Introducing the New FuzziBunz! Check Out The Changes and New Owners!

I have fond memories of Sized XS FuzziBunz being among the first diapers I ever used. I was honored when FuzziBunz contacted All About Cloth Diapers to review their new redesigned One Size Small and One Size Large cloth diapers.

Many of you may already know FuzziBunz’ history. It began in 1998 when Tereson Dupuy was told by her pediatrician the chemical-laden disposable diapers she was using caused her son’s constant diaper rash. Her journey led her to invent the original FuzziBunz diaper in 1999. That diaper was what put the entire modern cloth diaper industry in motion.

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As in life, all things change and evolve. FuzziBunz are now made by a Louisiana-based company comprised of parents and grandparents and is headed up by CRG co-founder Roy Couville.

The new incarnation of FuzziBunz is a culmination of months of tweaking, testing, refitting and testing again. They have revamped the manufacturing process to insure that each FuzziBunz that is made follows the same strict quality controls.

My first thoughts when the box first arrived…”How could these be one size?” After using them it makes it makes perfect sense.

The One Size Small is designed to fit from 7 lbs. to 30 lbs.

The One Size Large is made for children from 10 lbs. to 45 lbs.


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Things I Really Liked:

The almost luxurious feel to the materials used. The diaper just looks and feels well made. The materials used are high quality. And like I said, they just have a soft, smooshy feel to the diaper. Like your most comfy pair of sweat pants.

The new, wider back elastic and reinforced double row stitching at the waist and legs. It’s hard to explain, but this elastic seems like the most comfortable fit out of all the cloth diapers I have. It’s snug but not tight. Soft, but strong.

Like the FuzziBunz Elite, these have button hole elastic that allows customization of the elastic at the waist and legs. This was helpful for making them comfy for Sophia’s kissable thighs!


What I would like to see:

I only have two things that I personally would like changed. I have big hands. The new insert is contoured instead of a rectangle. So my already clumsy style of stuffing was made even worse because I had to get everything lying flat. But the added absorbency where you need it is nice.

I would also like to see this come with two inserts. I found out quickly that one microfiber insert was only going to last about an hour on my heavy wetting daughter. It’s an easy problem to fix though. I just added an extra hemp or bamboo doubler. You can use anything you have on hand as the pocket is generously sized to accommodate the extra stuffing.

I have to say that I would recommend these if you are looking to try pockets. Also, if you have used FuzziBunz in the past, you will appreciate the redesign as it made an already good pocket diaper great!

FuzziBunz is offering a Limited Time Introductory Pricing on our New FuzziBunz One-Size Diapers – $18.45 qty1-2; $17.70 qty3-5; $17.45 qty6-11; $16.95 qty12+.  (Regular price is $19.95).  Purchases can be made at and at authorized retailers listed on their website.

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2 Responses to “Introducing the New FuzziBunz! Check Out The Changes and New Owners!”

  1. Melanie F Says:

    How difficult was it to adjust the elastic? I’ve used Charlie Banana in the past, but hated how difficult it was to adjust, even with the ‘bra style’ adjusters.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Melanie, honestly not bad at all. I don’t have very nimble fingers and I found it pretty easy.


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