Join The Balm In An Eco Challenge and Win

May 29, 2012

Cloth Diaper Extras, WAHMs

THinc. (Taylor House inc.) is the parent company of the amazing diaper rash cream *The* BALM!.  THinc is committed to using only the highest quality, all natural and organic ingredients.

In addition to excellent ingredients they use only attractive and infinitely recyclable glass bottles or recycled aluminum containers for their product packaging.

For two days starting June 1st and ending June 2nd, THinc will host a Switch 2 in 2 Challenge and give you the chance to win *The* BALM! $50 gift card.

What does Switch 2 in 2 mean?

Look around your house.  Do you use plastic cups and bowls for the kids?  Do you use ziplock bags for snacks?  Plastic shopping bags?  Disposable diapers? :P

Switching one of those is easy!

Wood bowls and stainless steel cups are perfect for kids.

Cloth snack bags are even available at most Target stores.  I love Monkey Foot Designs snack bags with a zipper and waterproof inner.  Did you know the maker of Loveybums cloth diapers now has snack bags?  Yep, they’re called LBaggies and they are on Zulily today.

Shopping bags are another area where a sustainable alternative is readily available.  I use Envirosax (and by mere coincidence they are also on Zulily today) and find them super roomy, strong and roll up into compact packs.

And that last one- disposable diapers- if you’re using them the switch to cloth is not only easy but fun!

There are many other ways to make the switch.  *THE* BALM products I currently use are PITS (deodorant), SUN (natural sunscreen), SANITIZE those HANDS, Bye-Bye Teething Hello SLEEP, *The* BALM! diaper balm and I will soon be using Taylor’s Liquid Soap.

I can’t even begin to tell you how good the PITS is. Seriously. I’m a hot girl and I sweat. I know, attractive. I’ve tried many natural deodorants and although I did have one I liked it isn’t gluten free.  I was forced to find something and I am screaming the praises of the PITS.  Even my daughter has her own container and loves it.

To join the challenge and enter the contest for *The* BALM $50 gift card simply fill out the form and make the switch!

*Zulily is an affiliate program and links are directed to my account.

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4 Responses to “Join The Balm In An Eco Challenge and Win”

  1. Marinazar Says:

    Oh those are both great suggestions!! Thank you!


  2. Marinazar Says:

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I am that Mom that re-uses ziplock freezer bags by rinsing them out and hanging them over the faucet to dry. However, since I’ve begun making baby food I am cautious (many scared) to re-use them and they are getting tossed which is making me pretty uneasy. I take pride in having a very small carbon footprint in our house. We have little to no waste.

    What are Moms using for freezer bags for homemade food?

    Thank you for this perfectly timed article!


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