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July 23, 2008


For more current trainer information check out the three part series Ultimate Guide to Cloth Trainers (link is to part 1).

Potty Training/Potty Learning can be an exciting yet highly stressful time for mom and child. We want the child to feel wet but not so wet that we’re cleaning up accidents all day.

During this transition it isn’t necessary to abandon your reasons for cloth diapering and pick up a pack of disposable Pull-ups at the store.

If you use pocket cloth diapers you can use the shell unstuffed as a trainer. There is also a pattern available online. One pattern called the Ditto Daddy Trainer Pattern 2 has been recommended by many cloth diapering moms.

There are also many great cloth trainers you can purchase. You may only need a couple for times when you are out of the house. But having an effective trainer on hand makes this time of your life a little easier.

Bummis Trainer

Imse Vimse Trainers

Fishsticks & Jam

Starbunz Super Undies

Mother Of Eden Trickle Free Trainers

Happy Heinys Pocket Trainer

Inspiration Trainers by Mimzie’s Wimzies

Blueberry Minky Training Pants

I’d love to hear what your favorites have been through experience.

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18 Responses to “Most Popular Cloth Trainers”

  1. Trisha W. Says:

    I really liked WunderUnders Hybrid trainers. She’s a WAHM on Facebook. Here’s a link:


  2. Brittany Says:

    Hey :) I just wanted to know if there was a different website for the bummis trainers. The link took me to a blog when I clicked it and it wasn’t about diapers? :) Thanks!


  3. Kiersten Says:

    Autumn, what did you use for Paisley during the night?? My daughter is daytime potty trained, but at night I have been putting her in pull-ups, because she doesn’t want a diaper on. I am also about to venture into just panties while out and about.

    As far as Antsy Pants…. here is my review I just put on I only gave them 3’s why

    These pull-up style cloth trainers are SUPER cute. I loved the look and thought they would be great. I originally bought the 4T size, but when they arrived they did not fit my almost 3 year old. So I sat it aside to use later and I bought the next size down, 2T. The 2T arrived and when I tried it on my daughter it didn’t fit well. I found that the rise was super short, it just barely covered everything. I also felt like they were loose around the waist. I let her wear them over night, with the night time insert. I was pleased when in the morning, they were still on her and they were not any leaks…and she even had a BM. I think they could be really great for some people, but I just wasn’t getting the fit I wanted.

    quality – 10/10 absorbancy – 10/10 waterproofness – 10/10 fit – 4/10 size – 4/10 fabric 10/10


  4. Michele Says:

    Has anyone had experience with “little beetle” learners?


  5. Jenny Says:

    Has anyone tried the Antsy Pants pull ups for training? I looked around at the various options and these look awesome. Pricey, though. Of course I would want some of the most expensive ones I could find, lol. What really jumped out at me was the fact that they have a pocket for inserts and therefore can even be used overnight. I also like the trim cut and stretchy sides. My son’s not quite 2 years old yet and is showing interest in going on the potty. I figure this process will take a while so I want to get a stash of trainers that will work for both of us. My small stash of cloth diapers is wearing out fast, since I have to wash daily. I’m thinking a minimum of 6 trainers to start is essential. Would like to have 12 though, so I can skip a day on the wash!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I haven’t tried them, Jenny. We just potty trained Paisley a couple of months ago and I never saw the need for trainers. I personally don’t think they are necessary.


      • Renee Says:

        Autumn, Antsy Pants™ are pull-up cloth diapers, not just trainers. They work great for any child who is up and walking, and make diaper changing much easier for kiddos who don’t want to lie down. They are great for early potty learning and EC as well, because the wicking lining feels wet for up to ten minutes and then fades to dry so the child can learn passively to associate wetness with their body’s elimination cues EVERY time they wet, not just the first time. I know of no other diaper or trainer, cloth or disposable, that has this feature unless perhaps the cold-feeling disposable ones.
        If any of your children are diapered toddlers (or still wetting at night) I would love to have you give Antsy Pants™ a try for yourself.


    • Katie Says:

      I have a pair of Antsy Pants. When you see them in person, you can understand why they are so pricey ($25 each). They are the best for pulling up and down- the sides are very stretchy. They are very absorbent for trainers, but if you are using them as diapers and aren’t quite ptraing, they will leak after a couple hours (which is a stipulation the company warns you about). This has happened to me even with a liner in them. But, if you change them soon enough, they are great and I wish I could afford more!


  6. Rita Says:

    My son is a big boy for 4. He does well during the day but he’s still in a pull up at night. Can anyone recommend a good cloth trainer for at night? Just seems silly to waste money on something he only wear at night. Thanks – oh, and he has a bladder like a camel!


  7. Rachel Schreiber Says:

    Love the bummis trainers! My son can get them up and down and they’re great for out and about. They absorb the best after many washes.

    Downside: poo really stains them.


  8. Shelby Says:

    But on the Fishsticks and Jam hyena site, doesn’t it still say they still make Inspiration?


  9. cheryl b. Says:

    Oh wow, thank you sooo much for putting together this list. My youngest is part time ECd, but we are really wanting to get working on potty learning now that he is a better communicator. One that I see that missed the list is Stellar Transitions by Little Comet Tails these look so cute! I think they are new-ish, but I saw some at, and I had to hunt down the pattern. Just figured maybe they could make the list. Thanks again for putting it together :)


  10. Autumn Beck Says:

    Yes, Seams, thank you for that comment. I know Rachel (wimzie’s mimzies) and knew the Inspiration Trainer was an Inspired Congo. The F&J trainer that came highly recommended was their original inspiration trainer. I appreciate you letting us know how their own version is working! I’ll go update the list!


  11. Melisa Carter Says:

    When my 2 year old started attempting the potty, I decided to put him BACK in cloth. He is 40 pounds and wearing 4-5 clothes, so finding cloth diapers has proven difficult. I’m embarrassed to say I gave up and put him in pull ups for the short time prior to being potty trained/learned (and while CDing his baby sister). My older son’s cloth pull ups with covers in 2T weren’t going to cut it for my lumber jack, so I went shopping online! (A great excuse!) I was so pleased to find some really cute, boyish prints in several brands. I bought an Imse Vimse, a Diaraps, and a Potty Scotty (an off brand, not as cute, but WAY inexpensive) and was QUITE happy with them. They all came in larger sizes (up to 6 or so I think) – plenty big for my bruiser. Once I put him back in cloth, he has been dry in no time – even at night, just as I always knew. We’re done with them!


  12. Shelby Says:

    I’m in the process of ordering some from Fishsticks and Jam, but I’m getting their new style, not the Inspiration. I hear their new style is better for boys because of the full contoured soaker in the front. I’m so excited, I can’t wait! They’re so beautiful!
    I also got some Imse Vimse Organic cotton, but haven’t used them yet. I only got two, so I’m waiting until I have more so we don’t do a “start and stop” thing.


  13. Awesome Mom Says:

    I bought some used Little Raindancers, which are pul lined for times when we are out for a long time. My son tends to think of them and any thicker than normal underwear as a diaper so we try and stick with regular underwear so that there are not accidents.


  14. Seams Says:

    hey great list! Only thing I did notice is Fishsticks and Jam doesn’t make Inspiration Trainers, they make their own version of it called Fishstick trainers.

    Inspiration Trainers are part of a line of baby and toddler items made by the Inspired Congo which I believe Mimzie Wimzies is a member of but Fishsticks and Jam is no longer associated with them. The Congo as a whole makes them though, not just that one store.
    just thought that would help if there was any future confusion. :)


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