My gDiaper Experience by Julie

May 2, 2012

Cloth Diaper Hybrids

I originally started using cloth diapers when my first child was 7 months old because he had a diaper rash for most of his life that never seemed to go away. Switching to cloth got rid of his rash, and he has not had a rash since switching to cloth except for last year when he was in a daycare that would only use disposables.

But that is another story entirely.

My second has been cloth diapered since she was 5 days old.

Since then, I have tried many different kinds of cloth diapers. Most of which were bought used off of Craigslist, so I have a variety of diapers that I mix and match as I please.

A few months ago, a friend gave me 2 large gDiaper shells and a partial bag of the disposable inserts. She said that she had tried them on her son but didn’t like how they leaked and she was always having to wash extra clothing. She thought that maybe she used them wrong since she is used to disposable diapers.

This was great for me because both my kids are very sensitive to disposable diapers. They get a rash from every brand I have tried. And for the longest time I used disposables at night because my cloth diapers kept leaking or burning with ammonia. (I finally solved this just a few weeks ago. Yay!)

At first, I only used them with the disposable inserts at night time with my youngest, but, as I enjoy being creative, I soon found many other uses for my gDiapers.

The shells work great with a trifolded prefold, or with a Flip insert.

I have also used them on my potty trained 2.5 year old when I fell behind on laundry and had no night time underwear for him. That did not work so well though. He pulled the diaper down like underwear to go potty at night, but had trouble pulling it back up. So he removed it. He wet the bed later that night and told me that the diaper didn’t work and he wanted underwear. (Diapers don’t usually do anything if you sleep beside them in bed. But I didn’t tell him that.)

He usually wears Happy Heiny pocket trainers at night. I have used a disposable g insert in the pocket instead of my usual cloth, and that worked great.

It was strange using a diaper that fastened in the back at first, but I am getting used to it. They do work if put on backwards though.

I was quite cheap with my other diapers and only paid $1.50 to $10 each so I am happy I got to try gDiapers for free. I had heard of them but never bought them because of the price ($19.99 each) which was high by my standards.

I love the bright colors and the versatility of the covers. They have replaced Flip as my 3rd favorite cover after Bummis, and Sweet Cheeks fleece.

They are great if you line dry your diapers because the cover dries in just a few hours.

The disposable inserts are great. They are the only kind of disposable diaper that my daughter can wear without getting a rash and I like how they can be flushed down the toilet and are biodegradable.

I have only once had a leak while using the gdiapers, and that was because the diaper was on too loose because I was putting the 26-36 lbs size on my 17lb daughter.

This is a great product and well worth a try. It is easy to find as it is sold at [many local stores] and is easy to use. As long as you don’t expect it to hold as much as a disposable which seems to just keep on soaking up impossible amounts of pee, I think you will like them.

Julie V.

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27 Responses to “My gDiaper Experience by Julie”

  1. Bridget P Says:

    I wish people would stop thinking G-Diapers are so perfect. . . . Aside from the SAP that is used, the gDiaper refills are completely biodegradable and can
    be flushed, thrown away, or composted in home composting operations. When composted, the refill will completely degrade after about fifty days. When thrown away, the refill will NOT
    biodegrade in the landfill, but contributes less waste to the landfill than a Seventh geneation. gDiapers “gPant” and liners diaper. When flushed, the refills contribute to biosolid waste at wastewater treatment facilities. Approximately 80% of the biosolid waste in wastewater is used in agriculture as fertilizer. The company recommends that refills with feces on them should be flushed rather than composted. The wood pulp used in refills is mostly harvested from farmed trees in China, but the trees are NOT certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, meaning that some species of tree that are used could be endangered or harvested unsustainably. The refills are bleached with chlorine, but are completely free of elemental chlorine. Instead, they ARE bleached with chlorine dioxide. Most wood fluff pulp manufacturers treat their pulp with chlorine in some form, but gDiapers hopes to be totally chlorine free in the near future.The wood fluff pulp is mostly manufactured in China, but the finished refills are manufactured in the United States.
    Components C-E: Cotton, Spandex, Nylon The outer layer of the diaper, the “little gPants,” is composed of 92% cotton and 8% spandex. The liner is composed of 100% nylon. Both of these parts of the gDiaper are washable and reusable. These parts of the diaper have NOT been certified Cradle-to-Cradle at any level by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry. This means that the company has NOT identified all of the materials that are involved in the manufacture of these products and that many of the materials have not been assessed for their toxicity or for their impact on human health and on the environment. It also means that the company has FAILED to identify the sources of some of the materials used in making these parts. The company has, however, said that the outer pants are manufactured in China. This could be of concern since the Chinese government maintains much less stringent regulations on potentially hazardous chemicals than the United States.


  2. Janie Says:

    What do you ladies use in the way of homemade inserts for a GDiaper?


  3. tarintarin Says:

    I have several gdiapers and absolutely love them, but I can’t get over that hard edge folded by the velcro which always seems to dig into my little one and leaves horrible marks. Am I doing something wrong???


  4. bryttni Says:

    i love hearing about other mamas who like g’s. (: they are so helpful if anything goes wrong, i think so many people just don’t know and end up with them on wrong and therefore poosplosions! (which i, too, have gone through) (; of course, nothing fits everyone. i love love love my g’s. i have tried flips as well, but my daughter reacts to the pul covers i think (haven’t been brave enough to test them out again since last time, but it cleared up when i stopped using them) and honestly they leaked every single night. literally. i went back to the g’s and love them more than ever (: i use prefolds in them. they are so so cute, and local to my area to boot! i’ve used them on my daughter since birth. (:


  5. Connie Says:

    I was just curious about nap and bed time…I have just started trying the Gdiaper on my son (8 weeks old). I was wondering what people to for nap time/bed time? I know you’re supposed to change the diaper more often, but I don’t want to wake him up (especially during the night) to change his diaper, are there any suggestions as to what I can do to make sure I don’t have leaking issues?? I am scared to let him go over night in the G yet, so I don’t walk into a mess at 2am!


    • Jamie Says:

      I used gs for a while on my DD. What I did for naps and bedtime was to put a disposable insert o top of the cloth (gcloth or prefold or whatever). Holds a LOT. No worries. Some moms will put 2 gcloths together with the hemp sides facing each other, but that didn’t really work for me. Good luck!


    • Pamela Says:

      I just started my son on gdiapers at the end of March; he’s almost 11 mos old & is a heavy wetter. I find if you double up the cloth inserts they usually will hold all through the night. I can imagine an 8 mos old won’t pee nearly as much as an 11 mos. Also I recommend checking out They have some great deals on things called gflappers!! I invested in a few of these because of my son’s heavy wetting. I also bought some of the “scrap” they sell as well. All in all I was very pleased with the gdiapers once I figured out about doubling them as I was having an issue with him wetting through over night. The gflappers are great to have!! Hope this is able to help you out!!


  6. Lauren Says:

    I use gDiapers mainly bc I only had two friends who cloth diapered when I started and they both used gDiapers with cloth inserts or prefolds (this was before the gDiaper company came out with the cloth of their own) so I figured I’d go with that since it worked for them. I have been very happy- yes it’s weird getting used to fastening in the back, but that’s been very helpful now that my dd has figured out how to undo front-fastening dipes! I know not everyone loves them and that you can use the flushable inserts with other covers, but they’ve worked for us! and I like that the flushable/disposable option is kind of a gateway to cloth for those who are scared to try full on cloth.


  7. Marinazar Says:

    I am going to be the voice of ecology here and shed a bit of light on the gDiaper disposable that may not have been in the forefront before.

    I live in Seattle and our city engineers monitoring sewage are very much working toward banning gDiaper disposables in our water works. A recent study in Portland, Oregon unequivocally demonstrated the strain on sewage systems where gDiaper disposables were being used. Here is the article:

    If you do not have the time to read the paper in its entirety I will post the conclusive quote:

    “Until further research adequately addresses the issues raised by the City’s study and conclusively demonstrates that the product is both safe and treatable, it is the City’s recommendation the gDiapers, when used by the City’s sewer customers, be managed as a solid waste and not flushed down the toilet. Customers should bag the used product and place it in their garbage container for disposal. Those consumers who have an active and well-managed compost system may also choose to carefully include urine-only gDiaper discards with their compostable wastes.”

    I mean really if you think about it, a tampon is problematic. Imagine stuffing this huge disposable down the toilet .. that takes a stick to shove it down! What do you think may happen?

    My 2 cents.


    • Jamie Says:

      The gCompany actually addresses this and doesn’t always recommend it. I have a septic system, so I never flushed them. I don’t compost either, so when I used them, I tossed them.


    • Adriane Says:

      I agree, they shouldn’t be flushed. I love my g’s, I think they are a great part of my diaper stash, but after flushing a few, I knew it was a bad idea. I live in an older home and th pipes couldn’t take it. The wet ones are fantastic for a compost bin though, I found they really sped up the compost process.


    • Candice Says:

      Ok, well a few things about your last few statements there. First off, you tear open the sides and dump the fluff into the toilet. The stick is to swish it around not to stuff it down the toilet. Once broken apart it is no harder to flush than toilet paper (probably easier) and the outside of the flushed goes down as well perfectly fine.


  8. Alysicia Says:

    I started with gdiapers as soon as we got home from the hospital with our daughter (our first child). The tiny gpants worked great, I also bought some fuzzibunz one size just to try. I like the funzzibunz too, but I still love my gdiapers. I haven’t had any leaks with the exception of when my daughter transitioned from the small size to the mediums. For about 2 weeks it just seemed like the smalls were too small and the mediums were just a bit to big. But that worked its self out. I had a person tell me before we tried them just to make sure the elastic of the liner falls in the crease of the leg to prevent leaks. Works great so far! I also like that even if I have to eventually buy new inserts the gpants will last through any children we have in the future (as long as the velcro doesn’t give out).


    • Jamie Says:

      Even if the velcro goes bad, you can replace it yourself. They mail you the velcro pieces and instructions for free.


  9. Michelle K Says:

    I also loved gdiapers! I started using them when my son was 11 months, because he had really bad eczema where the disposable diaper elastic was rubbing. His doctor said that some kids react to the dyes / chemicals in disposables even worse when they start walking :-( Within a week of starting to use gdiapers with flushable inserts the eczema was gone. They worked awesome for him until he potty trained at 2.5, and by then I made my own cloth inserts (since gdiapers didn’t make them back then).

    I started using them on my daughter when she was 3 months, but they’ve never fit her properly and ALWAYS leak! She’s a lot thicker than my son, with really chubby legs, plus she’s a really heavy wetter. I use prefolds with her because it’s the only system that doesn’t leak. But I miss gdiapers so much! Great product and can’t say enough good things about them :-)


    • Jamie Says:

      I love the gdipes, but they didn’t fit well on my DD, either. She’s tall and thin and no matter how I fitted them on her, every pee diaper would wick on to the cover between her legs. I switched to flips with prefolds. But I REALLY wanted the gdipes to work!


  10. Deanne Sanchez Says:

    Thank you for the post. Please share how you got rid of the ammonia burn? My baby boy is getting burned by the diapers on his private parts. I have to change every three hours at night or use disposables. I use organic cotton prefolds. I wash with country save but I have hard water. I do a cold soak, hot wash with soap. Hot soak, and then speed wash both cycles no soap.


    • Julie Says:

      Hi Deanne,
      I followed some of the suggestions I got on here. I washed the diapers many many times and switched to using hemp in a pocket diaper at night. And I stopped using Rockin Green soap. The trouble hasnt come back and it has been about a year


    • Marinazar Says:

      Add vinegar to your pre-soak.


    • Anne Says:

      Have you stripped your diapers with bleach and Dawn dish soap? That’s what Cotton Babies recommends doing. I have to do this 1-2x/month. If my son starts getting red or I start to smell the amonia smell, I go ahead and strip the diapers (sometimes every two weeks). It’s the only thing I’ve found to work.


  11. Barbara Says:

    So glad these worked for you…I think that they were the first modern cloth option that i saw in a major baby store. I wanted to like these but, I found that the disposable insert was unreliable for us. I tried them on my (now 4yo) 18 month old…and if he peed first and then pooped…the insert would twist up from being wet and him moving around and the poop would get on the liner..and since my son pooped about 6 times & looser than avg. I had to change the liner…sometimes the cover with every change. I never ended up trying them with cloth inserts which I have a feeling may work better because I was working off of a large supply of pocket diapers. Maybe I’ll have another go with them on my next son (who’s 2yo now) with a prefold inside…he’s outgrowing everything else anyway….thanks for the review.


    • julie Says:

      To help stop the twisting of the dispoable inserts
      I put either a newborn size microfibre or a hemp oval
      underneath. I don’t know if that would work for more active kids
      . We only used them at night


  12. Leah Says:

    please, please tell me how you solved your night-time ammonia problem! i’m trying to figure that out right now!


    • Amanda Says:

      Yes! Thanks for asking Leah. We do use disposables at night for this very reason. Can’t figure it out…


  13. Kelly Says:

    Great info! I’m due in July with my first and always knew I wanted to try cloth diapering first. I read tons of reviews, forums and blogs, and even though some people have had issues with leakage using gDiapers, I decided to give those a try first. I think that if they work for us, it was the most likely system that my husband can stay on board with. I plan on using the disposable inserts on occasion, but I mostly plan on using cloth inserts, whether they are gdiaper brand, some other brand, or homemade.

    I was able to buy 6 covers and liners from craigslist for $50 (She had leaking problems, but it seems to have everything to do with the size of the thighs!) and if they don’t work for me, I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to pass them right along to another mommy to try :)

    Well I just want to thank you for posting your positive experience! It’s very comforting!


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