How to Give Your Cloth Diapers Some Bling

August 22, 2008


There’s no denying the immediate love a mama feels when she opens a brand new bamboo velour diaper. So squishy. So yummy. So perfect. But, after a while a stash of vanilla can lose it’s charm.

Thankfully, there are some amazingly creative and talented WAHMs working hard to spice up wool, diapers, and clothing at very affordable prices.

Nissi, a sweet friend of mine, is the WAHM behind Sapo Verde. Nissi offers many choices ranging from patches you can apply yourself to detailed applique work that she will customize and apply to your items.

Here is a picture of my Luxe soaker:

And here is the soaker with an adorable Sapo Verde patch (not attached at time of photo):

Nissi also customized a Goodmama and a Sugarpeas wool cover for me:

For more examples of Sapo Verde work check out her gallery.

These small embellishments make my wool and diapers unique and fun to use. If you have an idea you’d like to see on a t-shirt or cloth diapering item don’t hesitate to contact Nissi through her Hyena cart. She is the kindest WAHM to work with and her work is stunning.

Another way to put some bling in your stash is to dye…hopefully you caught the spelling! Dyeing has quickly become a fun hobby with many cloth diapering moms, but a few have earned the title of “Queen Dyer”. I have included links to these WAHM galleries so that you can see their past work and be in awe of their talent. (I don’t even like tye-dye and I’m drooling)

Big Bad Voodoo Mama Hyena Cart and Gallery

Color.Me.Crazy Hyena Cart and Gallery

Sweetiebums Gallery (the Queen)

Don’t be afraid to try something creative on your own. If you mess up the dye job no one has to know! Appliques can be made from scrap interlock wool, fleece, knit…whatever you desire. The key is to have fun and remember they’re just diapers!


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