How to Make a Pocket Cloth Diaper

Pocket diapers are a fantastic style to have in your stash. The pocket allows you to control the absorbency by the amount of “stuffing” you add. For a super trim, absorbent option a microfiber towel or Cotton babies Microfiber doubler can be added. If you are preparing the diaper for nighttime, add a prefold with the doubler of your choice. You can customize the diaper to your preference.

Most pockets that you buy online are waterproof and do not require a cover. However, a fitted diaper can be made as a pocket and it will require a cover. The following video link shows how to sew a pocket diaper using non-waterproof material, a pocket fitted. Be creative with the materials you choose. Malden Mills fleece can be purchased online and although not waterproof does not require a cover. The fleece is very thick and works similar to wool. It will feel damp if the diaper becomes saturated but will not soak through. The video is easy to follow with breaks of factual information.

How To Sew A Cloth Diaper (pocket)

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  1. Jenn Ruse Says:

    This is great!! I made my very first diaper today, out of an old fleece blanket that my second baby didn’t use! Super cute!


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