How Flip Disposable Inserts Saved My Day

March 19, 2010

Cloth Diaper Extras

I’m in the midst of baking 48 cupcakes for a Cowboy Roundup birthday party for my 8 year old daughter and our now 1 year old Sterling. As excited as I am for this party, today hasn’t been a day full of joy.

I realized today the value of having Flip disposable inserts in your car for that emergency (or non-emergency when you realize you forgot to pack cloth diapers).  Almost overnight, almost exactly coinciding with Sterling’s first birthday, he began to pee a lot.  As I was about to put him on my back in the Beco I noticed he was leaking out the Rumparooz he was wearing.

Certainly unusual for a Rumparooz.  But, every diaper has it’s limits and Sterling is pushing all of them lately.

Thankfully, I had a Bum Genius Organic AIO in my purse and just in case a Flip cover + disposable insert.  I put on the Bum Genius and strapped Sterling to my back.

But the title of this post is Flip disposable inserts.  So how did they play into my day?

Since we’re all women here I know you’ll relate…and hopefully feel sorry for me :D

While taking my daughters to the restroom I decided to go as well.  It’s then that I realized how not funny it is to have wacky post-partum cycles.  Poor Paisley (3yo) just didn’t know what to think.

Thankfully, (Thank you, God, for whispering in my ear to pack a disposable insert!!) I was “prepared” lol.

The Flip disposable inserts can, in a pinch, be used for feminine napkins. Not preferable but fully functional.  Am I so very grateful to Cottonbabies for creating disposable inserts? Yes!

That’s my funny story of the day. Now I’m off to frost the cupcakes with the most amazing, fluffy, creamy, YUMMY vanilla buttercream frosting. If ya want one be here at 11:30 tomorrow morning ;)


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13 Responses to “How Flip Disposable Inserts Saved My Day”

  1. Mummatutu Says:

    wow, are the flip insert really that narrow? I can’t seem to find a picture of them anywhere… must me some best kept trade secret…


  2. Jessica Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll keep that in mind, especially when putting my summer essentials bag in the car.

    I have 2 other great uses for them, too. We live in an area where public restrooms are not always available or sanitary. So when potty training i always carry a small potty in the back of my vehicle for emergencies. I put a Flip disposable in the bottom of the potty to soak up the pee and toss it in the wetbag until we have access to a trash can. Works great and eliminates pee spills in my vehicle that i’d dealt with in the past.

    The second use is if you run out of training pants while out and about you can tuck one in a pair of underpants to catch the dribbles. And it’s much easier and cheaper to stash a couple Flip disposables and 1 pair of underpants than it is to stash extra cloth trainers.


  3. Elizabeth Says:

    I just got my first flip diaper in the mail today, along with a FREE bumgenius AIO. I used the coupon in Pregnancy magazine, which my dr’s office had a million of. The coupon is for a free bumgenius AIO (I chose my color and size) when you spend $10 on any bumgenius, flip, or econobum product. How AWESOME is that?!?! You could use at a local retailer, but since no one sells these locally, I called into the customer service number on the bumgenius website to purchase. They happily honored the coupon and only asked that I send it into them with my order number. No shipping, no sales tax. I hope someone else sees this and jumps on the deal too! I saw someone selling the coupon on e-bay which I thought was kind of lame….but if you can’t find one anywhere else it would still be cheaper than buying the AIO diaper. Deal good until 5/31 I think, but don’t quote me on that.


  4. Audrey Says:

    LOL, thanks for sharing! I’m terrible about cleaning out my purses and usually have extra “supplies” tucked in a hidden pocket I forgot to check… except, of course, when I actually *need* them. Inevitably I will have done a “spring cleaning” of my purse the day before!


  5. BoysMommy Says:

    HUGE HUGS! Glad you listened to your gut ;)


  6. Sarah Says:

    Hmm… I guess that would work in a pinch. Im glad I have my diva cup though, cause I really dislike pads.


  7. Nicole Says:

    Autumn, I recently got a couple of packs of the flips disposable inserts for free…I have been planning on using them as postpardum pads for the first couple of days since they were #1 Free and #2 are just a little too skinny for the flip on the large setting and #3 I will be home and if they bunch and get uncomfortable I can just change into my mamacloth. I also have a recipe for cooling pads from Mothering Mag. this month that I am going to freeze ahead!

    Funny (well, not really – I feel for you!) that you had this experience first! Glad everything worked out ok…like you needed anything else to worry about! Happy Birthdays, I can’t believe Sterling is 1 already! Wow, time flies!


  8. Stacy Says:

    I just got a pack of the disposable insert. I’ll have to make sure to leave some in the car! ;)


  9. Anastasia Says:

    lol, poor mommy! I had a similar disastrous day, while waiting at the WIC office no less. Just all of a sudden because I’m not making much the last couple of months of pregnancy, my daughter has FINALLY discovered a world of drinking outside my shirt & BOY is she happy with it, lol! But of COURSE it translates into some days she doesn’t go through as many diapers & others (& usually we’re out when this happens, ugh) she goes through the daily amount in only a couple hours! So yeah great thing about cloth diapering. I can make a new one, anytime anywhere so long as I can find a kitchen towel, lol!

    DID once had AF decide to return while I was bringing my 1st child (at 11 months) to the E.R.! What a choice, take care of him or me? Am so glad those days are getting fewer & fewer now that I use something that I can bring with me anywhere I go! & it SURE beats using a child’s disposable dipe (my gosh outside of newborn size it wouldn’t really be possible would it, lol) Am so glad for you the guys (& gals) at BG have made something I wouldn’t mind carrying around with me, lol!


  10. cutiepoops Says:

    You should look into getting a menstrual cup. I love mine! You can keep it in your purse at all times so you will never be caught off guard again. I have the Lunette cup and it’s awesome. If you’ve never heard of a menstrual cup you should check them out.. they might seem gross at first, but so did cloth diapers.


  11. Trenna Says:

    My aunt had to do that once with a disposable diaper – another instance where having the setup for something else is much better!!


  12. Becky Says:

    All I can say is I feel for you :) and LOL!! Gald you was prepared!!!
    hmmmm……maybe I should start keeping a few extra in my diaper bag for just in case (still waiting on AF to return from my pregancy…..and you know better then I do how she ALWAYS comes at the WORSE time!!) cuz you just never know!!!



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