My Expensive Name Brand Crib Bit The Dust

April 15, 2012


It was January 2002, and I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of my first child.  Yet, as eager as I was there were 3 grandmas probably more excited than I.

I was about to provide the first grandbaby on both sides of the family.  So, like any good grandma would do they all chipped in to buy a gorgeous sleigh bed crib from Pottery Barn.  It was expensive but I knew I’d use it for many children and I wanted something that would last.

Along comes Haley (2002), then Haven (2004), then Paisley (2006), then Sterling (2009) and then Camden (2011).  For 9 years straight this crib was in use.

Now my children aren’t exceptionally rough with furniture so how did this crib bite the dust??

Well, over those 9 years our family moved 6 times.  Every move meant taking apart the crib and setting it back up.  Add to that the times I had to take it apart to move it from one room to another and the raising/lowering of the mattress.  That’s a lot of wear and tear!

Of course, that doesn’t excuse the breaking of the moveable siderail early on.

Why I finally had to retire the Pottery Barn crib.

I knew it was time to buy a new crib, and let go of my dream of using the same crib for  my grandchildren, when the previously mentioned siderail became a severe health risk.

The screws were constantly coming out and Camden could easily have wedged himself out the crib.  My husband was tired of hearing me complain about the crib and said, “Just order a new one!”

Why, thank you, great husband, for giving me permission to go shopping!

I started where every good shopper starts…Amazon.  I scoured all the reviews then price shopped elsewhere and ended up buying a reasonably priced crib from Amazon.

When you are paying for something yourself you realize that 1) I could care less if it has a name brand on it that automatically adds $800 to the base price and 2) I want durability not something to brag about.

The sad thing is my boys’ room is a totally hodge podge of wood colors now.  But, who cares, right?  It’s a boys room and it’s messy most of the time any ways.

Here’s the crib I purchased:

It’s a DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail

The things I like about it is that it is real wood, converts to a full size bed, comes with the toddler rail, easy to put together and it has the newer crib look that wasn’t around in 2002 (pre-“moveable-side-rail-is-bad-days”).

The things I don’t like now that I have it in my house: scratches easy due to the soft wood and 2 of the locking screws (I have no clue what they are actually called) were stripped out and I had to send hubby in search of suitable replacements.

For $250 I’d say this is a great buy for a beautiful, solid wood crib. Whether I am blessed with more children or not I know this crib/bed will get much use.

Oh, and I should add it’s definitely sturdy. Camden is a jumper and he will spend 30 or more minutes every time he’s in there just jumping up and down. It absolutely hilarious!

You’d think I would have taken an action shot of the crib but alas this is all I could find:

Does your crib have a story? Please share!

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27 Responses to “My Expensive Name Brand Crib Bit The Dust”

  1. Sherry Says:

    We just purchased a second crib for our 4th baby due any time. We have a lovely Simplicity sleigh crib from Toysrus for our 1 yr old and had been used for one of our other girls for 3 years. Our 1yr old has not attempted climbing and sleeps great in it so we have decided to buy another crib for the new little one. Walmart online is where we purchased this one for $150 (Canadian) and it looks identical to our more expensive Toysrus crib. I hope it holds up but only time will tell.


  2. Brooke Says:

    The crib I’m using for my 6th is the crib that my little brothers and sister used. My mom bought it in 1988! It had 2 drop sides, but the drop mechanism on one side broke somewhere along the line (and many military moves). My husband used screws and “L” brackets to hold that side in place and we put that side facing the wall. It’s a Jenny Lind style, which I love, and it’s still going strong.

    And for those who like the Pottery Barn style, go to She’s amazing and has easy plans on how to make your own knock-off furniture – a lot of it based on Pottery Barn stuff. :)


  3. Julie Says:

    Our first five children were able to use the same crib their daddy had as a baby. His tiny teeth marks were in it when we set it up for our firstborn over 13 years ago. But after five rambunctious kids, my mother-in-law decided baby number 6 should have something new (I think it was more a case of my husband’s younger sister having her first baby when we were having our sixth, so she felt guilty getting her a new crib and not us – ha!)Our 2.5 yr. old sixth child is still sleeping in the crib even though his 8-month old brother should probably have it by now, but the funny thing is that the ONE child that has used this new crib has already put more teeth marks into it than the first five plus their daddy put into the old crib! Darn that soft wood! :)


  4. Christina Says:

    Just a bit of Advice : buy the conversion kit now before it goes out of production! e got one that converts to a daybed, but we will probably just keep it a a crib for any more babies. We also cosleep most of the time. I only put baby girl in there if I’m not ready to go to bed when she is, so it doesn’t get much use.


  5. Carrie G. Says:

    No great crib story, but we have a bunch of Pottery Barn furniture and it has been very disappointing quality-wise. Some has broken and other pieces just look much more worn than they should by now. I have learned the hard way that sometimes you pay much more for a name. If only I could find some knock-offs that have decent quality since I like the style….


  6. Briana Says:

    The crib that we bought second-hand for my son was probably already recalled (drop-side rails) when we got it but it was an amazing crib. It was easy to assemble, both sides could drop down, and only an adult or teenager would be able to drop the side (there was a catch on both ends that had to be released at the same time). I was irritated when I heard that my ex had broken it when they were switching to his Cars toddler bed, but at least it wouldn’t be used again by someone irresponsible.

    The one I got after I moved out was convertible to a toddler/daybed so its worked out well for us as well.


  7. Rhonda Says:

    I don’t have any really interesting crib stories from my own children….aside from the fact that I keep giving them away but then keep having children. Go figure! But it does make me think of my crib when I was a baby, or rather, the stories my mother tells of it. She bought it new when pregnant with my older sister. Three years later when I came along the crib was still in prestine condition. Within one year I had rendered the crib totally and completely useless! My mother said I had chewed the top rail to the point that it looked as if beavers had invaded my crib. And I was not a cryer….if I wanted out or anything else for that matter I apparently found that sturdily grabbing the rails and shaking with all my might was a much better alternative to crying. Maybe it was due to the fact it was the mid 70’s but the crib was no match for me. According to my mother it didn’t really matter as I started climbing out of it right after I turned a year old anyways!


  8. Allison Says:

    We ended up getting a Baby Mod crib from Walmart. Baby Mod is actually the “off brand” of DaVinci. It is the same quality product but at cheaper prices. We’ve been really happy withit. It is real wood and no toxic glues.


  9. Erin Says:

    When I first found out I was pregnant, I wanted a bed (similar to the one in Autumn’s picture), but I wanted it to be new and be convertible to a toddler and then a full size bed. My husband and I shopped around but just couldn’t take the plunge and spend the money. Then one weekend while I was on a servcie call with my husband (I used to be his ride along partner on the weekends) my friends called me to tell me that they were at a yard sale and they had a crib for $125. At first I was like NO, I didn’t even think about it, but after a few minutes I started having second thoughts. Thanks to camera phones they were able to email me a picture and I ended up having them get it for us. It required a new mattress (my grandma purchased as a shower gift) and 3 replacement screws but it has held up great. It looks exactly like the picture above only it is a lighter color wood. I initially thought that it would follow Mayumi as she got older but now that we are trying to have another baby, my husband thinks we should just leave that room set up for a baby and Mayumi a “big girl” bed when its time. Either way there is alot of life left in that “yard sale” crib. We also got our bassinett (there is a lot left to be desired) from a yard sale for $25. Every square inch was washable so we figured why not. I will say that there are a few too many broken spots on the base so you cannot actually roll it around. I think the 2nd time around we will purchase something else.


    • Nicole Says:

      If you’re thinking about something just until they can go into a regular crib (in place of the bassinet), I loved my Moses basket. :) we could carry it everywhere, even to visit family and stuff.


  10. Rachael Says:

    I very purposely wanted a bed that was a crib… and only a crib. I don’t want to get one just to have a head board I had to find and put a frame on. When Peanut is to the bed stage, I’ll likely just get twin mattress set and put it on the floor. That way, when he falls out of bed, its not all that far. And its cheaper….

    I got our crib off Amazon when Peanut was 3 or 4 months old. He’s been in a pack-n-play until then, and figured I had to switch him soon so that he was still unaware of the switch. I’d have to go and look around a bit to figure out the crib, but its been great. We got a “free mattress” with it, that they sold out of, so they refunded the money that would of been the mattress and I got another one. so far, no scratches, or issues and I’ve adjusted the mattress height from the highest to the lowest once. (highest pre-rolling, etc, then to lowest). Its a bit of a dip to lean down when putting Peanut down, but I’ve gotten used to it. When he starts standing and getting hard-core on the crib, I’ll be sure to do a review telling how its standing up to the treatment!


  11. Liz Houser Says:

    I love it! Amazing how real life with kiddos differs from pre-mommy perception of parenting. I got a great, semi-cheap stork craft crib and I love it. Fancy? Na. Teeth marks from my baby gnawing all over it? Yep. Will I really convert it to a toddler bed instead of just passing it on the the next actual baby? Nope. Will it hopefully last several kids until some baby jumps it into the dust? That’s the goal! Things look much clearer in hindsight.


  12. Marion Says:

    We were given a crib for out first baby, but around the time he was 8 months old the family that gave us their crib was expecting their 6th child and we were going to be moving. It was one less thing to take with us so we gave it back to the family (the crib had previously only been used for one baby). My husband was told a story about a one year old breaking his leg while climbing out of a crib, so from that point on our babies have all slept in pack and plays. The down side, I never feel like we have a put together room until the kids get their first bed. On the plus side I have 5 kids (6,5, 2, 1, and 5 months) and we are able to move around the baby’s bed to fit us all in our 3 bedroom house. Most of the time I have had two kids crib age and it has just worked better not to have a crib. When we bought beds we spent $$$, our bunk beds are Pacific Rim made in OR. They are great and non toxic. So far, holding up great, but I do not have teenagers yet.


  13. judi Says:

    I can’t remember how long ago it was but Smart Money magazine had an article about Pottery Barn. They had some furniture experts evaluate the Pottery Barn products and found that the quality left A LOT to be desired. Unfortunately, people buy there thinking they’re getting something that will last but they’re really paying for the name and the look. I’ve been through a large number of cribs over the years and actually had 2 children who never actually had one. I paid a grand total of $100 for the one crib I actually purchased (my mom sent the money as a gift). I bought it at a resale place. Our next baby will use a crib we got on freecycle.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I don’t doubt it one bit. I look at magazines like Restoration Hardware and think “CRAZY!!” I have had name brand and off-brand and often times there isn’t much difference.


  14. Page Jansak Says:

    we have beautiful crib from babies r us. It was a gift from my dad, I think the retail price was $499. Our baby has not spent one night in it yet, as we are co-sleepers. It holds stuffed animals and clean cloth diapers…..

    I think one day she might use it, but for now, we are really happy with our sleeping arrangement..


  15. Nohemi Says:

    Good to know it lasts this long since it’s the crib we have for our son. So far, so good for the past two years. Ours did get scratched up easily (mostly by my son’s teeth) but it’s sterdy. And good to know that it can handle the jumping because my son is DEFINITLY a jumper!


  16. cara Says:

    I got my daughter a cute crib at walmart. It converts to toddler bed and full size and is solid wood. I got it as a bonus buy for $80. It seems sturdy. I plan on using it as a crib and toddler bed but plan to make a fun padded headboard for her big girl bed or paint my old childhood wooden bed a fun color.


  17. Lynn Wilson Says:

    the crib both my children (2 and 5) used was also used by their cousins (9 and 18) It is a drop side but made before their started replacing with plastic parts. Solid metal and sturdy wood. Still has tons of life left…although it has lost it’s pretty throughout the years as the stain has faded. Too bad it’s uses are done in this house, although I don’t seem to want to part with it. And selling it is out of the question even though it wasn’t part of the drop side recall consignment sales won’t let me sell it there and posting on craigslist just brings out the crazy people. lol


  18. Christine Says:

    We got the DaVinci Parker Convertible for my son who will be 3 in June.
    I agree it scratches easily. But the quality if the wood doesnt seem great. It seems cheap and rickety. I don’t know that this bed will last thru all his years of needing a big bed. My husband liked the idea of having a crib that can grow with your baby but now wants to get him a car bed or some other ‘fun’ bed. I’m like ‘no, we got this whole matching set with the convertible crib/bed so he would have it forever (well, till he moves out). We also got my daughter a convertible but it’s Carter’s brand. I love the quality so much more and I actually think it could last forever.


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