Macaroni Baby Cloth Diaper Review

The hybrid fitted by Macaroni Diapers is a great choice for the average to smaller toddler and children with a shorter rise.

Tagged as a one-sized diaper, I appreciate that the listed weight range is 10-30lbs.  Macaroni Baby doesn’t pad the range and therefore doesn’t mislead.

Camden is right at the 30lbs mark and has hit the “this diaper fits perfect” point.  I like it when a diaper fits almost like underwear, no pooching, gapping or drooping.

Macaroni Baby started with two moms obsessed with cloth diapers. We started making our own diapers and loved them so much we wanted to share with other moms. Tarah and Angela met working with penguins at the zoo and that is how the name Macaroni Baby came about (from the Macaroni Penguin). We hope you love our products as much as we do.

Fit: Macaroni Baby hybrid fitteds do not have a fold down rise or snap down rise.  The stretchy elastic provides the rise adjustment.  In the relaxed position the rise is 13 1/2″, fully stretched 17 1/2″.  Camden measures about 35″ and 30lbs and is 25months old.  Finley will try this diaper on tomorrow and I will report back to you how it fits on a 4 week old (~11lbs).

Soaker: The snap in soaker is a fold-to-fit style.  This means it is a long tongue that you fold either in the front or in the middle depending on where your child needs the most absorbency.

Fabric: Hybrid fitteds have a knit or woven outer, hidden polyfleece layer and cotton velour inner.  The heavy bamboo fleece soaker is topped with matching cotton velour.

Absorbency: These are one of my most absorbent hybrid fitteds.  Honestly, I can’t tell you why!  All the materials are almost identical across hybrid fitted brands.  However, the fold-to-fit soaker seems to work better on Camden than the petal soakers (two “pieces” sewn together at the top that snap in).  Today Camden wore the diaper for several hours with no wetness on the outside.  He is, however, at that developmental stage where he holds his pee for long periods of time.  The potty training phase is something we are very lightly entering.

Value: $21.95 is very competitive for a one-sized hybrid fitted.

Availability: Macaroni Baby stocks on Hyena Cart.  Currently, production is a low due to early stages of pregnancy for Tarah and the unfortunate nasty virus has hit her young boys.  I am a huge fan of the custom order tab on the Macaroni Baby Facebook page.  Only 4 custom orders are taken each month (February is already full) so get in when you can!  There is also a b/s/t

**Overall**: Macaroni Baby is a gem of a diaper for Camden.  As I mentioned in the opening statements, I love the fabulous fit on him.  You can see from the photos below that from every angle the diaper is stretched comfortably.  I would most definitely recommend Macaroni Diapers to parents looking for an absorbent wahm hybrid fitted.

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4 Responses to “Macaroni Baby Cloth Diaper Review”

  1. Melissa Says:

    That looks awesome! My only question is if it’s worn regularly by a toddler, will the elastics get too stretched out for the next little one to wear at a younger age?


  2. Megan K Says:

    Glad to see this! We love our Macaroni Baby’s!!! They fit my 19 lb 11 month old and my 28 lb 25 month old equally well and they are often the first dipes I reach for when they are clean!


  3. Jenna Says:

    I have a custom in the making and I cant wait for it to get here! Tarah is so sweet and accommodating!


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