My New Babies and a Cutiepoops Giveaway!

May 5, 2010

Washing Cloth Diapers

***Congratulations, Serena!! You were chosen as the winner of the Cutiepoops Cool Seat! ***

Meet my babies that were delivered on May 3rd… they’re not little by any measure but the delivery went well.  As a matter of fact I didn’t even lift a finger.  I like that!  They are Samsung Steam or something more technical.  I’m absolutely in love! Haley (my 8yo) has done most of the laundry so I’d say life is good!

Then there’s the other baby…

Image courtesy of

This baby won’t be delivered until the end of December but he/she will be well worth the effort!

And of course there’s the monthly Cutiepoops cloth diaper giveaway!  This month instead of a cloth diaper, Adrian has provided you with a Coolseat.

A little info on the coolseat.  You place it in the freezer until frozen (it has those gel packs inside, contained in waterproof nylon so it won’t get wet on the outside).  Place it over the straps/buckle in the car seat while you are in a store and it keeps the buckles cool so you don’t burn the baby or your hands.  In hot Summer months this is a must have.  The coolseat will stay cool for several hours, allowing you to run multiple errands and not torturing your little ones with hot car seats.

You may be thinking that May is way to early to be worrying about hot buckles.  To that I’d say come visit me in Texas or Adrian in Arizona!  Today was HOT and the I was in need of a Coolseat in 3 car seats.

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment telling me what type of washer and dryer you have and your thoughts on it.

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142 Responses to “My New Babies and a Cutiepoops Giveaway!”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Hey! I just joined the Dec ’10 due date club on diaperswappers, too, and I recognized your name/website, so I came on here to check if it was you! I am technically due 12/24, but we’ll see:-). Look forward to maybe chatting on DS.


  2. Serena McPherson Says:

    Hey there! I just read that “Serena” is the winner of the coolseat! Is that me? I did respond to this post and I was on your site again to copy the address to give to our state licenser who wanted more info on cloth diapering in child care centers. I was the first one to CD at the child care center I worked at and she wanted to know what the new systems are like. Thanks for being a great resource!!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I apologize, Serena! I didn’t even consider that there would be 2 Serenas! It was the other Serena who won the Coolseat. Thank you for spreading the word on cloth diapers to your state licenser!


  3. Lisa Says:

    Congrats on your wonderful news! And on your new machines too :)


  4. angela Says:

    Hi, love your site and congrats on your “new additions”. My washer and dryer were bought new from Lowes in the last year or three (bought one at a time). The washer is a GE. Just a regular washer–top loading. It works great but I only use liquid detergent in it because when I use the powdered kind, I always find some of it still on the clothes when the wash is finished :S My dryer is just a cheap old Roper brand dryer. It is a large size and works great–it’s just a very basic model.
    All that said about “just a this, and just a that”, they work just fine and I am completely content with the blessing of having them :D


  5. Sarah Davis Says:

    WOW Autumn….u are going to have your hands full! Congrats!!! We have a GE washer and dryer that is 5 years old. They have been great and held up so far.


  6. Dinah Reece Says:

    Congrats! I have a GE top loader that is about 12 years old. I would love a steam washer/dryer!!! The coolmat you posted is the smartest thing ever. We also live in Texas and I am dreading how hot the seatbelt clips will get on her carseat this summer.


  7. Jill J. Says:

    Oh wow!! Congratulations!!!! So excited for you!


  8. tami Says:

    i have a top-loading washer by some company that doesnt make them anymore and a dryer – not even sure of the brand since we inherited them from the people we bought our house from. i am very thankful they left them for us, but i would looooooove new ones – especially since i am doing diaper laundry every other day!


  9. Wendy Says:

    Congrats! I am so happy for you. Hope you’re not feeling to tired/sick.

    We just ordered those washer and dryers the other day. Its nice to know that a “pro” like yourself has the same washer/dryer that we just ordered. Our delivery date is this Wednesday. No epidural needed for these deliveries ;)


  10. Sara Says:

    We have a whirlpool top-loader and it works very well! It has a second rinse setting and many options for water temp.


  11. Becky Says:

    I have a Maytag washer & dryer. We just replaced the timer on the washer even though the machine is less than 5 years old. It was taking ALL DAY to wash a single load of diapers b/c it kept stopping for a few minutes to rest! But I love the infinite water level feature that lets me do a mini load or a huge load or anything in between. It’s a nice machine and does a good job.

    Congrats on your new baby! My daughter is Natalie, which means “born on Christmas.” Maybe, just maybe… :)


  12. Brooke Says:

    I have the exact same washer! Not the matching dryer though, yet :)


  13. Kristen Says:

    I have an older set that came with the house. They work but I would love ones like yours! How do you like the front loads for diapers? I have some friends who have had problems with not getting enough water in them for diapers, so I have been hesitant to get them. What made you choose these ones?
    Congrats on the baby!!!


  14. Amber Says:

    Living in AZ, I totally need this car seat cooler! I have no clue what my washer and dryer are….they are too old for me to care.


  15. Derrick Says:

    We have maytags We love them!


  16. Tiffany w. Says:

    We have maytags. I like them. I can’t wait to upgrade, though, it does the job.
    hismrs2010 at aol dot com


  17. Connie Kemery Says:

    I have the exact same Samsung pair that you just got! I am very anxious to hear about your new wash routine. I got mine in January, prior to that I had a Kenmore top loader. The HE front loader completely changed my cloth diaper wash routine. Right of the bat, I loved the new set for everything, except cloth diapers. At the time, my stash was mostly AIOs with a few fitteds and covers. I found I really needed to change my stash, so have migrated primarily to pockets, with a few fitteds/covers, and a couple of AIOs and AI2s. It took me awhile to figure out how to get enough water to get the diapers clean. But… I think I finally have it down!


  18. Alexis Dilullo Says:

    Congratulations!!! That is so exciting! My daughter is a December baby, it sure makes the holidays interesting!

    We have a top loading washer, and I would love to get an energy efficient front loader! Especially with all the diaper laundry I do. Right now I wash my diapers twice. One cold cycle and one hot cycle. But when I go to my MIL’s house and use her energy efficient washers I just do a cold rinse and then wash my dipes on the sanitary cycle, and I swear they came out cleaner than they do at home!


  19. Angela Says:

    How exciting! So many deliveries in one year!!! :)
    My washer and dryer are plain, white, standard Maytags and while they do okay, they’re not great. Need a serious upgrade, but oh well.


  20. Brooke Says:

    We’ve got the Whirlpool Duet Sport. I do kind of wish we’d had the funds to go up a notch to get the one that steams, but I think we’re doing alright with what we’ve got. The dryer takes FOREVER to dry our BG Organic AIOs, so that kind of stinks.


  21. Stephanie Says:

    Congrats on the newest baby!

    We have a front loader, I think Whirlpool. Sadly, I haven’t seen them in a year since we moved in w/ my parents. We visit those lovely things in the storage unit every so often, lol. My parents have similar machines, just older models. I like my washer better, but definitely prefer their gas dryer.


  22. Katie Says:

    I have the Bosch 500 Series front load washer & dryer. I absolutely LOVE them. Bought them in 2008 when my 3rd child was due and I had decided to venture into cloth diapers. They are great for all our laundry – things are much cleaner than in our old washer/dryer. My 7 yr old left a purple marker in her bed and took a nap in a bright yellow shirt. I was horrified to find purple marker all over it and knew there was no way to get it out. On a whim I threw it in the wash on the sanitary cycle (love that!) with our towels… to my amazement all of the purple stains were completely gone and the shirt looked like new!!!!
    Congrats on the baby and babies:-)


  23. Caroline Says:

    Ugh. I am soooo jealous! I want your washing machines!


  24. Sarah Shackelford Says:

    Congrats on the new babies!
    I have an old-as-dirt maytag washer and kenmore dryer. I dont love them, but they work. We’re hoping next year to get a new set.


  25. Emily Says:

    Oh wow, congratulations on the new baby!! How exciting! :D And what fun way to tell us. :)

    And congrats on the new washer and dryer. We are currently without a washer and dryer as we just moved and have yet to get another set. But before we just had a top loader (they were our landlord’s so I didn’t pay too much attention to them…lol) My mother in law has some fancy front loader ones and while they seem great they sure don’t seem to get her towels clean…yuck! I’m not sure how I’d do with a front loader and diapers (and I always hear front loader horror stories involving cloth diapers) so I look forward to hearing how they will work for you.

    And as far as it only being May – it’s been up in the 90’s here this week and I couldn’t believe how hot my girls’ car seats were the other day – especially my rear facing one for my 15mo. Summer is here!


  26. Lisa Says:

    I have a basic Frigidaire set. Top loading washer and propane dryer. I don’t love or hate them. They do their job and for that I respect them. Although, I am extreemly excited about the nicer weather so that I can consistantly use my wonderful clothes line. That, I love.


  27. Christina Says:

    My washer and dryer have been passed down through a couple generations. They are really old. The washer is an Admiral and the dryer is a frigedaire. They both have been working great though. I would love to win the coolseat. We live in San Antonio and I definitely know about it being hot already. Those car seat buckles are so hot and it’s so hard to try not to touch your baby’s skin when getting them in. This was a great idea.


  28. Ashley hammock Says:

    I have a hand-me-down washer and dryer. They are a good 10-15 yrs old but they do the job. And I definitely dont mind re-using and recycling until there is nothing left for them to give lol. I can’t wait for the day we can afford something like yours though! Congrats on them making your life much easier! Getting our hand-me-down dryer to start working again after 3 years of hanging all my laundry was HEAVEN SENT!


  29. Ashlee R Says:

    Where can I find these seat covers online?


  30. Ashlee R Says:

    I was just wishing for something like this yesterday! How wierd is that!!! We have whirlpool front loader washer and dryer. It is the most basic model. I really like them. However I hardly ever use the dryer. I love my clothes line even more. :) Thanks for this great product!!!


  31. Becky Gittings Says:

    Congrats on the BABY!!! and the new w/d! all sorts of great things happening there :)

    we have a whirlpool w/d set that came with our house. they are newer-ish. :) I like how they can do XLARGE loads, has an extra rinse setting and can turn off the buzzer. :) would love a different washer that has a sanitizer setting, but this works! :)


  32. Majaliwa Bass Says:

    Congrats on the new babies – all three of them!


  33. Stephanie Says:

    I have an old GE top loader washer and a Kenmore dryer. They’re not too exciting but they get the job done. And the best part is they were cheap (got them used). Would love to have a better set one day.


  34. Amanda Olson Says:

    Man- do i ever wish we could afford those washing/dryers! But no- we have Kenmore..the older version , but new ( if that makes sense)
    I think they’re ok, but they dont do very much at one time…so do i want those..YES!
    Your soo lucky!
    And congratulations!! Yay!


  35. Chevonne Says:

    WOW Adrian! CONGRATS on the new addition… I hope your fatigue doesn’t effect your productivity – LOL :) – for the record, I’m thinking GIRL for you! Middle name ‘Noelle’ perhaps, in celebration of the Christmas Season!? ;)

    I use Whirpool “Commerical Standard” washer & dryer. They are about 3 years old and RULE. They get everything so clean, are HUGE and don’t make a tonne of noise. I haven’t started washing my cloth diapers yet but will do soon :)

    My 2 year old son is one sweaty little kid who HATES the heat- winning one of these Coolseats for his carseat would be GREAT!!!


    • Adrian Post Says:


      Autumn is the pregnant one, not me, although we are trying. And I’m sure throwing up 10 times a day for 7 months won’t affect productivity at all.. ha ha~ Why do I want to get pregnant again?? ha ha!


  36. Asashia Says:

    I don’t even think my washer and dryer are made anymore! They came with the house and we’re waiting until they die to buy new ones. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a front loader next!
    And since my little one was born on December 1, I’d say hooray for December babies!


  37. Hannah Says:

    I would LOVE a new washer and dryer so CONGRATS! ;) We have Frigidaire top loaders but they get the job done well so I love them regardless of how they load. ;)
    Congrats on the new baby!


  38. Mary-Margarette Says:

    Congratulations on the new baby!!


  39. alicia Says:

    I have a old top loading washer and dryer.. Eh I like them ok. We are saving up for a new HE washer and dryer because I have 3 messy little boys!~


  40. Merideth Says:

    I have an old kenmore & maytag (mismatched set), but I love them. I’m not all that excited about HE or front loading machines, maybe I’m old fashioned. I do wish I had larger capacity (especially w/baby # 3 on the way) and my dryer does seem to take a bit longer these days (but it’s warm enough for line drying now!! ) And a coolseat would have been AWESOME when the boys were still in carseats and since I’ll be having an August baby this year, I’m sure I’d get lots of use out of it!!


  41. Alissa Says:

    CONGRATS on your new baby news Autumn!! That is so exciting!! :-) The washer and dryer look so sweet…I could only dream. You’re one lucky girl!!


    • Anonymous Says:

      Oh, and we have a Kenmore Elite…which I love but I really would love stackable HE machines so we can add a shower to our laundry room/quarter bathroom!


  42. Kari Says:

    We have 1yr old Whirlpool Cabrio HE top loader that I love and an older Whirlpool dryer that still works great. My 2 yr old loves to sit on the washer and watch it work as this is the one with the glass lid. Great enternatinment when wanting to help mommy. The only thing I don’t like right now is my belly gets in the way when trying to reach to the bottom of the drum to get all the clothes out when done (#2 is due 6/28.) Congrat’s on the new baby.


  43. Cathie Says:

    I have a fairly bottom-of-the-line Frigidaire front load set. Thing is, bottom-of-the-line front load is still way more awesome than a top load. I like to sit and watch the clothes in the washer. Is that weird?


  44. JCF Says:

    Congratulations on the new baby! I live in a nice cool climate, so I don’t want to enter the giveaway, but I just wanted to congratulate you.

    @Melissa–I feel exactly the same way about our washers in our building. They’re broken, people leave their wash in them all the time, my clothes come out smelling like other people’s detergent and give my kids a rash, etc. but I don’t have to go to a laundromat! I dream of the day when I will have my own washer and dryer in my house–maybe someday!


  45. Ashley Says:

    I have an LG Tromm front load set that I bought off craigslist. I love them. The washer takes a while to wash since I don’t do the speed wash but I’m not looking to run more than 2 or 3 loads a day so it doesn’t bug me. One thing I noticed is the drier dries quicker with more in it, ironic I thought. I think it’s because they fluff each other out. Keep saying I’m going to make wool drier balls to combat this….perhaps soon I’ll follow through.


  46. Cristina Garcia Says:

    oh how sweet!!! I love your new babies and especially your little bun in the oven.. how exciting.. congratulations to you and your family and your 8 yr old must be so awesome… as to help with the laundry she likes your new toys too.. lol.
    I know what your talking about when it comes to hot seats.. born and raised Texan.. you get hot everything in Texas…. literally!!! lmbo


    • Anonymous Says:

      I meant bun… and I could use a cool seat plan in visiting Texas this simmer so could use..


  47. aemelia Says:

    Congrats on the new baby!

    I have an old top loader and a regular old front loading dryer but they get the job done…when I remember to do it!


  48. Holly Says:

    We have a hand-me-down top-loader washer, and a dryer we bought new in 2003 that is already starting to go – they don’t make ’em like they used to! Luckily we air dry the majority of our wash anyway. Jealous of your new set, and congrats on the upcoming bean!

    The cool seat is a fantastic idea!


  49. Tara S Says:

    I have an old Kenmore top loader washer and dryer. I would LOVE new ones, but they are working just fine so I don’t have an excuse for one.


  50. Stephanie Says:

    I live in apt and use the apt ones. I believe they are both Maytag. They do the job that needs to be done. Goes to show that you can still cloth diaper when living in apt! :)


  51. Amanada B Says:

    I have a frigidaire affinity washer dry set on pedastals. The heart and soul of our house. LOL :)


  52. sarah S Says:

    I have Maytag Performa washer and dryer. Wedding gift from my husband’s parents. And I love the idea of the coolseat – soooo needed in Texas!
    Congrats on the pregnancy!


  53. melanie Rogers Says:

    Congrats on the baby! Wonderful news! We have a one year old LG Front Loading HE washer and LG dryer. I love them. I first read HE machines were not good for cloth (so I gave up trying it for my baby), until I looked at doing cloth again when my daughter was one. HE machines work great for cloth! I just use the “water plus” feature when I wash them. I have a sanitary cycle which I do occasionally (not all the time, for the sake of prolonging the diaper’s life)… and I love all the features my machine has. I can customize my own wash cycle for my diapers (after a cold rinse, I do a hot wash with water plus, longer wash cycle time, and an extra rinse), so I just have to hit ONE button to do my diapers.


  54. Cyndy Says:

    Congrats! I hope you are feeling well! We have a front loading HE fridgdaire washer dryer combo. Over all we have been very happy, 7 yrs ago it was the most affordable HE we could find, and the fact that they were stackable if needed seemed like a wise investment knowing we would be moving, frequently. And yes, here in AZ we already have hot seats, hot cars, hot days!


  55. Nicole Says:

    CONGRATS AUTUMN!!!!! :) Wow! You must be thrilled!!!!! We have new GE frontloaders – I am SO in love with them. Our waterbill went from $45 a month to $7…FANTASTIC! Our laundry room is oddly connected to the halfbath off our bedroom (isn’t that a kid song?) and the newborn LOVES to sleep to the washer sound…*giggle* (she really doesn’t have a choice since I am doing diapers or clothes everyday!) It is so quiet and the dryer is super fast. So many blessings! Congrats again!


  56. Shannon Ropp Says:

    Congrats on the new baby!! Will you find out if its a boy or girl? I am currently using a LG front load washer and dryer.


  57. Christine Says:

    I have a 20 year old stackable set that is on its last leg. Can’t wait to upgrade.

    Congratulations on the new babies


  58. Jenny Morgan Says:

    Congrats! (on the pregnancy, of course) The washer and dryer look nice, too. I have mid-range frigidere front loader and stacking kenmore dryer; I like my washer but really dislike my dryer. They are pretty basic, but get the job done in the end. And I can’t beat the small footprint when they are stacked! I would love to try a coolseat- I live in Virginia and it’s already hot here, too!


  59. Cat Mayhew Says:

    I have a LG set. Oh, I wish I knew the name of them! But I LOVE them!!! I’ve had it for 5 years and just recently ran into our first issues. The washer pump needs to be replaced (to be expected after 5 years of HARD use!) and the other had nothing to do with the actual manufacturing of the product, but we had a bad lightning storm and it blew the heater element on the dryer. But insurance covered it! I now have a like new washer/dryer set. I love them even more because there’s like 10 base settings, and up to 50+ combos of settings to do different things! I now have it programed for a “diapers” load!!! Now, if they could only make a washer that also dried and sorted the covers from diaps,, I’d be SOLD!


    • Cat Says:

      and…. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOU BEAN!!!! OH, I’m so excited to hear about all the new CDing stuff for newborns!!!


  60. Shae Williams Says:

    Congrats on the new baby! I can’t even talk DH into #3 haha!

    I have the Whirlpool Cabrio. It is a top-loader but is HE with no agitator. I like it better than my old washer and dryer!


  61. Misty Thanem Says:

    I have a Kenmore top loader washing machine and I like it other than the fact that it doesn’t help conserve water like a front loader. Thanks


  62. Rebecca Says:

    Your new washer and dryer look great! We have a really old Maytag top loader and the dryer is worse, but for now they get the job done. We’ll be looking to upgrade next year I think. Here’s to a healthy pregnancy!


  63. Christi Says:

    Congratulations on the pregnancy, I pray that the pregnancy goes wonderful! I too am pregnant, baby number 2 is due this September! Such an exciting time!


  64. liliana Says:

    WoW!!!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!


  65. Heather Trahan Says:

    Congrats on your little one!

    I currently have a lg direct drive washer machine. I used to love this machine, until I bought cloth diapers. There is no setting where you can add more water and shorten the time on it. I love cloth enough to endure the long washes it takes to get them clean!

    And p.s. May is not early at all for a coolseat! Louisiana is blistering hot too already! I always worry about a hot carseat for my little girl, but when I put her in on a hot day, I move as fast as possible to avoid burns!


  66. Robin Sullivan Says:

    I have a Whirlpool stacked washer/dryer. We got it on sell because it had a few dents and dings in it. The dents didn’t keep it from working though! We’ve had it a couple of years and the dryer isn’t wanting to dry right anymore. It usually takes one and a half to two cycles to get a normal load completely dry. So I can’t wait til my husband finally puts up a clothesline for me. I threatened to string a line from rail to rail on our deck and use that if he didn’t get one put up. I think that got him a little motivated. Plus our dryer’s a little hard for me to use right now since I’m only 5 ft tall and have a 6 month pregnant belly. I just about need a stool to be able to reach the stuff in the back. I don’t know yet how well it’s gonna do with cloth diapers. I’m planning on using them with the new baby and am just getting starting on my stash. We’ll see.


  67. Amy S. Says:

    Wooo Hoooo I love your two newest Delivered babies! They are gorgeous. We have a Kenmore top loader and older dryer. I want a set of front loaders too. But some day.

    Wooo Hooo on your new Real Baby! How awesome! Congratulations!


  68. Penelope Says:

    We have a GE Profile set bought off craigslist 5 years ago and still going strong. They’re pretty efficient for the oldy-but-goody style, but I do have home appliance envy of the front loaders…those will come in handy when your belly gets big – I’m 6 months pregnant and struggle a bit more every week to reach all the clothes at the bottom of the washer! Congrats on your baby2b!


  69. Melody Says:

    Congrats on the new baby!!!! Oh how exciting and what a blessing.


  70. Amanda Says:

    I have some Samsung FLers I got last year after I got pregnant just for CDing too! I love the “My Cycle” button and we have that programmed in for our cloth diaper routine. We do a pretty rigorous routine of Prewash/Hot normal wash on the towel setting (I split my planet detergent between the pre and normal washes)/rinse/extra rinse/no spin and then we come back and run an extra rinse and spin then load them in the dryer. It’s kinda a long wash but my diapers are all microfiber and hemp so even with that routine I still preemptively treat for the stinkies once a month. We decided not to get the steaming pair because I didn’t think I would ever use that option and right now I rarely use the sanitize or silvercare options so I think I was right in saving myself the money.


  71. Kim Wiebe Says:

    Lucky you, your daughter is doing your laundry for you! And congrats on the new addition on it’s way!

    I just had my first, a baby girl, born April 24, so I haven’t been cloth diapering for very long, but so far I love it. I’ve been using a mix if prefolds, fitteds, AIO’s and pockets. I’m excited to get my first order of cutiepoops very soon!!

    My washer and dryer are very old (age undetermined.) The washer came with the house, and we just replaced the dryer with another used one because our old one died right before we had our baby girl. The washer is a Whirlpool, and the dryer is a Moffat. We haven’t had any washing problems so far, so as far as cleaning the diapers, it works great. We have been using Allens detergent, and it seems to work well with our well water. On the energy consumption side, of course it could be a lot better. The “new” dryer is much quieter and faster than the last one we had, but it only has a heat dry setting, so no tumbling for me.


  72. Sarah Flukinger Says:

    I have a good old set of Kenmore top loader washer and dryer. They are fine!! A good Sears special back in 2006! Lol!! Congrats on the new addition to your family, Autumn!! I just had my baby boy, Samuel, on April 23rd!! All these Texas babies!! I’d definitely love a Cool Seat!!


  73. Sherry Says:

    Hi, Congratulations on the new bundle of joy! Life is always easier with a good washer and dryer. We have a Whirlpool top loader (yuck) and a Frigidaire Affinity front loader ( I just love it). Can’t wait to get the matching washer. And for our cloth diapers we have a beautiful clothes line just outside the laundry room. Baby number three is due October 1st so bring on the cloth diapers!


  74. Ashley Says:

    Yay! Congrats on your little blueberry! And the new machines!
    Sadly, we don’t have machines. We cloth diaper and use a laundromat. And yes, that’s a lame as it sounds. It makes CDing much less cost effective, too. Hubby says he’ll buy me stackables for my kitchen, but who knows when that money will be here!


  75. Denise Says:

    I have old heavy duty Whirlpools that may never die! I want this awesome setup too!!!


  76. Ali Says:


    Are you having more babes to support your cd addiction LOL

    It is good enough reason for me!!!!


  77. Teri Says:

    We moved into house that has a frigidaire front loader and dryer. So far, I think they are better than our old ones as everything is coming out a little softer. We are hanging a clothesline this weekend so we can take advantage of the hot, Texas sun!


  78. Courtney Cardosa Says:

    I have a Maytag old school top loading washer and dryer. They are almost 11 years old and still running. I keep thinking they are going to go out at any moment, but they keep going. I want some new ones someday, but they aren’t in the budget now, so until they are, these do the job!


  79. sonja lange Says:

    Congrats on both, but es. the baby!


  80. Barb Howe Says:

    We are a family of 5 with kids ranging from 6 months to 13 years and we are currently renting a townhouse which has only an Apartment size washer and dryer….Yes, a washer that will hold no more than 2 pairs of jeans and a few t-shirts at one time. I do laundry constantly…even throwing in a load at 3am when the little one gets up. Needless to say cloth diapering has been moderately challenging BUT…..I am excited to say that we are purchasing a townhouse on June 17th which has a full size washer and dryer! I won’t know what to do with the extra time I will have!


  81. Lauren Bryson Says:

    We have Maytag Bravos, and I love them for my clothes, but I miss my old ‘as cheap as you could buy’ Admiral washer and dryer for my cloth diapers. With my new one you can’t lift the lid to see if there are bubbles, and it determines how much water to use per load.


  82. brandy Says:

    COngrats on all your babies! I dream of a new washer/dryer daily…but ours are holding up for now.


  83. Lynn Wilson Says:

    I have the trusty old Maytag and hope to eventually upgrade to the nice new energy efficient ones. We got these 5 years ago for a huge steel because they had scratches on the top of the washing machine. I would love the options of adding an extra soak on the cycle without having to run another cycle…lol


  84. Beckie Says:

    Congratulations…on both babies! I have a set of frontloading Whilrpool HE washer and dryer- in storage!! We are currently renting in one town and renting out our house in another town. We are just using the washer and dryer provided. I miss my HE washer and dryer A LOT! Even more so once our baby is born in June and I have to start washing diapers!


  85. Katy Sullivan Says:

    Congratulations on the new baby! Oh and the washer and dryer. I have a pair of Maytag HE frontloaders and love them!


  86. Katie Says:

    I forgot to leave my info, lol.
    I have a Whirlpool Duet Sport front loaders. They are wonderful, except….for the liner around the door on the washer has to be scrubbed all the time to keep it from mildewing. This has set me off from the front loaders a bit, however I do love how quiet they are and how much I save on soap and water expenses.


  87. Katie Says:

    Congratulations to you and your family on your upcoming bundle! I’m thrilled for you….hey, more dipes!!! :)


  88. Theresa A. Says:

    We’re just about to buy new ones, and I opted for and HE top loader washer (without the middle spindle) because for some reason I just don’t find myself getting excited about front loader washers. And then there’s the mold issue. They do look beautiful, though, and I hope yours work out well for you, Amber!


  89. Kimberly Says:

    I have a 9 year old pair of Kenmore (top-loader) and they get the job done.


  90. Amanda Burns Says:

    I have a Whirlpool Duet front loader and I absolutly love it. I actually love doing laundry now thanks to my washer and dryer and Clean B detergents ( it smells so yummy!). Now if I could just find someone in this house that likes to fold all would be good.


  91. Elisabeth Says:

    We have the new Ammana front loaders, and we LOVE them! I use a hanging wet bag for the dirty diapers and I can just unzip the bag and throw them all in, and they are SO much cleaner than they used to be!! My mother was nice enough to get them for us for Christmas and it was a total blessing because a week before they were delivered our old washer conked out. A week with no washing machine is HORRIBLE when you cloth diaper!


  92. Jo Says:

    I have an old Maytag set–about to die! Love your new ones!


  93. Sommer Says:

    Congratulations on the new washer and dryer! And the baby too of course! We have the Whirlpool Cabrio top-loading HE washer, and we got it for a fantastic deal. The best thing about it is the size capacity, it is amazing how many clothes I can wash at a time–it will even take a queen-size blanket or quilt. Two complaints: washed on “delicate” cycle the items sometimes don’t get clean enough (might be user error?), and if I put in a big heavy blanket it often becomes unbalanced with the weight and I have to manually rearrange it during the spin cycle. Our cloth diapers get a good cleaning with the pre-soak and “whitest whites” setting. We don’t have a matching dryer since it wasn’t within our budget, we have a Kenmore super capacity dryer we bought for a decent price. It is just okay, I like that it has an open front so I or the kids can see the laundry rolling around in the dryer :) It has a lot of settings but I find that even though it has a moisture sensor, it’s not very accurate and I have had to learn through trial and error how long some things take to dry completely. It would be great to have a matching set, maybe someday!

    These coolseats sound like a fantastic idea! My 5 yr old daughter has complained a few times already of her seatbelt being too hot and I have been taking my baby boy’s carseat out of the car so it doesn’t get hot. Living in Las Vegas for 5 years, my husband and I were very aware about babies and hot carseats, especially the metal parts! It would be great to have a couple of these.


  94. Jannea Says:

    Congratulations on the new baby! How exciting! I LOVE your new washer and dryer. :jealous: Heehee! I have a whirlpool Extra capacity top loader washer which I like alot. It has 3 water level sizes and a nice variety of hot warm and cold washes and rinses. Washes my diapers just fine :) The dryer is a Hotpoint. Old and works ok but not amazing. I DO think that it gets pretty hot. It can dry my BG Organics in one normal cycle. On medium heat it can dry them all except where the soaker is attatched. Then i just hang em up till morn. :) I would LOVE a set of W + D like yours! Someday. I would get blue if I could.


  95. Trenna Says:

    I’m in complete washer-dryer LUST!!!

    My first is due “any minute” and I’ve been so excited about starting him on cloth diapers right away! But … I live in an apartment with a shared laundry facility. Coin-op. Down the hall. Forbidden to use except between 8AM and 8PM.

    And let me introduce you to the machines:

    The washers are old, with no way to trick or beg them to run anything but one regular cycle. The “hot” button could mean anything, depending on how the stars are aligned. The alligator … I mean agitator … is a hungry beast that, when annoyed, twists things into a tight rope before taking bites out.

    The dryers run for 45 minutes, and have two settings: “Cold”, or “Maybe I will, Maybe I won’t, dry your clothes.” I could hang them on my patio to dry (over the dusty, dirty, main street).

    I have yet to prepare an answer for the first time a neighbor catches me washing diapers … except that I’m NOT going to put my baby in yucky sposies!

    Because of the washing situation, I’m starting with flats – wish me luck!


  96. Serena Says:

    We have an Estate set from Whirlpool. Since buying them I am much more educated on what a cloth diapering family needs and will be going for one like the owner of Rockin’ Green has with a soak/wash/rinse/rinse cycle. So much easier than going to the laundry room three times!


  97. Karla Says:

    We use the Whirpool top loader and whirpool dryer.

    I would recommend other models/brands. Ours work great! however I wish the washer had a timed soak button.

    The dryer SUCKS! ugh! it works perfect, what sucks is the lint collector thingamajig is on the top, so EVERY time I clean it (which is EVERY load) there is a LINT mess all over the place… the washer gets dirty too. Next dryer, I’m paying attention to where the lint basket is at.

    I have to be thankful that we even have a washer/dryer. My parents handwashed EVERYTHING because they couldn’t even afford a laundromat (this is 35 years ago!) We were exclusively cloth diapered, so you can imagine their pain!


  98. Suzanne G Says:

    We have a top load washer and front load dryer that came with the house. Once they break, I would LOVE to get a L/G HE washer and dryer. In the meantime, I’m stuck with the ones we have.


  99. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations on your wee one in the making!!! :)


  100. melissa Says:

    I have an old kenmore set. They came w/ the house we are renting :) However we’re moving tomorrow into an apartment, It’s going to be pay laundry BUT the machines are energy efficiant frontloaders :D I’m pretty excited to see how it will clean our dipeys :)

    PS Congratulations on your new addition!! Sending positive,healthy, happy 9 months your way :)


  101. Sarah Dodson Says:

    I have an 8 yr old whirlpool top loader and that bad boy has made it through 2 kids in cloth diapers and still going strong!


  102. Audrey Says:

    Congrats!! A new washer and dryer AND a new baby!! :D Aww!
    I have super old Kenmore washer and dryer set…becasue they came with our apartment. LOL But they work really good for now so I cant whine about that. However I like toploaders and I hear that its way easy for cloth diapers, and while at Lowes last week I was awwing over a new Kenmore toploader…. Hmm thatll be the day! Our own place and new washer and dryer!! :D


  103. Melissa Says:

    We have the LG steam front loading, looks almost identical to yours.


  104. Maralee Mertz Says:

    I have the LG steam washer/dryer and I love them! You’re really going to like you’re new ones: they get the job done well! Congrats on your upcoming new addition too!


  105. emilee Says:

    how genius! Just today I was trying to think of a way to cool down my 2 babies’ car seats. This is perfect.


  106. Adrian Post Says:

    I’m totally not entering to win, since it’s my giveaway.. but I love seeing the Clean B detergents on the washing machine! I’ve got a whirlpool washer and it’s broken right now and I’m waiting on the part to come in so my dad can fix it. So right now my washing machine is my two arms and my bath tub! I’m to lazy/busy to lug my laundry somewhere to wash it.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I won’t count you ;)


    • Holly Says:

      I had a whole year of my life where I washed and hung-dried everything in my shower. I lived in a 6th floor walkup – no way was I carrying all that laundry up and down!


  107. Stephanie Says:

    I have an LG Washer/Dryer set in white, and I LOVE it. They work AWESOME and I also got an AMAZING DEAL back last summer on them<3 I am just now switching over to cloth diapering…and I will definitely be having to use them much more!! Totally looking forward to it!


  108. Charity Says:

    We use a top load washer and front load dryer that came with the house. I dream of one day owning a nice HE set that has storage (sigh)


  109. Michelle Lemon Says:

    I have a front loading stackable HE Kenmore set that is 6 years old. Now that I am married with a baby, I wish I had a bigger set that looks beautiful with matching front doors. (My dryer has a metal door.) I like that the washer does a great job with getting my diapers clean even though it is an HE machine, and
    I like that the dials are old fashioned no-brainers instead of digital. The dryer does an excellent job of drying just right without over or under drying with it’s moisture sensor. (My parents have a brand new set that that I have used that is so efficient I don’t trust diapers to come clean even with the extra rinse, and I can’t seem to get the digital set exactly where I want it.) So I am still happy with my little machines.

    Congratulations on the December baby!


  110. Rachel Says:

    We have the basic LG 6.0 kg washer. I love it. Nothing too technical and it does what it is paid to do. No dryer at this stage. Try to avoid using them as much as possible. I have 2 babies now and have managed to get by (fingers cross).


  111. Elisha Says:

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! What great news! Of course I am talking about your pregnancy. The washer and dryer is pretty too!

    We have the GE profile washer and dryer with smart dispenser. They are so pretty. Red even. The dryer works great but I hate the washer. Really hate it.


  112. Judy Says:

    I have just a generic washer that apartments are provided with. I love it, but mostly because before this I lived with coin-op laundry. This lets me do cloth diapers and so much more!


  113. Anpnek Says:

    I have a Kenmore front loader. Just the mid-grade one. It is about 6 years old already. I don’t really like it. However, it has risen in my esteem now that I use Rockin’ Green hard rock & it doesn’t seem to matter that it doesn’t always seem to use enough water. :)


  114. MonicaYB Says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting and what a blessing!

    I have a Samsung HE washer and dryer also, and I LOVE them! Granted, frontloaders may not be the best for CDing, but we have worked around it and love our washer and dryer!


  115. Robynn Says:

    I have an older Kenmore apt style set. We aren’t aloud to have the hook-ups for the washer and dryer in my condo because they are a hazard aparently. The building we live in has over 100 tenants and only one washer and dryer set! I hate my washer and dryer. They are small and it takes all day to wash a load that would normally take an hour. On top of that it puts pressure on our faucet fixture causing it to leak (we are on our 3rd fixture). I guess it’s better then having to pack up the kids and go to the laundry place every 2 days but I realy can’t wait to move and get something more like what you have.


  116. Kristin Says:

    Wellllll.. I have a Whirlpool Duet Front Loader HE washer and dryer. I got them just before Thanksgiving and they are ok.. I thought I would really love them..but I kinda miss being able to open the top of my washer and seeing left over bubbles and I like saving water but I miss the idea of using all the water to rinse the diapers well… For regular clothes I like it except the washing cycle seems to take quite a bit longer than my old top loader washer… but its better this way… I like the electronic controls I can set and forget and it takes 2 hours to wash but everything is done when I go back in.. I don’t have to stop and start and reset anything.. so that aspect is VERY nice!
    and funny – I just posted on my facebook today about watching the washer with a flashlight in the clean washer cycle.. it was relaxing and mezormrising! People asked if my cable was out.. but truthfully it was rythmetic and quiet and calming..just what a busy full time kindergarten teacher and mom of 3 under the age of 5 needs… quiet, calming and relaxing.. maybe I should get a pillow and sit down and watch it everynight… LOL.. enjoy your new washing machine… and the efficency that goes along with it..


  117. Heidi Says:

    I have a Maytag Top loader & matching front load dryer. They will be 2 in July and they are wonderful. Dipes get clean, clean, clean and they have a large capacity.


  118. Elizabeth Says:

    Congrats on your unborn family member!!!!!! Children are absolute blessings.
    God Bless the little miracle growing inside mama.
    I’m too am expecting our 8th blessing next month and am sooooooo excited.
    I wish you and your little ones all the joy in the world.


  119. Courtney Sharpe Says:

    I got a washer and dryer set for my wedding 4 years ago from my parents. It was the special that you got both for $400. They are Maytag’s and I would do anything for some that are energy efficient, that don’t leak and that I didn’t have to run twice to dry. But, you take what you have for what they are worth- I am just excited for my husband to install my new clothesline! And I would LOVE a coolseat, I have looked them up before but never took the impulse to buy.


  120. Peyton Lauderdale Says:

    I have a brand new Whirlpool Duet and long for a toploader again (when it comes to washing cloth diapers). I’m sure once we’re done with cloth (years from now!), I’ll probably like it. Good luck with your new machine and congratulations on your new baby!!

    P.S. I sent a friend of mine to your homeschooling blog :)


  121. Liz Says:

    We have the Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer and Dryer. I think we got a lemon of a washer because we have had multiple service repairs on it. Which is sad because its only a few years old. We constantly have to empty out this valve at the bottom to take junk out…maybe this is true with all HE machines? Regardless, its a pain, we don’t even bother to put the bottom panel on anymore!


  122. Lisa G. Says:

    I live in Arizona so the coolseat would be awesome especially for my 4 year old or my newborn due in August. :-) I have an LG front loader washer and dryer. LOVE IT. Especially the short setting when I have to wash my older kid’s school uniforms for the next day.


  123. Breanne Says:

    We have an Inglis washer and dryer.

    We got a decent deal on them new, but knew what we were in for.

    The washer is LOUD. Good thing they are in the basement. It wouldn’t make a first-floor laundry pleasant. They are the basic model top-load washer and electric dryer. You get high/low/fluff setting on the dryer and it beeps when it is done.. no way to turn that off!

    Other than that, I’ve been happy with them.


  124. Kait Says:

    We have the LG 3001 series (I think). It has steam and sanitary cycles. I really like it. I actually don’t use the sanitary cycle for my diapers all that often, but I really like the bulky setting, plus the “add water” feature – fills the drum up quite nicely! I also love that there is a drum light so I can sit and watch my diapers wash. Not that I’d do that ;) We also have the matching dryer. To be honest, it wasn’t worth the extra money. I have only used the steam setting a handful of times, and while I like the steam sanitary cycle (for sanitizing items that can’t go in the washer), I’m not sure it was really worth it – mostly I just use it like a regular dryer.

    But they’re red, and I love them for that! Ha ha.

    PS – congrats on your pregnancy! Best of luck to you!


  125. Aubrey Says:

    We have a plain old Maytag set, I think it is the most basic you can get! I like them, they get the job done (although our dryer seems to be taking a LONG time lately). They may not be fancy, but it sure beats having to go to the laundromat!


  126. melissa Says:

    well, i live in apartments and we have pay washer and dryer, so mostly what I would say about them is that they are too small, one washer is always broken, and i am a little tired of everyone else’s detergent build up. But I am SO grateful that they are in my building! It would be much harder and much more expensive (they are pretty cheap) if I had to go to the laundromat. I also dream of when I can customize my settings like extra rinses, etc, without having to pay for extra cycles. But, again, I am grateful to have them at all!


  127. Daphne Says:

    I have an old whirlpool washer and dryer. They do the trick but they certainly aren’t saving the environment or anything. Can’t wait to get some new ones!!


  128. Nessie Says:



  129. Amy Whitetree Says:

    I use older GEs, but they came with the apartment. I have no complaints, but would love to go low energy. You’re right about the heat in Texas!


  130. Michelle M. Says:


    We have Maytag Washer and Dryer set with pedestals (which I have never used and don’t really know what to use them for). I like them, especially because they are super high capacity and energy efficient. Thanks!


  131. Andrea Says:

    We have an old set of maytag washer and dryer. They get the job done but it would be nice to upgrade :)


  132. LesLee Says:

    Oh WOW! Congrats on the new baby! And the washer/dryer of course! I am so happy for you! I don’t want entered into this giveaway but had to send some hugs and prayers for a happy healthy pregnancy!


  133. Laura Says:

    I have an old GE washer and dryer that is on its last legs. I am JEALOUS!


  134. Lenore Says:

    I am ALL ABOUT our HE Whirlpool washer and matching dryer. They are fantastic — and we got them for a steal on Craigs List, too. They make washing poopie diapers (we use Bum Genius) almost fun!


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