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I thought I’d tell you a little bit about how I found Monkey Foot Designs wet bags.  Every Monday night at about 8pm (cst) there is a cloth diaper chat on Twitter.  It’s a great time for those new and experienced with cloth diapers to ask questions, learn some new tricks, chat with other cloth diaper moms and to discover new products.

One night I was reading through the fast chat (if you aren’t familiar with Twitter and you’d like to join the chat, let me know and I’ll post some simple instructions) and I saw someone mention they use Monkey Foot Designs wet bags.  I have a love/hate relationship with products I haven’t discovered.  I love it because it’s something new I can try, I hate it because, by golly, aren’t I supposed to be in the know about all brands?? lol

I looked up Monkey Foot Designs and found that it’s an Etsy store (talk about a love/hate relationship!).  The fabric choices are amazing! I want them all.  The one included in my celebration giveaway is the print that I have.

One of the things I like most about my Monkey Foot Designs wet bag is the thickness of the liner.  I haven’t had any odor leaks even with the stinkiest of diapers in it.  I also enjoy that the price is affordable.  Many times items using designer fabrics (which is what we all prefer, right?) cost more.  And she offers free shipping on many of her bags!

Lately, I’ve been dissatisfied with my current “laundry pail”.  I’m considering the XL bag to hang in my office/guestroom/diaper changing area/sewing room (ha!)/collector of junk room.  The XL bag holds 2 days worth of cloth diapers which is exactly what I need.

I know you’ll love Monkey Foot Designs as much as I do!

To join the Twitter chat:

My suggestion is to use the program TweetDeck.  TweetDeck allows you to create colums showing you Tweets, DM, @mentions, and a chat column. To chat on Twitter means to use #clothdiapers.  On TweetDeck you can set up a column showing you all the tweets with the #clothdiapers.  There are other programs besides TweetDeck but I have found it easiest to use.

ex. chat tweet: What do you use for a nighttime diaper? #clothdiapers

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17 Responses to “Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bags”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I have a question how many diapers will the medium size bag hold? I double stuff each my diapers too which takes more room. I currently have 2 planet wise medium size bags- after one month wicking and leaking happened. Mainly when I rinse the poo diapers off-go back to put another diaper in there and the whole bag is soaked…not happy. Plus the bag creates smell I think too. I really want to try this wet bag now.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      If you want a bag to have in your house for in between washings I’d go with the XL. My medium can hold about 5 diapers.


  2. Valerie Says:

    I love the prints, but are these only bags for the dirty diapers? I am looking for a bag to hold the dirties but have a separate pocket for clean ones when I am on the go. Do you recommend Leslie’s for that?


  3. Amanda Says:

    Thanks for the info on tweet info for cloth diapers…I like to hear what people are saying.



  4. Lauren Says:

    LOVE MFD! They’re, IMO, hands down the best wetbags out there. ::sigh:: What was life like before Etsy?


  5. Sitha Says:

    I found out about MFD around 10 months ago. I adore the fabrics! But unfortunately, the products are not sold in France. I could order, of course. Finally I bought Planetwise… in my country, Indonesia (LOL…). I haven’t tried it yet because it is still over there, while I am over here ^_^


  6. Jessica Says:

    We love Monkeyfoot! I always reach for ours when we are leaving! We keep our XL one down stairs in the laundry room for diaper changes that happen down there! So glad you have highlighted such a wonderful product!


  7. Becky Says:

    What happened to the Kissaluvs pail liner you reviewed and liked?
    Someone gave me a set of 3 Monkey Foot wet bags/reusable snack bags last fall and we really like them. The liner is very thick and the outer material is as well.


  8. jenny Says:

    I have one for wipes, they are great, but best hung upright, as zip not waterproof.


  9. Tricia Says:

    Thanks again for an informative review – I’m excited to check out the bags! I have yet to find a wet bag that I really like/trust. As far as laundry pails go, I wanted to let you know about my go-to. I got the diaper pail from that has a carbon filtered opening in the cover, and it’s amazing. That thing can hold a stink! I wash every 2 days (have gone longer because I just forgot and the smell didn’t remind me), and this pail has allowed me to do that. Another key to my system is using the Kissaluvs antibacterial liner (that I believe you reviewed) with the cottonbabies pail. Killer combo and no more “stink-near-the-pail-that-becomes-the-fragrance-of-the-room”! Just thought I’d share!


  10. Brooke Says:

    I love Monkey Foot Designs! When I started cloth diapering my daughter at 5 months (last June) I purchased a small for my diaper bag and a medium for day care (they let us cloth diaper!) at our local cloth diaper shop in the Boston area. I also love the thickness of the lining – and our day care bag has stood up to every other day washing and drying (we used to line dry it, but our life has been crazy lately and it’s easier to just throw it in the dryer) for almost 12 months now! It never smells and I love the two fabrics I chose! Most of the other fabric choices are also adorable – it was hard for me to decide!


  11. Elisha Says:

    I keep drooling over these bags!!! I want the Dr. Suess one so bad. I love the owls too.


  12. Jen Says:

    I would like the instructions on joining the twitter discussion please and thank you


  13. Sara Says:

    So glad you found MFD bags! Kris is amazing, her bags work really well, and the patterns are perfect! That is why I am so happy to carry them, too.


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