Elisha Says:

    I just have to say the one thing I love most about your blog is you honesty! If you do not care for a product you say so. There are many blogs that I question if they really like a product because every single thing the review is over the top with praise. I never question that with your reviews. So think you for you honesty! It has helped me make rational decisions. : )

  22. Kalei Says:

    I would never have taken the plunge into cloth diapering had I not wandered onto your site. Now that I have been CDing for the past few months, I still come here to read up on the latest diapers you’ve tried out or your recommendations… I have to admit, I bought the BG organic AIOs purely from reading all your rave reviews about it. My girlfriend happened to stumble upon your site also and said she spent hours on here like I did. Because of you whenever I have an issue with CDing or I think I do, I come straight here to find the answer. Like for instance, cloth diaper safe rash cream.. I use the California Baby products on my son because it was on your list and Babies R Us down the block carries the product. Thank you for helping me to feel even more comfortable with CDing!!

  23. Talia Says:

    All About Cloth Diapers was my very first introduction to cloth diapers and I couldn’t have been happier! It’s blessed me by introducing me to all brands of cloth diapers that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about and I’ll still be sticking pins into dollies if I hadn’t found the site (thanks to my momma, that’s all she knew about cloth diapering). I Love all the reviews you have and I Love that you’re open and honest and share all of your experiences. Thank you!

  24. Bethany Says:

    This website really helped push me over the edge to do cloth diapers. I was really on the fence and read several of your reviews and knew that I could do it!!

  25. Allison Says:

    I am a mom to-be in September and I had no idea how many decisions there were to be made when expecting a baby. What color to paint the nursery, who to trust for day care, what pediatrician to choose, to nurse or bottle feed, what style highchair to get..? The list goes on and on. Thankfully there are other moms who have been overwhelmed by all the decisions too and are willing to help first-timers like me!
    Thanks Autumn for sharing your hard learned wisdom and for giving the rest of us a place to connect, vent, and learn.

  26. Erin P. Says:

    I love the fact that you research all kinds of diapers, not just the big name ones. I am able to test through your eyes before ordering from a source I may never of heard of, plus I love the comments from your followers it makes me feel that I am not alone in my cloth diapering adventure. I also need some new diapers because we just found out we are having a boy and we have lots of pink diapers left over from his older sister.

  27. Christina Says:

    I was getting so frustrated with cloth diapers when I first switched over to them. I was having leaking issues, stink issues, velcro issues. I wasn’t sure we would find anything that would work for us. I read on your website about not investing in a huge lot of one brand until you try them out first. I read your review and recommendations and finally found a diaper that works for us! I also read your reviews on RockinGreen soap and decided to try that too! Now my stink issues are solved. I love reading your website. I love cloth diapers and I feel so blessed to have found your website. Now I’m a cloth diaper addict. I was reading something one time that asked do you dream about cloth diapers, have you ever thought about opening a cloth diaper store so that you could be surrounded by fluff, do you have more than one cloth diaper store bookmarked on the computer, do you check for sales online almost every day, have you thought about having another baby to use your cloth diapers again, and do you get sad at the thought of potty training? If you answered yes to more that one question then you’re a cloth diaper addict. I finally don’t fell alone about my love for cloth diapers. Thank you so much for all your helpful info!

  28. Amy Says:

    We are expecting baby #3 in August and started using cloth on baby #2. We love it (even my husband doesn’t mind the snapping, velcroing, washing, etc.). Who knew it would be so easy? I appreciate your insight and expertise. Your blog is more like a “try it before you buy it” experience. I can check your recommendations before I make my purchase. That saves me a lot of headache. Thank you for all you do!

  29. Stefany Says:

    We are expecting our first in about a month and I have become obsessed with stocking up on cloth diapers! Your website has been so much help and has so much great, real, advice and recomendations – I love it! Thank you for trying out new things and doing the reviews for us!

  30. Angel Says:

    I love hearing about different cloth diapers! As much as I’d like to try them all, it’s great to get some opinions before trying something new. Thanks!

  31. Julie Wu Says:

    Your website has given me a lot of great information regarding buying, using, washing, maintaining, and improving cloth diapers. I didn’t think it was for me, but after reading your posts, the pros and cons, etc, I thought I’d give it a try. I really do like cloth diapers, and I can say your website has helped me “see” the way.

  32. Amanda Says:

    Hi- I am so glad I found your blog, I send it to all my fellow new cloth momma’s. I am blessed that I finally started cloth diapering my daughter at 4mos and we no longer have diaper rash!! :) Thank you so much for all your useful info and stories!

  33. Alisha Says:

    Hi Autumn,

    I love reading your blog each week. I have learned so much about cloth diapering from you. I have tried many of the cloth diapers you have recommended based on your reviews. I am now getting all my friends to try it now :-) Thanks for being so real and sharing your own personal experiences with cloth diapering.


  34. tami Says:

    i read your blog everyday – i learn new stuff and its a great distraction from work hahah :)

  35. Stacy Says:

    Right after my homebirth I was only able to stay home with our newborn and in bed for a few days/weeks. My husband had not been working for about a month and all I got to do was go online. I found ALLABOUTCLOTHDIAPERS and could NOT STOP reading. I think I read pretty much everything. My questions got answered just from scrolling other questions and looking around. We did not have money to buy cloth diapers at the time so I got obsessed about researching them. The first thing I read on AACD was your top cloth diapers of 2009, and thus began my research into the cloth diapering world. I have been able to cloth diaper now on a budget, but it has been awesome. I love your site and have been blessed to have found it. Thank you!

  36. Mya Burgoon Says:

    You have been such a blessing with all of my questions and I love being able to pass along such a great site to my friends who are just starting on this journey! Hearing your failures as well as the good things makes everything real and so encouraging. Thank You!

  37. Lesley Says:

    Your website is my cloth diapering bible! I knew I wanted to use cloth, my sister in law bought me a bunch of different types. We bought some pockets used and the seller threw in a bunch of newborn fitteds for free. All this was before my son was born. I would unwrap the diapers and try to figure out what was what. Without a baby to try them on it was all theoretical. After he was born we were trying to use the newborn fitteds but we didn’t realize we needed a cover! Finally I found your site and all was right with the cloth diapering world. You have taught me basically everything I know. Washing, bac-out, wet bags. overnights, I learned it all from your site. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help so many of us for free!

  38. Laura G Says:

    Your advice helped me finally decide on a good night-time diaper so that I could stop relying on disposables. Now, after 5 months of pure disposable diapering, my son is an all-cloth baby!

  39. Mary Says:

    I love your website and learned a lot from it. After receiving your last email about your recommendations, I printed the list out and going to do some research to decided which to buy. When my 5 month old was a newborn, I had bought some cloth diaper but he had some rash wherever was wet when he wore a cloth diaper. So I stopped. Now I will try clothe diaper again. Any suggestions?

  40. Brooke Says:

    You site has gotten me a little closer to figuring out a better nighttime cloth solution. My daughter is still in disposables at night for the moment, because I am a research-aholic, but I’ve been taking your recommendations seriously and feel like I am a l m o s t to the point where I am ready to dive back in to nighttime cloth!

  41. Alison Reid Says:

    I love your blog and find myself turning to it often! I am a nurse midwife who has busy hours but cloth diapering has made me feel better about what is on my DS bum and like I am doing my part for mother earth! I am not scared anymore ( I was when I first started) bring on the poops, pees, stinkies, fit problems….when we all come together we can solve all of those problems! I frequently refer patients and those interested in cloth to your site, so keep on blogging!!!!!!!!!

  42. Theresa A. Says:

    Amber, your blog has wonderful information, is well organized so that I can find the specific thing I need when I need it (which is always asap!), and it’s fun to look around! Oh yeah, and I won a giveaway for Rockin’ Green soap, so that’s was a nice blessing, too :-)[img][/img]

  43. Lori Says:

    Oh my gosh, I don’t even know if I can put it into words! Your blog has kept me going with CD’s – when I had buildup and stink problems and when we needed advice on finding a nightitme solution. Uughh, there are frustrations with CD’s at times but I am so unbelievably thankful to have found a place where I can find answers!! What a great resource this blog is and it’s an added bonus to get a good laugh sometimes when reading your posts!! :) Thanks again.

  44. alexa Says:

    I just feel lucky to have such an easy responsible alternative to disposables. :)

  45. Wendy Says:

    I love being able to refer people who are interested in cloth diapering but are too overwhelmed by all the details and choices to jump in to your site. It’s a fantastic resource for experienced cloth diapering families and newbies alike!

    Thanks for collecting all this information, along with the personal stories that keep it interesting and real, into one convenient little URL :) Congrats on 2 years!

  46. Lisa Says:

    Congratulations on 2 years!!! I am so happy I found this site. Many times I don’t leave replies but I read often (actually every time you post). I am the mommy of twins, a boy who is skinny and a girl, who is a little more round. Your experiments, your stories of joys and challenges have helped me decide on what ones I should try and what ones I should not. I love the recently “like/love” list you started, I am going to attempt one of the overnight examples you gave.
    Thanks again and keep bloggin!

  47. Jes Says:

    I love your reviews!!! They introduce me to many diapers I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

  48. Jennifer B Says:

    When I first ventured into the world of cloth diapers, my little girl was a newborn and I had no clue about anything. I received a 5-pack of Kushies AIOs for my shower and that was it. I found your site, and your e-book, and read til my eyes hurt, but then I felt so empowered, and I felt like there was a whole world I knew nothing about until then. You opened my eyes and introduced me to the world of cloth diapering. I’ve never gone back, and it’s been about 11 months. I’m very thankful you were there for me. I might have gone ahead and done okay, but you saved me so much time and energy. Thanks!!!!

  49. kristen Says:

    I am obsessed with cloth diaper and your site has helped save me lots of money when I’m trying to figure out which diaper I need. I have a boy who is a heavy wetter and a newborn girl both with very different CD needs. I find your blog very helpful and a joy to read. sorry I would love to write more but baby girl is calling!!!! thanks so much for all your work!!


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