Miracle Diapers

October 13, 2008

Why Choose Cloth Diapers

Have you ever wished there was a place you could donate your outgrown cloth diapers so that they would benefit financial strapped families? Kind of like a food pantry or Goodwill for diapering needs. You may not have heard of them but Miracle Diapers is a non-profit organization that does just that!

“Miracle Diapers was founded in Oregon in January of 2005 to fill a need. There were many families who wanted to cloth diaper their children for health, economical, and environmental reasons but could not due to financial restrictions. Due to the overwhelming response, Miracle Diapers decided to to open two more chapters by the end of that year. Now, under new management, Miracle Diapers is now in our fourth year of service and looks forward to expanding even further.

Our goal is to someday have chapters all over the US and internationally. Through this we hope to not only be able to serve thousands of families in need, but to be able to educate the public on today’s cloth diapers and therefore helping cloth become more mainstream.”

There are many ways you can help Miracle Diapers in their mission to provide cloth diapers, baby products, and natural living items to struggling families all over the world. The most obvious is to donate! Here are a list of items Miracle Diapers accepts: We accept all items pertaining to cloth diapering; covers, cloth wipes, wool soakers, snappis, even fabric and sewing supplies. We accept used, seconds, recycled diapers, even diapers in need of repairs. We also accept slings, natural baby items, unused natural menstrual items, unused cloth nursing pads, and natural living products. Cash donations are joyously welcome as well, and are used to purchase diapers and to help cover shipping and advertising costs.

We will take diapers and covers in ANY SIZE and ANY CONDITION! We are especially in need of diapers in size MEDIUM and XL+. We would also appreciate donations of ink, stamps, polymailers, envelopes, labels, packing tape, receipt books, and other office supplies that would minimize our operating costs.

Other ways to help can be explored through their How You Can Help page.

I want to encourage you to help spread a positive word for Miracle Diapers. Way too often the negative comments get smeared across the internet while the powerful, life changing stories go untold. If you have had a blessed experience with Miracle Diapers please share you testimonial.

Cloth Diapering the World One Baby at a Time.  www.miraclediapers.org



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3 Responses to “Miracle Diapers”

  1. gretchen Says:

    Have you ever tried the “Little Beetle” diapers? I have heard great things about them but not yet bought any. I want a cover/pocket that I can use on a newborn and would like organic or wool for the all natural fabric….somethng I can add a great add in to it for thoughs first few months of soaking! Any suggestions??


  2. Michelle Says:

    What a great idea! Very cool.


  3. jodi Says:

    I noticed on the miracle diapers website one of their donors was gDiapers. I have just recently heard of this company and wondered if anyone has tried their products.


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