My Favorite and Trimmest AIO Cloth Diapers Day 10 Giveaway

December 15, 2011


Today is a special day here in the Beck house.  Our baby girl is 5!  Paisley is an amazing child, you know the kind you wish you had

10 of.  She melts everyone’s heart with her perfect smile and curly hair!

While you’re enjoying day 10 of the giveaways I’m going to go ice skating and eat cake balls with my princess! (and if you are a birth story like myself here is link to Paisley’s birth.)

When it comes to cloth diapers the best of both worlds means a trim and absorbent diaper.

Today I bring you two cloth diapers that fit these criteria.

Go, Baby, Go! is a “local” store to me.  I’m in the country but the closest big city to me is San Antonio and that’s where Liz operates Go, Baby, Go!

I had the privilege of meeting Liz a few months ago when she personally delivered some Flip Disposable Inserts I needed fast…she just happened to sort of be in the area ;)

Go, Baby, Go has donated a Bum Genius Elemental AND a $10 gift certificate!

Grasshopper Diapers are just slightly trimmer than Bum Genius Elementals because of the side snaps (creates a flat front) and no rise snaps.

Grasshopper Diapers has donated 1 AIO PLUS a SUPER soaker insert!

Today Bee All Natural donated convenience in a tube with the Baby Body Butter Stick.  I love keeping it in a bag and applying it to the back of my hands or calloused baby knees.

I’m including a bundle of Ragababe cloth wipes. Everytime I change a diaper or bathe a child I am reminded of why Ragababe cloth wipes are my favorite- they are so easy to handle.  They are just the right thickness and smoothness.


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22 Responses to “My Favorite and Trimmest AIO Cloth Diapers Day 10 Giveaway”

  1. Tabitha K Says:

    Thank you so much! I am so excited to try everything out!


  2. Rebekah Kuriakose Says:

    With the $10 gift certificate, I’d probably order some more Rockin’ Green Classic.


  3. Rebekah Kuriakose Says: I mixed up my favorite choice and the link. Hope this works ;)


  4. Jessica Wilson Says:

    Love your site!! It has helped me so many times with my cloth diapering adventure!!!


  5. Hannah Schoen Says:

    Really excited about these giveaways! I’ve enjoyed each day – even if I don’t win anything! I’m new to cloth diapers and I’m learning so much! This can be addicting!


  6. Kate Says:

    Great giveaway! I need to get started on my stash, so this would be wonderful! Thanks!


  7. Brittany S. Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! Much in need of some extra diapering supplies as my sister is 39 weeks pregnant today and we already have two cloth diapered boys! 16mo, 7 mo and a newborn girl on the way! I promise to put this giveaway to work if I win! Thanks and Happy Bday to your little sweetie!


  8. Carla M Says:

    Another great giveaway!


  9. Maritza Says:

    I’ve been meaning to participate on your giveaways but I’m never sure how to. IS a comment here all that is needed? Please let me know! I would LOVE to win today’s giveaways. I love BG elementals (I have 1) and I would LOVE to try a grasshopper!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      maritza, do you have java enabled on your computer? i believe you need to in order to see the rafflecopter form located right above the Pooters ad.


  10. Andrea Says:

    Woo hoo! Excited about today’s giveaways….especially the Ragababe wipes! I’ve been wanting to try them!


  11. Emily M Says:

    Have fun celebrating your DD’s birthday! Thanks for sharing your birth story.
    Thank you also for sharing info about these great products!


  12. Hayley Stevens Says:

    YA! I got all my entries in today after having internet issues the last few days! Only getting the minimum those days! I am saying a birthday wish today I win!! It is my son’s 3rd birthday! Ice skating sounds so wonderful have a lovely day with your girl! My boy and I are spending the day baking oreo cookie balls and chocolate oatmeal balls! : ) Two of his favorites!


  13. Cindi Says:

    Happy Birthday Paisley! xxoo


  14. Texas Momma Says:

    On the “refer a friend” entry, I didn’t see a way to refer a friend without just signing them up through your email subscription? That is what I did, so I’m hoping it is correct?


    • Jamie Marsh Says:

      I’d like to know too! I didn’t sign up my friend, just told her about it?? I didn’t want to sign her up for something without her consent – the instructions said “refer”… ??


  15. Nicole Sayyad Says:

    Happy birthday Paisley, thanks for the great giveaway.


  16. Sarah Jane Says:

    Tell your daughter “Happy Birthday”!! I LOVE birth stories, so I’ll probably go read it.


  17. Caroline Says:

    Happy Birthday Paisley! I love how Go Baby Go has all the major brands of diapers as well as SAHM products too!


  18. Shelley Garrett Says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! And the product I picked from go baby go was sheepish GRINS- not grubs. iPhone incident. Hah!


  19. Monique Says:

    I have looked at the grasshoppers a few times, never saw anything in stock! Now that she has them, I had to go ahead a grab some ;)


  20. aimee beasley Says:

    Happy Birthday to your darling daughter Paisley. I have a 10 year old daughter and a 3 week old and they are amazing. Hope you enjoy your day.


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