My Favorite Things Day 3 Giveaway!


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My faaaaavorite covers are Sweet Pea Diaper covers!

They fit over every diaper whether extra fluffy or super trim.  My favorite thing about Sweet Pea covers is the stretch.   I don’t like a stiff PUL and Sweet Pea gives me just what I like.

Because I love Sweet Pea covers so much (Just to show you how much I love them, I rarely use fitteds or flats but I have 4 Sweet Pea covers!) they have given me 2 OWL print covers to give away!When I use a cloth diaper that doesn’t have PUL in it, Orange Diaper Co bamboo terry squares are what I grab.  I love how easy, simple, natural and soft they are.

Honestly, when I use Orange Diaper Co squares I feel like a real cloth diapering parent.  It’s that stereotypical image I have stuck in my head before I actually used cloth diapers.

When you check out Orange Diaper Co website you are going to fall in love with their fitteds!

It’s a bit hilarious that I say that seeing as I’ve never used them.  But, the pattern and prints are just perfect.

Everyday of this event you will have the opportunity to win a variety of Bee All Natural products! I love them ALL! Be All Natural is now carried and endorsed by Cottonbabies and recommeded by Fuzzi Bunz.

And from yours truly, 1 package of Flip disposable inserts, 2 snappis and 4 pins!

Flip Disposable inserts are the best.  You can double them up for night, they are soft and you can bury them to decompose (although I’ve yet to do this).

I usually use a snappi when using Orange Diaper Co squares but the pins are completely doable even by a scared-I’m-going-to-stab-my-child mother.


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