My Favorite Things event


I will provide the link to the daily giveaway here!

You will be able to return to this page and find winners as well.

Blessings to you!

Day 12

confirmed WINNER: Andrea Skoog

Day 11

confirmed WINNER: Suzanne Daniel

Day 10

 confirmed WINNER: Tabitha Kelly

Day 9

confirmed WINNER: Laura Narvaez

Day 8

confirmed WINNER: Katie Santiago

Day 7

confirmed WINNER: Jenny Laux

Day 6

confirmed WINNER: CJ

Day 5

confirmed WINNER: Lisa Burrows

Day 4

confirmed WINNER: Jessica Swicegood

Day 3

confirmed WINNER: Carissa Fajardo

Day 2

confirmed WINNER: Larisa Cox

Day 1

confirmed WINNER: Shannon Valenzuela

7 Responses to “My Favorite Things event”

  1. Jeni Simmons Says:

    Thanks so much for the contest!


  2. Leslie Guenther Says:

    Thank you so much for this. I really hate I already missed 5 days. :) And the sponsors. I love finding new places I never even knew about. Awesome.


  3. Gillian Phillips Says:

    How do I enter your contest?



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