How to Sew a Cloth Diaper Cover

January 26, 2009

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Elizabeth of Spindle to Sashes briefly shows us how to sew a cloth diaper cover in this tutorial.  Although not highly detailed it provides us with a starting point. offers more than a dozen instantly downloadable patterns from nursing covers to cloth diapers and covers to crib sheets.

But, if you don’t need the patterns right away I highly recommend checking out her patterns on CD.  For $15 the Diaper Madness Patterns includes:

1. Fitted, AIO Cloth Diaper Patterns for sizes 0-6
2. Toddler doll diaper
3. Diaper Covers (video available for online viewing!)
4. Boutique Diaper Bag
5. Contoured Changing Pad
6. Flat Changing Pad

How cool is that?!

The Sew Crazy Patterns CD includes all the patterns for just$40.

**Note: I will be moving this weekend and will not have internet access from Friday 1/30 to Wednesday 2/4.  I will still provide you with posts from my gracious guest writer, Stacy.  Please keep up the comments and make Stacy feel welcome!  I will have the iphone to approve all comments. **

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6 Responses to “How to Sew a Cloth Diaper Cover”

  1. Autumn Beck Says:

    A cover like this needs to be made from PUL or a knit/woven backed in PUL. Check out for materials.


  2. Sara Jackson Says:

    What kind of material did you use for this diaper cover? Where would you find it. Thank you


  3. Karen Says:

    I’m confused about this too. I tried disposables a few years back with DD #1 but want to go with cloth for #2. How can a diaper cover or empty pocket dipe serve as a swim diaper? Where does the moisture go if baby pees (or worse yet, poops) while in the water?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      The only purpose of a swim diaper is to hold in the solid. A disposable swim diaper doesn’t hold pee in. The pee goes in the water and the poop is contained just like in a disposable.


  4. Britt Says:

    I apologize in advance for being off topic … but what exactly is the difference between a Swim diaper and a diaper cover? I was planning on using either a diaper cover or a pocket diaper but my local pool has a rule requiring “approved swim diapers only” which I fear might only include the disposable kind. I know I could buy re-usable ones but I don’t understand how they differ from covers and would rather not spend the extra $ unnecessarily.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’m curious as to what is on their “approved” list. Crazy if they say you can only use a disposable. I have never used a diaper cover as a swim dipe but instead use an empty pocket diaper. I know at Target they carry fairly inexpensive re-usable swim dipes.


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