My Babywearing Journey Through The Years

September 24, 2012


Like many parents my baby wearing days began with the horrid Infantino.  I was too poor to buy a Baby Bjorn, equally as bad.

I figured out quickly that this was not a good carrier.  Not because I read on a parenting forum that XYZ was better than ABC, but because my husband was in chiropractic school when our first child was born.

In chiropractic school, as you would imagine, correct spinal development is of utmost importance.

One day of wearing an infant in an Infantino, Baby Bjorn, Chico, Britax or any other front carrier that allows your baby to dangle with all weight in their crotch proves to be a shoulder and back killer.

That was proof to me and my husband that something wasn’t right.

After the “dingle danglers” or “crotch killers”, as we lovingly call them, we tried out pouch slings.

I wasn’t horribly disappointed with my Hotsling.  I thought it was cute and if all the stars aligned just right I (and baby) could get a comfortable fit.

I do remember times where I’d look down at Haley, Haven or Paisley (all were worn a little in a pouch sling) and wonder if they could breathe…

Then, all the warnings sounded over the dangers of bag slings.  While a pouch sling differs from a bag sling the danger still exists for baby to slip down, tuck their head in and cut off breathing.  A bag sling is infinitely worse though because the only way a baby lays is in a position that inhibits a clear breathing airway.

After that I experimented with mei tei baby carriers.  First was the Kozy Carrier. Owner, Kelley Mason, was a fellow mom on a Yahoo group I was on and I couldn’t resist the rave reviews everyone had for her carriers


I remember the ASTONISHINGLY GORGEOUS black velvet strapped, silk bodied mei tei she made for me. Sure, it wasn’t the most practical fabrics for Texas but it was beautiful.  And finally I could wear my baby without discomfort.

I don’t know the brand of this one (right). Haley always wanted to hold her baby sister and after tons of begging I let her wear Paisley…briefly…

Aside from the wrapping and tieing of the long straps, the mei tei was a good carrier choice.  Yet, I wasn’t fully satisfied.

My true baby wearing bliss began when I bought my first soft-structured carrier (SSC) I think in 2006/7.  It was a brown strapped Pony Express Beco 4th Generation.  Oh how I loved it.

My sweet Paisley loved it so much that she always fell asleep on my back every time she was in it!

Not the Pony Express but another Beco print.

The Beco combined what I loved about the mei tei — body and straps — yet took away the long straps and gave me buckles.  Click, click.

Easy, comfortable, versatile and pretty.  Pretty matters to me as much as the others.  Which is why I always chose Beco over Ergo.

I’ve gone through a few Beco Carriers over the years.  I now have 2 Beco Butterfly IIs that will probably be with me forever.  I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to sell my orange strapped Echino Scooters so I’m happily keeping it.

I love the convenience of wearing my babies and the portability but I’m also a stroller packin’ mama.  I’ve yet to find a stroller that lasts as long as a carrier though!

What is your dream carrier?  Are you a wrapper?  Here’s my one and only picture of the one and only time I wrapped outside my house:

That’s me, Sterling and a Moby at the Renaissance Festival in 2009.  Sterling was about 4 weeks old.  I probably wore the Moby for a couple of hours that day then I was done.  Maybe one day I’ll try wraps again.

If you are looking for baby carriers I implore you to check out PAXBaby on Facebook!  You’ll be sucked into the gorgeousness of all the rainbows, weaves, Obis, conversions, Tulas, Girasols…and a whole bunch of other terms that I know nothing about!  But, I sure love the pictures.

All I need is another few months of drooling over PAXBaby photos and I’m sure I’ll cave.

Are you a babywearer?? Tell me your FAVORITE baby carrier!

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32 Responses to “My Babywearing Journey Through The Years”

  1. Tara Scarlavai Says:

    Awesome information! I’m a mother of 6, and didn’t discover babywearing until pregnant with our youngest (10 months old now!)! Ohh, I was so sad that I hadn’t had any idea about the benefits and pure awesomeness of babywearing with my oldest 5.
    We started out with a Moby, with only the instruction manual to guide me. I’d found it, brand new, for sale on Craigslist. I was so stoked :) well. With my little guy only being about 3 weeks old at the time, I couldn’t wait to get him snuggled up next to me! I cried when I took the Moby out of the bag lol Talk about INTIMIDATING. I’d never seen something so long that was intended to be WORN. I tried wrapping it once, and it was entirely too loose. Then entirely too tight. After the first 2 attempts, it sat on my bedroom “baby” shelf for a week. I wanted to give up, but my husband kept telling me it couldn’t be that hard. So I waited till he was at work and PRACTICED, PRACTICED, PRACTICED, until I got it down to a science.
    We’ve been hooked ever since.
    My favorite wrap is a cotton gauze that I found on Etsy, and ended up tie-dying. I’ve mastered so many carries in that sucker lol I’ve also gone the DIY route with Osnaburg. I love that wrap too, mostly because I made it myself. But the dye job on that one just isn’t love like my cotton gauze wrap.
    With my little guy getting bigger and squirmier, I’m feeling like the time is quickly approaching for the wraps to be put on a shelf to make room for a more convenient, sturdy carrier. I decided in the beginning that if we were to buy any other carriers, our first pick will be a Tula. (Although I did buy an Infantino Union-their ergonomic carrier-for my husband to use, but he just isn’t into babywearing like I am :()
    I’ve put the bug in his ear (over and over and over again lol)that my birthday and Christmas can be taken care of with just that….our very first Tula. Fingers crossed! :)


  2. Jen Says:

    OK…I’m feeling close to finding my baby carrier that I’m gonna love :) But I have a few questions for you before I start buying.
    Here are the considerations. I’m torn between the Beco’s (any kind) and the Boba’s (any) my special interests are:
    Beco Soleil
    Boba 4G
    for various reasons.
    Now, here are some ‘situations’ of mine to consider:
    **I am tall (5’11”) and my husband is 6’5″ I want a carrier to suit us both as much as it can. -I was liking the sounds of the Ergo but then read in a couple places that its just not the best for tall people but I understand that the Boba 4G is a bit taller than the others. (our children are also tall so this is something to consider)
    **I want a carrier to have as wide a range as possible (NB – Toddler) It doesn’t have to suit a Brand New Baby really…but at least be suitable for a 2 or 3 month old and up. Also would really like for it to suit my toddler. My just 2 yr old boy is about 33lbs and …..over 3 ft. (haven’t measured him in a while) :/
    **I really like my babies to be front facing out (or I should say, they both seemed to prefer it when younger) There aren’t a lot of carriers that do 4 positions. Side position is not a priority though.
    **Cost–I can probably do $120ish but I can’t spend a fortune!
    **Would like a carrier that is good with breastfeeding :D
    OK…I think that’s enough for now. What are your suggestions according to this info? Anything come to you off the top of your head?? :)
    I’m eager to hear your response!
    Thanks again for this blog! This is my ‘go to’ place for info :D


    • Jen Says:

      The Tula is also an interesting option…I just wish it was for slightly smaller babies too :/


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Hi Jen, Honestly I believe the Tula is the best choice of those mentioned. I think it is way more comfy. Also, you can either use an infant insert for smaller babies or a rolled up blanket under their bum. Tulas are going to be a little more expensive to buy, but have an amazing resale value. There are some stores that do rentals so you can try before you buy. I believe kissed by the moon and heavenly hold have rentals. Good Luck!


  3. Tegan Says:

    Love the post! I also started with the Infantino, then moved onto the Moby and a ring sling, depending on what I was doing. I now use a Wrapsody because we live the desert and it much better suited for the climate. I continue to use my ring sling, but if I am going to do a lot of wearing, then I get the wrap out – it’s much easier on my body because of even weight distribution. To me, a wrap is pretty easy because I have so much experience with it. I can get wrapped up and baby in within 2 minutes in a parking lot – but I have had LOTS of practice, lol. :)

    You have inspired me to write a babywearing through the years post on my blog, so when I finish it, I’ll post the link. :)

    Thank you! A great post, as always!


  4. Karen Cohen Says:

    11+ years ago our first carrier was a front carrier made by Kelty. I figured since they made back packs and all that they would have a good carrier…eh. Not so easy to use or comfortable to wear. Friends gave us a hand me down Bjorn…easier to use, still not so comfortable. A woman on a message board I was on was experimenting with making ring slings, so I gave that a shot…not a big fan and it hurt my neck/shoulder. When my 2nd child was born we tried the Bjorn with the lumbar support…still not much more comfortable. We also had a hip carrier…found it in a One Step Ahead catalog around 9-10 years ago. When my 3rd child was born in 2007 we got a Beco (I was actually lucky enough to get to review it for a woman who wrote product reviews so I got it for free!) and a Moby wrap. I really like both of them. I found that I had given up using the Moby pretty early on with #3, but with #4 I have taken to using it more often. I find it easy to put on in the morning before leaving the house and then at every stop (preschool, grocery store, etc.) I take baby out of car seat and plop him into the carrier which is already on me. I live in New England so the fabric doesn’t bother me now that fall weather has set in and I can wear it under a sweatshirt without buckles digging in. Over the summer I had bought a Water Wrap Carrier which was great for wearing my baby on hot summer days and in and around the pool or beach. I am sure I will use the Beco more as little one gets bigger. I need to remind myself how to get him into a back carry with the Beco (he is 3 months).


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I find it harder to put baby on the back with Beco Butterfly than it was with the 4th Generation. It’d be nice if they made the Butterfly with the option to not have the little pouch thing.


  5. Emily D Says:

    I started with a snuggli and actually did like it, use it with my first until she was a year old (she was on the small side)- could this have something to do with the fact she has turned-in hips? I did also buy a pouch sling but I think it was actually too big, I did use it but did not feel secure for dog-walking or bending. When my second was very little I made my own wrap- I used it all the time and still do with my third. I did also get a padded ring sling but only used it a little with my toddler- I could never get it tight enough for a smaller baby. My husband still prefers our MEC backpack carrier (starting about 9 months) but I always get sore with that one, so I got an ergo which I love.


  6. Jenn Says:

    Haha, too funny I can so relate about the dreadful Infantino! I love wearing my baby in my Moby Wrap. But I am interested in a more convenient kind for going out. I will look into some of the ones you mentioned, thanks for a great post!


  7. Annie Barber Says:

    I relate to this, too. First several babies, I dabbled in babycarrying with snugglies, etc. Didn’t last long though… they hurt so bad and were more inconvenient than helpful.
    With baby #4, babywearing became a necessity in order to homeschool and get stuff done. Started researching. (this was also not long after my introdction to cloth diapers)First I got a kangaroo corner pouch, which we loved. Then when she got bigger, bought a beautiful wahm mei tai. ( which I am still using 8 yrs. later)
    With baby #5, who was very needy and had multiple health issues, a friend loaned me her moby. We both loved it and it helped us survive the very difficut 2 yrs. of fussiness, sickness, etc. Also was great for bodnding after his NICU stay after birth.
    Now baby #6… puts up with the moby, barely. Loves the mei tai, but it doesn’t offer enough head support for me to truly be hands free. So my 1st beco gemini is on the way. So excited!


  8. Heatehr Says:

    With my first (9 years ago) I had a hand me down Infantino that was awful but I used it to quickly walk the dog on a regular basis…until my son had a head injury and then it went away because I had been wearing him in it when it happened. (Not the fault of the carrier – someone broke into our home.)

    This time around it seemed EVERYONE had a baby carrier so I started doing my research. I purchased a sling, a Moby, and an Ergo. I never use the sling. I hate it.

    Our son is now 5 months old. I use both the Moby and the Ergo often. I like the Moby for short term wearing. To me wrapping doesn’t take much time and I like that there aren’t any straps hanging down or things to get in my way when I’m cleaning, doing laundry, or just unloading the car from groceries.

    The Ergo stays in the car and is fantastic for when I’m in a place where a stroller is impractical. I used the Moby for this purpose until he was 10 lbs and then switched to the Ergo for “out and about” wear. I’ve worn the baby wandering around historical sites, at events in grandstands, and all around multiple county fairs. It’s been a JOY to not have to fight with a stroller through crowds and to be able to comfortably carry the baby when my carpal tunnel is acting up.


  9. Erin Gilliam Says:

    I had a Bjorn for my daughter (9) and she didn’t like it when she was newborn and I couldn’t use it when she was bigger (ouch!) with my son I started with a sleepy wrap (LOVE) and a Kozy mei tai. I moved to woven wraps and then scc’s I love my Boba carrier and have also tried an Onya which is awesome too. I don’t like how low the back is on the Ergo because I have a leaner! I’ve tried a toddler Tula and it was heaven, I want one! I like different carriers for different situations, so I have a large variety!


  10. Amelia Says:

    Love my Baby K’Tan – but I’m curious how chiros feel about it. Especially as baby gets bigger.


  11. Pam Says:

    Funny how most of us started out with those terrible bjorns and quickly moved on! I’m another one, with my 11 year old dd I couldn’t resist the black & white checked pattern, thinking it would go with anything and looked easy to use, but boy did it take willpower to keep it on for any length of time! Found a nojo sling & used that as well as a baby trekkerfor the rest of my babywearing days with her. Ffwd 11 years and onto baby #2 couldn’t for the life of me find either carrier I liked and still can’t seem to get rid of the terrible bjorn (might just repurpse it in the home daycare somehow!) So sadly had to go shopping for a new carrier. Found the babyhawk & like it for when baby will go to sleep for a whileand I need aboth hands to do something but love my mayàring sling for everything else, errands, groceries, etc. Can’t beat the versatility & ease of use once you get the hang of it and it’s sure quicker to get baby in & out of, even with one hand! Also don’t need to take a purse with me when we r out & about because it’s got a nice big pocket that will hold keys, wallet & cell easily!


  12. Jenny Says:

    When I started reading your article, I was slightly alarmed when I read “Like many parents my baby wearing days began with the horrid Infantino.” because that is what I have! Yes, this is my first baby and have been working on trying to find a pack/carrier I like but, like you, I am a bit too “poor” to be buying the best there is. I was horrified enough at having to spend $31.00 on the Infantino one that I have. SO…if you could enlighten me a bit, I am very curious to know…is this carrier hard on my baby’s back or just mine? I’ve always felt like he shouldnt be dangling like that. It just seems like its not good for him so I kinda partly try to hold him up to try to take pressure off but that kinda defeats the purpose of wearing him. :/ So, apart from my initial shock at discovering that I have a ‘horrid’ carrier, I AM very concerned with my baby’s well-being. Especially when it comes to bone development etc. I’ve had BAD back problems since I was a young girl (9yrs old) and I certainly don’t want ANYTHING like that for my loved one!!! Can you explain what is the evil with the ‘dangling’ carriers?
    The first carrier I had was a SevenSlings carrier which seemed almost too…simple? it’s just one band of cloth. I guess it seemed insecure or something and when LO was little, it looked like he wouldn’t be able to breath so, I haven’t used that one much. Although I’d like to give it one more try now that he’s bigger before selling it. Your thoughts?
    What would you recommend for me and LO? Here’s the ‘specs’ on us so to speak: ME- 5’11, 135lbs BABY- 6mos, 29″, 22lbs (big boy!) :)
    Thanks again for taking time with this blog! I find it VERY helpful! :D
    God bless your day! :) — And don’t forget to bless God! :D


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Jenny, please forgive my insensitivity. I should have offered a brief explanation for why carriers that allow the baby to “dangle” are horrid. First of all, my use of the word horrid wasn’t a wise choice.

      Carriers like the Baby Bjorn, Snugli and Infantino distribute all the weight of the baby directly into the hip joint. This can lead to poor development and hip dysplasia. Obviously, the younger the baby is the more damage can occur because they have less overall strength of the joint.

      The same thinking applies to baby bouncers and exersaucers. Young babies (under 6 months) should not be placed in a position that directs all their weight to the hips.

      The correct carrier position allows the baby’s thighs to be spread out (as opposed to straight down) and the weight begin distributed to the thigh. Pressure is taken off the hip and very importantly the base of the spine.

      Repeated pressure on the base of the spine can lead to numerous problems as the child grows and develops. The vertebrae and discs are not designed to be under such force that early.

      Although funds are tight I know there are very inexpensive ways to make your own wrap. Also, the “too simple” pouch slings that are just a circle of fabric can function well. They don’t distribute the weight well on you so you will probably experience some neck and shoulder discomfort after a prolonged time. Switching shoulders every hour would help with this.

      I hope this helps!


    • Emily D Says:

      Jenny- check out They tell you exactly what size and type of fabric to buy to make a wrap carrier. I spent $25-30 and didn’t even bother serging the seams, and it’s seen heavy use for 2 kids! The website also shows you how to do various ways to use it.


  13. Tina Says:

    This sounds just like me….bjorn…yuck! Pouch sling….ok to a point. To a mei tai….good, but the straps…..Beco Butterfly 2…..heaven!!! I do enjoy the Moby for the first couple months (as long as it’s not summer!)


  14. Lara Says:

    I love my SleepyWrap but my baby is beginning to get a little heavy for it and I’ve been wanting a good suggestion for a carrier. So, thanks so much for the post!! I like my SleepyWrap because it is so easy to get my baby in and out. I also love it because when he falls asleep I just pull some fabric over his head and his head stays still so I still have my hands:)


  15. Amanda M. Says:

    with my little girl i got a baby bjorn with my bank rewards points and absolutely hated it. it seemed funny to me that her legs were always hanging and was very very uncomfortable on my back.

    during a walk through babies r us i came across the infantino eco sash, affordable and pretty lol i ended up getting it and falling absolutely IN LOVE. i carried her in this constantly. my poor stroller went virtually unused as she much preferred the carrier and being close to me.

    as she was getting a little bigger i started thinking about weight limits to the carriers and purchased an infantino union carrier as well because it went to 40 lbs and at 2.5 i’m still about to use the union with her. i also loved that the union carrier was a buckle carrier as opposed to the tie carrier like the eco sash.


  16. judi Says:

    With baby #1 (20 years ago) I was given a Gerry front pack. It didn’t fit right and once she hit 10-12 pounds I had to quit using it. With baby #2 I found a Nojo ring sling at Babies R Us. That Nojo served me fairly well through baby #3. My current go to carrier is a Babyhawk mei tai. I also use a portable baby wrap but I have my eye on a Beco that’s on clearance at my local store. I’m hoping to pull the money together before they sell out!! Of course I still use a ring sling. I have a gorgeous piece of burgundy linen/rayon blend fabric just waiting to be turned into a ring sling using Jan Andrea’s fabulous instructions. I never would have been able to parent my large family (my 4 month old is #7) without babywearing!


  17. Ashley Says:

    We have the Mesh Baby Bjorn and a Moby Wrap. We love the Bjorn! Emersyn is only 3 months old, so she isn’t dangling by her crotch yet since we have it on the smallest setting, and she isn’t too heavy to hurt your back yet. I tried the Moby twice so far and didn’t like it. I felt like she couldn’t breath, and its way too hot to wear in the summer. I think after she can hold her head up all the way I will like it more. It just doesn’t seem supportive enough for a newborn.


    • tarin Says:

      the main problem with carriers like baby bjorn is that it can cause hip dysplasia as the spine is not in the correct position when worn in it.


  18. MoMof6 Says:

    I started with cheap carriers, moved to a padded ring sling and then to a Maya Wrap ring sling. I loved the gorgeous colors of the Maya wrap and 9 years later it is still my first choice for my newborns. With my third baby, I was having a lot of health a back issues. My friend lent me a Moby Wrap – but I never felt like the baby was secure enough, and I was never really comfy in it. One day I was at a baby boutique and the proprietress saw my distress. She had me wear an Ergo around her shop and I fell in love. Ergo has been our hands down favorite for 7 years and 4 babies. It is the only carrier my husband has ever liked. I tried Becco (which is my best friend’s fav) – but it is too tall for my short torso and my small babies. (on the other hand it is perfect for my long torso-ed friend and her tall babies). I love my sporty bright blue Ergo – but I may try the “options” one for more pretty and fashionable next time.
    I also have a Stochenwiege woven wrap that was a gift. I found it far too hot in Texas (especially in the warmer months.) I am currently expecting a baby in January and we now live in VA – so I may use it more this time – it is so beautiful – I hope to enjoy it at least part time.
    As for strollers – I have a love/hate relationship with them. For my younger babies – wrapping/carrying beats any stroller. W/my toddlers – I love the in and out convenience of a high weight umbrella stroller (like my McLaren). Sometimes, though, they still want to be held and carried and I trust my Ergo to enable me to do the job in a way I never could without it. :-)


  19. Faith Says:

    I remember with my first (now 15 years old) desperately trying a Bjorn carrier and HATING IT. I thought I was the only one. Tried slings too, but they made me and baby angry. I tried the sling again with baby 2 and she screamed louder than all get out every time I tried putting her in it. We kep trying but by the end of it, we’d get maybe ten minutes of carrying comfort before she’d freak and I’d break into a sweat.

    I didn’t even bother with our third child. ;)

    Baby 4 has been carried in a Moby most of her first months of life and it was wonderful although takes for stinkin’ ever to get us situated, then enevitably one of us needs out for some reason. Slightly obnoxious although the good does outweigh the annoying in this case.

    Now that she’s bigger, we’re using an Ergo, but frankly, it feels really bulky to me. The construction itself and then Charlotte seems to hang out in funky places that aren’t working so great. (She has some issues with muscle tone so I’m thinking we need something with more shoulder and neck support. Maybe your chiro hubby has a suggestion??!!).

    I’m still trying to determine if it’s me or the carriers. ;)


  20. Jen H. Says:

    I did not wear baby #1 much. By the time I got around to it, he was heavy enough that I couldn’t carry him very long. But w/ baby #2 almost here, I felt it would be easier to wear him now that I have a toddler to run after. Most of my friends use the wrap carrier for their newborns, they said they can even nurse them w/o taking them out. Just curious as to why you didn’t like the wrap carrier (Moby it’s called I guess?). I have 4 carriers including a pouch sling which I was always too afraid to use. I used the other 2, one was a store bought back pack material that can be used up to 35 pounds (yeah right, my back couldn’t though…lol!) and the other homemade that looks exactly like the brown flowered one you and Haley are wearing, that did ok, but I agree, the straps were a bit much. Thanks!


  21. Mary Says:

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I bought a Snugli and an Infantino carrier at a garage sale. They were in great shape, and I thought – SCORE, I just saved myself a bunch of money. A friend gave me a Sleepywrap (like a Moby Wrap) at my baby shower. I tried the Sleepywrap first, and I did like how she fit into it, but it was so complicated to tie on, and my daughter didn’t like to be put down (ever), so it was kind of hard. I tried the Snugli and Infantino when she was about 3-1/2 months old, and they were really complicated to get on too. And once they were on and she was in, they were SO uncomfortable. The straps dug into my shoulders, and I didn’t like how she felt out there in front of me at all. So I stuck with my Sleepywrap for a few more months until I saw ERGO carriers on sale through And from that day forward, I never used another carrier. I tried a ring sling for around the house when she was bigger, but I was never as happy with anything as with my ERGO. I just love it.

    I actually really want to get her her own little ERGO or something similar for her second birthday, but they seem really expensive, and I can’t sew.


  22. athena Says:

    I wear Zoe as Much ad I can and love my ssc boba. I do reap with a vat and a gira but the ssc convenience can’t be beat. Just got dad an o&a I hope he’ll love and having a weaver maker an extra long wrap for my fluffy hubby. New to leaving but loving it.


  23. Amy Says:

    I love my Baby K’tan carrier! Similar in concept to a Moby, but without the long fabric. Instead it is 2 circles of fabric joined by a loop and one separate piece to secure the baby on with. Baby always seemed comfy, safe and secure in it, but I will def check out the ones you recommend as well!


  24. Laura Says:

    I had an Ergo and a Moby with my first child but didn’t use them that much. With only one kid, I had the luxury of sitting on the couch and holding her while she slept or giving up one free hand to hold her, etc. I used the Ergo at times when the stroller was impractical. Then I had another child and suddenly my carriers were my life savers. I honestly don’t know how anyone could care for a toddler and an infant at the same time without babywearing.

    My large son quickly out grew the Moby but we are never far from the Ergo. I wear him in grocery store and gets tons of comments about how convenient it looks and have had many people stop me to ask about it. When I see someone with their baby in a carseat perched on top of a shopping cart, I want to educate them- that’s not safe, get one of these!. But I don’t.

    Sadly, I got my Ergo back before they had those adorable Petunia Picklebottom designs. But my babywearing husband would refuse to wear the
    girls prints anyway.

    I love my stroller too. If for no other reason than that it carries my heavy diaper bag for me.


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