Hybrid Fitted Review Series: Little Boppers

Last month I introduced myself to the world of hybrid fitteds in a post called What Is A Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper?

After writing that post I had a strong desire to try out several different brands and see how they differed in fit, absorbency and quality.

Over the next several weeks I will bring you reviews written either by myself or other moms.

To kick off the series I start with Little Boppers Hybrid Fitteds.

I have used Little Boppers in the past for the newborn stage but had never had the opportunity to use a sized fitted or AI2.

Anne generously sent me a M/L Hybrid Fitted for Camden and an adorable newborn Hybrid for the wee one coming in January.

Fit: There is a distinct advantage to a sized diaper–a trim, form fitting, perfect fit.  No extra bulk and no extra snaps. Obviously, the downside is that your child will most likely not be able to wear it from birth to potty training.

The Little Boppers Hybrid Fitted fits Camden like a glove.  The picture above doesn’t show this well but it was just too cute not to use.

Little Boppers Hybrid Fitteds are serged around the edges and while I expected to not like the serging I was pleasantly surprised by the gentleness of it.  I’m a huge fan of the stretchy Lastin elastic used and it’s stretchy powers were immediately noticed by this novice eye!

Camden has a shorter rise so it wasn’t necessary for me to stretch out the rise to the full 18″.  It is interesting to note that the M/L is only 1″ shorter in the rise than the one-sized version.  This makes the M/L a great investment for a mom whose children tend to stay in the medium range most of their diaper life.

While I don’t have the one-sized version, I discovered on the Little Boppers’ site that a “belly buffer” comes with each diaper.  This is fantastic for those who love fold down rise (FDR) snaps but hate the marks they can leave.

When your baby needs the FDR you simply remove the snap in shield.

Quality: It is clear to any eye that Anne is an experienced cloth diaper maker.  When you’ve been in the business for years you’ve ironed out the design kinks and the sewing is second nature.

The snaps are firmly secured in the fabric but one should always use caution when unsnapping a fitted diaper.  Snaps can pull through the fabric causing tears or even holes.

The tearing potential has more to do with the thickness of fabric than the ability of the manufacturer.  That being said, comparing Little Boppers to other Hybrid Fitteds I have there is a more secure snap placement in my humble opinion.

Inner Design: Little Boppers Hybrid Fitteds have a snap in two-petal soaker for quick drying and super absorbency.  The soakers are bamboo fleece and cotton sherpa topped with matching cotton velour.

Absorbency: This is the linchpin, right?  If this is the only hybrid fitted I ever tried I’d be very happy with performance.  Having had nothing to compare it to the Little Boppers Hybrid Fitted was the first in this system I tried.  I left it on for as long as it took for me to feel wetness on the outside.

Each time Camden has worn this diaper he has gone 4 hours before a faint wetness can be felt.

Today he napped in it after having worn it already for 2.5 hours.  When he woke up (it was dry on the outside when he laid down) it was soaked.  Again, 4- 4.5 hours.

We go coverless with Hybrid Fitteds because they are so cute and well, that is the advantage of a hidden layer of polyfleece.

Cost: A sized Little Boppers Hybrid Fitted ranges from $20 (newborn) to $26 (large), a one-sized is around $31.  Bonus: Free US shipping! How’s that for shopping temptation.

Closing Comments: The stretchy, trim fit of a Little Boppers Hybrid Fitted combined with excellent absorbency makes this an A+ diaper.  I only have one LB but am wishing I had more!

In the coming weeks some brands you will see reviewed are Little Fancy Pants, Bagshot Row Bamboo, 4Ward Thinking and many more!


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6 Responses to “Hybrid Fitted Review Series: Little Boppers”

  1. Julie Says:

    I just purchased two NB hybrid fitteds from Narabums. I can’t wait for my DD to get here to try it out on her!

    Thanks for the review!


  2. anna w. Says:

    Hey autumn. Since you are on the topic of fitted diapers have you ever heard of short rounds from a Wahm named jen? They are awesome!! Such good quality and really are so great. They are side snap. Check out her Facebook so you can see how amazing they are. I know you like to try new diapers and review them so I just thought I would share a great fitted to try out.


  3. Anna Says:

    Nice review, but I really would have liked to see more pictures. I couldn’t even see what the diaper looked like, or how it looked on your son. I hope you’ll take this feedback into consideration for the other reviews. I love my Little Fancy Pants.


  4. Grace T Says:

    Thank you for reviewing hybrids! Since your last post Ive been looking at a bunch and trying to figure out which ones to try! I was a little confused about the sizing- if I should go with a sized or one of the OS ones. (and if the serging would bother baby’s skin) Can’t wait to read more!


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