Hiney Lineys: A Versatile, Money Saving Cloth Diaper System

Cost is probably the number one reason parents make the switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers.  But, the start up costs for cloth diapers can be very intimidating.

However, there are many ways to begin using cloth diapers on a modest budget.  One smart system is Hiney Lineys.

What is the Hiney Liney Diapering System?? click for pictorial

The Hiney Lineys system is a very versatile unique system that was originally created for the prefold user, which now includes an All In Two option.

When my daughter was 8 mos old, I started experimenting with different diapers because she was dealing with eczema.  I felt like she needed a stay dry layer to help with the eczema.  I started using pocket diapers, but I didn’t like that I couldn’t reuse anything and had to wash the whole thing each time.  

This is where Hiney Lineys was born!  I wanted to use my prefolds and covers, but have the stay dry layer.  I started cutting out rectangles of fleece, but it just bunched and shifted. What a pain!  So, I designed the stay dry layer to attach to the cover.  The final version includes gathered legs and back portions on the stay dry Liney.  The gathered areas help contain messes.

The stay dry Liney with gathered legs and back portions, will snap into our Versa cover.  Our Versa system comes in 3 sizes. Newborn will fit up to 15 pounds, the popular One-Size  fits 12-35 pounds, and our Big Kid size fits 30-60 pounds!!

What if you are not a prefold user and desire something a little more done-for-you and still cost effective?

Hiney Lineys has an option for that as well.  Behind the stay-dry liner are snaps to attach a soaker pad made up of 18 layers of Indian cotton.

This soaker + liner combo is, in a sense, the “diaper”.  When you go to change your child you will simply remove the “diaper” and snap in a new “diaper”.  Of course, for convenience you will want to have a pre-assembled Hiney Lineys ready to go, alternating between 2 covers at each change.

For those like myself that have amassed a huge collection of pocket inserts, you can also use these by laying them under the Liney.

Let’s talk numbers now.

How many Hiney Lineys will you need?

We will go with 24 cloth diapers for our stash.

If you purchase 24 one-sized Made in the USA pocket cloth diapers at $16 each that would cost you $384.

Compare that to a Hiney Lineys Complete Starter kit that includes 8 Versa covers, 24 Lineys and 24 snap-in soakers for $350.

If you already have prefolds then your cost just went down even more.

Below is a chart comparison of various priced pocket diapers.

Not only are you saving money but you are also saving space in your diaper bag and washing machine.

Hiney Lineys is a great system to take with you when you need to travel light.  It is much easier to pack 12-18 soakers than it is 12-18 stuffed pockets.

Our family is going to a family camp with our church this weekend and I plan on taking my Versa cover to use with Flip inserts.  If the cover gets soiled it is easy to wash up due to the smooth vinyl interior.

Here are a few things I really like about Hiney Lineys:

  • Wide velcro tabs. If I am going to use a velcro diaper it must have wide generously sized tabs.  This makes it easier to fasten and unfasten and decreases the chances of it coming undone accidentally.
  • Fully hidden snaps.  I appreciate that Hiney Lineys put thought into where to place the snaps for the Liney.
  • Colors. I’m a sucker for yellow and brown.  I love that they chose a brown hook and loop closure to give them a slightly different look than other cloth diapers.
  • Fit. Snug in all places, no gaps. Crossover tabs allow for a good fit on skinny babies.
  • Versatility. I can use the Versa cover over fitteds, flats, prefolds or disposable inserts.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Big kid sizing!! This is awesome!  I get dozens of comments and emails asking for recommendations for their special needs child or bed-wetting elementary aged child or just for the off-the-growth-charts toddler.

I’ve always heard that if your child poops in a cloth diaper every time they wear it, it means they like it…well, Camden must LOVE his Hiney Lineys.

If you have tried Hiney Lineys let me know in the comments.


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8 Responses to “Hiney Lineys: A Versatile, Money Saving Cloth Diaper System”

  1. Whitney Says:

    Amber I love your website! I think I have read just about everything on it! I am pregnant with my first child, never cloth diapered before and honestly don’t know anyone who has. Everyone looks at me like I am crazy when I say this is what we are going to do (even my husband!). I know that this is the route we should go….Better for baby, better for the environment and better for our pocketbook. I am excited to begin, except I don’t know how to! I have read your reviews and recommendations but I am still lost. I need something that isn’t going to make me throw up my hands and cry when I change a diaper and something that my husband will help with. I believe I understand the differences , but I can’t figure out which way to go. While I don’t want to spend thousands I am willing to spend extra on quality that will last through our next child as well. I am willing to do something different for night than day, but I would like a system that will grow with our baby. Also, I’d like to do laundry 2x a week so I know I will probably need extra. And last but not least is my husbands huge fear of getting poo on him so we need something that is relatively easy to clean. Any help from anyone would be so appreciated! My husband keeps saying disposables wouldn’t cause me so much worry, but I know this is worth it! Thank you :)


  2. Rose Says:

    Hi, I have been reading your blog for 2 years now and I have to say that you have been my support for cloth diapering. I have written a little article on my blog about why I choose to cloth diaper and it would just make my day if you had the time to read it. http://www.arosiesweethome.com/2012/02/why-i-chose-to-cloth-diaper.html Thank you for all your advice, your blog has given me a passion for cloth diapers.


  3. Lisa Says:

    Would one of the lineys fit well inside a sbish snapless multi? I need a better way of making them stay-dry because the thin fleece liners just bunch up and don’t cover the whole inside.


  4. Meg Says:

    This is EXACTLY what I’m looking for!


  5. April Stutzman Says:

    We have side snapping and Velcro, big kid Hiney Lineys and we LOVE them! They are our go to diaper for daytime, naps, and night! I only wish we would have known about them from the beginning, I don’t think I would have bothered with any other diaper! :)


    • Ann Marie Says:

      I’m happy to hear some good feedback on the big kid ones. Our 5 year old is special needs and just about out of the flips covers. He is in the process of PL’ing but it’s very slow going.
      I didn’t want to spend a fortune on trainer-style diapers because I don’t feel like they offer enough room for adding absorbancy for naps and nights. But we need the bigger sizing. I think these will be the way to go!


  6. Katariina Says:

    They look awsome! I truly like that there is a minimum change for the cover to get dirty. Most of AI2 boosters are too narrow to hold the mess in/on them.
    Great system!

    After discovering that new Bambino Mio OS AIO (Mio Solo) is almost the same as Tots Bots Easy Fit, I thought that there isn’t anything new to “invent” in cloth diaper world. I’m glad that I was wrong :D


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