Love Me Some WAHM Cloth Diapers! Review of Courageous Baby


I do love a good WAHM (work at home mom) product! When I buy one, I am helping to support a family and in return I usually get excellent customer service and an amazingly cute new cloth diaper or accessory to show for it!

I was contacted by a sweet momma wondering if I would be interested in reviewing her fitted cloth diaper. When I first started and was still a total newbie to blogging, I had asked Autumn what her policy for reviews was. She said she was equal opportunity! I still like how she put it. And so, I had the pleasure of trying a very well made diaper sent to me by Crystal Eairheart from Courageous Baby. I did receive the diaper free, however, this post is of my honest opinion.


First, AGAIN…love me some WAHM diapers! Second….this one is so smooshy and well made. One of my favorite things about it is in the details. The interior rise and insert snaps are hearts! LOVE!


I have to send Crystal my apologies as I took FOREVER to get this post written. The benefit of that is that it did give me a lot more time with the diaper. Many more washes and wearings! And I am happy to report it is still in wonderful condition.

Sophia, who is now 22 months, can go 2 hours in just this fitted and still be totally dry on the outside. Remember fitteds do require covers to be totally waterproof. Check out this post to get all the details on how fitteds work!

The inner is made of bamboo velour and the soaker pads are hemp/bamboo. There are two snap pads, one is a split two layer for faster drying and the other is an additional small one for a little more absorbency. It is a one size and it will fit from 14-40 pounds.

I asked Crystal to tell us a little about herself and her shop:

I’m a WAHM and besides the sewing I do for Courageous Baby I’m also a doula! I have two little ones, a 1 year old and a 3 year old. The shop is named after my first, his name is Courage. I did make a variety of things but since we will be full time RV’ing VERY soon I now only sell cloth diapers, mama cloth and maxaloons. We’re a crunchy/green family …drive a Prius, composting toilet, family cloth, unpaper towels, eat organic foods, yada yada…

I left the yada yada in because that is so something I would say myself!

Please support local business when you can and take a look at the many WAHM shops that can be found on the internet.


Crystal has been kind enough to also offer a $20 Credit to her shop Courageous Baby as a giveaway to All About Cloth Diapers readers! Please use the rafflecopter form below to enter. Good Luck!
Congrats! Winner was Jamie G.!

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Jennifer is a 33 year old SAHM to one beautiful little girl named Sophia. She closed her business, Curves, when she found out she was pregnant so she could stay home with her. Jennifer fell in love with cloth diapers even before Sophia was born and searches for ways every day to share the love!

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151 Responses to “Love Me Some WAHM Cloth Diapers! Review of Courageous Baby”

  1. Nadia Says:

    raindrops hybrid fitted organic one size diaper


  2. Brenda P Says:

    I would buy either the Monkeys OS diaper or some of the cute wipes!


  3. Victoria Meyers Says:

    Mama cloth! I am interested in trying it out


  4. Gennifer Says:

    Would love the chevron pocket!! Or the birds one… They are both soooo cute!


  5. Heather D Says:

    The chevron pocket diaper!


  6. Stephanie P. Says:

    I would use the $20 credit to buy the aqua diaper cover. I love solid colored diaper covers and this color is absolutely adorable!


  7. Mickey Says:

    I would love the zombie fitted diaper.


  8. Charley Says:

    I need a good WAHM fitted!


  9. Denise kellepouris Says:

    Wow! So cute. Love lots, too many to choose from :)


  10. Jessica W Says:

    I think I’d grab the green eggs and ham diaper, love Dr Suess!


  11. Nicole C. Says:

    I need the Elephant Love pocket diaper!! Even if I didn’t get the credit I’ll probably need to get that diaper!


  12. Alexandra Duran Says:

    The fitted!


  13. Rachel Says:

    I love the clouds and lightning fitted!


  14. Jessica Says:

    Love the humpy dumpy fitted.


  15. ruth Says:

    Either the raindrops or rainbow hybrids.


  16. Tanya Says:

    I would use it towards a fitted diaper. Need to try one


  17. Sarah Says:

    Love the Batman hybrid and the wonder woman bib!


  18. Hallie Conway Says:

    I would use it towards a Walking Dead or True Blood diaper. The maxaloons are pretty tempting too!


  19. Danielle Jones Says:

    I’m really liking the Humpty Dumpty hybrid fitted! Only hybrid fitted and fitted in our house


  20. Mary Says:

    I’d use it to try out some mama cloth.


  21. heather curry Says:

    I absolutely love the monkey pocket diaper. I have thought about reusable feminine products have not been brave enough to try.


  22. Mandy's Joys Says:

    I like the multicolor fitted!


  23. Katie H Says:

    I would use it to get the “I am your hero” pocket diaper


  24. Kalshelia Says:

    Very cute stuff. The bears items are perfect for my little boy.


  25. Lindsay H Says:

    I’d get the elephant love one size pocket diaper! Sooo cute!


  26. Amanda Boerst Says:

    I would get either the Popeye diaper or Hero diaper


  27. Kadie Says:

    I SHOULD put it towards more cloth wipes but how can you pass up this adorable dinosaur OS?


  28. Tia Says:

    Love it all!


  29. Emily Smith Says:

    Clouds and lightning!


  30. Kat Says:

    I like the humpty dumpty fitted cloth diaper.


  31. Maegan Washington Says:

    I would use it for a Zombie Hybrid Fitted!


  32. Martha England Says:

    I love the bird and anchor maxaloones! so cute!


  33. Kristen Varner Says:

    I love the eggs and bacon diaper


  34. Miriam Matheny Says:

    I would buy the green eggs and ham diaper


  35. Beth Ann Says:

    I love the dinosaur pocket! :)


  36. Erin Says:

    I love supporting mamas who make stuff! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!


  37. Katie F Says:

    I would put it towards the multi color hybrid fitted cloth diaper.


  38. Rebecca Orr Says:

    I like the angry birds cloth diaper.


  39. Erin Says:

    I would get the monkeys diaper. Thanks !


  40. Amber Says:

    I want to use it towards the multi colored diaper! I’m in love!


  41. Jodi Armstrong Says:

    I love the butterfly/zebra diaper… but there are so many cute options!!


  42. Jennifer Says:

    I would use it for Popeye! So awesome.


  43. Holly Wells Says:

    Love the raindrops hybrid fitted organic one size diaper!


  44. Shera Says:

    Cute Etsy shop! I would probably get the butterfly/zebra dipe – great colors.



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