My Daughter’s Favorite Cloth Diapers

April 24, 2013

Cloth Diapers

by Haley beck

I am going to list my favorite cloth diapers , why I like them, and the products/type that I like.


The reason I like Ragababe is because I like their cute designs the fit and the simplicity of them.

I love that you can just go get a diaper and not have to worry about the extra inserts or anything like that. I also like the wide elastic on the waist that does not leave any red marks that I know other diapers to leave.

Personally I like the all in ones they are the simplest.  They are already put together and you don’t have to worry about pulling out the insert before putting in the wet bag/ washer.

Also, if you have the AI2 then you can just stick liners (and if you like stay dry insert covers) in there and you’re ready for night time.

2.Charlie Banana

I like the cute prints that they have.  I like the elastic on the inside of the diaper, instead of the buttons on the front, that makes it easy to  make it different sizes.

I like the Ahoy diaper pack that is only available at target; it has a cute ahoy print and 5 colors in it.

The normal inserts are thick enough to put on at night, so that is really handy.  The elastic is wide and not very tight .

It is very big and bulky but it is not a big problem.  (picture is of the tutti fruity pack)


Rumparooz prints are cute (I like them). They do not always hold pee very well with my siblings but it really just depends on the rise and the thigh of your baby.

I love the Lil Joeys because they are so tiny (and cute).

Rumparooz diapers are pockets so you don’t have to worry about the insert touching their skin and making a rash.

I like the shape of the diaper and they have buttons on the front so that you can make it the different sizes.



I really didn’t think I could love my sweet Haley anymore than I already did until I read this post.  She had asked me if she could write a blog post and I was happy to let her (as long as her school work was done hehe).

The above words, links and photos were all done by her.  While it may not contribute to your cloth diapering choices it will certainly give you a different perspective on these 3 brands.

As I was reading her thoughts I was laughing — in a good way.  I can’t believe how much she listens to all my cloth diaper talk!  She’s so much like me.

Just a few clarifying notes:

Ragababe- when she mentions the AI2 and stay dry insert covers she is referring to a stay-dry sleeve you can stuff the liners/doublers in.

Charlie Banana- “elastic on the inside of the diaper” refers to the internal leg elastic adjustment system.  It is similar to a bra strap.

Rumparooz- “They do not always hold pee very well with my siblings”  She is referring to my comments to her this morning that the bamboo 6r soaker does not work well with Finley.  Last night I used it and had leaks.  Only one spot on the soaker was wet but the pee leaked out the leg.

I want to truly thank you for reading Haley’s post.  She loves to write and interact with everyone.  She’ll be bugging me to read every comment to her!  Send her some love!

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32 Responses to “My Daughter’s Favorite Cloth Diapers”

  1. angie Says:

    My daughter is 13 and a bedwetter and i use regular cloth diapers on her a night with either pastel colored or baby print rubber pants over them.she likes the cute baby print rubber pants the best and they make her feel more girly when she is wearing them.I would like to get her the diapers you mentioned is this blog but they dont make them in teen sizes that i know of.


  2. desirae Says:

    Great job Haley. Thank you for your insight. P.S. -we have a Sterling and a Paisley too.


  3. Katie Says:

    Great job Haley. I am fairly new to CDing and started my collection when I saw cloth dipes at Target bc I was feed up with the constant rash my little boy had from disposables. I got the Ahoy collection for my LO because they are super cute. I am looking forward to growing my stash. It’s funny that you already know more than I do about cloth and this is my 4th baby! Thanks for sharing your knowledge about diapers!!


  4. Lily Ivey Says:

    Love Haley’s list of favorite diapers! She definitely knows what she’s talking about with the different features of each.


  5. Shannon Reed Says:

    I really like the rumparooz diapers- their covers have cute patterns too =)


  6. Caitlin Says:

    Great post! It was nice to hear another age-groups take on diapers. I agree with other posts, you are very knowledgeable! I also like perusing your personal blog, even though you haven’t posted anything in a little while.


  7. Lindsay Says:

    Great post Haley! I just started teaching my 7 and 9 yr old girls to change their baby brother. Their favorite diapers are our set of bumware all in ones, which we actually won from a Xmas raffle from your moms blog! How awesome is that? My girls biggest challenge is getting baby to stay still while they change him. It’s hard because he’s pretty strong and they are still kind of little. Any suggestions for them?


  8. Loucrecia Hollingsworth Says:

    I’m verry impressed. I didn’t realize it wasn’t your mom writing it, Haley, until she pointed it out about halfway thru! Good advice too. I’m sure you’ll be quite an expert by the time you have kids! :)


  9. Laura Says:

    Haley–this is a great post (andI’m an English teacher, so I know good writing when I see it).


  10. Cindi Says:

    You are a wonderful writer and very thorough in your research. Even I learned something from your post…I didn’t know you could purchase adorable cloth diapers at Target. Now that I know, whenever I need a baby shower gift I can bless the new momma with some amazing cloth diapers.
    I realize my comments are sort of biased, but you are amazing and I’m so proud of you.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Yes grandma, we received some of the target diapers the other day and they are very handy:) You can use them with cloth or disposable inserts. They are about $109 dollars which is a good price for a pack of 6 diapers that are only available at target :)


  11. abigail morris Says:

    Very well written! Thanks you for the info on the diapers too. I learned some new things. Great job!


  12. Jess Says:

    Alright – her cloth diaper vocabulary exceeds mine!!! What an awesome post! Thank you Haley!!


  13. Kirstin Says:

    I love having a different point of view – one from a sibling instead of another mom. You have excellent writing skills, Haley!


  14. bethany Says:

    Awesome views from your daughter! I think I may go get some charlie banana’s from target today! :)


  15. Laura Says:

    You do sound a lot like your mom, Haley! That’s so awesome! :) I’m sure you are such a help to her.


  16. April Says:


    Do you find that you like the Bamboo 6r overall? I have mainly BG 4.0, Rumparooz, and Tots Bots Easy Fits in my stash. I’m SO OVER the microfiber!! And hemp. We have really hard water, and the stink and ammonia issues are too much work. I’m ready to chuck all my microfiber and replace with more natural fabrics. I’ve never had a single stink or repelling issue with my Tots Bots (minky cotton), but they’re a small diaper and my son (18 months) has outgrown them. I love the fit of BG 4.0, so I was thinking of buying the bamboo 6r soakers to use with my BG and Rumparooz pockets. Have you had as many problems with bamboo as with microfiber/hemp?


  17. Mandy Says:

    Awesome blog post Haley! I am very impressed with your ability to express yourself about a topic that obviously interests you! I am pretty sure there are not very many youthful women blogging about such a great topic! Keep up the good work it will take you to great places in life!


  18. Ann Marie Says:

    Great job Haley! Obviously you’ve been paying attention and helping mom and dad out with your siblings quite a bit. You gave a lot of good information and I hope this is the first of many blog posts from you! :)


  19. Julie Kramer Says:

    Great job!!! I was so impressed when I realized you had written this!! What a great, helpful review!! And I think I may have to buy a Charlie Banana to try now!!!!! Way to go! Keep writing Girl!!


  20. Carmen Says:

    Loved this! Great job, Haley!


  21. Beth VB Says:

    Love the post Haley! My husband would agree with you, he likes the AIO’s for their simplicity :)


  22. Michelle Says:

    Very well written Haley. It was very helpful. I too love Ragababe’s. I have not tried Charlie Banana’s but think I might give it a try on my new squish.I look forward to more of your posts in the future. You are a very talented young lady.. You write beyond your years.


  23. Lisa DeSantis Says:

    Great post! And even helpful for newbies! Keep up the good work!


  24. sandra Says:

    Just like at our house—the whole family gets involved in cloth diapering!


  25. Serena McPherson Says:

    Haley! When I saw your pic at the bottom of the post my first thought was, “She’s a mini Autumn!” That’s obviously a very good thing- brains and beauty. I loved hearing your take on the diapers and the honesty. I never knew Ragababe had wider elastic than others- thank you! Makes you wonder why other companies haven’t thought of that. What do you think about putting girl colors on a boy and visa versa? I know some people don’t prefer that but your mom gets so many tester diapers I’m guessing it’s not really a concern at your house :)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Serena McPherson-
      At our house there is such a need for diapers that – who cares what colors they are:)I like the OTD and the NTD because they have some boy colors and girl colors on them so it is very neutral. :)
      -Haley Beck


  26. Lauren Says:

    Wonderful post Haley. Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a blessed day.


  27. Julie B Says:

    Great insight Haley. I’m a Charlie Bananas fan too and have the same leakage problem with Rumparooz. Those Ragababes are super cute – hope to try them out some time. Thanks for the recommendations!


  28. Ashley Says:

    Out of the mouths of babes :) it’s awesome! Such a smart, beautiful little girl you have there.


  29. Britt Says:

    Hi Haley,
    Thanks for the great words of advice. I will definitely keep your (and your wise mama’s) opinions in mind as I set out to rebuild my stash for my next baby due in December. So far, from when we cloth diapered my daughter, Kate, we have a lot of one-size pockets as well as prefolds and covers. I am looking for more variety (fitteds) etc to add on to what we already have. All the best! Great post!!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      For newborn babies I prefer AIO’s but AI2’S are easy too .
      I like Bum Genius for newborns also : they are simple and they don’t leak as much :)
      -Haley Beck


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