Koala Huggerz, Blueberry Basix, Tot Bots AIO Reviews and Giveaway


Today I am reviewing three all in one cloth diapers: Koala Huggerz, Blueberry Basix and Tot Bots Easyfit.  All three differ in many ways.

Actually, the similarities are pretty much limited to the fact that they are an all in one (AIO)!

First up is a Koala Huggerz AIO.  Jen Arevalo is the owner of Koala Huggerz and provided me with a diaper for review.

Koala Huggerz is the largest fitting of these 3 diapers.  With 4 rise settings you get a fit that expands from 17″ to 11″.

The bamboo soaker is hidden or sewn in making this truly a “sposie-like” cloth diaper.

Having a bamboo soaker is a huge plus.  Microfiber is the most common soaker fabric used yet it tends to get the stinkies.  Bamboo is not as absorbent right away but after several washes the absorbency increases.

Koala Huggerz AIOs are available in snap or velcro closure.  I have the velcro version and while I love the ease of velcro it is not as sticky as I prefer.

Made in China and retails for ~$20-$25.

Next, is the Tots Bots Easyfit AIO.

Several months ago I showed you the new Tots Bots prints and colors.  Today I’ll show you the details of the AIO.

(Let me tell you, the prints are some of the cutest I have ever seen.  And they have even newer ones out now!)

Tots Bots Easyfit AIOs are one-sized with 3 snap down rise settings.  The largest rise is 17″ and the smallest is 12″.

The inner and soaker fabric is a super soft minky.  Minky remains soft wash after wash but I find it to be less absorbent than bamboo, microfiber and hemp.  Although, it can hold enough moisture to last a couple of hours between changes.

Minky is not stay-dry so your child will feel the wetness.  However, a fleece liner is included with every diaper for those sensitive to moisture.

The tongue soaker is long enough to tuck in and fold where your baby needs the absorbency.  For Camden I add a fold to the front.

The pocket opening is in the back and there is no unstuffing needed–it will come out in the wash.

Tots Bots Easyfit AIOs (Go, Baby, Go!) are available in snaps (poppers) or hook&loop.

The hook&loop is sturdy and strong.

Retails for ~$23.95.  Prints are limited at retailers (I linked to different retailers throughout this description).  But, the solids function just the same!

Last, is the Blueberry Basix.

Rana Cox is the owner of Dearest Diapers and she sent me a giraffe print Blueberry Basix in size medium to review.

Blueberry Basix is a sized, side-snapping AIO. Side-snapping diapers are awesome. I wish more makers went this route.

Side-snapping cloth diapers give you a trim fit plus in the past I’ve found them to be excellent for babies with chunky thighs.  With Paisley I used Blueberry sized, side-snapping minky pockets that are now discontinued. Cry.

This AIO is similar to the Easyfit in that the soaker is a tongue style.

However, the soaker is microfiber and it comes out the front. It is not long enough to customize the fold but lays evenly from front to back.

The inner is a stay-dry microfleece keeping baby feeling dry.  Another difference with the Basix is a pass-through pocket.  It is easy to add additional soakers to the back and allow them to come out on their own in the wash.

On its own the Basix is an absorbent diaper.  Essentially you have 6 layers of microfiber as the soaker (3 are attached, 3 fold in as the tongue).

EXCITING NEWS: Blueberry/Swaddlebees just released new prints!  But, I’m not sure if those prints will be available in the Basix.  Still lots of cuteness to look at.

Retails at ~$16.95.

Rana had this to say about the Blueberry Basix:

They are super trim- great for under jeans/pants! Daddy friendly because they are an AIO (so no stuffing/assembly required-like my hubby likes to call it ;)
They are side snapping, so if you want to use them as a pull up for PL you could. Love the prints! Super soft/comfy cozy inside lining. AND they are Made in the USA!!!!!

One more comparison photo for you involves the overall size of the diapers. Koala Huggerz are the widest in the crotch are, Blueberry Basix the narrowest.

I imagine that Koala Huggerz would be a great choice for a large toddler. Camden is tall but fairly lean and he has a short rise. I don’t forsee him ever wearing a Koala Huggerz on the largest settings.

Last but not least!!! I have a giveaway for you!!

When Jen sent me a Koala Huggerz to review she included an extra and Rana would love to give a Blueberry Basix away! AND, at the very last minute (seriously) my friend Liz owner of Go Baby Go in San Antonio offered to include a Tots Bots Easyfit AIO!!

One winner will receive a Koala Huggerz AIO and a Blueberry Basix AIO and a Tots Bots Easyfit AIO!

To enter simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Thanks, Koala Huggerz, Dearest Diapers, Go Baby Go!!

(please let me know of any Rafflecopter mistakes, I did this really fast!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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298 Responses to “Koala Huggerz, Blueberry Basix, Tot Bots AIO Reviews and Giveaway”

  1. Yoko Says:

    I love the side snaps and tots bots vekcro!


  2. Tara M Says:

    Like the trim fit and the fact that all of these would be daycare friendly :)


  3. Elizabeth Says:

    The tall rise of the Koala diaper!


  4. stephka Says:

    i would love to try those!


  5. Sheena Says:

    I like the fold-over type soakers, so that they dry faster when line dried. My Thirsties and Ones&Twos take FOREVER to get dry.


  6. Julia M. Says:

    The tongue soaker that stuffs into the pocket on the tots bots.


  7. Mandi McGonagle Says:

    I love the bamboo soaker!


  8. Amelia Says:

    Oh, and I like the bamboo insert. I have a love-hate relationship with microfiber because the stinkies drive me crazy! I’ve never had any issues with bamboo smelling, and it’s so nice and absorbant!


  9. Amelia Says:

    I would love to try these diapers; I love AIOs!


  10. Laura E. Says:

    Well I discovered that my daughter is sensitive to microfiber, so I really like the bamboo of the first one, but I also like that you can customize with the minky one because I have a little girl and boy :)


  11. Annie Barber Says:

    I have yet to try any of these, but would really love to! Especially tots bots & the blueberry!


  12. Jessica Says:

    Although I haven’t tried the other two, I have a tots bots (old version) and I love the tongue style AIO since you never have to stuff and it agitates out in the wash!


  13. Kristen Bobbitt Says:

    I love that the soaker tongue come out in the wash on their own. Love the aplix on the Tots Bots also.


  14. Heather Says:

    I’d like to try the blueberry one. I have the giraffe print in one of their pocket diapers and really like it.


  15. Elizabeth Volker Says:

    They all have perks! LOVE the bamboo soaker in the Koala Huggerz, I am all for inserts that agitate out in the wash like the Tots Bots has, and I love the fit of side snapping diapers like the Blueberry on my LO :)


  16. Melanie Says:

    I am not sure which one is my favorite. I have recently fallen in love with tongue style soakers that make for a trim AIO, but at the same time, I know I would love the bamboo soaker as well!


  17. sarah d Says:

    I’ve never tried any of these diapers!


  18. Jennifer Perritte Says:

    I love the tongue style soakers – easy to wash!!


  19. Heather Says:

    I like the bamboo soaker in the Koala Huggerz. No microfiber stink!


  20. Dana Doron Says:

    The whole all-in-one concept. I still don’t totally get the whole cloth diaper thing (baby due in January), so I need to see what these look like!


  21. Carrie Says:

    Love side snaps!


  22. Allison Says:

    “no unstuffing needed–it will come out in the wash”

    Only way DH will do diaper laundry ;)


  23. Claire Says:

    I would love to try a side snapping diaper or a tongue style soaker!


  24. Kelli Darter Says:

    I like that you can add more absorbancy to the Blueberry.


  25. Kelli Darter Says:

    I would really love to try the Blueberry Basix AIO. I am a fan of AIOs.


  26. Sarah Jane Says:

    I love the H&L on the Tot Bots, which makes it slightly more easy to use.


  27. Lindsey K Says:

    I love the tongue-style soaker on the Tots Bots and Blueberry.


  28. Katie L Says:

    I like the side snapping of the blueberry


  29. Arwen John Says:

    I like the ease of all in ones and the side snaps for a trimmer fit.


  30. Martine Says:

    The hook&loop is sturdy and strong.


  31. Serinda Says:

    I like the AIO style for bbsitters and grandparents, and bamboo fabric for it’s softness and absorbency.


  32. Amber Says:

    I discovered your blog while researching cloth diapers. It has been extremely helpful! We are TTC and I’m excited to start building a stash of CD. I used disposables with my first two children and as I think this will be our last I am excited to go a different route. Thanks for the giveaway!


  33. Erika Says:

    I love the “tongues” that come out in the wash! No unstuffing from daycare.


  34. Felicia R Says:

    I like the tongue style soaker of the Tots Bots that comes out in the wash!


  35. Yesenia Says:

    I love the Tot Bots easy fit AIO! No need to stuff, it dries quickly and comes in fabulous prints and colors!


  36. abby Says:

    The giraff print. I love giraffs and plan On doing a giraff theme for my baby due in jan.


  37. Rosie Connolly Says:

    What an exciting giveaway! Thank you for the chance :)


  38. Karen Says:

    I like the ease of all in ones. I also love natural fibers so the bamboo in the Koala diaper sounds amazing to me


  39. Heidi Says:

    I really like the idea of the side snaps.


  40. Erica Says:

    I’ve never tried a side snapping diaper, sounds like a great idea!


  41. Mary Counts Says:

    I would love to try these!


  42. Serena Says:

    Narrow crotch


  43. Sam Says:

    We have never tried an AIO? But I love the no stuffing part! Im sure hubby would prefer an AIO!


  44. Ashley Pistolis Says:

    My favorite feature is the tongue style soaker that agitates out in the wash. Touching soiled soakers can be awfully icky!


  45. Karianne Says:

    My favourite is the awesome tots bots prints!! they are superduper adorable – I want one! :-)


  46. Laura Says:

    I love AIO’s! The easier it is to change my wiggle worm the better!


  47. tarin Says:

    I love the use of bamboo instead of microfibre and also not having to hunt for inserts


  48. Laura Says:

    I am newer to cloth diapers and would love to discover different types/brands of diapers. I love to support different companies and give everyone a try!


  49. Lori Says:

    Pass through pockets that don’t need to be unstuffed before washing. BTW the raffle copter form work for me. Thanks


  50. Natalie Zohner Says:

    I love the side-snapping feature of the Blueberry Basix! So fun.


  51. Heather Hale Says:

    Love the idea of a bamboo soaker!


  52. Kimberlie Says:

    Fav feature is the tongue style soaker in the Easyfit.


  53. Christina Says:

    I love the availability of bamboo as a fabric in the Koala Huggerz. Its not as easy to find non-microfiber in an AIO and with our very hard water, we are prone to the stinkies!


  54. Becca S Says:

    Love that I don’t have to unstuff Tots Bots… haven’t tried the other two, but I would love to!


  55. Jay Says:

    I like the tongue style


  56. Beth Rees Says:

    AIO’s have made things so much easier for us. There is no stuffing and I can get them folded so much faster. Though I do love my tots bots easy fit. One of our favorites!!


  57. Anne Sweden Says:

    I like that the Koala Hugger has such a generous fit. Lots of toddlers out there still in diapers!


  58. Jennifer B Says:

    I am intrigued by the new minky tots bots, I would really like to try those. I have some of the old bamboo ones.


  59. Shannon Ropp Says:

    I would love to try side snaps.


  60. Susan D Says:

    Tots Bots Easy Fits have been a great diaper for my son from about 8 months (when I first tried them) to 21 months. I have had to add some extra absorbency since about 18 months. I just purchased 2 of the new style…in two great prints. Still trying them out in terms of absorbency, but I love the soft feel and the great fit.


  61. Lindsay Says:

    I like that the Koala Huggerz has a bamboo soaker. Thanks for hosting! Would love to win these for my LO:)


  62. Cynthia I Says:

    Very interesting. I am expecting number 5 in February and we used cloth diapers for the last one but only from 1 year old to potty training. I am still undecided about cloth diapering a new born. I would love to try some new diapers and see what will work best for us. I am especially interested int he bamboo liner. Thanks.


  63. Teresa Says:

    I would love to try any of them. All I have are pockets. The side snaps look nice.


  64. Kelly T. Says:

    I have 3 of the Tots Bots and love them. Had I found them sooner they would be the majority of my stash instead of another brand.


  65. Stacy Says:

    I’d like the try the Blueberry Basix. I’m a fan of the side snap!


  66. lindsey m Says:

    I like that the Blueberry Basix have side-snapping. My baby girl has some chunky thighs and I feel like most diapers squeeze her legs too much when I’m trying to get a decent fit.


  67. Crystal Says:

    Thanks for the review – I especially like that you compared the widths of them. My daughter needs as narrow as possible to avoid chafed thighs – so I’ll be looking into the Basixs!


  68. Marie Says:

    I really need to take the plunge into AIO’s all I have right now are pockets!


  69. anne perry Says:

    Blueberry basix side snappig


  70. Laurie Says:

    Love the fact you can add more inserts to the Blueberry if needed!


  71. Lori Knight Says:

    I love the prints and the bamboo insides.


  72. lisa Says:

    I love my tots bots easy fit!!! I find the absorbancy similar to all the other brands I have. Now that my 9 month old is eating a lot more food (and therefore his poo has changed from that EBF poo), I have this to say – the poo comes right off that tots bots dipe. It is the easiest to prep (re: take poo off) for the wash, easier than every other diaper I have. Hah!

    Autumn, that might be a good review criteria to add in – how easily does the poo come off the diaper. Inevitable, I find my disposable liners and cotton liners we have never do the job in full. There is always more clean up to do. However, my diaper sprayer just came so I can’t wait to install and try that bad boy out!!!


  73. Amanda Says:

    I love the side snapping diaper as
    I am training my 2-year-old. That would be so convenient!!


  74. Heather Says:

    Love the super soft PUL of the tots bots!


  75. Ree Kline Says:

    I’m a soon-to-be Grandma and I’m trying to sew all my kid’s diapger wraps. I’ve been trying to make a sample of each kind of diaper, which is quite a process. i’m entering this to win a sample for my kids to try and see what ones they want me to make!


  76. Melissa H. Says:

    I love that there’s no unstuffing!


  77. Joanna Says:

    I have never tried an AIO, but I’d love to give them a try.


  78. Charity Says:

    The Blueberries look great. Do you know where they are manufactured?


  79. Tiffany Says:

    I like the bamboo soaker material of the koala huggerz


  80. Elizabeth C Says:

    I like that the Koala Huggerz has a bamboo soaker. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  81. Rachel Wright Says:

    When I first started looking at modern cloth diapers, I was leery of the snap down one size diapers. too many snaps I thought. it’s confusing. but now they are my favorite style. I have two boys in diapers, and I love that either one can wear the same diaper, and I do not have to sort out who’s are who’s.


  82. Trisha W. Says:

    I like the tongue style of the Tots Bots. That allows the AIO to wash up well and dry more quickly.


  83. Jennie Says:

    That’s easy: I love the idea of AIO’s. We have diaper covers & prefolds; AIO’s seem like they’d be easier, & I’ve always wanted to try them. Thank you! Good luck, everyone!


  84. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    I would say my favorite features for all of them are that no unstuffing required. Otherwise, I like that you can easily add extra absorbency to the Blueberry Basix, the customizability of absorbency on the Tots Bots and the fact that the soaker on the Koala Huggers is bamboo. I love them all!


  85. carmen Says:

    I don’t have any side snapping diapers but it looks like i need to get some to try! They look so much easier!


  86. Nikki Kalina Dyess Says:

    I love the new prints on the Easy Fits!!


  87. lisa killoran Says:

    love the bberry prints, just wish they weren’t microfiber!


  88. Kelly Says:

    Love the pass through pocket and prints!


  89. Kiersten Says:

    The bamboo inner!


  90. Lauren Simms Says:

    I love that the crotch on the Blueberry Basix is narrower thus making for a trimmer fit and less of a bow-legged cowboy walk (as we call it in our house)


  91. Lauren Simms Says:

    I love that the crotch on the Blueberry Basix is narrower thus making for a trimmer fit and less of a bow-legged cowboy walk (as we call it in our house)


  92. Jenn Says:

    I love the prints!


  93. Lanae Says:

    I like the trimness or the Blueberry, and absorbency


  94. Cara Says:

    Thanks for your reviews! I learn something new every time. The only problem is that you make me want to buy TONS of diapers!! :)


  95. Nicola Says:

    Glad to finally read a review of the new totsbots easyfit. I was wondering what the new minky was like.


    • Nicola Says:

      In terms of my favourite aio, I have a love/hate relationship with them. I lasted the longest with totsbots, because the drying time was better, but the bamboo always felt crispy after line drying. I’d love to try the minky and see the difference.


  96. Nicole Says:

    How exciting! I’m always looking to try something new.


  97. Nicole Says:

    How exciting! Lucky you to try all three and lucky someone else too.


  98. Heidi Says:

    Ditto what Lauren said. The Rafflecopter is not working :( It says 502 Bad Gateway.


  99. Misty Fagan Says:

    I don’t see a rafflecopter form, but where it would be it says “502 Bad Gateway”. I’m at work though and it won’t let me use rafflecopter here, but I can usually at least see the form. Hope this helps!


  100. Lauren Says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by the raffle copter form. I don’t see any options except to leave a comment but I’d love to enter!



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