My Favorite Trainer and a SweetSeat Day 8 Giveaway

December 13, 2011


Long, way long overdue is a post on cloth trainers.  This may not be a full post on trainers but at least you’ll get the chance to win my favorite.

Top to Bottom Baby is a new store to me. It wasn’t until I contacted Diaper Daisy about a Fuzzi Bunz defect that I learned the owner of Top to Bottom Baby was now the new owner of Diaper Daisy.

Top to Bottom Baby carries many of my favorite brands of baby and mom products. They have generously donated my favorite Blueberry Trainer.

I love the design of this pull on trainer. I don’t, however, always love a pull on. There are times (like when child is trained for #2 and they need a little nap/nighttime protection) when they are the better fit.

Blueberry Trainers are soft around the legs and waist, soft inside and are not bulky.

Another favorite trainer of mine and one Top to Bottom also carries (and the one Sterling has on tonight) is the Fuzzi Bunz Trickle Free Training Pants.  Seriously, I wish my underwear were minky lined!  This side-snapping trainer would be great for those unpleasant accidents.

For those toddlers that are now feeling like a big kid and resist going into the “baby chair” (ie, highchair) you need to get them a SweetSeat!

We love our SweetSeat! No more ugly booster seats. SweetSeats are stylish, retro-looking seats for the tiny heinys in the family.

We purchased one at the Great Cloth Diaper Change event in San Antonio this year and had the privilege of meeting owner Tracy Rickstrew (and husband). Originally it was Paisley’s chair, now Sterling is the owner. Everyone who comes over notices how different and cute it is!

SweetSeat was very kind to offer a 40% off coupon for any SweetSeat available!

Today the Bee All Natural product is for you!

Afterall, potty training and feeding a toddler is hard work!!

Bee All Natural is providing an Organic Intense Hand & Foot Salve. I feel a bit more relaxed just imagining someone rubbing salve on my hands and feet.

Oh, man do I need to relax right now…

I am throwing in a Charlie Banana One Size pocket.  I love Charlie Banana Pockets!  The one for the giveaway is the old style button hole adjustment as opposed to the newer bra strap-like adjuster.

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35 Responses to “My Favorite Trainer and a SweetSeat Day 8 Giveaway”

  1. Cara Says:

    Great products and give-aways! Lovin’ this!


  2. Michele Zimmerhakl Says:

    Than you for running giveaways, win or lose, it’s fun to try!


  3. regan Says:

    No spot for a link in the form. I blogged about the event here


  4. Crystal Shannon Says:

    **crossing my fingers** (and toes, and arms . . .) – my 2 yo would LOVE this package! Thanks again for pointing out some awesome products!


  5. Amanda Alvarado Says:

    The Sweet Seats are SWEET! LOL


  6. Emily D Says:

    Do the sweet seats (which are totally cute!) fasten to the chair at all? Would there be any problems with an active kid making it fall off?


  7. Christine M Tubbytelly Says:

    There was not place to put my blog post info:


  8. Carla M Says:

    Thanks for the great giveaways!


  9. Eliza Warmack Says:

    Ohhhh this giveaway is great for us potty teaching parents! So fun to learn about new baby gear…love the sweat seat! My 16 month old has been doing part-time EC in the morning and we get so excited when he goes in the potty, but we only have diapers or undies. We would love some in between!


  10. Sommer Says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! We began potty training our almost 2 1/2 year old son a couple of months ago and are still working on it. My daughter was so easy, she was potty trained day and night by the time she was his age but our son is resistant and I don’t want to push him too hard. Right now all we have are the Gerber underwear, what we used with our daughter, but they are not working nearly as well with our son and he still wears diapers whenever we leave the house, so I’d love to try some better trainers.


  11. Melanie C Says:

    I would love to win this! We are in the process of trying to cut down on our cloth diaper (since we have a 4 1/2 month old also in cloth) and get our 2 1/2 year old potty trained ans we have no trainers. She has also decided that she is too big for her booster, but her little feet get stuck in the spindles of the chair because she likes to sit on her knees to be tall enough at the table. What a great giveaway!


  12. Sweetness Jones Says:

    I noticed an advert on your blog for “pooters”. For the record, I would just like to say that I had nothing to do with that. However, if I had a baby right now, that child would be wearing ‘pooters’.


  13. Debbie Martens Says:

    How do I get the 40% off for the sweet seat? Is there a link, do I mention AACD? Just wondering. Thanks, Deb


  14. Debbie Martens Says:

    Hi, I am very excited about these giveaways! I wish everyone Good Luck!


  15. Denise Says:

    Uh oh! I just started doing all the entries and then I noticed you have to be a US resident…. I live in Canada!


  16. Ranela Says:

    I used 3 day potty training … Which for me actually took 3 months:) but he was potty trained by 2 years:) I used the baby bjorn potty seat it was 30$ 3 years ago


  17. Sarah M Says:

    I had no idea that Top to Bottom Baby was in Omaha. Its hard to find this stuff in Nebraska… Online is usually the only way to go. I will have to check out thier store sometime.


  18. Sarah Jane Says:

    I have yet to potty train, but my daughter’s only 15 months old. I like how you had us put comments in the RC form asking what we liked as opposed to commenting on this post. That way, you know your readers went to the sites and looked around.


  19. Gabriella states Says:

    Im really glad you are doing this giveaway. Its a chance for those who do not have money to buy diapers and stuff for their kids, to possibly win something.


  20. judi Says:

    This post reminded me that I need to get started on the potty thing with my almost 3 yr. old.


  21. Andrea F Says:

    Those Sweet Seats are so cute! And, after multiple diaper changes (and therefore hand washings) a day, who doesn’t need the hand salve?


  22. Shelley G Says:

    Thank you for the awsome giveaways!


  23. Mindy Says:

    Oh, I’ve been wanting one of these Sweet Seats since I saw them at the Great Cloth Diaper Change with you. They are sooooo darling. Out of my price range, but sooooo darling! Have I mentioned how darling they are?


  24. Desi Says:

    I am potty training 2 year old twin boys and don’t have anything but the gerber training underwear. They are still in the early stages so they soak right through these every time. My budget is limited so I have been reluctant to purchase any trainers because I don’t want to end up not using them. I definitely don’t want to use disposables. I used them with my older children and they took forever to potty train. Also if anyone has used the Potty Boot Camp method I would be interested in your opinion.


    • Jenni Says:

      I used this method a year ago with my then two and a half year old son. We really liked it! He was able to have almost no accidents after the initial 3 week training period. The only complaint I have about it is that I don’t think he really understood how to tell if he needed to go. We would just ask him if he needed to go every 2 hours or so and he would say yes. So we took him to the toilet and he would go. But if we never asked him if he needed to go he would have an accident every time it had been too long. He often still does this a year later. But I am not sure if this is any different from other methods because I have never tried anything else. HTH


  25. aimee beasley Says:

    Thank you for all these wonderful chances


  26. Danielle Says:

    Nevermind, the rafflecopter came up finally, my computer is so slow sometimes!


  27. Danielle Says:

    I’d love to win, we start hard core potty training after the new year! My daughter is making good progress. Is commenting on here all we have to do?


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