My Review of The Covered Caboose Wool Soaker

May 24, 2010

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I recently returned to Diaperswappers to join a December 2010 due date club.  I didn’t really want to get sucked into the FSOT (for sale or trade) forums but…

I saw a listing for a Covered Caboose wool soaker and I had something she was in search of (one-size fuzzi bunz).  I have been wanting to return to wool at night for Sterling and this provided me the opportunity.

When I received the soaker I immediately thought how strange the size looked.  It is a medium yet it has aspects of a small and large. Confusing I know.

I put the Covered Caboose on Sterling last night over a Pooters hemp fitted.  The small aspect is seen in the rise.  Sterling doesn’t have a long rise yet the Covered Caboose barely went over the cloth diaper.  I judge the rise based on the waistband seam, not the waistband.  I fully expect a soaker waistband to be on the belly of the baby.

The large aspect could be seen in how wide the soaker was. You could seriously give your baby a huge fluffy butt and still have room in this thing.  Also, the leg holes were not in an anatomical position.  They were wide and therefore stretched when Sterling walked making it fit awkward.

But, fit aside, how did it perform?  Excellent.  Not a bit of moisture even remotely felt on the outside.  But, this is a super thick, double-layer soaker.

Would I recommend a Covered Caboose soaker? Sure, if you got it in a trade or inexpensively.  But, there are better overall wool soakers  (Sustainablebabyish double layer, Babyology, Kissaluvs)

eta: there seems to be some concern over the fact that I have chosen to review a used product.  This is not the first time I have done this.  Remember this blog is 100% my opinion :)  The Covered Caboose does perform satisfactorily.  Was the soaker misshapen by the previous owner? No.  It was unused because she too got a bad fit.  Are there many moms out there who may list the Covered Caboose as their favorite soaker? Sure!  Again, remember, all reviews I write are based on my experiences only and are written to help you weed through the plethora of choices.


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14 Responses to “My Review of The Covered Caboose Wool Soaker”

  1. Lollyflower Says:


    Great comments made by all. @M-2-GR, You are right… the diapers need to hold up from kid to kid. otherwise the investment that many us us have put in looses value! I love wool soakers, and they have held up the best… also, even though they bother me, I like the snaps on diapers better than velcro!


  2. Mommy2gavnRose Says:

    I know I don’t NEED to defend you, but I will. Many many mamas use cloth because you can use them on many different kids. If a product doesn’t hold up past one kid, IMO it isn’t worth the money. I realize the diaper you reviewed wasn’t actually used so this really don’t apply this time. But had I known how quickly some of my diapers were going to fall apart, I never would have purchased them.


  3. Grateful for Grace Says:

    I’m glad you reviewed a used item. So often, mommies want to save money and check out Diaper Swappers for a bargain. If an item only works new and with one owner, that doesn’t help people who want to buy or sell used.

    Sure is an interesting fit!


  4. Libby Says:

    I purchased a NEW CC Wool soaker on hyena in Green made to order for us a few months back and it fit exactly the same way. We have worn it once. And while it is bulletproof and very thick I found the fit to be the exact same way…not high enough in the rise to cover the dipe and funny in the leg openings. My little guy is asleep now but I will take a pic later of the dipe on and off for you as well.


  5. Autumn Beck Says:

    I have edited the post to reflect some comments ;)


  6. Carol Says:

    IT seems kind of odd to me that you reviewed an item that is not new to you.
    I guess I am just questioning this review as to the validity of the product overall since you are only reviewing a previously owned item. Might the problems you encountered only apply to this item? How do you know how the previous owner treated it? I know that I personally have purchased some covers that fit my DS great, so I picked up more used when I found a good deal. Of course the seller said she had taken care of them and they were in great shape etc. However they were not the same as the ones I purchased new – they were stretched oddly and did not perform well either.


  7. Jeanne Says:

    All of the Covered caboose covers are guaranteed for fit and satisfaction to the original purchaser.
    A few things to note on a previously owned item. For the most part the cover would shrink in the rise but less in the width if it was felted again. Also, in the beginning of the design phase there were several of the “trials” available for about $15, I believe this to be one of those.
    You are free to get a cover from the current line, not a trial to review.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    I would be upset if I paid good money for this wool cover.Wonderful that it works but I would expect better fit from a product I had to buy.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    hummm…I’ll be first! that is a bit unusual looking. But hey if it works…who see’s it when their down for the night anyway.


  10. Amanda Says:

    Did I miss an announcement? Are you due in December? Love the Picture.


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