Moraki Diaper Review and Giveaway


Review written by my trusted reviewer and experienced cloth diaper mom, Mandy.  Photos are of Camden and not Mandy’s daughter Anna due to upload problems. 

Moraki is a family run business out of Southern California that makes a fantastic diaper! Moraki are one size diapers that can be used as a pocket or an all in two and fit from seven to more than 40 pounds.


Moraki diapers are made in the US, and they only use suppliers in the United States.  Charlie from Moraki says the following:

We were struggling to find a good fitting, made in USA diaper with cute prints, so I set out to make my own. I’ve been sewing since I can remember, so it was a fun task, though not as easy as I expected! I was a WAHM (started and feeling unfulfilled with the market I was in…  A couple friends who tried my diapers insisted I at least consider making them on a grander scale. I did a lot of research and sourcing and made a business plan.

Community and keeping things local are extremely important to me. So is creating awareness about cloth diapers. I am currently training to be an accredited Real Diaper Association circle leader. I hold monthly meetings for cloth diaper support in East County SD. I am very passionate about cloth diapers and offering support (for any brand!). I have big plans for getting cloth into hospitals and making it a more realistic shift for low income families. I look forward to the future when cloth diapering becomes more main stream. In addition to local support, I hope to contribute by offering diapers that work and are easy to use.

There are even plans to add a fitted and all in one diaper soon!


Moraki diapers consist of a waterproof PUL cover with a snap down rise and snap closure.  There is a wing snap to prevent wing drooping at the legs that took me two or three uses to even notice!  Once I began using it, I found I liked the diaper even better. (Autumn: a wing snap is vital for establishing a good fit on small or skinny babies/children.  Wing droop is so frustrating!  I love the addition of the wing snap and used it on Camden)

The diaper is well-constructed. There is a pocket opening closer to the middle than any diaper I’ve tried, which  makes it easy to get the insert to agitate out in the wash. There is also a PUL tummy panel that is fantastic for keeping baby dry if you decide to lay in an insert. I tried it both as a pocket and an all in two, and I can’t find a thing negative to say about either way! (Autumn: I whole-heartedly agree!)


Moraki diapers fit my Anna quite well.  Once I figured out that wing snap, I fell in love with the fit.  You can snap it to either set of snaps to adjust for chunky or skinny legs.  We clearly use the upper row!  Even Grandma loves these diapers (a true test!).


I love the hemp blend Fold-To-Fit inserts.  Because they’re blended with organic cotton, they can go right next to baby’s skin with no problem.  They are sewn in a circular design to allow for faster drying.  They come in three sizes: small, medium, and onesize/overnight.  Each insert has four layers.  I love how absorbent and trim these inserts are.  I’ve sucessfully used them overnight.  I’ve even used one in a different brand diaper for overnight when my Morkai was dirty.


For reference, Anna is 7 months old, 27″, and about 17 lbs.  Camden is 2 years old, 37″, and 28 lbs.  Notice how well it fits both babies!

I think these are my new favorite pocket diapers.  Want one of your own?  There’s one up for grabs!  Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

Don’t want to wait to win? Need more than one? You can purchase a cover alone, inserts, or bundle them for more savings.

I received one Moraki diaper and inserts for review, with no other compensation.  Opinions are my own.

Just a note from Autumn: I cannot tell you how much this diaper makes me happy.  Moraki diapers fit excellent, they are made in the USA, they are created by a family that loves cloth and has a passion for spreading the cloth diaper love and the prints/colors are fun.

With 4 rise settings Moraki Diapers are a smart investment for a true one-sized system.

A quick Google search will show you just how well received Moraki Diapers has been to the cloth diapering community.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


About Mandy Mooneyham

Mandy is a wife and working mother seeking the perfect balance of personal and professional life. She began cloth diapering on her very first day as a mom and hasn't looked back. Her family is her passion, her purpose is Christ, and she loves discovering the world through travel.

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204 Responses to “Moraki Diaper Review and Giveaway”

  1. Shannon Ropp Says:

    I like the american print.


  2. Anne Perry Says:

    ~ Hippie


  3. Deborah Says:

    I think the American print would be adorable with a 4th of July outfit!


  4. Deborah Says:

    I love the American print. That would be adorable with a cute 4th of July outfit!


  5. Katie Says:

    Haha! Merican! Oops! Also forgot the link! Here’s my fave! American!


  6. Katie Says:

    I love the sounds of this company and the fit of the diapers! Both the Merican and the cute little Elephant prints stole my heart! How adorable!


  7. Jacquie j Says:

    Love the tye-dye! Huge supporter of made in America…and her idea to expand cloth to hospitals!


  8. alaina Says:

    I like the Holiday Elephants.


  9. Jessica Says:

    I would choose the American print. I also love that they are made in the USA and I’ve been making an effort to buy USA made products.


  10. Debi Flessert Says:

    The elephants are adorable!


  11. Ashley Says:

    Love the bubblegum!


  12. Katie K. Says:

    I love the Hippie print!


  13. Rachel Says:

    I love the Smarty Pants! Adorable.


  14. Nicolette KP Says:

    I love hearing about small businesses/wahms. If I only had an unlimited diaper budget! Haha! These diapers look great, but I’m really interested in the inserts! The inserts sound fantastic!


  15. Gina Hilton Says: with the green snaps. This would be so cute on my LO.


  16. Trisha W. Says:

    I like the colorful Hippie print.


  17. Stacy Rudolph Says:

    I love the hippie print!


  18. Jill Says:

    I love the black one :)


  19. Madison Says:

    Hippie for sure!


  20. Megan Says:

    I love, love, love the American! My fluffy butt is into pigs, so I would love to find a piggy dipe.


  21. Patty Comparan Says:

    I would choose the American. And I love that’s based in California!!


  22. Jessica O Says:

    I love the Hippie print!


  23. Chris Mattatall Says: here is the link to the christmas elephants i am in love with it even though the holidays are over although the hippie print is awesome too


  24. Jolene Says:

    Love love the Hippie diaper!!! but, going green for my favorite color


  25. amanda Says:

    I am so excited to try some of the solid colors… especially the green and red!!


  26. Katie Says:

    All the prints are cute and different! I am trying to expand my cloth diaper stash right now and would love to win one!!!


  27. Kris S Says:

    I love the “hippie” pattern. So cute!


  28. Shannon Says:

    In love with the sunny yellow!


  29. Mandy Says:

    Love the block print!


  30. Sara B. Says:

    These look great! I would love to try one. I would choose the green one.


  31. Ashley H Says:

    I’ve got to be honest – the holiday elephants! They remind me of animal cracker cookies!


  32. Katie Says:

    I LOVE Hippie. I’m so in love itch tie-dye!


  33. Nikki Little Says:

    I would love the hippie pocket diaper!!


  34. Dana Says:

    I love the tie die Hippie print!


  35. Faith Says:

    Oh – the Elephants!!!! That’s the print I would choose. Love the elephants. Love the red!!!

    I’m actually starting to keep my eyes on cloth dipes that have a higher weight options so this is getting filed into the ‘when we get there’ category!


  36. Anne Says: Ah! Love the tie die print. My son is a long haired hippie child, so it would be fitting. =)


  37. Kat Says:

    I would choose the elephant print ( ) , hands down! I collect elephants, and love finding elephant print fluff!


  38. Lindsey taatjes Says:

    I like the American or holiday elephants


  39. Heather Coddington Says:

    I absolutely adore the “hippie” print!!


  40. Amelia Says:

    I love the American diaper!

    Baby number 2 is due to arrive in June, so it’s making me feel all patriotic. I’m a sucker for stars and stripes in the summer…. :)


  41. Rose Stading Says:

    Hippie print! :)


  42. MicheleC Says:

    I love the hippie tie-dye and the “American” stars pattern. Most of my diapers are solid colors, so I love to mix it up with cute patterns from time to time.


  43. Heather LL Says:

    Nice site and good selection. My mother will love the Tye-dyed print.


  44. Kelle Says:

    Love the red color…perfect for Valentine’s Day :)


  45. Lanae Says:

    I like the hippie diaper.


  46. Jen Says:

    I really like the orange or the tye dye.


  47. Mary Says:

    Hippie is so cute!


  48. Mandi McGonagle Says:

    Love the tie dye!


  49. Cara Says:

    Love the american print! Your blog posts make me want to buy more diapers & I do not need any more! (But I’d love to pitch my handful of Fuzzibunzs…so maybe I do need more diapers? Lol!)


  50. Caitlyn Says:

    Sounds wonderful! Love the options!


  51. Candace Says:
    I love the elephant, too but red is good for boys or girls. I love the idea.of the wing snap too!


  52. Kelly Whitley Says:

    I’m thinking of ordering one or two of these right now! i love the red white and blue stars and the tie dye. these diapers look like everything i want in acd.


  53. MoMof6 Says:

    I was just telling a friend new to cd-ing how I line pockets or ai2s. I like that this diaper has both options! I love American made as well. I would choose American print as well! :-)


  54. Alissa Says:

    Love just getting into cloth! Maybe I’ll win and have a new one to try :)


  55. Kelly Curtis Says:

    I would love the American one, especially because my hubby is in the Army! It would show just how patriotic we are :)


  56. Brenna Says:

    These diapers sounds wonderful!! I would love to try them on our soon to be here new addition! :)


  57. Susanna G Says:

    Look like great diapers and I love that they are USA made!

    The red one is great for a UGA fan like myself, GO DAWGS!


  58. Talia Says:

    I love the Hippie diaper! Very cute!


  59. Rachel B Says:

    I am in love with Holiday Elephants! I adore prints.


  60. Amanda B Says:

    I love the elephant print!


  61. Shannon Morak Says:

    I just got my moraki diapers in the mail and love them. Can’t wait to use the. She. My baby arrives. Plus I love the name.


  62. Aimee Hofer Says:

    SoCal based and Made in America… *thumbs up*


  63. Amye Says:

    I would choose American! How cute!


  64. Amye Says:

    I love this web site! It is a great way to find many diffrent types of diapers. Before finding this website i only Knew of amazons list of cloth diapers and reviews. Unfortunatly that lead me to purchase only one brand which has not worked out well for us. Looking back i belive that having many diffrent types and styles of diapers is the way to go! Being unemployed at this time I am thankful to have started any type of cloth diapers and have recommened it to all my friends, in away it has been like back up savings, not having to purchase diapers.
    Does any one know how to post a twitter url from an ipad when using the rafflecopter?


    • Mary Says:

      Click ‘view tweet on twitter’ or whatever it says which will open it in Safari. You can copy and paste from there.


  65. Heather Says:

    I think I would choose blocks or yellow.


  66. jessica long Says:

    American is really cute! but if it is color only Black. I love black diapes!



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