My #1 Pregnancy Must Have

September 18, 2010

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Nope, this post will have nothing to do with cloth diapers. It’s all about the mama this time.

A week ago my husband and I were watching The Back-up Plan (tons of “s” words, terribly stereotypically and a hilariously inaccurate portrayal of homebirth).  If you’ve seen it you know that the body pillow is a small focus in the movie.  I just happened to have been sleeping terribly and my midwife had told me to buy a body pillow.

As soon as the credits rolled I grabbed Michael’s phone and ordered me a DELUXE body pillow

.  No simple tube pillow for this mama!

I read all the reviews and I was seriously stalking my mailbox for it to arrive. I couldn’t wait.  Sure it would take up more than 1/2 our king size bed. Sure it would add a barrier between my husband and I. Sure it would look ugly on my bed. BUT, REALLY! I just wanted a good night’s rest.

I was delighted that it arrived much quicker than I expected and I eagerly tore open the box. It is big for sure.

I really can’t describe to you how lovely this thing cradles my body. It’s amazing. I can sleep comfortably in any position (well not on your belly ;) )and I don’t have the pains in my hips that I was having.  No doubt, most of y’all have already figured out the joys of the body pillow but just in case you haven’t — YOU MUST HAVE A BODY PILLOW!

So which one did I buy? The Leachco All Nighter – Total Body Pillow

.  I can’t imagine someone not feeling pampered in this pillow.

Some of the reviews said the cover was itchy.  I did worry about this as I have sensitive skin that seems to want to break out into a rash whenever possible.  I have not had any problems.  The cover isn’t “soft” but I wouldn’t call it itchy or rough.

And for the record, although I call this my #1 it’s really my #2.  #1 is a husband that will give you a foot massage whenever you ask for one :)


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22 Responses to “My #1 Pregnancy Must Have”

  1. Molly Says:

    I think I’m the only woman ever who didn’t like those things. I had a snoogle with pregnancy number one and hated it, it just made me feel way too contained and wasn’t any where near versatile enough. I prefer to stick to three or four of the 99 cent Ikea pillows to stick wherever I need them during pregnancy. I do have a regular non-pregnancy body pillow that I use if I have a cold so I can lay on my back and be more upright but that’s the extend of my body pillow love. Part of that though could be that we already have a memory foam mattress so I’m pretty comfy to start with. Can’t imagine trying to sleep through a pregnancy without my mattress. :)


  2. Bonnie Says:

    A friend of mine got me a body pillow early in my first pregnancy and I LOVE it. Wouldn’t be pregnant without it (even though it’s not as fancy as yours!). Now, it’s serving another use… we moved our two-and-a-half year old into her own twin bed, which is a captain’s bed (has drawers underneath). I put the body pillow on the floor beside the bed, in case she rolls out at night (which she’s only done a couple times – and then curled up and gone back to sleep on the body pillow).


  3. Amanda P. Says:

    LOL too funny. I have #1 already also but #2 looks like it would swallow me. I will stick with the standard body pillow. Only have 6 weeks left and it is so hard to justify buying pregnancy stuff now. You do look content!


  4. Raychel Says:

    I just had twins about 2 1/2 months ago and I couldn’t have lived without this! It was the ONLY thing that could help me sleep during that 34-37 week period when you are sooo terribly uncomfortable. Foutunately I was only on bed rest for 1 week before delivery and that pillow saved my sanity on our pregnancy-unfriendly couch…LOL.


  5. mrs spock Says:

    I agree 100%! I had no intention to buy one, and was given one by a friend, who was done having kids. I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia, and this pillow makes all the difference in having some kind of comfortable sleep at night.


  6. Katy Says:

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED my total body pillow when I was pregnant. It took up WAY too much of our queen sized bed, but it was totally worth it. I honestly dont know how some women get through pregnancy without it.


  7. Suzanne Rodger Says:

    I love my snoogle! I am at 31 weeks, and have found that no matter where I need the support, it will adjust. I use it to read on the couch, I sit on it on the floor to fold laundry, and it was amazing support when I needed to sleep upright when I was sick. My husband even brings it to bed for me when I use it elsewhere. He has learned that a well rested wifey is better than more room in the bed. Oh…and my cat loves it during the day when I am gone.


  8. Majaliwa Bass Says:

    I have the Boppy Body Pillow. A friend of mine gave me hers when I was halfway through my first pregnancy and to this day I am eternally grateful. Without it I don’t think I would’ve slept through either of my pregnancies! I’m so glad you made this discovery and shared it. Now if there were only body pillows for babies to help them sleep! It’s 3 AM and my little booger wants me to walk him around which means no sleep in my near future.


  9. Jaymee Says:

    I have the leachco snoogle total body pillow… It has been through my sisters pregnancy(5 years ago) my 2 pregnancies and is now the bolster for my toddlers big boy bed (when he doesn’t wanna cosleep). It also magically transforms that twin size big boy bed into a movie viewing daybed envied by cousin and all her friends!


  10. Beth @ Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique Says:

    That exact pillow got me through both of my pregnancies!!!! I LOVED it!! My husband wasn’t quite as excited about it as we only have a queen sized bed, but I could not have lived without it. ;) Glad you ‘discovered’ it!! =)


  11. julia Says:

    When I was pregnant I got a Snoogle – which is essentially the same thing, but this one looks much bigger. I could NOT have slept without it!!! My husband couldn’t wait to get the thing out of the bed, and dreads it when we have #2…but there’s no way I’m leaving this thing behind!


  12. Katie Says:

    I almost peed my pants watching the homebirth scene! I (being pregnant with baby #4) would love to own one such awesome pillow, but if you and your husband are crowded in a king size bed, then it would be out of the question in our queen… unless my husband slept in our guest room. :)


  13. Crystal Says:

    I have the Boppy Total Body Pillow (I bought it before I even thought about having a kid) and I LOVE it. My only complaint is that some of the stuffing got bunched up funky when I washed it. I’m sure I could fix it if I really wanted to but I’ve never bothered with it ’cause it’s still super comfy. I’m so glad you found something to help you get some rest! And I LOVE your pictures! :)


  14. Adrian Post Says:

    When I’m pregnant I totally make a pillow fortress around me so that I can sleep. this looks much easier to use than 6, yes 6 pillows all around me.


  15. Cindi Says:

    I’m so jealous :(
    but I’ m not sure if it’s the pillow or the cute little (grandma’s) monkey beside you that I like more.
    Maybe we could make some kind of cover for you amazing new pillow that I really want now.

    Question: Is this for anyone or only for preggies?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      No, the pillow is awesome for sitting in bed to read! If I didn’t co-sleep with my little babies this thing would be staying in the bed. I’ll have to get it out when the baby goes to the crib.


  16. MonicaYB Says:

    I’ve been totally wanting a “deluxe” body pillow, but have yet to make the splurge. I am about 7 weeks along with baby number 4, so now might be the time. :)
    Do you have any must haves for morning (all day) sickness? That is totally kicking my boot-ay. Blech!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I wish :( I used different homeopathics but nothing really helped. A friend is using a series of supplements her chiropractor suggested and they seem to be helping. I’ll ask her what’s she’s taking.


    • Lindsay Says:

      Monica – I had all day sickness too and the only thing that worked for me was auriculartherapy which is basically acupressure on your ears. I work so it was reallllly hard to feel so bad all the time but when I got auriculartherapy treatments 2 times a week, I felt like I could function! Good Luck!


    • MommaC30 Says:

      MonicaYB – I would definately try lemons, anything sour. The only thing that helped me was lemons and jolly ranchers sour. Not sure why it worked, I had bad nausea no actual sickness and it helped everytime. Hope it helps you too.


    • MHeinze Says:

      At my first prenatal appt. the doctor gave me a prescription for 50mg of B6 that seems to have completely done away with my nausea. I was at 6 weeks and feeling fairly miserable all day, especially when I woke up, but since taking that at night along with my prenatal everything has been golden!


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