Here’s How I Store Our Cloth Diapers

A month or so ago I created a video on how I store my diapers.  I also explained the different systems in my stash at that time.  There are times when the diapers don’t make it past the couch but on a good day they are all packed away neatly.

I have never had a designated diaper area although I have often drooled over the setups other moms have.  Maybe someday I’ll get all the diapers in an organized, easy to access area but for now my “box” works just fine ;)


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10 Responses to “Here’s How I Store Our Cloth Diapers”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I just had a baby, but she has outgrown her some of her covers and the smallest prefolds that we have. I have no idea how to store these items so that they will still be usable for my next child. So how do you store your diaper covers long term?


  2. Dae Says:

    I bought one of those multi-colored toy organizers from Target when they were on sale. You know, the ones that are open on top and sort of slanted on shelves, and there are two sizes. Well, I saw it on DS and thought it was a fabulous idea! There’s a thread on DS where people have posted pics of how/where they store their CDs and there are some *really* great ideas! Not only can you see what might work, but you can see what doesn’t look like it will work. I had one idea for storing, originally, but after I saw it done on that thread, I knew it wouldn’t work for us.

    Anyway, there are four bigger containers down the middle, and those have DCs clothes: sleepers with feet, sleepers without feet, shirts, pants. Then the smaller containers that are on either side of each of the big containers has mostly diaper stuff: BGs (for nighttime), Wahmies OS (our main diapering system…takes up two of the containers), extra inserts, “swim diapers” (for the bathtub…my baby just loves to let out explosive poops in the water, LoL), and then another container for socks and bibs.

    Our wipes are in a disposable wipe container in front on the floor.


  3. Crys Says:

    I have the same set up, my bin is cream and brown and sets on a bookcase next to my couch. Our townhouse is to tiny for a whole changing station. Our wipes are in a different plastic container that fits into a tin.


  4. Michelle Says:

    Very cute little stash you have there Autumn. I’m drooling over a few of those dipes!


  5. Eva Gavin Says:

    I do something similar. Two baskets. One where they just all get thrown after they’ve been washed. I also keep all my fitteds and covers in here. The other one has all the stuffed ones that are ready to go.


  6. Britt Says:

    I do pretty much the same thing as you in terms of wipes.
    For the diapers I am very ahem “particular” about how they are stored … just ask my poor husband who is routinely barred from diaper changes & putting away the laundry b/c he messes with my system! I bought one of those handy 3 drawer plastic dresser things and I put my own basket dividers in the top drawer only.
    In that top drawer you’ll find my prefolds, and basket sections for my doublers & inserts, Bummis wraps, and a little container with snappis.
    The middle drawer is for the fitted diapers. I had them organized in terms of fit small to med(front of drawer to back) & whether or not they had velcro (left to right — so that they lined up with the snappis in the drawer above)… but it doesn’t always stay that way (see reference to confused hubby).
    The bottom drawer contains nighttime stuff: the one-size pocket diapers (mostly Bum Genius 3.0), wool longies grandma made, and in the very back the big diapers my Kate hasn’t yet grown into. I also have a swim diaper or two back there!
    I think my system is fairly easy & straight-forward. I need to keep things somewhat organized in order to stay somewhat sane. I am a teacher on Mat leave so what else could be expected?!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Britt, you’d be one of “those” moms that I envy their organization. See I’d copy your setup and a week later I’d sabotage it.


  7. Kelly Says:

    I do pretty much the same thing. I made my own wipes so I have a ton and I just stuff them in a disposable wipe container. I need to refill it every other day or so. Sometimes I forget and start changing a diaper with only one wipe left, and that, of course, it always a messy poopy diaper ;). I use pockets and stuff all my diapers after they are done drying (I hang them to dry, usually.) I keep them in a laundry basket on the bottom shelf of the changing table, but I might go looking for a cute bin that is the same size after seeing cute bin you store yours in.
    My daughter is 9 months old and still tends to nurse through out the night, so I just use a doubler and don’t usually have any problems with leaks. But I do try to put her in fleece pjs as they don’t seem to transfer any moisture to our bed if her diaper did leak. Cotton pjs…that is another story. I guess I will need another solution for the warmer months, but right now they do the trick. But like I said, I rarely have any leaks, and if the diapers do leak, it is usually only a little wetness, not a pool of moisture, like I used to get with disposables.


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