Help me spread the love of cloth diapers and babywearing

I wish more people used cloth diapers and wore their baby. I wish it were popular. The cool thing to do. I wish cloth diapering and babywearing were in the mainstream!

Don’t get me wrong, the amount of people that cloth diaper and babywear has been increasing every year. But I wish the numbers would explode. Cloth diapers being the norm instead of disposables.  Carriers and wraps instead of strollers!

Disclaimer: Disposable diapers and strollers are not bad.  People who use them are not wrong. We all have to do our research and make the decision that works best for our own family. Please don’t judge or persecute someone that does something different from you!

I guess I am just a little tired of getting looked at like I have three heads when I wear my baby. I do get positive comments. But we all know that the negatives tend to be heard a little more loudly. It must be a little weird to see the angles that I contort into to get her on my back. Or even how I swing her around over my shoulder. I guess I would worry too if I had never seen it before. They don’t call it the superman toss for nothin!

Oh, and cloth diapers. I am sure some of you have had a similar experience. You get pregnant…everyone is overjoyed. A few months go by and you mention that you want to cloth diaper. *GASP*

Now the funny glances and comments start. What? Are you crazy? Aren’t they a lot of work? Umm, gross!

Thank God for my Mother. She was the one that always believed in this. She was the one telling me, “Don’t worry, you can do it. Everyone will come around.”

I believe the answer to this is to take cloth diapering and babywearing out of the minority and bring it into the mainstream. But how can it be done?

TALK and SHARE. Tell your friends how great cloth diapers are. Let the strangers know how happy your baby is when they are worn. If cloth diapers or babywearing works for you spread the love!

I remember the exact moment I found out about cloth diapers. (Before this I hadn’t even heard of them. I mean, I knew they used them in the Olden Days!) I was on the phone setting up a newborn photo shoot. My photographer, who had three children of her own, suggested I look into cloth diapers. She used cloth and loved it. And it was easy as that!

Word of mouth really is the best advertisement. I hadn’t ever seen cloth diapers in my local Babies r Us or Target. Of course, now I realize that these stores do carry cloth. But its not like they are as easily found as the 30 foot wall of disposable diapers!

I wouldn’t mind if these box stores or others carried more cloth diapers and additional options for babywearing. Don’t get me wrong; I am a strong believer of buying local and shopping at mom and pop stores. But being available in other places means more exposure, a LOT more exposure. That is good for everyone.

The more people that cloth diaper means the less disposables that are going into landfills. I believe in my heart (and through research) that cloth diapers are healthier for my baby. Finally, I believe that since there are so many Made in the USA diapers and accessories that more people using they can only help our economy and the families that produce these items!

Please help me stop the funny looks and comments! Spread your love and your knowledge of cloth diapers and babywearing to people who just don’t know about them yet.

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Jenn is a WAHM to two beautiful little girls. Sophia (4.5 years old) and Norah (4 months). She closed her business, Curves, when she found out she was pregnant so she could stay home with her first daughter. Now Jenn spends her time spreading the love of fluff and sharing common sense answers that help to make cloth diapers easy for everyone.

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9 Responses to “Help me spread the love of cloth diapers and babywearing”

  1. Bonita Says:

    I get the weird looks (and jealousy looks) when I carry my son anywhere. I can’t always carry him, but I notice that people actually are more helpful to me (and tend to touch my son less). My son likes to be carried with one arm out and people always comment on how comfortable he looks!
    On my cloth diapers, I was told I wouldn’t last long. He’s going to be 1 next month and he’s been almost exclusively cloth diapers. I once had a friend who was “freaked out” by my diapers. So I made him change the diapers! All my people have gotten used to my diapers.


  2. Keera Says:

    You would fit right in where I live! I’m in Quebec(Canada) and almost everyone I know cloth diapers! Even strangers I meet at parks and in my baby groups usually cloth diaper, it’s fun being able to talk about it with mamas outside the internet! I also see a lot of people wearing their babies in the downtown area. Although I wouldn’t recommend baby wearing as a complete replacement for strollers, it can be very brutal on your back.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Don’t Worry Keera, I still have a stroller. I am usually using for bags! But my daughter does go in it occasionally. I think you still need a stroller for a very quick trips in and out of someplace.


  3. Anastasia Says:

    I’ve only seen cloth locally in CITY stores, nothing in my county at all! So a 3 hour drive if I want to touch fluff before buying (5 hours on transit, ugh) But I cloth diaper & babywear (It’s amazing for a toddler on transit) & even the breastfeeding goes over easy with a bus driver when they can compare it to how long it takes a bottle mom to quiet down her child. A nursing toddler is a quiet toddler, sells it everytime. Most Flight Attendants know this as well & most of them either go out of their way to ignore me completely or help me (mostly foreign carriers) I’ve only had very few issues or complaints & these are usually from the folks that would complain anyways.


  4. Laurel Says:

    I couldn’t believe how many people were horrified when I said I was going to cloth diaper and how often I heard the phrase, “Well, you’ll only last a few months doing that.” My son is 36 weeks and looks awesome in his Chelory’s, RagaBabe’s and Rumparooz. I don’t know if they’re cheaper as I find I’m addicted to buying cute new ones all of the time but he’s only ever had one diaper rash and it lasted less than 10 hrs. I’m hooked.


    • Anastasia Says:

      It’s gone from my “Being in a phase” to after 16 years & 4 babies, it’s wait for it, my being a stubborn pain in the BEEEEEEEEEP! But the answer is NEVER the benefits or the fact that there might be a REASON that I cloth diaper (I’m allergic to sposies MYSELF, so not for the babies in my home) but no one HEARS that, just that they “can’t watch the kids for me” blues…….I’m laughing cuz it’s funny how “Stuck” in their decisions people get, even 20 years later.


  5. Autumn Beck Says:

    I get frustrated when well meaning strangers ask if I need help when I’m wrapping Finley.


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