Koala Huggerz, Blueberry Basix, Tot Bots AIO Reviews and Giveaway


Today I am reviewing three all in one cloth diapers: Koala Huggerz, Blueberry Basix and Tot Bots Easyfit.  All three differ in many ways.

Actually, the similarities are pretty much limited to the fact that they are an all in one (AIO)!

First up is a Koala Huggerz AIO.  Jen Arevalo is the owner of Koala Huggerz and provided me with a diaper for review.

Koala Huggerz is the largest fitting of these 3 diapers.  With 4 rise settings you get a fit that expands from 17″ to 11″.

The bamboo soaker is hidden or sewn in making this truly a “sposie-like” cloth diaper.

Having a bamboo soaker is a huge plus.  Microfiber is the most common soaker fabric used yet it tends to get the stinkies.  Bamboo is not as absorbent right away but after several washes the absorbency increases.

Koala Huggerz AIOs are available in snap or velcro closure.  I have the velcro version and while I love the ease of velcro it is not as sticky as I prefer.

Made in China and retails for ~$20-$25.

Next, is the Tots Bots Easyfit AIO.

Several months ago I showed you the new Tots Bots prints and colors.  Today I’ll show you the details of the AIO.

(Let me tell you, the prints are some of the cutest I have ever seen.  And they have even newer ones out now!)

Tots Bots Easyfit AIOs are one-sized with 3 snap down rise settings.  The largest rise is 17″ and the smallest is 12″.

The inner and soaker fabric is a super soft minky.  Minky remains soft wash after wash but I find it to be less absorbent than bamboo, microfiber and hemp.  Although, it can hold enough moisture to last a couple of hours between changes.

Minky is not stay-dry so your child will feel the wetness.  However, a fleece liner is included with every diaper for those sensitive to moisture.

The tongue soaker is long enough to tuck in and fold where your baby needs the absorbency.  For Camden I add a fold to the front.

The pocket opening is in the back and there is no unstuffing needed–it will come out in the wash.

Tots Bots Easyfit AIOs (Go, Baby, Go!) are available in snaps (poppers) or hook&loop.

The hook&loop is sturdy and strong.

Retails for ~$23.95.  Prints are limited at retailers (I linked to different retailers throughout this description).  But, the solids function just the same!

Last, is the Blueberry Basix.

Rana Cox is the owner of Dearest Diapers and she sent me a giraffe print Blueberry Basix in size medium to review.

Blueberry Basix is a sized, side-snapping AIO. Side-snapping diapers are awesome. I wish more makers went this route.

Side-snapping cloth diapers give you a trim fit plus in the past I’ve found them to be excellent for babies with chunky thighs.  With Paisley I used Blueberry sized, side-snapping minky pockets that are now discontinued. Cry.

This AIO is similar to the Easyfit in that the soaker is a tongue style.

However, the soaker is microfiber and it comes out the front. It is not long enough to customize the fold but lays evenly from front to back.

The inner is a stay-dry microfleece keeping baby feeling dry.  Another difference with the Basix is a pass-through pocket.  It is easy to add additional soakers to the back and allow them to come out on their own in the wash.

On its own the Basix is an absorbent diaper.  Essentially you have 6 layers of microfiber as the soaker (3 are attached, 3 fold in as the tongue).

EXCITING NEWS: Blueberry/Swaddlebees just released new prints!  But, I’m not sure if those prints will be available in the Basix.  Still lots of cuteness to look at.

Retails at ~$16.95.

Rana had this to say about the Blueberry Basix:

They are super trim- great for under jeans/pants! Daddy friendly because they are an AIO (so no stuffing/assembly required-like my hubby likes to call it ;)
They are side snapping, so if you want to use them as a pull up for PL you could. Love the prints! Super soft/comfy cozy inside lining. AND they are Made in the USA!!!!!

One more comparison photo for you involves the overall size of the diapers. Koala Huggerz are the widest in the crotch are, Blueberry Basix the narrowest.

I imagine that Koala Huggerz would be a great choice for a large toddler. Camden is tall but fairly lean and he has a short rise. I don’t forsee him ever wearing a Koala Huggerz on the largest settings.

Last but not least!!! I have a giveaway for you!!

When Jen sent me a Koala Huggerz to review she included an extra and Rana would love to give a Blueberry Basix away! AND, at the very last minute (seriously) my friend Liz owner of Go Baby Go in San Antonio offered to include a Tots Bots Easyfit AIO!!

One winner will receive a Koala Huggerz AIO and a Blueberry Basix AIO and a Tots Bots Easyfit AIO!

To enter simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Thanks, Koala Huggerz, Dearest Diapers, Go Baby Go!!

(please let me know of any Rafflecopter mistakes, I did this really fast!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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298 Responses to “Koala Huggerz, Blueberry Basix, Tot Bots AIO Reviews and Giveaway”

  1. Danielle Says:

    I like the diapers that have stay dry liners built-in, and the pockets for adding absorbency are nice, too.


  2. Britni Bradford Says:

    Love that the Blueberry AIO is side snapping.


  3. Sianna Rose Says:

    I like that I don’t have to stuff anything


  4. ashley croker Says:

    side snaps


  5. Alecia Says:

    I like the idea of no un-stuffing.


  6. Christena Says:

    I like that the Tot Bots don’t have to be unstuffed :)


  7. Breanne Says:

    I like the side snaps


  8. Katie Fowler Says:

    I like the tongue feature of the tot bot diaper, that it is long enough to fold and that it comes out on its own in the wash.


  9. Katherine J Says:



  10. Leah Says:

    A trim fit is very important to me!


  11. Abigail Says:

    Blueberry Basix AIO! A trim AIO with side snaps and easy for dad… love that!


  12. idalia V. Says:

    I will prefer the Tot Bots AIO


  13. Jenna Burris Says:

    i like that its attached and folds in


  14. Danielle Hull Says:

    I like the price of the basix and the absorbency of the bamboo in the Koala. Thanks for all the great info!


  15. Kayla Dusseau Says:

    NO STUFFING!!!!!! best feature ever!


  16. Samantha R. Says:

    I like the tongue feature anything to help it dry faster is awesome!


  17. Jessica Thibodeau Says:

    I like th fact that the Easy Fit has the tongue feature. Should wash easier and it’s a great idea that you can add extra inserts for nights and naps.


  18. Amy P Says:

    could definitely use a sewn in bamboo soaker for naps/overnight


  19. Kristina R. Says:

    I like the side snaps, my baby has been nicknamed the Michelin baby due to his extra chunky-rolley-poley thighs. :)


  20. Maryn Says:

    I love the minkie inner – I think it’s great when diapers are extra-soft on the inside.


  21. Jessica S Says:

    I like the tall rise on the koala huggerz.


  22. steph Says:

    the “no un-stuffing” factor!


  23. Natalie Says:

    The side snaps and customizable absorbency


  24. Stephanie Says:

    I like that with the Koala Huggerz the bamboo soaker is hidden or sewn in.


  25. Shannon Stubbs Says:

    I like that you can add more to the blueberry if you need to!


  26. Hilary S Says:

    We love Tot Bots patterns and it’s a super trim and comfy fit.


  27. Lindsay Says:

    i love the side snaps!


  28. Talia Says:

    I like the tongue insert where you can customize a little extra protection in one spot!


  29. Charlotte R Says:

    I love how narrow the Blueberry Basix is!


  30. Ada Mangoes Says:

    I like that the Tot Bots doesn’t have to be unstuffed.


  31. brittany land Says:

    Not having to stuff them.


  32. Ashley B. Says:

    I like the pass through feature of the diaper


  33. Nicole Gutermann Says:

    bamboo! And Blueberry has the cutest prints!


  34. Jennifer Says:

    The tongue insert where you can change where the extra absorbancy is!


  35. kelly Says:

    The side snaps.


  36. Adria Says:

    I love how the Blueberry Basix are so trim and soft. They fit my little one perfectly!


  37. Dan L Says:

    My babe needs natural fibers! So this is great!


  38. Justice Montgomery Says:

    The thing I like about AIOs is not having to stuff them!


  39. Michelle St.Arnault Says:

    I am new to the cloth world and have not yet tried the AIO,I would love the opportunity to win this give away to try ALL3 of these items!!


  40. Guatejen Says:

    Just love how easy AIOs are!


  41. Leona Says:

    I like that the blueberry basics is side-snapping. It looks pretty cute.


  42. Jennifer Edwards Says:

    I think the side snaps on the Basix are pretty cool.


  43. amy Says:

    i love the tots bots minky inner!


  44. Elizabeth - Water Rolls Uphill Says:

    The minky inner! I’ve never tried a minky diaper sounds super soft.


  45. Lara Says:

    I really like the side-snaps… seems like a great idea!


  46. Kelsea Y Says:

    The tongue liner is a great idea!!


  47. Heather M Says:

    I like the tots bots soaker


  48. Erin B. Says:

    I like that Koala Huggerz soaker is made from Bamboo!


  49. Michelle Ferguson Says:

    The tongue insert in the easy fit!


  50. Mollie T Says:

    Really can’t decide… I guess I will say the side snaps (LOVE natural fibers AND tongue style though too)


  51. Ashley S Says:

    I love side snaps!


  52. Katie Fender Says:

    I like the strong hook and loop closure.


  53. Vivian Says:

    Love that they r easy to use!


  54. Julie Says:

    I like the idea of not having to stuff the AIOs. I’m about to start cloth diapering my newest newborn and have never used an AIO before. I also like the trim look of the Blueberry. I’ve never used a side snapping diaper before either.


  55. Meredith Says:

    I really like the Tot Bot because the insert is attached and it stays soft, I actually have 3 of these and love them.


  56. Heather Obermiller Says:

    Oh I’m just a sucker for a cute print. lol


  57. jennifer shaw Says:

    The side snapping! My daughter pull the front ones off, through her pants.


  58. lace Says:

    Side snapping diapers.


  59. Dandi D Says:

    I like how trim the Blueberry diaper is!


  60. Rebekah Stull Says:

    Definitely the bamboo soaker


  61. Jenni Says:

    I LOVE the blueberry prints, especially the giraffe!


  62. Cherie S Says:

    I love the tongue style AIO! Tots Bots are one of my absolute FAVORITE diapers!! I have 3 so far and I’m always looking to add to my stash!


  63. Ashley Says:

    I like the bamboo soaker. MF doesn’t hold enough so bamboo is a fantastic option to have!


  64. Jackie Says:

    I love that the koala huggerz have the bamboo soaker. I was always worried about using washables because of absorbency issues, but when our baby is born, I’d like to try out washable diapers with hemp or bamboo.


  65. Nicole Steffan Says:

    I love bamboo!! So much more absorbent than microfiber!


  66. Ranu Tanu Says:

    I like Side-snapping diapers. Besides the Giraffe print of Blueberry Basix is very cute.


  67. Chany Says:

    I like that the Tots Bots Easy Fit has a super soft minky inner!


  68. Julie Ghrist Says:

    I like the way the blueberry basix snaps. I think this gives it a nice smooth look and a trim fit


  69. Krystal Says:

    I like the bamboo soaker.


  70. coley r Says:

    love tongue-style AIOs


  71. Felicity Says:

    I like the expandable/one-size fits all feature.


  72. Laura C Says:



  73. Angela Says:

    Love the tongue style!


  74. jamie Says:

    I love, love LOVE all of the Tots Bots prints. I can’t wait to add some to my stash for Little Bird (due any minute now!)


  75. sarahf Says:

    koala’s have bamboo!!!


  76. Geri Fink Says:

    Ilove bamboo!!!


  77. Jeniffer Smith Says:

    I seriously love the tongue-style AIO. Tots Bots is one of my favorite AIOs for that reason!


  78. Kenda Wathen Says:

    I like the side snaps of the Blueberry


  79. Melanie Says:

    I love tongue-style AIOs! They dry so much more quickly.


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    I love the side snaps :)


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    I love the tongue liner! What a great idea!


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    i love the side snaps


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    Tounge liner- I haven’t really seen those


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    Love the bamboo soaker!


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    i love the tongue soaker tucks into the pocket on the totsbots


  86. Lily Ivey Says:

    I like that the Koala Huggerz AIO has a bamboo soaker and not microfiber like so many other AIOs.


  87. tessa h. Says:



  88. Keera Says:

    I love the super soft minky in the tots bots! Must be so comfortable for baby!


  89. Jodie A Says:

    I like the bamboo soaker better than using microfiber.



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