How can you talk about cloth diapers for NINE years!?

March 4, 2017

Cloth Diapers

On March 3rd, 2008 the first post on All About Cloth Diapers went live. A lot has changed since then. But a lot is still the same. Cloth diapers continue to gain popularity, (although not as fast as us die hard fluff lovers had hoped).  And the cloth diaper industry continues to innovate new products and upgrade designs to make using cloth even easier.

The same problems still exist….

How do I wash these things?

What do you do with the poo? 

It’s leaking…HELP!

That is why All About Cloth Diapers will continue to be here. To answer your questions. To steer you towards amazing brands. To help you when you need it. And of course, we also want to celebrate with you. YAY Fluff Mail!

I have always preached the same message. And I hope to keep right on doing it for many years to come.

Cloth diapers don’t have to be overwhelming or hard. Research multiple resources (yes I said that). Use common sense. Take all that and apply whatever works best for YOU and YOUR family.

Thanks to my amazing sponsors who make it possible to bring you all of this. They are all amazing people who work hard to bring you the best products with amazing customer service and value. They put their hearts and souls into their business. I hope you guys take a second to check them out.

Thanks to all of you for supporting me. Every time you visit here, share the links or share your knowledge and love of cloth diapers you are helping a family, a small business and an industry to survive and thrive.

I’d love it if you’d join our mailing list. We won’t spam you. Promise. I’m honored to send you THE CLOTH DIAPER DILEMMA: 7 Free Quick Solutions for Moms as a thank you gift.

And if you follow me, you know I love a good giveaway. So let the games begin! Make sure you check out the All About Cloth Diapers Facebook page tonight and get in on all the action! I love seeing the excitement when people win. Believe it or not I read almost all of the comments. I recognize names of those of you who have been around for a while. You are all like family to me.

Thank you so much! For all of it! <3

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Jenn is a WAHM to two beautiful little girls. Sophia (4.5 years old) and Norah (4 months). She closed her business, Curves, when she found out she was pregnant so she could stay home with her first daughter. Now Jenn spends her time spreading the love of fluff and sharing common sense answers that help to make cloth diapers easy for everyone.

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6 Responses to “How can you talk about cloth diapers for NINE years!?”

  1. Carolyn at Padded Tush Stats Says:

    Oh WOW, 9 years, congrats!!! (And that photo of you with both your girls – SO BEAUTIFUL!) And Lindsay makes a good point – next year you hit double digits!!!! That will be super exciting, too! :)


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Thank you! Someone asked what I’m going to do next year. I told them maybe some sort of cloth diaper car ;) LOL


  2. Caitlin Says:

    I’ve relied on many articles to get me through cloth diapering. It’s helpful to have a fellow mom to relate to and read about real life personal experiences. I love your blog because you’re open and real, very relatable.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Thank you so much Caitlin! I appreciate you following the blog and all of your kind words!


  3. Lindsay S. Says:

    Congratulations on your nine years! I think I’ve been with you for about 2 of them so far? Maybe 3? But still, so exciting!!! Enjoy your victory lap, next year is the big 1 – 0!!!


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