Is This The Perfect Cloth Diaper?


I have been using cloth diapers since October of 2005.  In the last 6 1/2 years I have been privileged to use more brands than I can count.

You’ve rejoiced with me when I discovered the greatness of bum Genius Elementals (then called Organics), Grasshopper Diapers, Rumparooz, Ragababe and sustainablebabyish (and a few others) and I said, “Finally!  A cloth diaper that’s almost perfect!”

Today, I get to add another diaper to the short list.

Chelory stay dry AIOs in both snap and aplix are pretty near perfect.  Near.

What makes Chelory so special?

The very first thing I do when I receive a new diaper is to inspect the craftsmanship.  Is there a fine attention to detail?  Is there a creative, unique aspect to the diaper?

If you have ever had the privilege of buying a hand made cloth diaper you will know that there is a difference.  Chelory cloth diapers are one of the better made cloth diapers I have reviewed.

I asked Rachel if she had a team of seamstresses helping her to meet the high demands that customers have placed on her supply.  Like many WAHMs she is a self-proclaimed control freak so allowing her mom and 2 local grandmas to assist in the production was very hard!  Rachel is committed to being the final hands to touch every diaper: the elastic and topstitch is done by her.

After inspecting the diaper it’s off to the washer and dryer (they come ready to use but I didn’t realize this). These are some thick diapers so the dry time is a bit longer.  Rachel advised me that if you turn the inserts around the diaper it shortens drying time.  I’m trying that out right now.

Here are some terrible pics I just snapped of the inside of the diaper and how to turn the inserts around.

How does Chelory perform?

A diaper could be near perfectly crafted but if it leaks, droops or leaves deep grooves in the thighs then who cares about the beauty, right?!

The Stay Dry inner fabric is Wicking Jersey.  Under that the absorbency comes from layer upon layer of bamboo.

Bamboo is one of the best fabrics used in the cloth diaper industry.  It satisfies many of the desires parents have: organic, absorbent, trim, sustainable, easy to clean.

I put the aplix version on first.  The aplix tabs are sewn in a way that allows them to naturally fold onto the laundry tab.  They actually stayed down in the wash!

Camden is 17m, about 26lbs and 34″ tall.  He has a short rise so he wears the Chelory diaper on the small rise setting.

I left the diaper on as long as I could but he pooped.  Of course.  What kid doesn’t poop in a new diaper on the first try?

Camden is slightly prone to rashes and red marks so I was curious to see how the elastic and wicking jersey faired.

Surprisingly, he was all clear.  Yeah!

It was about 6:30 in the evening and I had to decide if I wanted to put on the nighttime diaper super early or put on a regular one only to have to toss it in the pail after an hour’s use.  Anyone else go through this dilemma?

I decided to be brave for the sake of a review and put the snap Chelory on for the night.

Camden is not nursing at night anymore so he is not a heavy wetter.

After 14 hours (8:30am) there were no leaks but the inside was soaked.  When Camden was nursing throughout the night only microfiber and hemp kept him dry.  It would be interesting to see how Chelory performs at night for a heavy wetter.

Overall fit

Chelory Stay Dry AIO cloth diapers are a one-sized diaper designed to fit newborn through toddler.  Camden won’t have a problem wearing these to potty training since he is only on the small rise setting.

The waist was easy to adjust and I got a snug fit with both versions.

Is Chelory the perfect cloth diaper?

There is no perfect cloth diaper.  You knew that. But, Chelory is a cloth diaper that makes me excited about cloth diapering!


Enter the contest using the Rafflecopter form.  Winner will be chosen on Friday June 8th around noon. (remember the Rafflecopter form can’t be modified by end time, it will say there is time left by contest ends at NOON!)

Don’t wait to see if you win the contest to try a Chelory!  Chelory will stock on Wednesday June 6th!  Get your fingers ready because these diapers will sell out lickety split!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I was given a snap and aplix Chelory stay dry AIO for review. My review is 100% based on the performance, quality and fit of the diaper…not that I received it for free :)

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at

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363 Responses to “Is This The Perfect Cloth Diaper?”

  1. Athena Says:

    I bought some after this write up and have been buying ever since. I love Chelory’s. They are indeed my perfect Diaper right now.


  2. Natalie Says:

    First off, love Chelory’s! I haven’t tried the stay dry yet though. I just had to say, I read your review and laughed at the part about the night time diaper dilemma. It is something I have an internal battle with every night. Do I put on the nighttime diaper now and risk a big poop in it, or will fall asleep early in a diaper that is just not cut out for night time and have to change the sheets in the morning. (He is 7.5 months old and not really on a bedtime schedule, so it’s always a guessing game).

    Thanks for your review! I have book marked your page and look forward to continue reading your cloth diaper adventures!


  3. Rachel Says:

    I am still pretty new to cloth diapering (I have a 3-month old we have been cloth-diapering since 2 weeks), but my favorite so far are the Happy Heinys One Size Mini because they fit her really well right at the beginning, and they STILL fit her great. And they are an awesome night-time diaper with the small microfiber insert plus a small hemp babies diaper doubler. That seems to be our perfect diaper so far!! Although now that she is growing into the bumGenius 4.0’s, I’m loving those as well!!


  4. Grace T Says:

    Autum, I see that you mention that your son Camden is prone to rashes and red marks. I am new to cloth diapering and have been trying out different diapers and of course cleaning routine. I think my son is sensitive to the fleece in the pocket diapers. Do you have any tips/diapers that work well for your boy? I was thinking about getting the flip system or best bottoms so that the fleece isn’t an issue.



    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I liked the Flip system when I used it with Sterling. Actually I just ordered 2 new Flip covers today :) I also loved the Elementals but with a sensitive boy he reacts to feeling moisture too.


      • Grace T Says:

        Thanks for your response! I also just bought a few liners from Ragababe last night- Im hoping those work since they sit on top. I think that some of the fleece diapers are a little too hot and are creating a heat rash of sorts.



  5. Elizabeth Wisniewski Says:

    I don’t have one yet, Maybe this will be it :)


  6. Charlotte R Says:

    I love my Red Barn cloth diaper!


  7. Lindsey Says:

    My perfect cloth diaper is a BumGenius AIO Pocket!


  8. Therese H Says:

    My perfect diaper is a one-size that would fit my skinny little girl well without a lot of bulk. My Fuzzi Bunz are the closest I have found.


  9. Kendal Says:

    I love colorful diapers that are easy to use, not pocket (I have some, and use them w/o stuffing) with leg elastic that is comfy on tot, and MUST grow in size!


  10. Katrina Vaughn Says:

    I have tried many diapers and AppleCheeks are the best fit for my skinny guy.


  11. Jennifer Lyden Says:

    I’m not sure what my favorite is, my husband would probably say just cloth diapering in general! He thinks I may have a slight obsession. I would have to say my current favorite is her BG 4.0’s because they fit my skinny girl so well! But I would really like my favorite to be an AIO.


  12. martha van mulligen Says:

    I love my bumgenious 4.0’s!


  13. Brecka Says:

    I don’t have a perfect diaper yet, baby girl won’t be here till sept. I am getting excited about the AIOs though


  14. Jessica Says:

    We’ve only been cloth diapering for 3 months, so I haven’t tried enough to have found the “perfect” diaper. There are little things I would change on all our current diapers, however the FuzziBunz One Size Elite is my current favorite


  15. Dana Says:

    I don’t know what my perfect cloth diaper is yet. I am just getting started…as in researching before I make any purchases starting :) Your blog has helped point me in a few different directions. Thank you for that :)


  16. Lauren Says:

    The best cloth diapers that I have come encounter with are…my homemade ones! I’m always willing to try something new though!


  17. Bethany Says:

    I’m four months pregnant and planning to cloth diaper my little one…our first! The world of cloth diapering is very overwhelming with lots of ups and downs…very curious about this “almost perfect” diaper!


  18. Marie Uher Says:

    I don’t know what my perfect cloth diaper is because I am completely new to this. It is very intimidating to find the “right one”. I want an AIO that will work with my soon to be potty training 2yr old (25lbs) and my new baby to be at the end of October. Hoping I win this one to see what all the cloth diapering fuss is about!!! :o) Thank you for the great giveaway!


  19. Jessica K. Says:

    This diaper looks great! Right now I am really loving the BumGenius Freetime but i love trying out a variety of different diapers.


  20. AC Says:

    I’m 8 months pregnant with our son (we have a 2-year-old) and we’re trying cloth for the first time! So I’m not sure what the perfect cloth diaper looks like, but I’m looking forward to finding out :)


  21. DCRunner Says:

    These look fantastic! Getting excited to start cloth diapering on my little one (who should be here any day… he’s decided to make a fashionably late entrance to this world).


  22. Jennfier C Says:

    So far our fav is the totsbots easyfit. BG elemental is the second fav.


  23. Kari Says:

    My perfect CD would be a readily available and cheap ragababe, in even more awesome prints


  24. gloria luz sarango Says:

    My fave is rumprooz!


  25. Amber M Says:

    I don’t think I’ve found the “perfect” cloth diaper yet. I have many I LOVE, but they’re all great for different reasons.


  26. Krista Says:

    Leg gussets, hook and loop, 100% adorable… and of course no leaking! Those are some important factors. I’ve started making my own! I’m not an expert seamstress, but I have enough know-how to make a good diaper. In fact, I’m barely above novice level. I’ve been working on my own design and I think I’ve finally figured out the PERFECT design. I’m so excited. My design is a pocket diaper with PUL and silk-smooth athletic wicking.


  27. Selina Rupers Says:

    My perfect cloth diapers are prefolds and Thirsties wraps! I haven’t found any AIO or pocket that gets as great a fit, washes & dries as easily, or stays in such good condition for so long.


  28. Tamara Reynolds Says:

    My husband and I want a big family and I am making it my goal to have cloth diapering ready for number 3… Number 2 is 7.5 months and now that I’m off for summer and able to figure this cloth diapering thing out, I’m ready to switch her over!!


  29. Lori Says:

    Right now, my fave diaper is Best Bottoms!


  30. Tandra Ahrens Says:

    Hmmm… our perfect cloth diaper… Well, it changes! Currently, my favorite is the Bum Genius Elementals just cuz they’re so easy. But 95% of ours are getting pretty worn out and have holes like crazy.
    I also love our GroVia covers with simple pad-folded flats (they are so easy to ensure they’re clean with our very hard water, and dry super fast).
    And our fav nighttime dipes are Itti Bitti Bitti Boo’s with a Thirsties Duo Wrap cover.
    The Chelory sound awesome! I’d LOVE to try it out!!


  31. Holly J Says:

    I am pregnant again at 40! I used cheap cloth diapers the first time around (13 years ago!) as there weren’t as many options then. They actually worked ok, but I’m excited to be able to find something that doesn’t require those nasty diaper pins. I’m looking forward to trying better constructed diapers this time around as well. I’m going to keep coming back to this blog for more great reccommendations for cloth diapers.


  32. Marie-Etta Says:

    Right now my favorite is my Sustainablebabyish. It keeps my little man dry all night, which is a big feat!


  33. Joann Says:

    Perfect diaper? I do love my Freetime’s. But my Ragababe I love, too.


  34. Jeni R Says:

    My first baby is due early September. And I’ve been researching for weeks. Not sure which one will be the perfect cloth diaper. Hopefully this one.


  35. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    My perfect cloth diaper? Hmmm, I guess it depends. I’m really enjoying my Rumparooz OS pockets with a hemp 6-r insert especially because of the double gussets (or as I tell my husband, the poop catcher, haha), but I find myself reaching for my Blueberry Deluxe OS pockets with the Blueberry combination insert (has microfiber on top with two layers of hemp underneath) most of the time. Perfect nighttime for us though is either a Lollidoo Eco-Pocket with a Rumparooz bamboo 6-r insert with a Babykicks large hemp insert, or the same insert combination inside a Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter. I have been wanting to try an AIO for a while, so obviously hoping I win. =)


  36. Pamala Says:

    I would love to try this diaper, I’ve been cdiapering for a year now and loving it! Always on the hunt for the perfect diaper!


  37. tara Says:

    I would love to give this diaper a try as we are having a very hard time right now with cloth. I cannot get them clean enough and they stink.


  38. Donna Says:

    Excited to try the STAY DRY AIO!


  39. Ann Says:

    We used BumGenius one-size CDs with my daughter. They worked beautifully for 2 years until they stopped absorbing. No amount of stripping has helped, so we are on the hunt for replacements for kid #2 due this fall. We would love to try these out!!


  40. Sierra Says:

    Prefect? That is a hard Question. My family really like the GroVia AI2 with Velcro — Except the velcro. Honestly if GroVia put some good quality BG velcro on there diaper I would say Prefect period.

    On infant I was very happy with the thirsties s1 and joey bunz inserts. Now we have some bummis covers with prefolds, which I do like except not trim enough for a 2 year old trying to learn to dress himself.



  41. Michelle Says:

    I don’t have a perfect CD yet, but have been really enjoying the grovias. I am diapering my first child and so far it’s going great!


  42. Diane L Says:

    Right now I think the Grovia AIO is my favorite, if not perfect, diaper. I’d love to try this one as a freebee


  43. Lesslie Says:

    I recently found out that hubby and I are expecting our first baby! We have been talking about trying out cloth diapering and your blog has been SOOO helpful! This diaper looks wonderful! I hope to be able to try it out! Thanks for all the help! :)


  44. Beth Says:

    I’m currently using a hybrid diaper I love, but want a different option for night times.


  45. Annah Says:

    Oh would love to have one on those diapers. I have cloth diapered two out of my three children and number 4 is due the 20th of this month and I am having a blast reorganizing and going through cloth diapers.


  46. Mandy Says:

    I’m due in 5 days (!), so I’ve got a ton of brands to try. Surely one of them will become my favorite!


  47. Shannon Says:

    I would love to try one of these. I’ve been hesitant to try another HTG diaper, since I have a full stash of RagaBabes. However, I’m realizing that I need to try others to hopefully find perfection!


  48. Melissa Says:

    Would love to try one of these for my little guy! I’ve tried so many and still haven’t found “the one.”


  49. Jill Says:

    Still in a search for the perfect diaper.


  50. Ashley j Brooks Says:

    I don’t have a fav- I am just dipping my toes into CDing. :) so I am still looking for that “perfect one”


  51. Emily Says:

    I don’t have a favorite diaper yet as our little one is coming in August. I didn’t CD my son but wish I had… So far we have a few different pocket diapers and I’m planning to sew my own prefolds and covers!


  52. Jen Says:

    I don’t think I have a perfect diaper, but my homemade ones work really well made with flannel and terry cloth. I tried a couple of microfiber and didn’t like them, plus after reading many many stories, I take it that they are hard to get clean, mine are not. Never had to strip them after almost 2 years. They may be bulkier and not so cute looking, but the price was right and they work. I’ve just never had the budget to pay more than 5 or ten dollars per diaper. That’s why I had to make my own if I wanted more than flats or prefolds.


  53. Joanne in Oregon Says:

    I cloth diapered many years ago–Gdtr cloth diapered twins that are now 3. I made all different kinds of diapers AIO- and many others. If she has more we will try any of them–and then get a bunch of what she loves. She has passed her collection around to more than one person. To begin with I was unable to locate PUL , some she used ready made plastic pants, then as material came avalible I made covers for the cloth snaps, then AIO–I don’t think other than drying time there was ever an issue. I love making and keep supplies on hand for sewing. Wish I had more people in favor of cloth. They could more than save with the cloth–compared to landfill diapers. Cheers to all that are willing to do a little XTRA washing—


  54. Melissa S Says:

    I don’t have a perfect cloth diaper yet, LO isn’t due until November but I am researching to try and hopefully find the ‘perfect cloth diaper’.



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