Little Bear Bums Review and Giveaway!


Winner chosen: Congratulations, Jennifer B!

Almost a month ago I received a very well dressed set of cloth diapers in the mail.  What do I mean by well-dressed?  The cloth diapers came wrapped in tissue paper and tied up with string and a nice note alongside.  It means so much when a wahm goes the extra step.

Little Bear Bums cloth diapers are prefolds repurposed into a snapless prefitted. They also contain a soaker similar to the bum genius organic in look.

If you aren’t familiar with the term prefitted, it is a prefold with elastic added at the legs to create more of a “fitted” fit.  Little Bear Bums can be fastened with a snappi or pins.  I wasn’t able to use the gorgeously dyed LBB cloth diapers for almost 2 weeks because I had donated my snappi!

Sterling 7months in Little Bear Bums

When I finally got a snappi in from Leslie (Cloth Diaper Superstore) I started using the Little Bear Bums diapers.  The first time to use them I was not able to get a snug fit for a few reasons: 1) Sterling is skinny 2) I never use prefolds or a snappi 3) I probably got the wrong size.

However, once I went to use the set for the second time I got a much better fit!  I folded down the back and the front then snappied to get a tight fit.

The absorbency was a bit more than just a prefold because of the added soaker.  But don’t expect to leave your baby in it for hours at a time.  Promptly changing your baby’s diaper after they pee will prevent any leaks.

The main benefit to me for using Little Bear Bums cloth diapers is the trimness.  I use an sbish wool soaker as a cover and with pants on it is like Sterling is wearing underwear.

Little Bear Bums cloth diapers are an EXCELLENT choice for your baby and your wallet.  They are affordable ($8 or $9), simple, cute, trim, and are almost one sized.  I have a size 2 and it could easily fit a baby 6months – potty training.

One of my favorite parts of running this blog is getting to know the moms behind the diapers.  I have spoken with Addie via email and she sent me this bio about Little Bear Bums diapers:

My sister-in-law, Amy, and I started using cloth diapers at about the same time.  And we both had started with Prefolds/Covers.  Over the first few months, I decided to try a few pocket diapers and fitteds, but wasn’t very happy.  I wanted a simple laundry routine where I didn’t have to treat some things differently than others, but I wanted an economical solution.

I liked that the prefolds were cotton but I had a VERY chunky-legged daughter and could never quite get the prefolds to fit right around her thighs and it wasn’t unusual (even with different folding techniques) to have poop leak out around her legs.

So, I started brainstorming about how I could turn my prefolds into an economical, durable, WORKING solution. I cut and sewed a few of my diapers, showed Amy, and she decided to make some changes to my design and make some herself.  Over time, and MANY changes the Little Bear Bum diaper evolved.  After using them ourselves for a while, we thought maybe other people would like to try them out too!

We also make cloth wipes and “Mama Cloth”.  We’ve recently had a lot of locals say that they wish we carried all the things they would need to cloth diaper (which we don’t yet) but we’ve recently joined up with a local soap/bath product maker and she’s created some wipe solution cubes and a cloth-diaper-safe diaper rash balm.

As for US, we’re sisters-in-law, married to 2 brothers.  I, Addie, have 1 daughter, Hailey who’s 17 months old.  Amy has 3 children, a 4 year old boy, a 2 year old girl and baby girl who’ll be 1 in a week.

Addie and Amy are living the cloth diaper journey.  They saw a “problem” and created a solution.  If you can get me to like prefolds you know you’ve done something right!

Little Bear Bums would love to bless one reader with a set of 3 diapers.  Submit one comment for each entry requirement.

  • Become a fan of Little Bear Bums on Facebook
  • Tell Addie and Amy what you’d like to see them carry
  • Tell me the secret on how to get more sleep…hehehe

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148 Responses to “Little Bear Bums Review and Giveaway!”

  1. dancinglady Says:

    I used these for a while and would recommend them to anyone interested in fitteds. Trim, versatile, easy to size down, fun colors, great price.


  2. Jaime Says:

    I’m a fan on Little Bear Bums on facebook


  3. Kristy Says:

    As for sleep try some stuff from Young Living Essential Oils! Contact me via email and I can give you some more info. They have a diffuser that’s great for the kids rooms to help them sleep…I use it every night!! I am now a fan on FB and I think it’d be fun for the girls to make a cover that’ll fit well with the diaper to keep the bulk down, but isn’t too tight on the legs!


  4. Shannon Says:

    *Sleep…hmm that’s a tough one. Drink some chamomile tea just before bed.
    *Amy and Addie should carry some wipes and covers!
    *I’m a fan!


  5. Sarah Flukinger Says:

    Oooh, maybe some nice wool covers? That’d be cool!! (But affordable because wool is so expensive!!) :)


  6. Sarah Flukinger Says:

    Sleep….well, I only have one child right now and he’s a great sleeper. I don’t really know how it happened, it just kind of did. I think it’s God’s blessing to me since we had such a traumatic birth experience and i have to go through a lot to get my babies here healthy. :) But good luck on getting more sleep!!


  7. Sarah Flukinger Says:

    I’ll have to wait and become a fan since Facebook isn’t allowed at my work. :)


  8. Amy Says:

    I would love to see them carry covers as well as snappis! And to have more pictures on their site, maybe even a video? :-)


  9. Amy Says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook! :-)


  10. Lori Mon Says:

    I would like to see the diapers on some babies in pictures.


  11. Sierra Says:

    Maybe they could start carrying nice Wool Covers. :)


  12. Ang Says:

    I would love to see them carry covers, snappis, and nursing pads.


  13. Ang Says:

    I am a facebook fan

    Angela Dean Howard


  14. Sarah Seefeldt Says:

    More sleep…I’ve been wondering about that too. Maybe on the weekend you could eat something really quickly for lunch and then take a nap while the family eats lunch under dad’s supervision! =)


  15. Sarah Seefeldt Says:

    I would love to see pictures of the diapers on babies. I love the colors though! How fun!


  16. Megan Says:

    I am a FAN!

    Sleep? What’s that? Co-sleeping doesn’t work for us because my 10mo old thinks it’s play time and climbs all over us and squeals in our ears. For me, if she wakes at night, I catch some z’s in the glider in her chair while I breastfeed her and then I get to crawl back to bed after putting her back in her crib. The soothing nature of breastfeeding is USUALLY the fastest way for me to get her back to sleep.


  17. Megan Says:

    These fitteds look AWESOME :) I could see Bear Bums carrying an insert to go with the fitteds. Something that would help with overnight would be great!


  18. Cloe Wind Says:

    I am a fan!

    Learn to sleep with your eyes open–creepy, but particularly helpful when I know my DH is putting the CD’s on the bebes–I am less likely to wince or criticize, and I get those extra zzzzz’s!


  19. Kristy Says:

    The trick to getting more sleep. I haven’t tried this but you could always turn your clocks ahead a few hours to make it seem later than it is. For example kids to go bed at 8pm…turn your clock ahead to 10pm and be in bed by 11pm….when it’s actually only 9pm :)….just don’t turn all your clocks ahead…lol. Just think an extra couple hours of sleep :) That’s all I’ve got….realistically I think we need to wait till they become teenagers lol.


  20. Dollie Says:

    To carry list: Wool soakers, snappi’s, a variety of covers, and more pics.


  21. Dollie Says:

    I am a fan on FB.


  22. Dollie Says:

    Umm, I like NyQuil and Valarian herb, but not together. Also, take a night off once a week and make the hubby do all the work. : )


  23. Christina Says:

    Just became a Fan on FB!


  24. Christina Says:

    I’d LOVE to see some matching covers added to the stock!


  25. Christina Says:

    Sleep…. give children Benedryl! ;) Just kiddin!


  26. Kristy Says:

    I would love to see them cary some bamboo prefolds or prefitteds! I’m enjoy the prefold love right now.


  27. Kristy Says:

    I became a fan!


  28. Shawnna Says:

    More sleep….isn’t that the million dollar question : ) I’ve heard bringing your baby to bed with you will help you both get more sleep. It didn’t work for us.


  29. Shawnna Says:

    I would definitly like to see them carry the cloth diaper friendly rash cream!


  30. Shawnna Says:

    Facebook fan of Little Bear Bums


  31. Terra Jones Says:

    More sleep? Get to sleep earlier? Take Melatonin? I talked with my chiropractor b/c I have insomnia and she adjusted me a certain way and it’s definitely helping! I hope you get more sleep! It can be so rough.


  32. Terra Jones Says:

    Maybe they could sell snappis or pins to close the diapers so you don’t have to order from two places? (not sure if that’s possible, but at 8am w/ an 5am waker and no caffeine that’s the best I can think of, lol)



  33. Terra Jones Says:

    I’m a FB fan of Little Bear Bums!



  34. Emily (M.L.E. Q.) Says:

    My secret to getting more sleep is simple. Become a Dad! I only wish I could get more sleep, too. How is it that men can be two inches away from the screaming baby and not even wince. And then in the morning ask “How did you sleep last night? Did the baby wake up?” The other night as I was so tired and really wanting to sleep but up with the baby I said to my falling-asleep-husband “Boy, I wish I could be a dad and just sleep when I wanted.” He smiled as his eyes rolled back in his head and the snoring began.


  35. Emily (M.L.E. Q.) Says:

    I would love to see them sell some cute wetbags – perhaps matchy ones to the cute dyed dipes!!


  36. Emily (M.L.E. Q.) Says:

    I’m became a fan of Little Bear Bums on facebook! :o)


  37. Crystal Silvas Says:

    Are we supposed to be submitting these comments on their FB page to count as an entry, or on here? :) Just in case I’ll do both.

    1) I am a fan on FB.
    2) Maybe some good covers for slim babies. My 6 month old is, as they say, “long and lean.”
    3) Good question but I’m in the same boat in the sleep dept. Other than the obvious “sleep when they sleep” (which is difficult if you’ve got more than one) I don’t know what to tell you. :(


  38. Gwen Krehbiel Says:

    Addie and Amy – I’d love to see pictures of these on real babies. As for products I guess covers and wet bags would be the next logical step. ~Gwen


  39. Michelle Says:

    The only thing I can think of for the secret to more sleep is to give the kids away! Hehehe, I know it’s not really an option, but it is a way to get more sleep. :-)


  40. Katie W Says:

    I became a fan! :)


  41. Jusitne Says:

    Facebook fan



  42. Majaliwa Says:

    Great idea. I love prefolds for the cost and ease of washing but find it hard to get a good fit around my little man’s chunky legs. I just started doing the twist method with the prefolds which helped a ton. I’ll definitely be trying these.


  43. Laura V. Says:

    Addie and Amy, I would love to see more photos of these dipes on babies!


  44. Emilee Says:

    I’d love to see them carry covers but I’ve always wanted to try a prefitted and we have a little one in the way in 8ish weeks so hope I win!


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