How To Pin A Cloth Diaper

As with anything in life a little practice makes perfect. Pins are no different. I personally have put in zero practice therefore I have a great fear of pins.

Thoughts of stabbing my baby give me nightmares. But, having said that I know there are thousands of moms pinning diapers successfully every hour.

This video tutorial was made by the WAHM behind Peanutbutter & Ellie (PB&E). She makes luxuriously soft bamboo velour flats dyed in a delicate rainbow of colors. Her items are hard to get but good news is there are a lot of WAHMs now making flats and prefolds out of bamboo!

Here are a couple of places you can buy them:

PB&E, TicketyBu, Googie Baby, Kindhearted Woman

Diaperswappers mamas: MNmomma, Bukawww, the7dunlaps, and kimbellishments.

Pins are the best way to fasten bamboo or embellished prefolds and flats. A snappi can be used for cotton, sherpa or hemp prefolds/flats. Flat Diapers…No Pins Required describes the ease of using flat diapers and a snappi.


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