Little Dumpers Hybrid Fitted Review and Giveaway


Nighttime cloth diapering can be a make or break it moment for many cloth diapering parents.  Many get so frustrated they throw in the towel completely.  Others just use disposable diapers at night and cloth during the day.

One system I have found to be successful for most children is hybrid fitted cloth diapers. If you’re wondering what the difference is between a regular fitted and a hybrid fitted check out What is a Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper?

An additional bonus to using a fitted at night is the ability to choose whether you want to cover it with PUL, wool or fleece. Wool and fleece allow for the heat to pass through away from the body which helps prevent rashes and yeast growth.

There are several wahm brands of hybrid fitteds on the market today. Little Dumpers is one I had the privilege of reviewing for you.


Little Dumpers is owned by Rachel Henin. I asked Rachel to share with us a little about her family and Little Dumpers diapers.

I’m a SAHM to a super active 17 month old little boy who is the absolute joy and love of our lives. I have to say I think this is the funnest age! I’ve had a passion for cloth diapers since the first time I stumbled across your site. My passion has maybe sort of turned into an obsession. When I decided to start making cloth diapers my husband was a huge supporter. Without him I probably wouldn’t have succeeded. We all go thru rough days where we don’t think we’re good enough or that we just can’t do it. I didn’t want to give up though as I realized what kind of message would I be sending to my son if I told him you can do anything you want if you stick with it and don’t give up, and then give up myself? I believe in setting a good example.

As for my diapers I have three different types, a Hybrid Fitted diaper which the outside fabric varies between a knit, minky and woven, a hidden layer of polyfleece and a cotton velour / organic bamboo velour inner. As for the soaker it is a petal snap in which has 2 top layers of coordinating cotton velour and SHOBF (super heavy organic bamboo fleece) — with a bottom layer of bamboo hemp fleece. I also have a Newborn diaper, using the same materials but with a lay in soaker. And finally I have a new Night Time diaper, that has a top layer of matching cotton velour and 2 layers of SHOBF — the bottom has a layer of zorb 2 sandwiched between bamboo hemp.

When I first received my Little Dumpers Hybrid Fitted I knew it would be a HUGE hit in my home. Why? Well with 4 boys you can’t go wrong with planes! Camden wanted to keep it. In the last week my boys have become completely obsessed with all things planes or jets.

Finley was the first to try out the diaper. When I put a diaper on for the first time for review purposes I leave it on as long as I can to test out the absorbency. After 5 hours (with no cover) it was still dry on the outside. At that point I go ahead and change the diaper and mark it as possibly nighttime worthy.

After washing it up the diaper then became Camden’s. Camden is potty trained during the day but needs a diaper at night. He doesn’t pee a lot at night so our Little Dumpers diaper hasn’t been put to the “heavy duty toddler pee” test.

As far as fit goes, Camden is 2 1/2, 33lbs and Finley is 6m, 17 1/2lbs and both comfortably wear the diaper. On Camden it fits just perfect. No overlapping snaps, no bulkiness, no sagging. On Finley, naturally there is some bulk but with plenty of snap settings available there are no gaps or wing droop.

Little Dumpers has a very gentle leg elastic making red marks near impossible. Finley has middle of the road chunky thighs and I love how soft this diaper is on him.

Due to the multiple layers of fabric combined to make a hybrid fitted cloth diaper you may be concerned about the drying time. Don’t be! The shell dries very quickly and because of the petal soaker air circulates freely between the layers allowing them to dry in one cycle.


Rachel does a great job at stocking her store with super cute prints! Be sure and check out the Little Dumpers Facebook page and Little Dumpers Hyena Cart store for the next releases.


Enter the form below for your chance to win an adorable Little Dumpers diaper for your little one!

***We are moving on Monday August 12th! I have set this giveaway for longer than normal for this reason. I will do my best to get back to your emails and comments in a timely manner.***

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205 Responses to “Little Dumpers Hybrid Fitted Review and Giveaway”

  1. Nicole Gutermann Says:

    I love hybrid fitteds, well any fitteds really.


  2. Paige Says:

    I haven’t tried them, but want to!


  3. Krystal Says:

    I haven’t tried one yet. I’d love to!


  4. Laura Says:

    I’ve never tried a hybrid fitted, but I would like to.


  5. Stephanie Says:

    I have only used AIOs and prefolds with covers, but I love the thought of fitteds! Especially for hot days when you want to give the little guy a break from PUL …


  6. Brigid flood Says:

    I have not


  7. Hope Massenburg Says:

    I haven’t tried them yet! I just started cloth diapering a month ago when my mother in law sent me a sewing machine. I’m trying to make my own but also trying other cloth diapers to see what works for my little man! He was a preemie, so he’s smaller than average. Would love to try the hybrid fitted diapers! Thank you for the chance to win one!


  8. baileigh colerick Says:

    have not tried them! but am dying to!!!


  9. Melissa West Says:

    Pregnant with my first and looking forward to everything. I hate the plastic bum of disposables and am working on my stash of cloth. I’ve babysat for two moms who have used prefolds, but I’d love to try out some others.


  10. Sue Says:

    Want them for grandchildren..


  11. aimee m Says:

    I haven’t tried little dumpers but i have tried a different hybrid fitted and i do like it


  12. Rachel Says:

    I havent tried hybrid fitted diapers yet, would LOVE to try this one :-)


  13. Jenn McCarty Says:

    I just started using hybrid fitteds. So far I love them, but I do have a heavy wetter so I am interested in trying little dumpers (ha!). The cost of fitteds is a challenge, so would love to win one!


  14. Beth Ann Says:

    I have two hybrid fitteds at home, and I really like them! :)


  15. Jenn McClearn Says:

    I have not tried them yet, thank you for the chance to win one :)


  16. beki lozano Says:

    no but i would love to try =)


  17. Ashley B. Says:

    I love them because they allow babes bum to air out a little and are super absorbent for overnight!


  18. Sam Stamp Says:

    I have not tried Hybrid Fitteds yet but I would love to!


  19. Amanda Says:

    I have never tried a hybrid fitted but I would love to!


  20. katie Says:

    I havent tried them yet but I would love to


  21. Melissa C. Says:

    I’d love to try a hybrid fitted for night!


  22. Jessie Says:

    I’ve been nervous about trying hybrid fitteds because I thought they would leak, but your review has proven otherwise! I’d like to try one now :)


  23. Jeannette Says:

    I have never tried fitteds, only 2nd hand pockets…I would love to give these a try! I would have trouble covering the adorable diaper with a cover though! Too cute!! :)


  24. doan b Says:

    No, I have not tried them but plan to soon.


  25. Sonja Says:

    I haven’t tried hybrid fitteds yet, but read up on them and would really love to try one!


  26. M D Says:

    Have not had a chance to try hybrid fitteds yet, but they look like another great option!


  27. Aurora P Says:

    I LOVE fitted!!!. love love love


  28. Katie F Says:

    I have not, But I would love to!


  29. Danielle Talbott Says:

    Never tried them, but I’ve heard good things. I would love to add one to my stash.


  30. Shaena Says:

    I have never tried a fitted but with my heavy wetter I think I might have to switch to fitteds.


  31. Amber S. Says:

    Love the cute designs and I like the inside too! Ive never tried hybrid fitteds but would love to give one a try!!


  32. Tashina Kirk Says:

    I have one and I love it.


  33. Becca F Says:

    I have yet to try them but I love the idea of hybrids with the flushable options it seems that they would be easier to travel with.


  34. Laura Says:

    I don’t have any fitteds at all. Would love to try a hybrid


  35. Jennifer Lyden Says:

    I haven’t yet, but I’d really like to. I’m on an AIO kick right now, but need something else for 8 month old DD.


  36. Nicole W Says:

    I have not tried this brand before as we are just entering the CD World as we are expecting our 1st this Fall.


  37. Vicki Hall Says:

    I haven’t tried them yet , but I would love to.


  38. Kelly Says:

    I have not tried hybrid fitted dipes yet, only pockets so far. I am totes open to trying them though!


  39. Lark Says:

    These sound great


  40. megan Says:

    Am I the only one who wants to see a better picture of the print on the diaper and the other prints available? I’m not sure I get he hybrid thing but I love cute diapers.


  41. Candace Carver Says:

    Haven’t tried yet but would love too!


  42. Justine Says:

    Haven’t tried it yet, but I would love to :)


  43. Trisha W. Says:

    I have not tried this style of fitteds.


  44. Casey Says:

    i haven’t but would love to!


  45. Casey Says:

    i have yet to try a hybrid fitted, but i love regular ol’ fitters!


  46. Charity Says:

    I haven’t tried hybrid fitteds yet, but I would love to!


  47. Jennifer Says:

    we have one and absolutely love it!!! now to find a way to fund/or win more!


  48. Jenna Burris Says:

    i have tried fitteds, but not hybrid fitteds. i am intrersted in the difference for myself


  49. Tegan B. Says:

    I haven.’t tried them but have been researching all Fitteds bc I hate my double stuffed pockets for bedtime!


  50. Viv Says:

    I’ve been wanting to try a hybrid fitted, but haven took the leap to actually purchasing one, it would be awesome to try one out to see if we like it first!


  51. Sarah Says:

    So far I’ve only used OS pocket diapers, but would love to try a hybrid fitted! :)


  52. Heather M Says:

    I have a few and LOVE them!!


  53. Sarah Says:

    I haven’t tried Hybrid fitteds yet but just tried regular fitteds and love them! Want to try a hybrid SOOOOO bad!


  54. Patricia B Says:

    I have not tried hybrid fitteds. I want to soooooo badly though.


  55. Sarah Says:

    I haven’t tried them, but I need a new nighttime solution.


  56. Trisha Gately Says:

    Pregnant with our first and excited to try cloth diapers!


  57. Mary Beth Says:

    Haven’t tried them yet, but am wanting to


  58. Jennifer H Says:

    I haven’t tried any hybrid fitted but I really want to!


  59. Arthur Anderson Says:

    We haven’t tried hybrid fitteds yet as my wife is pregnant with our first now. We do have one in our stash so far though.


  60. Amanda Says:

    Being new to cloth diapering, and baby not due til December, I have yet to try any cloth diapers yet. Just trying to research the different types and brands is a chore!


  61. April Deamond Says:

    I’ve never tried a hybrid fitted but would LOVE to! Currently we are using Sandy’s Motherease Fitteds, which are okay but I’m not in love. I’ve also tried Kissaluvs Hemp Fitted, which I hate because the buttons snap off during the night, due to heavy wetting.


  62. All Natural Katie Says:

    I have tried one and I do like it. I love the breathability.


  63. Kayla Says:

    Our baby is on the way! We have not tried any cloth yet as my entire family is using or has used disposables! Looking to try several types!


  64. Katie F Says:

    I like hybrid fitteds! They’re super cute but super absorbent.


  65. Maggie Fout Says:

    I have not tried hybrids yet but would love too!


  66. Lisa H. Says:

    I have not tried hybrid fitted diapers but I would love to!


  67. Katie S Says:

    I have not had a chance, but I really want to!


  68. Sarah Jane Says:

    I have not tried hybrids yet, but would love to, especially since they can be OTB without a cover for a few hours.


  69. Carissa Joslyn Says:

    I have not had the chance to use a hybrid fitted yet! but I’d love the chance too! :D


  70. Peter Says:

    I am excited to try this out! First baby on the way!


  71. Julia Says:

    We plan to have our first kid next year. So, I haven’t had a chance to try them yet.


  72. Natasha Says:

    We haven’t tried hybrid fitteds yet, but would love to!


  73. Josie Says:

    I have not tried them, but am desperately searching for a nighttime solution. Would love to win this to try it!


  74. Beth Says:

    We haven’t tried hybrids.


  75. trisha kilpatrick Says:

    I have not tried hybrid fitteds yet.


  76. Kat Says:

    I haven’t tried them yet but would love to!


  77. Jana Says:

    Yes I have tried Hybrid fitteds and LOVE them!! :-)


  78. Julie Ghrist Says:

    I have not but i really want to!


  79. Sarah Hayes Says:

    havent really tried them yet but would like too. Im sure Id like them as long as they are trim


  80. Angela W Says:

    Not yet but hopefully in the near future!


  81. Aaron P. Says:

    We haven’t tried the hybrids yet – but we are thinking about it!


  82. Jessica Says:

    I haven’t tried a hybrid fitted. I am in the same boat as Lynette. What is it? Waterproof? Not waterproof? I like to use wool covers and have a couple of “fitted” dipes. I’m curious about them and would love to try. Maybe if I win, I’ll get that chance.


  83. Kristi H Says:

    I have not tried hybrid fitteds yet. I am interested though ;)


  84. Alicia Says:

    I have not tried these, I’m a n00b! Hope I get a chance though!!!!


  85. Lauren Says:

    I just tried my first hybrid a couple of months ago and LOVE it! I love the fact that I don’t have to mess with a cover, and the prints are absolutely adorable!


  86. susan g Says:

    I haven’t tried any kind of fitted yet but would love to!


  87. mckmnm Says:

    I haven’t tried them yet :(


  88. Kristina Robinson Says:

    havent tried hybrid fitteds because they are a bit pricey but im hoping to soon!


  89. Jessica Hughes Says:

    Not yet! I always think that the look so cute and hand-crafted.


  90. Jessica O Says:

    I just got my first Hybrid Fitted in the mail yesterday and I am excited to prep it and try it out!


  91. Lynette Says:

    I have not tried hybrid fitteds. I have had them explained to me several times… and I just don’t quite get therm! Lol. Are they a fitted? Are they waterproof? Something in between? Eek! I’d love to try one out as they seem to be the new thing everyone is talking about!


  92. Talia Says:

    I haven’t tried Hybrid fitteds yet, but I’d love to try them. It seems to be a bit of a trend in the cloth diapering world.


  93. Erin C. Says:

    I have yet to try a hybrid fitted.


  94. Erin B. Says:

    I have not tried a hybrid fitted. Would love to though! They sound great :)


  95. Amy D. Says:

    I have tried Sandy’s fitteds. I like them, but they’re so expensive and they do leak a lot from compression if you try to go without a cover. I’d love to try the Little Dumpers!


  96. Andrea Gibbons Says:

    I have not tried the hybrid fitteds yet but I have been looking at them and would really love to try one!


  97. Aimee P. Says:

    I have tried one hybrid fitted. I am not a fan of the bulkiness, but them them for nighttime diapers


  98. Jen Says:

    I have not tried a hybrid fitted, but I think it would be great especially for nights.


  99. Sarah Says:

    would love to try a hybrid! we are cloth diapering fanatics!



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