How To Stuff A Pocket Cloth Diaper

Pocket cloth diapers are a highly versatile system.  A pocket cloth diaper contains a pocket whereby you “stuff” the amount of desired absorbency into the opening.  You may choose to use 1 insert creating a very trim cloth diaper option.  By adding 2 inserts you are adding a bit more bulk (still fairly trim) and more absorbency.

For nighttime use, a pocket cloth diaper can be stuffed with as many inserts as you can fit.  In the following video you will see how I prepare a nighttime diaper.

For this display, I am using a Rumparooz pocket cloth diaper and a Charlie Banana pocket, both one-sized.

The Rumparooz is prepared for nighttime use by adding the 6r microfiber soaker with 2 Hemp Babies doublers (Thirsties Hemp Inserts are another wise option).

For daytime use, I show you how to stuff a Charlie Banana with 2 microfiber inserts.

Not shown in the vide0 but a part of my daytime stash are Fuzzi Bunz Perfect size pocket diapers.  I stuff them with 1 microfiber insert.  This gives you a very trim diaper (similar to a disposable diaper) and still provides absorbency for 2 hours (approx).

Depending on the pocket cloth diaper, you may or may not have trouble stuffing the pocket.  Some openings are more narrow than others or the PUL is sticky creating a friction as you stick your hand in.

The Fuzzi Bunz Perfect size has a very generous pocket opening, whereas the Fuzzi Bunz one-size is a tighter squeeze.

Don’t be alarmed by the “fluffy butt” syndrome.  For nighttime purposes your child’s development isn’t going to be affected.

Younger infants usually don’t need more than 2 microfiber inserts or 1 microfiber + 1 hemp.  As the child grows you will recognize the need for more absorbency by the presence of leaking.

Pocket cloth diapers are an excellent choice for your baby’s diaper needs.  You will find brands ranging from $10 up to $30.  Most of the time, they all perform the same.

The price difference is affected by country of manufacture, quality of materials and employee provisions.

It is important to do the research and consider reviews from other parents.

Under the My Recommendations tab you will find the pocket diapers that I have found to be the best all-around. Included in this list are: (category listed in)

  • Kawaii Diapers (budget)
  • Thirsties Duo Diaper (trimness)
  • Rumparooz (nighttime, pockets)
  • Fuzzi Bunz (pockets)
  • Bum Genius 4.0 (pockets)

Depending on your baby’s body type or sensitivities, some of these diapers will be a better fit.  Kawaii diapers tend to leave red marks on the thighs.  Rumparooz have a very short rise/low rise fit.  Bum Genius and Cutiepoops have a suedecloth inner, the others are microfleece (Rumparooz is microchamois).

I always recommend trying out one before you buy a whole stash.  It may look like the perfect diaper on screen but may be a disaster for your child.

I have been using pocket cloth diapers since the beginning of my journey in 2005.  I started out in Happy Heiny’s and have tried dozens over the years.  Each child has needed something a little different than the last but we always find what works best with a lot of patience and experimenting!

There are many, many families, however, that successfully use the same cloth diapers for multiple children ;)

If you are new to cloth diapers, I encourage you read through 5 Simple Steps to Begin Cloth Diapering and get started today!

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16 Responses to “How To Stuff A Pocket Cloth Diaper”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Why must the hemp inserts go under the micro-fiber inserts? I think I usually do this, but you said it “should” got this way, so I’m curious why.

    I stuff my diapers the same! For day time, when I change Peanut every 2 hours, unless I hear a poop, I will stuff diapers with a single flat folded down. Its very trim, which he seems to like moving in the best. His bum is SO big at night, though, but the only down side is fitting in the pjs that I’ve seen so far.

    Thanks for all the info!


    • Caitlin Says:

      Hemp absorbs slower then microfiber, so you want the microfiber to absorb the liquid quickly and then the excess can be absorbed slowly into the hemp…if you put hemp on top you may experience leaks due to the slow absorbency.


  2. Tiffany Says:

    Does anyone have any fit issues with the OS Fuzzibunz at the waist? My DD is only 4 months old, and I have the waist let out as much as possible. I’m actually going to put a leg elastic in at the waist so it can be a little bit bigger. And I don’t have a big baby. She’s in the 60% for her weight and length. Just making sure I’m not doing something wrong.


  3. Martine Says:

    I have been subscribing to your blog for a few months now in preparation for my first born and my introduction to cding. Although all of your postings have been the helpful, this has been the most exciting, because I feel I’ve found some relief in watching it be done! Thanks!


  4. Mrs. Joseph Wood Says:

    hello, I was hoping you could help me. I tried to find a way to send you a message privately but couldn’t. I purchased a set of 12 Envibum diapers after reading your great review and checking out their website. I was very excited to try this diaper for my son. I purchased in August (the 23rd) and still don’t have any diapers and no one will return my emails. Do you have a way to contact them where I might actually get a hold of someone? I apprecaite any help you can offer.


  5. Kerrie Says:

    Fuzzibunz! Love/hate…. several yrs ago I started CDing child #1 with these and they were so easy to use and care for . They only came in pointy tips then. when square tabs came out I went for it in M and Ls for my 2nd child…well, I came to hate the fit and performance. when I held up the old and new versions I saw a whole size difference it seemed. I stayed away and used other brands including HH, some WAHM diapers, and BGenious and they were good (I did have to replace elastic and velcro after some time with BG). I thought FB new style just weren’t for child #2, so when child #3 came and she used her handed down FB small pointy tabs, I was happy again. Then I started the FB new version (square tabs) and same thing! They poof in the front and have unnecessary fabric, and then leaking from poor fit. So I all but wrote them out of the story, but then I got my hands on a FB One Size and by golly I like the fit a lot! no foofing and no leaks. They do need to change the exposed button thing though. All this to say that I ve been on a rollercoaster ride with FB. Does anybody have these or other problems? Sometimes oneFB microfiber is not enough, but I have a hard time finding the right combo of microfiber and hemp to actually fit inside the OS FB (less stuffing space than perfect size) I’ve ruled out loopy-do. don’t like. possibly FB contoured hemp insert?
    And last but not least, thank you to Autumn for this site and sharing. you do wonderful things and I often come away inspired, touched from reading this blog!


    • Jamie O'Hare Says:

      FB one-size elite did actually get rid of the exposed button, but I’ve got a full stash of the FBOS for child #4 and won’t be buying more soon. I have had good luck with tucking the buttons into the elastic hole, and they usually stay that way for a while.


  6. Victoria Smith Says:


    I cannot thank you enough for all that you do for so many of us! The hands-on video is so very appreciated – if anything, to see what I am doing right (and not knowing it! ha ha) or wrong (and hoping for both answers, and sanity!)

    Thank you for being such a blessing and taking time out of your day for all of us!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Thank you for your kind words!


      • Victoria Smith Says:


        Despite being somewhat newer to cd’ing, we too have a full house (6 children), and homeschool (for many reasons, but most importantly for moral and religious/Christian beliefs and values). And I have thoroughly enjoyed your sharing a glimpse of your world not only WITH the world, but especially as it is so similar to OUR world!!! (if any of that makes sense…!?!)

        If only we were neighbors…! :0)


  7. Kimberly Meyer Says:

    Thanks for the Rumparooz demo. I have been adding a FLIP stay dry insert and only one Hemp Babies. Tonight I’ll try it your way and hope it works. My way is SUPER bulky, which I hate, but it does keep my 6 mo old dry. Love your blog, Autumn!!


  8. Kara Says:

    What’s fluffy butt syndrome and how does it supposedly affect development? Just curious…


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Some parents worry about the diaper being too big and preventing the child from sitting/crawling/walking.


      • Kelsea Says:

        My daughter does everything early, except for sitting up. But when we switched to cloth diapers lo and behold she finally started sitting up. This was at 6.5 months. We think it helped her balance. And as the mother of a five and a half month old crawler (plus pulling to standing and waking along furniture) it has not limited her movement at all. Thought I should add that.


  9. Emily D Says:

    I quite like my fb perfect size, though in the past few weeks dd (4mos) has thinned out in the thighs, so if I get a good fit around the legs it seems a little tight across the hips. No leaking still though! I usually save my Rumparooz for night, with two 6rs infant soakers. Although I love wool, I find pockets to be great for travelling.


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