Is There Really A “Magic Diaper”?

I have been around cloth diapers long enough to have read the dozens of raves for “the best nighttime diaper”… all different diapers of course.

Everyone has their favorites.  And every mother thinks (and dozens email me) their child is the heaviest wetter.

My recommendation has always been to add more layers of absorbency, one of which is hemp.  But, a cloth diaper bubble butt isn’t the most desirable combination.

Within the last 1-2 years bamboo has become a favorite for many reasons:

1) anti-microbial. Even after 50 washes it still retains it’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial nature.

2) sustainable.  It needs no replanting, pesticides or fertilizers, and its roots retain water in the watershed, sustaining riverbanks and reducing water pollution.

3) pourous = absorbent.  The fibers of the bamboo plant that are used to make our fabrics are naturally porous, so they absorb moisture, and wick it away from the skin, keeping you cooler and drier than synthetics or cotton.

One mama has expanded her highly successful business to include what has been tagged as “the magic diaper”.  Erin of Sustainablebabyish (aka Sloomb) is the WAHM behind the top selling wool and cloth diaper business.

The Magic Diaper is actually simply called Organic Bamboo Fleece Fitted.  The diapers are made entirely of certified organic bamboo|cotton fleece with the soft jersey side out. The body is made of 2 layers of extra thick fleece, with two 3-layer quick dry sewn in soakers.  Fold one soaker in half for a total of 11 layers in the wet zone.  Add the 3-layer bamboo doubler for extra absorbency.

Before Sterling was born I bought a Small thinking that I’d have a diaper ready when he was a couple of months old.  But, not being able to resist trying it on my little guy I used it overnight with great success.  The diaper held up to a night of pee with no wetness on the outside.  Because of his skinny legs the size small allowed for the poop to get on the wool soaker but I expected that.

The next time I used the Magic diaper I used a Thirsties cover and had no leaks.

I realize that the SBish bamboo fitted diaper is not within everyone’s budget.  At $31 each, however, I would highly encourage the splurge if you are desparately seeking a nighttime solution.  Testimonial after testimonial have come in raving about this diaper.  All claim this to be a “magic diaper”.

You can visit the Sustainablebabyish store by clicking on Erin’s ad in the top right corner of my blog.  The Magic Diaper can also be purchased from my friend Leslie at the Cloth Diaper Superstore.

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15 Responses to “Is There Really A “Magic Diaper”?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Do you have any experience with Bamboozles? We’ve been using flip overnight but have to use two inserts plus another soaker since my boy is such a heavy wetter – it works but they’re not going to fit much longer because of the sheer bulk.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Unless Bamboozles has changed their product it would not be a nighttime diaper. When I used it, it wasn’t that absorbent. The tab “My Recommendations” has my favorite nighttime diapers. Sbish and Pooters are very absorbent and trimmer than multiple inserts.


  2. D Says:

    Hi Autumn

    I am wondering, when you use the bamboo fitted for night do you recommend the sbish double layer wool cover or their stretch wool cover? Thanks.


  3. Erin Says:

    So here’s a question. I DON’T have a heavy wetter. I am not at all worried about the diaper leaking overnight. I use bamboo Bumgenius fitteds with a Thirsties hemp doubler and a Thirsties cover. HOWEVER, HE (not the bed) is wet in the morning, and that’s no fun! 12 hours is a long time to go without getting a fresh diaper. I’ve been hearing about fleece or flats or somethingorother that I can add between him AND the fitted AND the doubler….that are supposed to keep him dry- but I’m not sure what that is. Does this magic diaper have that built in? I’m worried about his little butt, not the sheets. Any help? Thanks! :)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      it’s much simpler than you’re thinking…all you need to do is buy some fleece from the fabric store, cut it into strips and lay it on the diaper. you can continue using the system that works for you and add that liner for dryness on his skin. the sbish bamboo fitted does not have a stay dry inner.


  4. Pamela Says:

    Hi, Just a comment on the bamboo diapers. You can purchase a very nice bb fitted diaper on ebay for ($9) I purchased some and was very pleased. For extra absorbancy I used a microfiber pad and wrapped the bamboo soaker around it-so only natural fibers were touching my baby's skin. That worked very well since she was sensitive to diaper rash and she stayed drier and still
    had the advantage of the microfiber absorbancy. My baby is happiest in the bamboo fitted diaper
    from Hooray4Baby and a cute pocket diaper over,and using the pocket diaper's microfiber soaker pad inside for extra absorbancy. Good Day – Happy Baby!!!

    A mom who loves bamboo diapers!!!


  5. nicole Says:

    I just checked the website for the
    organic bamboo fleece fitteds and they are 26 dollars each; are these the right ones for the magic diaper over night ?


  6. Elisabeth Says:

    Wow I have to say I thought this diaper was unbelievable! I finally ponied up the money for a pair of them (one to wear while the other was being washed). I just couldn’t stand the sight of the soggy 10 lb disposable diaper that my son had been marinating in all night and I figured given what we pay for the nighttime disposables they’d pay for themselves in a few months if they worked, and BOY did they ever work. I’d tried a few other nighttime options with limited success, and we had a lot of night wakings because my LO can’t sleep in a soggy diaper. After 2 nights of trying them out they worked SO well the wetness didn’t even make it to the outside of the diaper to the cover! Mind you, DS was getting over an illness and *may* have been peeing less due to dehydration, but it seemed like his fluid intake was still pretty steady, and I can still see them performing well once he’s back to his super-soaker ways, given that he *barely* gave this diaper a run for his money. Previously we had tried Drybees, Bamboozle, Happy Hempy, and various prefold/pocket configurations that were so bulky my little guy was waddling like an oompa-loompa in them. These diapers are definitely thick but soft and squishy enough that I don’t worry about him being uncomfortable. Autumn, thank you again for your wonderful site – your information has once again proven invaluable.


  7. Heather Says:

    In reply to yanira,
    I use baby beehinds OS bamboo fitteds on my heavy wetter at night. I have a WAHM recycled wool cover that fits perfectly over the BBH, and I’ve NEVER had a leak. And I struggled for months looking for a nighttime solution before I found these. Good luck finding what works for you!


  8. Sarah Davis Says:

    I have a “magic diaper” and love it. It was so pretty when I received it in the mail, I did not want to even wash it. I have had it almost 2 wks and I wash it daily for Tru’s nighttime diaper. My husband used it the first night we got it and I was at work. He forgot to put a diaper cover and she was really wet, but the diaper felt semi-dry. We have been using it with our Thirsties covers and so far so good. I love it!!!!! I threw the hemp liner out…stinky!!!! And I will never go back. Sustainablebabyish is worth the investment!!! Thanks to Erin.


  9. Sharon K. Says:

    I’d like to see a pic of the SBish diaper. Maybe I’ll google it. The only bamboo dipe I’ve ever tried is the bamboozle. I didn’t like the way it fit my daughter so I sold it :(


  10. Heather H. Says:

    how does it compare, IYO, to a goodmama, absorbency-wise?


  11. Olivia Says:

    I adore bamboo diapers but was actually dissapointed by the SBish bamboo fitted. Within 4 hours my son was soaked and needed a change. IMO it is fine for daytime use but not for a night diapers


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