LolliDoo Eco Pocket Cloth Diapers

The LolliDoo Eco Pocket is an overnight cloth diaper.  Many of my readers requested reviews of this diaper so here it is..

  • Pocket diaper allows for customizable absorbency by changing the number of Innies™ stuffed into the pocket opening
    Comes with 3 Absorbency Innies™ (optional)
  • Certified organic cotton skin layer, a plush and durable french terry fleece, absorbs moisture while providing softness against baby’s skin
  • Our signature recycled Malden Mills anti-pill 300-weight fleece outer provides wetness protection without the need for a diaper cover
  • Generous one-size design, adjusts easily with internal cinch-sizing and fits from birth through potty learning, eliminating the need to buy diapers in each size as your baby grows
  • Closure snaps are made from recycled, recyclable stainless steel
  • Made in the USA

Fit: If you stuff the pocket with all 3 Innies™ the diaper is huge! For a toddler this would most likely be necessary. Sterling is not a heavy wetter at night but all 3 are wet in the morning. I can’t think of why I’d want to use this diaper outside of nighttime so using less the 3 inserts wouldn’t occur. If you are using this on an infant then 2 Innies™ would work but I can imagine the bulk would be substantial.

I’m able to get a nice snug fit on Sterling’s skinny legs and waist.  I also like the softness of the fleece around the leg elastic which prevents red marks.

Adjustability: Accessing the adjustable elastic is simple. I had no problems choosing the right size and making it equal on both sides.

Ease of care: I bought this diaper new and within a few uses it was reeking big time of ammonia. The terry cotton and polar fleece are magnets for buildup and with hard water I’m destined to deal with that.  The polar fleece quickly pilled up (1st wash) but that’s completely expected.

Absorbency: Innies™ are organic cotton knit terry which is adequately absorbent. Stacking 3 together gives you nighttime protection. The polar fleece does an excellent job at holding in the moisture and allowing air flow.

Construction: I find the snaps very hard to snap. They are tiny stainless steel snaps buried in this thick polar fleece. Not something you want to mess with in low lighting or with a squirmy baby.

The inner fabric is organic cotton (you can choose stay dry). If your baby is sensitive to feeling moisture then choose the stay dry at night.  I’ve found also that if you use a stay dry liner at night it lessens the chance of a rash if ammonia is present.

I hate trying to get poop off of rough organic cotton–this is not smooth and soft like the organic cotton in Bum Genius Elementals– so make sure to change your baby right away in the morning ;)

Overall: If you have tried Sustainablebabyish bamboo fitteds, Pooters hemp fitteds, Goodmama Goodnights and a double stuffed Flip with no nighttime success then I’d definitely try out LolliDoo.

I look forward to trying LolliDoo on the new baby next month!


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14 Responses to “LolliDoo Eco Pocket Cloth Diapers”

  1. Sarah M Says:

    I really wish I had found this review before I purchased a Lollidoo. I’m new to cloth and have just started using it at night on my day potty trained son. I found a sale going on for Lollidoo, with a company going out of business, so it’s not returnable. I have it arriving this week along with some Thirsties hemp inserts. Everywhere I looked, people said very little overall about Lollidoo and mostly it was good reviews but they are expensive. I’ve entered a million contests trying to win things to try, but finally I just had to buy something that might work better. I appreciate the honesty of this review, but I hope I have better luck with it!


  2. Kelly Says:

    Hi Autumn! I couldn’t find a good place to post this question, so I hope this post works. I’m thinking of doing a Dancing Bear fleece cover and a kissaluvs fitted diaper for overnight. Will my baby have a stay dry feel with this combo? That is really important to me. If not, would adding a silk liner help? And do I need an insert? What about a thirsties duo insert? I’d appreciate your expert advice!


  3. Jannalee Says:

    What is pilling?? A month ago I didn’t even know people used cloth diapers and I’m just hearing about them from a girl at work and I’m trying to learn as much as possible about them!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      you know those balls that form on fleece and sometimes your sheets? that’s pilling. microfleece inner diapers can “pill up”. i’ve found that it’s not all fleece inner diapers though ;)


  4. Candace Says:

    I’m really glad you reviewed this because my guy is a VERY heavy wetter at night (this is new, he just started drinking a lot more), and most of his diapers just don’t hold enough. These diapers are really out of my price range though so I wasn’t about to buy one without seeing a bunch of reviews. I think I’ll hold off and I’ll just continue to double stuff instead. Thanks for the honesty!


  5. Chrissi Says:

    I haven’t tried Lollidos, but I do have a nighttime routine that is bullet-proof. I put a super trim Thirsties Fab Fitted on my little guy, then I put a Knickernappies Superdo 1G insert (narrower than the 2Gs) around the Fab Fitted followed by a Thirsties cover. I’ve never once had a leak, and the Thirsties Fab Fitted perfectly holds in all his runny poop. But the Lollidos do look super cute! :)


  6. Raychel Says:

    The baby in that pic is cute as a button!
    I wish there was a way around night time bulk, but if there is I don’t know what it is. But it is kind of funny to see my two little skinny white boys look like they have so much junk in the trunk!


  7. Lara Says:

    I thought I had found the perfect solution for overnight diapering when I discovered the Lollidoos. I’m a fan of pockets and stray dry fabrics so it seemed to be win/win. However, it has been about 6 weeks since we started using them and we have had ammonia problems for probably the last 3 weeks. I’m frustrated obviously and nothing seems to be able to get rid of the smell. We also have leaking out of the top of the diaper not matter how I have it adjusted. I’m pretty disapointed and will be trying another option shortly.

    I was wondering if extra soakers are needed with any of the other options listed: Pooters, GMGN, or Sbish? If so, what should I use? I have two Sbish on their way to me so I’m going to try them next.

    We tried Flips before and had leaking. Why is overnight diapering so hard!!

    Oh, and all three of my diapers have pilling.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I haven’t needed to add any extra boosters to the 3. GMGN come with a bazillion layins…ok so only 3 but it’s a lot of layers. Still isn’t big butt though. All 3 are fairly trim for an absorbent nighttime system.


    • Danielle V Says:

      You mentioned leaking out the top of the diaper–I was wondering if your baby is a tummy sleeper? Obviously I lay my babies on their backs, but both of them when they were old enough to roll over chose to roll over and sleep on their tummies. Anyway, everyone always raves about pocket diapers but I have discovered they don’t work for tummy sleepers and I used to always get leaks out the top, especially if the diaper was overly bulky or didn’t fit well!! The best solution for us has been fitteds + hemp doubler + wool longies with a high waist!!


    • Angie Loomis Says:

      If it’s any help..I have been using bumGenius One Size fits all for the last two 1/2 years and they work great for me for overnight diapering. I just add an extra insert. I too have problems with ammonia smell. I just thought it’s part of cloth diapering??!!


  8. Theresa A. Says:

    Hmmm…it shouldn’t be expected to pill — the description at the top says it’s anti-pill fleece!


  9. Angie Loomis Says:

    I have one lollidoo diaper I love it all except it barely fits my 2 1/2 year old boy, who is not big for his age by any means. He doesn’t have thick thighs either so I was kind of disappointed that it doesn’t fit him.


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