I wanted to LOVE my GroVia’s, I really did… a review one year later.


When Sophia was just a month old, I read some sad news on Facebook. The little baby boutique where I had seen my first cloth diapers and fallen in love was closing. Like many small businesses in today’s hard economy, the mom who ran the shop just couldn’t do it any more. She brought her two small children to work with her and had nursed her newborn while showing me around the store for the first time. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to that mom and her baby boutique.

She was running a going out of business sale. As many of you know, cloth diapers aren’t really ever on sale. Maybe 10% off …but not 50%!  She had a full rack of GroVia cloth diapers. These are all in two diapers with reusable shells. She had Hook and Loop, Snaps, Organic Soakers and Boosters. I bought every… single… one.

I was still using newborn diapers that I had rented (so I could try cloth out and see what brands I liked.) Most one-sized diapers are too big for newborns anyway. So I stashed these away for when Sophia was a little bigger.


I think I started using them with the rise snapped down when Sophia was about 4-5 months old. When we started using the GroVia’s my first impression was that they seemed to be well made.

The snap-in soaker pads are waterproofed on the back. That was a big help keeping the shell dry so it could be used again. The snaps were strong, both on the closure of the shell and where the soaker snapped in. The Velcro wasn’t scratchy and actually did a pretty decent job at keeping the diaper closed. The laundry tabs worked pretty good, (which is great because that was before I discovered the loop tape trick!) There is actually a tab to tuck the laundry tab under, but I never bothered.

I liked the leg gussets on the soakers. They did a great job at keeping messes contained. Finally, the absorbency of just a soaker was never enough for us, even when Sophia was small. So we always used the boosters. With the added booster the absorbency was great while still not being too bulky. I wouldn’t say these are absorbent enough to be used overnight though.

I have since acquired a handful of the Stay-Dry Soakers and Boosters and I actually found that I liked them better than the organic ones. First, the Organic Soakers and Boosters were stained ALL THE TIME. Even the sun had a hard time getting the stains out of those suckers! Second, the organic ones took FOREVER to dry. I would even turn them inside out to help speed the process but I would literally take them out of the dryer after the cycle and then leave them on the shelf above the dryer because they were still damp. The Stay-dry’s were always dry at the end of one cycle. Anything that makes life easier is a good thing.

Fast forward to one year later…. We still use the GroVia’s. I wanted to love them, I really did. But I have to say that it is only like for now. It’s because I think they are just not wearing that well. I have a total of 6 shells, 2 are snaps and 4 are hook and loop. I am adding this after the original post, but I have a very large rotation of diapers. These shells were only washed maybe once a week, and a few less than that (some colors like the green just weren’t my favorite!) The leg elastic is shot on both of the snap closures. My favorite shell, the Hook and Loop solid purple had a strip of the hook part rip off.


elasticLastly, the fabric where the hook attaches to the diaper is very pilly looking. As is much of the fabric on the solid color shells. (Let’s face it, I know these things get pooped in, but I want them to look good while they are doing it.)

I followed the directions. The shells were never put in the dryer, not even once. These seem to be an ok diaper. All the insides of the diaper are still in very good shape. I sadly can’t say the same about the shells. I guess I just wish they hadn’t suffered so much after only a year of use. I still LIKE my GroVia’s, I just don’t LOVE them.


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20 Responses to “I wanted to LOVE my GroVia’s, I really did… a review one year later.”

  1. Lauren Says:

    We have a 13 month old and started using GrowVia’s when she grew out of newborn diapers around 3 or 4 months. They’re the only diapers that get sent to grandparent’s house because anything elese is confusing and they know how to use these. While she was still exclusively breastfed every time she pooped the cover would get poopy, so the covers got a lot of wash time from 3-~7 months. I must be lucky because even though I told him to hang dry the covers, my fiance always puts them in the dryer (I’m just thankful that he’s doing the laundry so I don’t complain) and I haven’t come across one cover that has bad elastic! The hook & loop closure is pilling a bit, but I hadn’t given it much thought. I don’t know about love, but they’re totally working for us!


  2. Mandi Says:

    What kind of detergent was used with them and what kind of water do you have?


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Hi Mandi, I used mostly Country Save or Rockin Green while using these. I have a top loader and hard water. I am now a tide user. Unfortunately, My Grovia’s are the only brand so far that I have shot leg elastic in.


  3. Sheena Says:

    I love the concept of the Grovia system, but I had the same problem with the pilling on the waistband. I was not happy at all. And it really affects the “resell” facter.


  4. Cara Says:

    I am so glad to read this post! I LOVED my grovia until at 14 months just out of warranty the elastic went bad on the shells like you said, and on the snap in the fabric covering the elastic cane apart ????. I followed all the wash directions and had the right size stash and my son was out of them by 18 months. I was hoping to use them for my next baby but I bought all new ones this time.


  5. Autumn Beck Says:

    Personally, Grovia never worked for us because the elastic left red marks but I always WANT to LOVE them! They just look so cute! However, I have a friend that uses them and loves them. Another example of how one diaper works different with each child. Also, a lot of how diapers wear over time depends on how one puts the diaper on. I’m pretty rough at pulling and tightening so, for example, my bg elementals all had shot elastic when I used them on Sterling (3+ years ago).


  6. Eva Lepe Says:

    I found out thy the new shells has bad elastic, the elastic of the old shells it’s better, I sent a shell to warranty last year


  7. Karissa Says:

    I really quite liked my Grovia in terms of use and function. I had some of them and also some when they called Grobaby instead. I did find that the elastics just didn’t last compared to other diapers though which is sad.


  8. Kamille Says:

    I really like the GroVia AIOs (my favorite diaper so far, actually) but I haven’t enjoyed using the AI2s, even though I really wanted to love them – they are a great concept! I hope the elastic on my AIOs stays intact.


  9. Melissa c. Says:

    The Velcro wear is normal, which is why I stick to snaps. But the shot elastic is crazy! Our shells have been in use for 2yrs, washed on warm with laundry unless poopy, and are still perfect. Did you wash shells on hot???


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Thanks for commenting Melissa! Thhese have never been washed in water higher than 120 degrees. Also, they were NEVER in the dryer. I use Ragababe and the velco on those, some of which have been used by 3 little ones, is still intact and strong.

      I hope that most people didn’t have these kinds of problems with their GroVia’s. Mine were all purchased at the same time and washed like all my other diapers. These are the only 2 that have leg elastic completely shot after a year of light use.


  10. Carmen Says:

    That’s crazy that the elastic has gone that bad on you! We’ve been using our’s for 16 months and they are still as good as new. GroVia’s are our favorite right now for that reason! I air dry mine inside out for about a day or a day and a half and then “fluff” them in the dryer for about 30 min but that is only after having a while to build up a stash large enough to be able to have enough while everything air dries!


  11. Rachel N Says:

    The nature of organic cotton ( or any natural fiber) is that it stains easily. It’s important to remember what you are looking for when you are buying diapers. If you want natural fibers touching your baby then you will have to deal with stains. Polyester ( fleece) does not stain as easily. Also, the more absorbent the diaper the longer it takes to dry. Although I do agree that the grovia soakers take a very long time. The shells I found to need to be washed on warm only, never hot. I think their care instructions do say that. I wash them with my regular laundry and the soakers on hot with my diapers. And the reality is that any Velcro diaper will not last as long as snaps. They get pilly and the Velcro wears out, doesn’t matter what brand. Grovia are not my favorite either, I use them and like them but not my favorite. I don’t think it’s fair to expect a natural fiber Velcro diaper to be the same as a snap fleece diaper though. You need to know what you want and what is important to you when you buy diapers.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Well put Rachel! I agree that its good to know what you are looking for before purchasing. I wasn’t trying to be fair to one diaper or the other. This is just my experience and my own opinion about this particular diaper.


  12. Samantha Yoder Says:

    Thank you so much for this post! It is so easy to find reviews of just about any kind of diaper but I am always interested in how well they hold up and if it will be a diaper I’ll be able to use on multiple children. I use mainly prefolds because I am confident that those will last us, but we still have several pockts/AIOs for other caregivers to use when I am at work etc.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading it Samantha! I also have swaddlebees/blueberry pockets and a few WAHM diapers that I want to review like this.


  13. Julie Says:

    How many diapers do you have in your rotation and how often were these being used or washed over the course of the year you had them?


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Great question Julie! I have a VERY large rotation. I have 30+ diapers I use on a regular basis. I would say these shells were washed maybe once a week for a year. Some were used even less than that, like the orange and green shells, just because they aren’t my favorite colors. I could understand if these were my only shells and they were washed every two days, but sadly that was not the case.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Julie, you made a good point about usage. I added that to my post. Obviously if someone only has a few shells and uses them a lot, it will shorten the amount of life a cloth diaper has. Thanks for pointing that out! :)



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