My Favorite Things Day 7 Giveaway!


Last week was a blast and I promise not to let you down this week!  We have amazing products up for grabs this week and since they’re “my favorites” you know I love them!!

I realize many of my subscribers may not be interested in the daily emails and I promise things will be back to normal next week. In order for me to remain in good standing with my email broadcast company I humbly ask you to not press spam or unsubscribe!  Hang with me!

Here we go!!

Today my sponsors are:

Do you love wool?  Do you love knitted wool?

I do and it wasn’t until this year that I found my ultimate knitter!

Denise is the WAHM behind Molly’s Bottoms.  I don’t remember how I stumbled across her work but after buying one set (shirt and longies) I was hooked!

I can be a bit obsessive so I set out to find amazing colorways and send them to her to knit into longies and a couple of her famous aviator hats.  I am so in love.

Camden is by far the best dressed kid I’ve seen!  We have 4 pairs of longies knit by Denise and 2 hats.  I can’t tell you enough how good she is!

Molly’s Bottoms has generously offered $10 off any instock item!  You can find her work on her Molly’s Bottoms Hyena Cart store or as part of the Hyena Cart collab Bliss.

Today Sweetbottoms Baby is providing us with an Eco*Posh Recycled Organic one size fitted + 6r bamboo soaker.  It just so happens that as I type this Camden is in bed for the night in one of these beauties (with my favorite Sweet Pea owl cover on top).

Have you tried Eco*Posh yet?

Remember when I gushed over Charlene of Tiny Tush?  Well, Majaliwa Bass, owner of Pooters, deserves equal praise!  I’ve never met Maj but I love her!  She loves Christ and her giving, humble, compassionate, kind heart is the character I strive to acheive.

Anytime I’ve asked Maj to participate in anything she’s on it!  Today Pooters has donated a one-size hemp fitted.  Pooters hemp fitteds are excellent diapers.  You’d be hard pressed to find another cloth diaper as affordable, absorbent and trim as a Pooters hemp fitted.

eeeeekkk!! I am so excited about this one!!  Sarah…okay seriously?! Is every cloth diaper WAHM ridiculously kind?… has generously  offered a 6-pack of ALL SNAPS Omni system with a SUPER pod!

Can I play to win???

Softbums fans have been waiting forever for an all snaps version.  Here’s your chance to be the first to try them!

If you aren’t familiar with Softbums check out my past articles describing the features that make them a favorite of mine.

This week we again are blessed to have a Bee All Natural product in the daily giveaways. These products make excellent baby shower gifts!

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141 Responses to “My Favorite Things Day 7 Giveaway!”

  1. Mandi McGonagle Says:

    Visited the sponsers!


  2. Kaylee Reindl Says:

    I thanked softbums on their page! I recommend the to all of my friends who have been having babies. I would love to win a snap diaper to try out!


  3. Summer Garcia Says:

    I signed up and visited your sponsers pages. Thank you for the giveaway!


  4. Paula Says:

    I’ve been checking out softbums website ever since you posted about them. I really want to try them!!


  5. shaydee romero Says:

    Posted on facebook’s soft bums page!


  6. Alicia Says:

    Whoop! Whoop!


  7. Amelia LaCasse Says:

    I am so glad Softbums finally has snaps!


  8. Caroline Garcia Says:

    Thank you soooooo much for the giveaways! I really love Softbums, and hope to win their giveaway! <3


  9. Sarah Says:

    I’m new to cloth diapering (5 kids but just started this 3 mo ago). Your blog has been so helpful! All these products seem great.


  10. Erica Says:

    WOW! These are some great giveaways!!


  11. Brittney F Says:

    I absolutely LOVE Softbums!!! They’re my fave!!!! Would love to try the snaps!!! Would also love to try the other items! Thanks for the giveaway and the opportunity to try new things!!


  12. Julie Says:

    I visited all the sponsor websites. I just love the wool skirties @ Molly’s Bottoms. So cute!


  13. MaryLynn Says:



  14. Desiree Savarese Says:

    Thanks for all the great giveaways!


  15. Carla M Says:

    Thanks again for the great giveaways!


  16. Ashley Says:

    Thanks for the softbum giveaway!


  17. Melissa H. Says:

    Visited the sponsors. Thanks for the giveaway!


  18. Maria Ivey Says:

    I thanked Softbums for the giveaway on their FB wall. Thank you for all the work you’ve done getting all these giveaways together!


  19. Janel Says:

    How great is this? I am loving all that is being offered for the giveaways. As much as I’d love to win, I am just grateful to be learning about so many new companies. I am just getting ready to get started on my cloth-diapering journey, and am learning so much. Thank you to everyone involved in the Favorite Things giveaways!


  20. Natalie Says:

    I LOVE Softbums!


  21. Jenene Says:

    I regularly check out Sweet Bottoms Baby website and Facebook page. One of my favorites! And I want those SoftBums SO BAD!!!!! :)


  22. Ashlyn Says:

    I visited their websites! Love the fluff! :)


  23. Amber E. Says:

    I left a comment on Softbums Facebook page. And I regularly visit Sweetbottoms website. It is my favorite site for baby items! I’m also fortunate enough to live near one of their stores. Great giveaway!


  24. Robin Morey Says:

    We love softbums!


  25. Elise Says:

    Yipee, love softbums!


  26. Sarah Says:

    Love Molly’s Bottoms Wool! My fav!


  27. Jamie Lynn Kohut Says:

    Thanks for doing these awesome giveaways!!! I visited your sponsors’ websites from today!!


  28. Jianna Taylor Says:

    This stuff looks great! I would love to try it out!


  29. Katie Says:

    I visited all the sponsor’s websites! Thank you for hosting such an AWESOME giveaway! We love our softbums omnis more than any other diaper we have tried- and we have tried LOTS!


  30. debbie m Says:

    Pooters has the best resources!!! I love her video on how to wash wool. It was my teaching guide!!!


  31. koren Says:

    woohoo … spending the weekend looking for a new car because ours can’t be fixed for a desent price I have to say I relly enjoyed entering something free today! thank you!!!!!!


  32. Stephanie Graham Says:

    Visited Molly’s Bottoms website…would love to try wool, just not brave enough yet! (but $10 off would help me be brave!!) :)


  33. Jocelyn Says:

    left a post on Softbums facebook


  34. April G Says:

    I’ve checked out your sponsors, and may have found a new fluffly love in Pooters! :)


  35. Jane BB Says:

    Been wanting to try softbums for awhile now, and love me a pooters hemp diaper!!


  36. Amanda Says:

    i love this contest because it gives me a chance to check out all these other sites and learn so much about cloth diapering for my little one due in feb!


  37. Regan Says:

    I’m not used to the new Rafflecopter form and maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see anywhere to put extra info. The address where I blogged about the event is here:

    And I thanked the sponsors on their FB pages :)


  38. Dawn Says:

    I left a comment of SB page. Would love to win today! :)
    Thank you for all you do!!


  39. Gabrielle Kimbrell Says:

    Molly’s Bottoms have some cute knits! I love the skirtyalls…if only I had a little girl ;) I’m a regular support at Sweetbottoms and love their selection.


  40. Katherine Valenzuela Says:

    I am so excited to check out all your sponsors today but mostly Molly’s! We love wool!


  41. Rachel Deutsch Says:

    Thanks for the giveaways. I love checking out these new products!


  42. Marianne Says:

    SoftBums looks great! So do all the other offers and sponsors!


  43. judith Martinez Says:

    I left a comment on Molly’s Facebook page! I’m very interested in wool covers as I have some that were my dads (from way back in the 40s) but they’ve shrunk and have moth holes so they never worked very well.


  44. Elisheva Meier Davidovics Says:

    I visited the pooters website–great design.


  45. Patty Comparan Says:

    I love this giveaway. It gives me a chance to visit all these new sites!


  46. Lisa Burrows Says:

    Molly’s bottoms was the only sponsor that I haven’t gotten something from so I checked out her website. I may just have to buy some longies for my new little one. It’s good to know Maj is a Christian. I didn’t know that and I am glad I have bought some of her hemp fitteds. They are great for overnights!


  47. Erlisha Steadman Says:

    Checked out the website and Facebook pages of your sponsors. Super Excited about the Soft Bums. I have never tried them.


  48. Faith Halverson Says:

    Checked out the websites and left a comment on Molly’s Bottoms!


  49. Emily Murnen Says:

    I love the giveaways and have visited the sponsors websites. Thanks!


  50. Sarah Joseph Says:

    SO exciting! I would love the bamboo soaker and the Eco posh!


  51. Emilia Hackney Says:

    I love softbums! They are the only cloth diapers that I LOVE to use. Never had a leak, always fit snug, and the Omni’s offer even more options!


  52. swedenesefamily Says:

    Visited Softbums. Love, love the look and how comfy (and soft!) they look for baby.


  53. Heather Craft Says:

    I visited Sweetbottoms website…and love their local store! :)


  54. Carissa Says:

    Oh my gosh I LOOOOOVEEEEEE softbums!! Wanna know what’s even more cool? They are a local business for me! When I first heard about them, I was so pleased to hear they were a MN business too, only about 25 minute drive from where I am. So I thought it was a small-local business, then I came to find they are a lot more popular than I thought! I am so excited they have snaps.. oh please let me win this one :):):)


  55. Cristy Says:

    What a huge day! Wool! Hemp! Fitteds, Omnis! All kinds of fun things!


  56. Mindy Says:

    Wowza! What a giveaway!!


  57. Michele Says:

    What a great giveaway! I visited sweetbottoms and loved it! So much cuteness!


  58. Kate Says:

    Love Sweetbottoms! Thanks for all the giveaways :)


  59. lanae trevino Says:

    I love pooters!


  60. Copper Says:

    So much good stuff! I would LOVE all of it. =)


  61. Erin Hall Says:

    Okay, I REALLY want to win today!!!! Would love that 6 pack of Softbums and a Pooters!!!


  62. Mica H Says:

    Let a post at Molly’s Bottoms, thanking them for being a sponsor. Thank you for having such a fun and awesome give away!


  63. Betty Says:

    I love giveaways! Thank you so much for hosting this one and giving us all such a great opportunity!


  64. Angie Kuna Says:

    Love your blog!


  65. Jamie Marsh Says:

    I don’t have any wool (doesn’t it irritate that soft baby skin?? I can’t handle wool on my skin, and my daughter seems to have inherited my sensitive skin, so I haven’t tried it on her) but I enjoyed looking at Molly’s products! And we don’t really do fitteds – the Mother Ease ones I tried when we first started left a rash on my baby’s bottom – but I’ve heard enough raves about Pooters and Eco*Posh that I’m willing to give it another try! :) Their products look awesome!


    • Lisa Says:

      Hey Jamie!

      Sometimes a softer wool can curb the irritation that coarser wools cause. As a spinner and fiber artist I have learned that not all wools are created equal! Quality varies incredibly! You also could have issues with chemicals that process the wool or the lanolin in the wool. Have you tried alpaca? Alpaca doesn’t have any lanolin or grease, and can be super soft! But like wool the softness can vary from animal to animal, but a good guideline to look for is Baby Alpaca or Super Fine!

      I have loved using my wool & alpaca soakers but I too at first wondered how those could even work well for a baby, but they are fantastic!


      • Crystal Shannon Says:

        Hi Lisa!

        I’ve seen that you can use alpaca as diaper covers, too, but have only used wool previously – I was wondering: how do you “treat” alpaca when using it as a diaper cover? ie, lanolizing, washing, etc.



  66. Chelsea Says:

    Commented on pooters FB page! :)


  67. looloo01 Says:

    Checked out/posted at your sponsor’s pages!


  68. Belinda Connolly Says:

    Thanks so much again for doing these great giveaways!


  69. megan Says:

    Thank you so much for spreading the fluffy love :)


  70. Kara Smith Says:

    So glad you are here to fuel my new obession with CD! (Now i just need to get some cd’s for my little man :) I can’t wait to discover more!)


  71. Melissa Lawyer Says:

    I love soft bums, Those are new to me & I love the way they are made. Plus I’m a knitter & love that there is wool included!!!


  72. Sarah Jane Says:

    No, I have not tried EcoPosh yet, but would love to, especially their wool diaper covers. I was checking out their site.


  73. Kelly T. Says:

    I’ve learned about so many different types and brands of diapers from your site and your sponsors…thank you!


  74. Amanda Parker Says:

    I thanked Softbums. Thanks for doing these giveaways.


  75. Loren Jacobs Says:

    Yay! I love seeing all of these companies that I did not know were out there! This is not helping my cloth addiction!


  76. Mrs. Smitty Says:

    Visited the sponsors. I’d love to see how Pooter’s Bamboo Pocket works! I absolutely LOVE Molly’s Bottoms Cococabana Longies. And I love that Sweet Bottms Baby carries Mama Cloth and Lunettes!


  77. Couponguy Says:

    Thanks for the great opportunity at this.


  78. mp phaiah Says:

    i blogged about this event today:

    i did not see a space in the rafflecopter to enter my link… so i’m hoping this will count!
    i would really love to try softbums!


  79. Patricia A Says:

    visiting the sponsors and adding to babys things ;)


  80. Lauren Simms Says:

    commented on SoftBums FB page and tagged you


  81. Rebekah Says:

    Rafflecopter is different today. Loads faster. Thanks Autumn! MMM.. Softbums…(spoken like Homer Simpson) ;)


  82. Allison Says:

    Love the giveaways! I’m off to check out your sponsor websites for new fluff!


  83. Melissa K Says:

    Thanks for the giveaways!!


  84. Jennifer Lyden Says:

    I love Pooters! They are my dd’s nighttime diaper. I really want to try Softbums too!


  85. Angela E Says:

    I will be looking at all the web sites today. I am in search for a good over night diaper.


  86. Jami Says:

    You’re fueling my obsession for CD. Softbums and Sweetbottoms might be my new favorite thing to drool over.


  87. Lindsey Says:

    I just wanted to add to your comments about Pooters: they are awesome! I use one every night as my baby’s nighttime diaper. We have one bamboo and a few hemp fitteds, and they are all very absorbent.


  88. dana Says:

    The forms worked much easier for me today! Love visiting all the sites and seeing all the cool stuff I now have on my wish list :)


  89. emily Says:

    I love soft bums!!!!


  90. jennifer gardner Says:

    visited softbums facebook and left comment. Thanks!


  91. Crystal Shannon Says:

    Can I win every day? Please? All these great things – I think one day, “oh, I HAVE to win today, this has to be the best,” then the next day and the next is the same. Thanks to all the wonderful sponsors – I’ve had fun exploring sites and learning about new things :)


  92. Gabriella states Says:

    I am totally excited about todays giveaway. Ive never won anything so im hoping i can win this one! The stuff is nice!


  93. Katie Abdul-Haqq Says:

    I have a Softbums Echo and would love to try an Omni!


  94. Elizabeth Craig Says:

    Thinking about buying myself an early christmas gift at sweerbottoms baby :)


  95. Jenny B. Says:

    Visited Sweetbottoms website! Thanks for doing this giveaway!! :)


  96. susanne wedel Says:

    i love me echos, and would like to try a omni. also like that there are some in snaps available.


  97. Lisa kuhl Says:

    Love the givaways!!! Great way to spead the word about different products!


  98. Frances Says:

    As always, thanks for spreading the love of great fluff :)



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