My 4 Favorite Cloth Diapers

July 4, 2008

Cloth Diapers

Since it’s the 4th of July, I thought it would be fun to list my 4 favorite diapers of all time. Please include your list!

1) Thirsties Pocket AIO: Thirsties were included in My Top 5 All-In-Ones months ago. Thirsties just released a brand new V2 of the Pocket AIO. The two major changes are no more fleece lined gusset to prevent moisture at the legs and a wider sewn in insert. The V2 also includes a Thirsties Hemp insert equipping this diaper for naps and nighttime. My only dislike of the Thirsties products is the aplix tabs. They are so strong that it can be hard to open it from the laundry tab. The ultra-trimness of the Thirsties Pocket AIOs is what makes it one of my top 4 cloth diapers.

2) Lotus Baby bamboo fitteds: I love them so much I interviewed the maker for one of my blog posts! (An Exclusive Interview with Lotus Baby) Even weeks after using my Lotus Baby bamboo fitteds they remain soft and have become more absorbent. Sandra’s diapers are extremely well made and they are even a tad less expensive than other one-sized bamboo fitteds on the market ($27). Lotus Baby is my favorite cloth diaper because of the excellent fit, soft fabric and absorbency…and they’re cute too!

3) OCV Loveybums: Loveybums have also made one of my past favorite lists: My Top 4 Fitted Diapers. Loveybums are a sized diaper that includes plenty of snaps including hip snaps and cross over snaps. These extra snaps allow for a wider range of fit yet not adding the bulkiness of a one-size. I included Loveybums in my Absorbency Test post and it came out in a close second place. To add to the absorbency of my Loveybums I purchased some of their doublers. The doublers make Loveybums a great extended time diaper. Loveybums are sporadically stocked on their website but can often be purchased on fsot forums.

4) Green Acre Designs (GADs): In My Top 4 Pocket Cloth Diapers I explained why GADs are a favorite diaper of mine. GADs are amazing fitting pockets. I stuff our GADs with a prefold wrapped around a doubler and it is still a fairly trim diaper. Using a thinner insert makes this diaper trim as a disposable and no problem under your little one’s clothes. GADs come in many great color combinations and even offer a few bamboo inners (we have one and it is so so soft). Quickly becoming a favorite as a nighttime diaper is the Windpro Fleece Nighttime GAD.

There are so many other diapers I love! But overall these made it in my top 4. What are your all time favorites?

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3 Responses to “My 4 Favorite Cloth Diapers”

  1. Autumn Beck Says:

    I too love Baby Beehind diapers. Kissaluvs is our newborn favorite as well. There are so many in my favorites it was hard to choose which not to include.

    As far as daycare, I’ve never needed it as I stay home with my children but I do know that I change after every pee. Which unfortunately for me means back to back changes sometimes.

    Thank you for pointing me to my link errors. They’re all fixed now.


  2. Racheal Says:

    I really like the G diapers they work well because they come with disposable inserts for when we are really on the go or I found that my little guy will not sleep well at night with a cloth diaper I have tried allot of them and have found that the inserts for the G diapers work best for him. I also took some flat folds and made cloth inserts for the G diapers and have found that the inserts work well for use in most of the pocket diapers as well as the Pro-wraps.


  3. yanira Says:

    My favorite are also the GAD limited edition. They are so trim and fit my daughter so well. I also love the terry and OBV one size fitted diapers from bella bottoms. I love the terry in particular.


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