It’s Time For Yummy Winter Woolies Part 1

October 21, 2008


For most of you cold weather has arrived!  To a Texan like me as we reach nightly lows in the 50s I’m reaching for the longies.  Brrr…lol.

Despite the fact that Paisley is a full time pocket wearer I still can’t resist the warmth and complete cute factor of a pair of longies.  Not to mention the waterproof barrier wool provides even when unlanolinized.

There are wool longies to fit any budget.  My favorite type of wool is interlock.  Prices range anywhere from $25 to $60.  Here are some instock interlock longies on hyena cart right now (may be sold out by the time you click through but I encourage you to check back on these sites).

Bugaboo Bottoms

Bottom Stoppers

Blackbird Baby

Snazzy Fannies

Peanutbutter & Ellie

Designer Dupa’s

Little Green Viking

Lapis Leine

Longies are also available in knit or crochet.  Because knitting and crochet take significantly more time to create the prices can be quite high.  A pair of highly sought after knit longies can easily pull close to $200.

I know many moms who have the old lady next door or the knitting mom in LLL make a pair of longies for them.  Someone who has a lot of experience knitting can often look at a pair of longies and recreate the pattern.

Knit wool on Hyena Cart:

Baby Bear


Adventure Knits

Munchkin Wear

Wool Baby Knits

Serenity Tree congo

Etsy stores:

MyBoHoBaby Store



Green Mountain Wee Woolies

Homegrown Beans


Babycakes Knits

Phew! That should leave you wishing you had more Paypal!  A couple of those might not be there for you because I zero self control.

I’ll save recycled wool and how to care for wool for next post ;)  Happy shopping!

One more note on knit wool longies, there are many different types of wool available.  My favorite by a mile is BBR- Blackberry Ridge.  It is the best all around for durability, warmth, texture, and function.

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2 Responses to “It’s Time For Yummy Winter Woolies Part 1”

  1. Michelle Says:

    My daughter wore wool a lot in the early months and it worked great. She’s grown out of most of her wool covers but I just loved them.


  2. Tara Gowland Says:

    Hi mama! Thanks for adding the Serenity Tree link to your site – we have tons of woolies for the winter and other items such as toys and hats. We also plan on a very special stocking soon of miniature items suitable for Christmas stockings!

    Thanks again,

    One Bum at a Time!


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