I was forced to buy Huggies!

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I don’t know what’s happened to me.  All I can do is blame it on pregnancy.

It’s funny how I titled this post with the word “forced”. As if I was not the one to blame hehehe.  Last week we went camping.  I knew we’d be going camping for weeks, yet did I pack early?  No.  I waited until Monday morning.

This always results in something being short-changed (usually underwear) or completely forgotten (usually my husband’s socks, razor, belt or anything else he might need).  This time I did pretty well.

Sure I forgot to bring enough snacks but we survived.  I even brought the Flip disposable liners with 4 covers.  The problem was I only brought one package.  There are only 18 in a package.  We were staying 4 nights.  That’s 8 inserts gone right there.  That leaves 10…for 4 1/2 days.  Somehow I forgot to do the math.

Thankfully, we spent most of Wednesday and Thursday at the river so Sterling just wore a cover.  But, as Thursday afternoon approached and I realized I only had 2 inserts  left I knew I’d have to do something.  The nearest store was podunk and I knew there’d be no “healthy disposable diapers” to choose from like my HEB offers.

*sigh* I stood there staring at Huggies, Luvs, Pampers and some really weird cheapies.  I had no clue what to buy.  I didn’t want them to smell, I had no clue what size to buy and why don’t they sell them in singles???

After choosing Huggies and paying a crazy $10.99 for a pack I felt the need to hide my face.  But, who was going to care in a town where probably no one in 30 years has used a cloth diaper?  I cared.

I know it’s not the end of the world.  Still.  I write a cloth diaper blog.  Anyways, I put one on Sterling around dinner.  He did NOT like it :(  Then, for nighttime I put the remaining 2 Flip inserts on.

When he woke up the next morning I put on another Huggies.  Before we came home I put on the one cloth diaper I had in the car (oh, how lovely it was to put on my favorite Bum Genius Organic AIO) and said goodbye to sposies.

I meant to take my left-overs to my church but forgot.  I’ll do that next week.

I should have planned better.  I should place cloth diapers in my car for emergencies like this…I certainly have plenty to do this!

On a different note, my next blog post in progress is in regards to ammonia burns.  If you have found a slam-dunk solution to combating ammonia please let me know.  I will compile solutions for others struggling with this frustrating problem.

Here’s a picture of us just before we left South Llano River State Park.  Don’t I look tired?! I’m still tired.

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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73 Responses to “I was forced to buy Huggies!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Has anyone had ammonia problems with BG 3.0? My set is brand new…only used them for like 3 rotations and my 2 month old woke up with a horrible burn last night! I am horrified. I have 18 of these and a few organic random brands…what should I do?


  2. Gloria Says:

    Hi there – after reading this entry and thinking about how we use our disposables on vacation, I was interested in finding out more about what you do with the Flip diapers. I understand that the linings are disposable, but what do you do the clean the covers, especially if you are camping or at a place with limited washing facilities? How many Flips do you take with you?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      If they get dirty I wash them off with the hose and hang them to dry. I take about 4 covers just in case.


  3. Erica Says:

    Dont feel bad, I personally have an extra stash of Nature Babycare in the car. Cuz we never know if we might have to spend the night at a friends /familys house since we frequently drive 1-2 hours away from home! Id rather use that over huggies or especially pampers.


  4. Sommer Says:

    You should consider using cloth wipes, you may like them. I made mine myself out of some of my husband’s old very soft t-shirts, they are thin and feel similar to disposable wipes. I previously bought some pre-made and didn’t like them nearly as well. I use only water to clean his bum when he’s wet, if he’s dirty I use water along with the Baby Wipe Companion spray from Homestead. I do carry disposable wipes in the diaper bag for use out and about, biodegradeable if possible but they are hard to come by in most stores.


  5. Sommer Says:

    We’ve had some problems with stink here and there, but never had ammonia burns. During the day my 10 month old son wears gdiapers with bamboo cloth inserts that I made and topped with minkee cloth liners that I also made. We also have 2 Jamtots berryplush covers and 5 hemp inserts to use in rotation (love these but they’re expensive). At night we use fitted organic cotton or bamboo diapers, fleece liners that I made and NO pull at night, just a wool cover over the top of the fitted. While we do have a bit of a problem with stink, he has not had an ammonia rash yet, and our overnight solution is one I came up with through trial and error after a leaky diaper EVERY night for the first few months (both using cloth and disposable)–no leaks at all now. For washing I do a cold rinse, hot wash with soak and extra cold rinse using Ecos free and clear detergent. Autumn, I’m interested to read how the RLR treatment works on your diapers, I’d like to use it on ours to combat the stink.


  6. Jennifer Says:

    Fantastic post… It makes you human! We all hang our heads in shame as we admit we have used a sposie at one time or another. I had to use some 7th Generation sposies recently due to a horrible teething rash that we need some heavy duty cream for. I am such a cloth mama that I diligently scraped poop off them before throwing them away. And I didn’t trust them, so I ended up using my Flip or Thirsties covers over them as added protection. Overkill I know, but gave me a sense of security. I was so happy when I got to go back to cloth!


  7. Emilee Says:

    the only thing that i’ve ever found to always work and never leave ammonia stink or any stinks is regular powder tide in our LG he washing machine. i have tried soap nuts, rockin green, clean b, etc etc etc… and then found tide. i just wash with extra rinses (til no more bubbles) and we never have probs and we’re 2.5 years going strong.


  8. Karen L. Says:

    Don’t worry, Autumn. It happens to all of us for one reason or another. We spent a week at my grandma’s in the Caribbean last year and I was very apprehensive about using cloth given the hard water conditions there. I checked ahead and was told I could probably find Calgon water softener there, but it turns out no one had it. We started off fine but after the first wash day, we had repelling issues which really posed a probably for my heavy wetter at night. We ended up having to change everything in the middle of the night. I was really tempted to buys sposies by DD really hates them, and I wasn’t sure I could find Huggies Overnites there. I couldn’t wait to get home and strip the stash. By the way, love the photo — beautiful family!


  9. Brenda H Says:

    Don’t feel bad about the huggies. As a mom of 4, sometimes things get forgotten when you are expected to remember everything esle. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that suffers from “mommy mush brain syndrom.” (and it is worse when you are pregnant.)
    On a side note – I am using some huggies on my 3yr old. (we, too, live in podunk ville – with few choices) He is not interested in being potty trained yet, (nor does he want his diaper changed) and I am SO furstrated with the amonia smell from his diapers. No matter what I do, it seems the smell is still there! (hemp and mf inserts) But it is his diapers, and not my 3 month old diapers. Please share what you learn on your blog!! THANKS!


  10. Kristin Says:

    I spray down diapers or just the inserts for pockets with a diaper sprayer and spray some bac out on them before putting them in the pail if I am getting ammonia smell/burn. I bought disposables when we had 1 days notice that we were going to be traveling over 1,500 miles in 2 days to attend a funeral. All I could think was I could have bought 2 new diapers with what I spent on disposables but we really had no other option. We keep a few one size diapers in the car and disposable wipes just in case. I have the gro baby bio inserts and also do not like them and will only use them if we get a bad rash and I change them often, otherwise they leak like crazy!


  11. Stefanie Says:

    When things get icky over here, I do a wash w/ RLR Laundry Treatment. I consider that stuff my miracle worker!


  12. Heidi Says:


    Not about the disposable diapers. But about the fact that you don’t use cloth wipes!!

    Anywho, we have horrible problems with ammonia burns with our toddler at night. I can put a brand new set of microfibers in her diapers and she gets ammonia burns. Will a different insert help with this? Or am I doomed to either A) keep her in cloth and feel guilty for setting her bum on fire or B) use disposable at night or C) find a diaper that doesn’t burn her bum. I do a mini soak on her diapers every time we wash them. In RnG.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’m going to address this in my next post. I’d say to your choices “none of the above”. There are so many different reasons your inserts could be doing this. Too much buildup, not enough detergent, wrong detergent, not rinsing enough, salt/mineral buildup… Since you are doing soaks perhaps you need several washes/rinses w/o detergent. Or try RLR (which I will be trying as soon as I receive it).


      • Heidi Says:

        I use a high water level (about double what the volume of the diapers is) on every wash. Prerinse cold. Hot soak with RnG (usually about 1 hour), then finish the wash, followed by 2 cold rinses. All at high water level. All of my rinses are clear and no bubbles or residues.

        What is incredibly odd is that the toddler is getting the burns, but the babe (who is a mega heavy wetter) is not red at all after a night in a Fleece Pocket. I wash their diapers the same way, with the same detergents.

        The only difference is that the babe is in the fleece (breathable) and the toddler in PUL.

        This is why I am considering a whole new diapering system for the toddler. Not only to combat the burning, but to combat the blowouts. I just don’t think the OS FB can handle a night of pee and then a big morning poo without weeping, seeping, and creeping into her jammies. Which brings me to ::I am shamefully using Huggies P&N for her right now – with a fleece soaker over them to contain any overflow::


        • Beth Says:

          A toddler’s urine tends to be much more potent than a babies. One thing that has helped us is to double up on the fleece liners at nighttime and SLATHER on a natural diapers cream (like Grandma El’s). Without these two ‘extras’, my DS would wake up bright red and in pain every morning. Also, I rinse out nighttime diapers in the sink every morning. This seems to help, too. :)


          • Heidi Says:

            You know, I rinse her covers in the sink, but not the inserts. I am going to rock a soak in Hard Rock and rinse like a mad mama. Then give it another go. I’ll try rinsing her inserts in the morning before tossing them in the pail too.

            I’ve actually almost convinced myself completely to switch to wool and fitteds for both of my girls.


  13. MieVee @ MummysReviews.com Says:

    Disposables are for emergencies indeed. I wouldn’t know what size to buy in the same situation.

    By the way, I always bring cloth diapers for the last day of the trip. This way, the cloth inserts act as spares too.


  14. stephanie Says:

    I bought some organic prefolds from a mom2mom sale and even though I did an oxyclean wash one them first they were burning my babys butt pretty bad and they would smell AWFUL after she peed in them. I bought some rockin green and did an overnight soak and seriously they are like brand new.. no more burn or stink! I was skeptical because everyones claims seemed to good to be true but I’m impressed. I even use it to wash all our laundry now.


  15. Stephanie Says:

    I keep the free sample diapers that you get in the mail in my trunk for emergencies. I havent had to use them yet but I know I have atleast 3 in there. Before you pass on the opened bag of sposies… grab 2 out and put them in your trunk. Then you won’t have to purchase another full pack in the future when preggo brain strikes again :)


  16. Anonymous Says:

    Aww, don’t worry about it too much– I’m sure Sterling forgave you the instant you put his cloth back on. ;) On a side note, I really wish your husband could do some work on my back, as I’m laid out on my bed in pain while I type this. Stupid scoliosis. :(


  17. Debbie Says:

    Autumn, you have a beautiful family! Don’t feel bad about the sposies, I was “forced” to do it on a trip too. Can’t wait to read your next blog. Thanks for keeping us posted! ;)


  18. Sarah Flukinger Says:

    It’s okay!! I had to use sposies the past couple of nights with my 7 week old because my diapers were repelling and I had to do a mega-strip!! Sometimes the break from cloth is nice when you are having issues, but I still feel mega-guilty.

    As far as ammonia goes, I have found that 2 tbsp of bleach works wonders for my stinkies, on my toddler and my newborn!! My routine is rinse everything on cold, take out all my covers, wipes, etc. leaving only my hemp inserts, mf inserts and prefolds in the wash. Do a hot wash with 2 Tbsp of bleach followed by a cold rinse. Throw in the rest of my stash with 2 Tbsp of Hard Rock on hot. Follow up with 2 hot washes with nothing added and wala!! stink free!!

    Sounds like a lot and it is, but darnit, it works!! :) (Knock on wood. Watch me have to go and change my routine because I get stink back!! lOL!!)


  19. Sara Johnson Says:

    Too funny! Sounds like something I would have done!

    For ammonia, we do an over-night soak in hot water with the hard water Rockin Green, then LOTS of soap-free rinses after! Works miracles on our diapers!


  20. Anonymous Says:

    I am so excited for your next blog! Ammonia burn is what I am struggling with right now. It is so bad I was told to stop cloth diapering! Please hurry I need some advice!


  21. Melanie Rogers Says:

    Oh, you are just human! Your story made me laugh.

    Funny, I switched to CD late (I have a 4 year old boy who needs dipes at night still and a 15 month old girl… started CD 4 months ago), but once I made the switch it is so HARD to even see a kid in a disposable or use one myself. I have about 10 spoies left (7th generation) that I save for emergencies. I just bought a bunch of Flip disposables to use in GRO or Soft Bums shells when we do take a trip where I don’t have access to laundry. Do you use disposable wipes when camping? Haven’t been on a trip yet with baby girl in cloth. Thanks for the story!


  22. Yara Says:

    I’m leaving right now!
    No… I’m totally kidding! I don’t like the grobaby disposable soakers either, and I was a bit surprised they just released SO many disposable new products. Not what I expect from a CLOTH diaper company.
    Anyway…. we are going on vacation next month with no predictable access to washing, so my DH has requested I bring the gdiapers instead (& I have a pack of flip disposables too) oh and I found like 3 of the grobaby disposable left over from the small sample pack size I got last year (right? when they first came out?) which proves how much I like them ; ) I think it was a 10 pack I bought.
    I’m also going to bring my prefolds & covers just in case
    And now ‘just in case’ seems like I gotta since I packed my gdiapers into a box that was shipped ahead, and was supposed to arrive the same day we do- well they picked up the box yesterday & said it may be 4 or 6 days late. From our 13 day trip. wonderful!
    We all have “I forgot the diapers” or “I didn’t bring enough diapers!” moments sometimes…


  23. Rachel Says:

    My solution for ammonia is eliminating all microfiber. I have a five year old bedwetter. I use a variety of pocket diapers stuffed with hemp/cotton inserts (up to 10 layers at times w/ no more than 3 layers sewn together) or I use the ME bedwetter pant which is cotton. I wash once a week and I do not rinse them. He takes them off and puts them in the wetbag. I use Sunday’s wash with is a locally made diaper was similar to chrunchy clean or rockin’ green. Pre-rinse, wash/rinse, extra rinse. No other additives. I have hard water with a water softener. I tried microfiber again the other day and after two uses/washes it stunk to high heaven and I had to put it through some extra washes. That has been my experience everytime I think I’ll give it a try. slow learner, i guess….


  24. anpnek Says:

    Now we all know you are human & forget things. . . Makes me feel better too! :) I haven’t had to ‘resort’ to sposies yet, but it has been close. :)

    Just curious how you like the Flip disposable inserts. I have been wanting to try these for going out. I would love to know what you think!


  25. Alison Says:

    For ammonia burns the only thing that worked for us was switching to a wet pail. I know some people (companies) frown on this. They are afraid it will do damage to the PUL. I have used a wet pail for about 2 1/2 years. I fill it with just water nothing else. Haven’t had any problems with damage to my PUL. My FuzziBunz diapers sit for 2 days in the pail before washing. We have never had an ammonia problem since switching!!!


  26. Kelly Says:

    My favorite hybrid solution: the GroBaby/GroVia “bio soakers”- which are disposable/compostable and mostly flushable. If one actually plans ahead and buys them online (not at the local box store, of course!)- they work great b/c they have elastic gussets- I use them with any shell, the grobaby/grovia shell, a flip cover, even an empty pocket diaper. Usually the cover stays totally clean even with poops! Autumn, have you tried these yet? (I didn’t see it in your GroBaby review.)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I have tried them once and I give them a thumbs down :( I put one on Sterling right before we headed out to the state park. It was an hour drive and when we arrived he was soaked. He’s not even a big pee-er :) Very disappointed. Also I don’t like how much plastic they have on them. Seems so much like a disposable. There is 1 thing I did like: the sticky tabs on the bottom.


      • Agnes Says:

        The GroVia biosoakers are actually plastic free. I know it feels quite a bit like plastic, but it’s not.

        I’ve used them a few times inside wool interlock pull-up covers/trainers with great success, even at night. It’s possible my daughter is less of a heavy wetter than she used to be though.


  27. Emi Says:

    We have all had those mom moments and if it makes you feel better, you can write it off as “research”!! :-) A reminder why you chose not to use them anymore in the first place– talking about forgetting things, we went to a wedding on Friday and my daughter grabs my DH’s face and says “Daddy, I don’t have a diaper”. We we so rushed out the door we forgot to put a diaper on her! Luckily we made a run to the car before the bride came down the aisle, and forgetting her diaper once in 2 years is not that bad, right? I will write it off as preggo brain as well :-)


  28. Nicole Says:

    First of all- love the family picture. You and your hubby must be so proud of your beauitful family!!!! I am the last minute packer and always forget DH essentials too, but you can find razors at the drug store…LOL!

    So my only thought about the Huggie situation, it wouldn’t be an issue if there was more of a demand/incentive (read:tax break) to CD. If we could all pick up a package of prefolds (and honestly- how hard would it be to stock just a few) this wouldn’t have to happen. Stores could receive a tax break for carrying the “green” item and consumers could write it off. I am just saying- its a win win!!!! :)

    Anxiously waiting for the ammonia post- that is our huge issue right now and I wash everyday!


  29. AnastasiaDenton Says:

    Yeah had that happen to me recently….. Because of all the trips to the hospital the final weeks of pregnancy & OTHER people taking care of my gal. Funny once we were all home for good (including baby) my toddler decided to potty train HERSELF! (ok sibling rivalry had something to do with it, lol)

    As for all the newborn diapers…..they ARE still good for a couple things! wait for it……

    Cleaning up fresh kool-aid spills from carpets & diapering her “babies” (aka stuffed animals) after she INSISTS on bringing them into the tub with her. Even my boys admit the amount of water the newborn size soaks up is criminal! But they don’t get all musty smelling, lol! but they STILL can’t hold a meager little newborn’s output, go figure! (whearas my Blueberry dipes go all night)

    But yeah rash city was FUN to come home to……You only had to use a couple! Hiding a pack in the car sounds good or stashing prefolds!


  30. Amanda Anderson Says:

    Camping……absolutely the best vacation always! Kudos!! Yes, been there…done that! I use the knickernappies with their super combat rated inserts…..even keeps boys with their weapons dry! They were great on camping trips because I could remove the liner and hang to dry after washing (wet ones by hand)….aio’s don’t dry as fast so that is why I use inserts…in town was a laundry mat for the heavy soiled items…but when in a pinch…if disposables is it…then my friend…you are human! Of course, as you went through the shopping line…I am sure you felt like a huge spotlight was going to shine upon you with an announcement going over the loud P.A. ..lol…..


  31. Rachael Says:

    Im sorry mama, I am baing forced to buy some sposies as well, I am moving and will be in ,imbo no where to wash clothes or diapers so my little stash of 12 will not cut it for 2 full weeks of possably sleeping in our van.


  32. holly Says:

    for the ammonia smell, I found if I put baking soda in the night time diaper, I never have her wake up with the awful smell, works like a charm!


  33. Bethany Ojalvo Says:

    Autumn, please remember all you have done, and continue to do, for babies and the environment. I truly respect and appreciate your passion for cloth diapers. Arm huggies from me and probably the rest of your readers,


  34. Brittany Says:

    Don’t beat yourself up! I did the same thing a few weeks ago…week one of the vacay went by fine in cloth, but on the 13 hour drive to leg two…I caved and bought some Luvs! It sure simplified things, but by the end of the week I was ready to brave the grandparents frontloader and switch back to cloth!

    REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to your post on ammonia! We have been battling this for a couple of months on and off now :(


  35. Vicky Says:

    What a beautiful family Autumn! The picture makes me forgive you for the sposies :)


  36. Adrian Post Says:

    Ahh.. don’t beat yourself up over it. You do what you need to do. Using Huggiesfor a few days is not the end of the world. I love my cloth diapers, but there are times when I just need to use a Huggies.


  37. Sherry Says:

    I love this story! I am the late packer and usually end up doing it just before we leave, lol. We are always missing something important when we arrive.
    How could anyone be mad at you for “testing” Huggies? Sometimes you got to do what you have to !


  38. LesLee Says:

    We’ve all done it! I am having surgery and had to buy sposies for use during my recovery (I don’t want anyone touching my stash if I am unable to supervise!). I stood there forever looking at diapers, same thing with not knowing size….I kept looking at the bags for measurements. Anyway, finally a worker came and asked if I needed help. I explained that I use cloth and needed sposies for a week and wasn’t sure what to buy. She said that I should get the store brand and that they aren’t so expensive that I would HAVE to go back to cloth! I almost got into a fight right there in the store. I thanked her for the advice and grabbed a bag and walked away. If she only know that my stash value is in the thousands!


  39. Mommy2gavnRose Says:

    My dh and I recently took a 3 day trip to Texas with our 2.5 year old and 8 month old. Daunting to say the least. I was so concerned that I was going to have to go the ‘sposie route but THANKFULLY our gdiapers pulled through and fit both kids. It was such a relief.

    My ds (2.5) sleeps in a ‘sposie bc I can’t find a night option that works for him. He is now learning to go on the potty but refuses to wear Huggies Pullups. Any advice on what to do for a trainer?


    • Jennifer Says:

      I have an 8 y/o bed wetter and recently made the switch away from pull ups. I am using a Happy Heiny’s trainer. You can get them with snaps on both sides, one side or just like a pull up. She’s a pretty heavy wetter and it keeps her dry. good luck. hope this helps.


  40. jen Says:

    Rocking Green works amazing on stinkies and ammonia


  41. Melissa Phinney Says:

    I had the same reaction when I went down to visit my mom…I forgot ALL our cloth diapers! All I had was the couple prefolds and a thirsties cover I keep in the car for emergencies and about 4 BG 3.0 OS that we had in our diaper bag! I called my mom and she went out and bought pampers! This was of course before the pampers rash debate came up. Of course SAP got a rash from hell just in one pampers for 2 hours so we kept her in the 6 cloth diapers and washed very frequently so she only had to use two pampers the whole 3 days we were down there, luckily we were at my mom’s where we had a washing machine otherwise I would have made my fiance drive to madison and buy from Nicki’s diapers shop or something a dozen new cloth diaeprs, expensive or not! lmao! That’s how frustrated I was!

    oh and you should have seen the look of confusion on my face when I went to “dispose” of the disposible diaper, I just stood over that garbage can it was so hard to put that diaper in it, it felt so wrong, but I didn’t know what else to do! I just kept asking hubby, are you serious? we just throw it away? lol


  42. Jessica Says:

    I’ve had to buy emergency sposies before too. It happens to us all eventually.

    As for a solution for ammonia burns i have FINALLY found one after a more than 3 year search. For me it’s been Crunchy Clean Hard Water detergent. I still have to use more than others, but at this point i couldn’t care less, because it actually works! I have a 4-1/2 yr old bed wetting son, which is one of the worst possible situations for cloth diapering. But i rinse them every morning and hang them to dry until i have a wash load. On wash day i run a rinse and spin with 2 tbsp Crunchy Clean HW, then a hot wash with 5 tbsp of Crunchy Clean HW (in my Maytag Bravos HE washer). That’s it!!!! I’ve not had a single ammonia diaper since we started using this detergent. I have tried all other detergents, and i literally mean ALL of them, and none have been able to keep the ammonia away, except this. I only wish they’d started making it sooner.


    • Melanie Rogers Says:

      How do you know if you have an amonia burn? We thought we had fixed my 15 months old rash issue (allergic to cow milk), but it has come back. She is teething badly, but I have also switched to “hard Rock RNG” detergent a week before the rash came back. (I had used soap nuts and occasionally soft rock). So of course the rash, teething, and detergent switch all happened at the same time! The ammonia smell is more apparent after a nighttime diaper in the morning…. but it could all be due to teething. Ug! Do you like Crunchy Clean better than RNG?


      • Autumn Beck Says:

        an ammonia burn is an all over redness that leaves the child in pain. i prefer clean b over cc and rng.


        • melanie Rogers Says:

          Thanks Autumn, maybe I will try it. Have you tried the Thirsties wash and pre-wash? They boast a probiotic that get the bacteria. Are you going to test it out? (I will ask you the same thing on your current blog entry)


  43. Katy Sullivan Says:

    LOL. You are soo funny! I think this is exactly what disposables should be used for, “EMERGENCIES.” I think no less of you. We all have to do it at one point or another.


  44. Z Says:

    Completely unrelated, but have you written about clothing that fits over cloth diapers? That’s a problem for me.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I don’t think I have. With Paisley I had this problem. I would buy bigger pants then roll them. The was short and very round.


    • Heidi Says:

      The only clothing that we had trouble with were jeans and other jean like pants. Otherwise, most baby stuff is stretchy and goes right over our cloth. I also love baby yoga pants and make a fleece version for both of my girls – with an extra butt panel for the fluffy bum.


  45. Lauren Williams Says:

    I guess I should feel really bad… I received TONS of disposables at my baby shower as hand-me-downs from other moms. I still haven’t had to buy diapers almost the entire time (and boy oh boy – she poops a lot) and she’s almost three months. But I digress, I’ll have to buy some nice organic all in ones soon enough :) saving my pennies and dollars- and I’m really excited to finally get on a friendlier eco-path.


  46. Jannea Says:

    I just went camping and I was about to buy some 7th generation or g inserts for my flip covers but i never got around to it but also i didn;t want to spend te money but then miraculously the day before we left a friend of mine gave me a pack of size 3 Nature’s Baby Diapers she ordered in bulk through Amazon and said I must try these for a “green” disposable option. I couldn’t believe my luck! I probably would have been buying huggies at the local walmart up north if not for her. Anyways, Do not feel bad. It is just a diaper and it is still better then him peeing everywhere. I think camping is the “anything goes” time of your life, right?


  47. Sommer Says:

    I won’t drop your blog! We all do stuff like that sometimes. Our family recently went on a one-day trip to San Francisco, and I had forgotten to check the diaper bag. There wasn’t a single diaper in there and I, too, had to purchase non-biodegradeable disposables just to get us through one day. I felt pretty silly, and frustrated with myself for being so absent-minded. I really enjoy your posts on cloth diapers and have learned a lot from reading them!


  48. Lorie Says:

    I litterally LOLed. I would have been hiding my sad little face and grimacing as the cashier swiped them across her little counter scanner. Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! We’re moms, we really are only human :)


  49. Selina Says:

    LOL! We’ve all been there! I’m more shocked by the fact that your DH brings razors and a belt camping!


  50. Grateful for Grace Says:

    We still love you. And your blog. Now, you’re just human. ;-)

    I can just picture you standing there staring. Kinda like me two weeks ago in Houston looking for a healthy option for my period with leaving my Diva Cup at home.



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